Saturday, 22 January 2011

Sunny Dsouza: Noodling on a Guthrie Govan BT

Sunny Dsouza: Hybrid Noodling on a Guthrie Govan BT

Rob Chappers: ESP Custom Guitars at NAMM 2011

ESP Custom Guitars at NAMM 2011

News: got YouTube Speed problems... make sure it's not your ISP

There is a way to test your broadband connection to YouTube. The software provided by YouTube tells you the average video speed at this location from and to a set of specific dates, providing you with your current connection feed. eg 4.60 Mbps

Video Speed Comparison (January 05, 2011 to January 21, 2011)

Tosin Abasi: Animals As Leaders @ Emo's Austin Texas #2

Raw footage of AAL @ Emo's in Austin,TX. (Jan.2011)

1.)Song Of Solomon
2.)Tempting Time
3.)On Impulse
4.)Wave Of Babies

Animals As Leaders - Cafo @ Emo's (Jan.2011)

Ronnie Montrose: Lita Ford NAMM Jam 2011

NAMM Jam 2011 -Montrose with Lita Ford -Bay Area Backstage

Istvan Alapi: New Blues - Ferenc Nemeth Onion project

01.20.2011. Hungary, Pécs I.M.H. Jazz Club The first concert of the new project.
Ferenc Nemeth : drums
Istvan Alapi: guitar
Zsolt Kaltenecker: rhodes
Bela Lattman: bass

Ferenc Nemeth Onion Project ( Nemeth, Alapi, Kaltenecker, Lattman) - New Blues

Ferenc Nemeth Onion Project ( Nemeth, Alapi, Kaltenecker, Lattman) live - Full Moon

Eric Gales,Tomo Fujita: Little Wing - the meeting of the storms

Eric Gales and Tomo Fujita, Little Wing Jam

Rock Candy Ronnie Montrose Lita Ford Winter NAMM 2011 ZOOM0063.MOV

Raphael Fraser: Doc got it on take 5....

I realised I could use my new camera and tripod to record my videos for youtube, so I gave it a crack tonight, and noodled over Dave Brubeck's "Take 5" for the test.

Ash Customworks "Zakk" into AMT Electronics California Sound (everything pretty much at 12 o'clock) into impulse response of a Matchless Chieftain

Take 5

Scott Jones: Hot Jazz time machine back to 2002

Victor Wooten: EMG The Lesson

Here's another excellent solo performance "the lesson" by the great Victor Wooten. Seriously this was a "walk in and do it in one take" situation. Absolutely amazing!
For more information about Victor Wooten, go to

Victor Wooten performs "the lesson" live at EMGtv

Tony Bellardi: live take of Dolemite

Dolemite take 01 2011

Paulo Pacheco: Shred Off Competition

'2011 NEW YEARS SHRED OFF ENTRY' -- Paulo Pacheco --18 Years Old

Gitarowej Improwizacji: Kool Kramer jamming! #2


Tosin Abasi: Animals As Leaders @ Emo's Austin Texas

Animals As Leaders -Tempting Time @Emo's (Jan.2011)

Animals As Leaders -Song Of Solomon @Emo's

Eugene Berger: beyond hyper threading....

Eugene Berger - Quad Core

Larry Carlton: new album details

Larry Carlton:
Ok friends, I have some BIG, BIG news... My new album is coming February 15th! It's entitled "Larry Carlton Plays The Sound Of Philadelphia" and it's a tribute to Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff. You'll be able to listen to tracks and pre-order it soon, so stay tuned for that. I can't wait to share it with you all!

David Locke: Play That Riff Competition

Play That Riff Competition -Thinking Groove - David Locke

Richard Lundmark: has a new blog covering guitar insights

“Open blog post to Scott1793”

Reading a question from one of our members, Scott1793, got me thinking, and prompted me to write this blog post.

Scott’s question was short and simple “What is the best way to train your ear so you can play what you hear in your head instantly on the guitar??????”

I want to address this “answer”, or rather my thoughts on the subject, to Scott, and everyone else that might have this problem.

First thing Scott, if you can't sing what's in your head, there's little chance you'll get it out through your fingers so to say. SO, one initial exercise would be to practice improvisation over more melodic backings (such as those on and SING every little thing you play. Step by step, your ear will improve, and the gap between what you hear in your head and what you play will narrow.

Of course there are many other steps and measures to be taken. Timing and note value alteration is a KEY concept to be able to accurately "translate" what's in your head. It will act like a focal point for your mind as well as your practical playing. You see, in the formative years as we strive to play "what we hear in our head", one of the big problems is that what we actually hear is so out of focus and fragile. Let me ask you a question Scott


Ozeias Rodrigues: modern technique lessons

New course for guitar Musical Guide to the teacher Ozieas Rodrigues. many licks addressing different techniques. You watch and play together in various tempos for practicing what you learned.
Apresentação do curso de Ozeias Rodrigues na Musical Guide

Fabio Valdemarin: incredible one man band... revisited!

Swing and Wesson (Romane) - performed by Fabio Valdemarin

Sam Bell: Reanimate 8 string stretching!

"Reanimate" - Sam Bell/Mask of Judas

Rob Chappers: new Metallica and Slayer ESP guitars NAMM

New Metallica and Slayer ESP Guitars at NAMM 2011

News: Jam Track Central super deals on download tracks

Our special Jambuster 2 for 3 deal has proved so popular with you all over the last few weeks that we have decided to extend the offer - giving you even greater value for less of you hard earned cash!

You can buy all three of our Jambusters packages for the price of two. That's 30 full-length professional jam tracks with sample solos and Tab, all for £14.98! That's about 22 US dollars!

Our Jambusters tracks are all loosely based around blues structures, but go far beyond, into reggae, funk, pop and hard rock. Sharpen up your soloing skills now!

Vinai Trinateepakdee: jam track central has a new artist

At last... one we saw first :)

His full name (deep breath) is Vinai Trinateepakdee, and you might not know him yet, but we think he has a great future ahead of him.

Like our great friend Jack Thammarat, Vinai is from Thailand, and he's an incredible guitarist. He has recorded a special new version of his tune 'Amen', and we'll be giving it the full jamtrackcentral treatment, with audio, video, backing track and Tab!

The package will be available in time for our next newsletter. Is Thailand about to become the guitar centre of the world?