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Kyoji Yamamoto: Voyager... The solitary figure will be home real soon


NEW YORK Youʼre the drummer for one of the most well-known bands on the planet. Itʼs November, 2003, and youʼve just begun a year-long world tour by finishing up 2 sold-out dates in Tokyo in front of 26,000 rabid fans. What do you do now? Do you reach for your pharmaceutical of choice? Do you take advantage of the local lovelies backstage? Or do you just get back on the bus and fire up the game console?

If youʼre Lars Ulrich of Metallica, you grab your new bass player, Rob Trujillo, and go out into the night in search of the Holy Grail of guitar gods. You ask the taxi driver to take you to the Roppongi district, home to nightclubs, seedy love hotels and the occasional Yakuza. There, in a small nondescript club, you jam the night away with one of the finest guitarists the world has never heard of.

山本恭司- Spanish Pirates (Kyoji Yamamoto solo concert ~21 July 2007~)

Kyoji Yamamoto "Warp Zone" (live) 山本 恭司 バウワウ ワープゾーン

For 3 decades, Kyoji Yamamoto has enjoyed a stellar career in his native Japan, first as the leader of the seminal Japanese bands BowWow and Vow Wow, even appearing onstage at the renowned Reading Festival, as a member of the supergroup Phenomena II, and then as a producer and a solo artist. Despite a brief flirtation with international stardom in the 1980s, when Vow Wow relocated to the United Kingdom to ride the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, he has existed in relative obscurity in the West... Until now.

City Boy Records (New York) has just released Voyager: The Essential Kyoji Yamamoto, a compilation that, for the first time ever outside of Japan, brings together 13 of the finest guitar instrumentals from Kyojiʼs 3 solo albums on one CD: Mind Arc (1998), Requiem (1999) and Time (2005). With extensive liner notes, never-before-seen photographs and 2 exclusive unreleased downloads, this CD release is the perfect introduction to a musician whose time has finally come.

From the arena-rock sound of "Voyager" to the hauntingly beautiful version of "Ave Maria”; from the Hendrix-inspired "Walrus" to the flamenco rave-up of "Spanish Pirates"; and from the aching blues of "River of Time" to the anthemic "Time (I Have Seen Everything and I Want to Tell You Something),” this CD will take you on a long and unforgettable voyage from Japan to your soul. All you have to do is let Kyoji Yamamoto be your guide.

The CD is available at . City Boy Records PO Box 684 Syracuse, NY 13201

Downloads available at iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon and more.

Brian Maillard: rocking out on Zoom Q3

BRIAN MAILLARD Wickedness Zoom Q3 HD

Felipe Rinke: Acoustic Improvisation using Zoom H2

Zoom H2 Test - Acoustic Improvisation (first take) - Felipe Rinke

Peter Fischer: Brett Garsed legato style lesson

Guitar Workshop "Brett Garsed" with Peter Fischer at

Alex Fisher: Purple Suhr fusion

Alex Fisher - Improvisation on my Demo Song.m4v

Fran Alonso: tribute to the greats Landau, Lukather, Huff, Thompson, Pierce

Fran Alonso:
Impro-style session guitarists of the 80. Use the TH2 Overloud and Prestige Ibanez SV 5470F. My tribute to Michael Landau, Steve Lukather, Dan Huff, Michael Thompson, Tim Pierce ..

Fran Alonso - 80's Style Impro !!.mpg

Lai Youttitham: Fur Elise

Lai Youttitham:
Hi all This is Fur Elise, As you requested:)
Hope you like it.
This is my arrangement and this is not 100% the same note per note as the original and magical version, As you all know I'm a self-taught player, I don't read notes or tabs.
I'll try to rip this to MP3 and upload it on my website the link will be here soon, let me know on your comment if you want my backing track too.

Thank you all for your support.

Fur Elise - Beethoven on Guitar

Alexander Pozdnyakov: guitar idol III - great emotional playing

Collection Of Emotions Live - Alexander Pozdnyakov

Morten Faerestrand: Stunning version of Giant Steps

Morten Faerestrand Practicing Giant Steps

Dave Weiner: Riff Of The Week Extended - Licks in more detail


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Bruno Godinho: Pat Metheny Slings and Arrows

Bruno Godinho - Pat Metheny Slings and Arrows Solo

Dave Weiner: How to write your own licks - A MUST SEE

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Guitar Lesson - "How To Write Licks": Riff Of The Week® - 2/2/11 (S6:E11)

Todd Duane: Diezel Herbert MK2, is it all in the fingers?

