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Shawn Lane: talks about series - 11 video series

I always enjoyed listening to Shawn Lane talking about playing, so engaging. Thanks to

Shawn Lane: talks about series

Clay Foster,Carey Frank: Bona Fide Sea Monsters - Fusion Duo new CD

This album features young guns Clay Foster (guitars) and Carey Frank (keys) bringing balls-to the wall jazz fusion in the style of Tribal Tech/ Mark Varney Project/ CCEB. Fans of guitar-laden jazz-fusion will be satisfied and likely addicted to this record. The duo along with the stellar rhythm section are some players to look out for in the future, no doubt.
Clayborn Foster III

1- Ratio Tensions
2- North Corea
3- Matador 2010
4- Monk's Mood
5- Pheonix Phunk
6- Sarah Laughed
7 Song for my Mother
8- Mike's Tune

The musicians:
Clay Foster- guitars
Carey Frank- keyboards
Frank Brunot- bass, tracks 2,3,5,6,8
Gio Ponce- bass, tracks 1,4,7
Jonathan 'Jon Jon' Parks- drums, tracks 2,3,5,6,8
Jeremy Katalenic- drums, tracks 1,4,7

Mixed and Mastered by Clay Foster


Gianni Rojatti: solos video and Guglielmo Malusardi interview

Gianni Rojatti - Solos and Sounds samples

Gianni Rojatti. In studio con The Casual's

Guglielmo Malusardi: Well, I think we could start talking about "Deep Forest", the CD released with Marco Cardona, available on this web site. Describe for us how this project took form.

Gianni Rojatti: Marco and I have always been friends, and we live in the same city too. We share lots of musical interests, and we come from the same guitar generation that took form in the '90s, greatly influenced by shred. We've always followed each other's musical projects, and it's been a natural thing that we ended up doing something together. We are ordinary guitarist friends that can spend long hours on the phone or having a beer talking about amps and guitars.

Between 2002 and 2003, by a funny coincidence, we found ourselves involved in a jazz-funk band; this band really crap, but it was a well paying situation, so we were having lots of fun soloing like Racer X on Miles Davis songs, getting on everybody else's nerves! We really were off our heads! Anyhow at this time, we recorded a couple of demos for fun. At the same time, coming back from Disma (the biggest music fair in Italy, where we were playing at some clinic), we in a car driving with Gregg Bissonette, because Marco was playing with him on his italian tour. We played the demo on the car stereo, and Gregg gave us lots of compliments, and said that Marco and I should do something together, and offered himself as guest artist for one song. The wonderful thing was that, initially, he was supposed to play as a guest for one song only, but when we sent him the material he got so enthusiastic that he offered to play on whole album!

It's been so emotional primarily because Gregg is a drummer that I adore. He's played on "Eat'em And Smile", one of the greatest albums of history, with one of the greatest rock bands, and now he was about to play a record with me! I was in seventh heaven! Also when he got his hands on our demo,he enriched it so much with extraordinary rhythmic breaks, that it really made the difference in our work!

Guglielmo Malusardi: Let's analyze the CD from a technical point of view. Give us a comment track by track.

Gianni Rojatti: "Tera's Sweat" is, in my opinion, one of the most significant songs of the album. I love the unison break that we play in the middle - built on blues pentatonics with three notes per string. It also contains the solo that I love most on the record. It the most "fusiony" solo of the album, with lots of legato phrases and pick and fingers technique, and it has a great sound. My Manne guitar through a small Fender 15 watt amp at maximum volume! On this song, Bissonette plays divinely!

"Blue" is the most melodic song of the CD. The first solo is played with a Telecaster and it also has lots of pick, fingers and tapping licks. The second solo is a lot more rock-like by contrast, with a very funny break using string skipping and alternate picking!

"Without Fenobarbital" was one of the hardest songs! The solo is one of the most difficult I play. There's a small section in the middle that starts with alternate picking on B and E strings and then it develops into string skipping that move from the first to the last string. I love this part!

"Legio Nova" features a middle section in which Marco and I trade tapping arpeggios and string skipping, which was very funny! Also, the short solo I play starting at 1:05 was one of the most difficult of the album because it showcases complicated rhythmic phrases and fingerings. But the thing that I most love about this song is the wonderful bass solo by Bobo Comand!