Diezel Herbert MK2

Neal Nagaoka: in more restrained mode

Neal Nagaoka:
This was a piece I wrote on The Crossing for my Ovation Acoustic called The Emerald Brook. Just wanted to try it on my semi hollow body guitar to hear what it sounded like but there was a serious fret buzzing problem at the 2nd fret on my B and E string. I guess I need to get that fixed asap....

Neal Nagaoka's The Emerald Brook

Neal Nagaoka's Double Stop Gospel Blues thang

Niko Hatz: fusing with a TMiranda Eruption Distortion Pedal

Niko Hatz using TMiranda Eruption Distortion Pedal

Adam Ironside: Customising a Chapman guitars ML1 part 1

ML1 Customisation (Part 1)

Dave Reeves: dials in metal tone with the Bugera 333XL

Bugera 333XL metal tone, Sub Divided

Michael Landau: Rich Murray Guitar Channel

For his latest venture, Landau teamed up with guitarist Robben Ford, bassist Jimmy Haslip and drummer Gary Novak for a blues/rock band project entitled Renegade Creation. Their album was released in April through Blues Bureau International, and features great playing and exceptional guitar tones from both Landau and Ford. I asked Landau recently about the Renegade Creation album, how he got some of those amazing tones, and what he has in store for the future.

Rich Murray: How did the Renegade Creation album come about?

Michael Landau: Robben and I have been wanting to do a Rock 'n' Roll band project for a long time. Originally we wanted to find a lead singer for the band, we considered a few singers but then ended up singing the songs ourselves. Jimmy Haslip produced the record and worked out the deal with Mike Varney at Blues Bureau Records.

RM: You've played live with Robben many times, but have you ever recorded together before this album?

ML: Only very briefly a long time ago. He was doing demos for his first record, it was just one day of recording, I don't think anything can out from that session.

RM: Some readers may not know that you played in Robben's band for a tour way back in the late 70s when you were still in your teens. How did you get that gig? more

Nebojsa Buhin Nebo,Greg Koch: "Six string Diary" new CD

New album "Six string Diary" contains 9 Nebo's original instrumental tracks plus cover version of E. Clapton's song "Behind the sun". Album is a mix of pop-rock with blues and jazzy flavours with songs fine balanaced between acoustic and atmospheric pieces and rock and fusion titles. Special guest on record is guitar virtouoso Greg Koch featured in country-rock song called "Rollin". Another guest from USA is represented on entire album - drummer Mike Gage. Produced by Niksa Bratos.
Nebojsa Buhin Nebo " Six String Diary" CD preview (Dallas Records 2010/11)

Tiago de Moura: modulation on solo guitar

Solo guitar with modulation by Tiago de Moura

Joe Pinnavaia: Synchronization lesson

This lesson focuses on bringing the right and left hands together. It's often frustrating to experience the feeling of disorientation when the right hand has no idea what the left hand is doing.
With these simple and effective practicing routines you will be able to play easily scales, chords, solos etc. Intermediate and even advanced players will find value in these concepts and I can guarantee results with consistent practice and patience.
Included in this lesson is a video of me explaining the examples and concepts as well as PDFs of the examples and a short musical piece designed to give you a workout that is enjoyable to learn and practice
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Guitar Lessons - Synchronization

Dario Cortese: Secret Lick of the Month

This is a solo in the style of Canadian rock blues guitarist Jeff Healey.

You can find TAB and Backing Track here:
I hope you like it!

Dario Cortese - Secret Lick of the Month: February 2011

Marko Vesovic: excellent smooth guitar playing on James Tyler classic

James Tyler classic -Marko Vesovic

Susan Weinert: Kumanovo Jazz Festival in aug 2004

Susan Weinert guitar- Hardy Fischötter drums- Martin Weinert bass live at Kumanovo Jazz Festival in aug 2004

Kobayashi Syndrome by Susan Weinert

Hopeless Case by Susan Weinert