"BBM" has a solo by Cardona that is worth the price of the album. Here, Marco kicks ass! The only thing I could do after this solo was to play my solo with the Black & Decker - so that's what i did! A great Matt Bissonette on this track as well!

"Too Cold To Play" was a real technical suicide. It's very fast, difficult and hard to play. But it's the most suggestive, and the one I love the most. I think that in the middle section solos, and in the many harmonizations, Marco and I did our best playing. If one day I have to be remembered for something, I'd like to be remembered for the playing on this song!

"One For Jason" is a touching remembrance to the greatest and undisputed shred master of all time: Jason Becker. I wanted to leave my solo totally improvised. When I recorded it I just closed my eyes and thought of Jason's music, his talent, his incredible career and his terrible destiny. I think I documented all the emotions, rage and pain that I felt for his tragic fate.

In "Lunotta Jones", the middle solo section is a concentration of pure fun!

"Showtime" is a song from Marco that was like pure hell. Most of the lines had originally been written to be played using sweep picking that he's really good at. I had to sweat a lot to play all the parts, changing many things to string skipping and tapping! The beginning of the solo in which we harmonize is, in my opinion, one of the most emotional parts on the album!

The story behind "July": it was a really hot July afternoon, and Marco and I were playing with acoustic guitars and my mandolin. Some beers, a lot of fun, a bit of '70s psychedelic attitude, and some strange cigarettes - when the temperature started chilling out in the evening there was another song on Marco's hard disk - perfect to close out the album. more

Eric Clapton: win 15 Experience Clapton Grand Prize Packages

Ernie Ball Inc. announced Ernie Ball Presents Experience Clapton and the Ernie Ball Eric Clapton Golden Pick, giving Ernie Ball customers nationwide a rare opportunity to meet Eric Clapton in London or win one of thousands of exciting prizes instantly. Fifteen grand prize winners will get unparalleled access to Eric Clapton's private rehearsal, an exclusive meet and greet and a ticket to see Clapton live at the Royal Albert Hall in London. The London show is the climax of Clapton's UK tour in support of his 19th studio album, Clapton.

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Eric Clapton has been playing Ernie Ball strings for nearly 50 years, said Brian Ball of Ernie Ball. He is a true guitar legend and a close friend of the Ernie Ball family. We're thrilled that Ernie Ball and Eric are able to provide our loyal customers with an unparalleled opportunity to experience one of the world's great guitarists, Eric Clapton, like never before.

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This offer is available exclusively at one of 215 Guitar Center locations in the United States. Experience Clapton codes can be submitted online at Fifteen winners will be selected at random following the promotional period of February 1st to April 30th, 2011

Jeff Beck: Rock ‘n’ Roll Party Honoring Les Paul DVD

Eagle Rock Ent is putting out the Jeff Beck DVD – Rock ‘n’ Roll Party Honoring Les Paul on February 22nd and I wanted to know if you could put the information out on your blog section, please let me know. Also the dvd information along with footage is down below and attached is the full press release. If you have any questions, let me know. Thanks, Andie

Filmed on June 9, 2010 at the Iridium Jazz Club in New York City, forever associated with the legendary Les Paul, this DVD captures Jeff Beck celebrating the great man with a selection of Les Paul songs and other great rock 'n' roll tracks on what would have been Les Paul’s 95th birthday. Jeff Beck is joined by some very special guests including Imelda May and her band led by Darrel Higham on many of the tracks plus appearances by Gary US Bonds, Brian Setzer and Trombone Shorty. The intimate setting puts you right there in the audience for a performance featuring stunning musicianship and truly great songs.

1) Baby Let’s Play House
2) Double Talkin’ Baby
3) Cruisin’
4) Train Kept A Rollin’
5) Poor Boy
6) Cry Me A River
7) My Baby Left Me
8) How High The Moon
9) Sitting On Top Of The World
10) Bye Bye Blues
11) The World Is
Waiting For The Sunrise
12) Vaya Con Dios
13) Mockin’ Bird Hill
14) I’m A Fool To Care
15) Tiger Rag
16) Peter Gunn
17) Rocking Is Our Business
18) Apache
19) Sleep Walk
20) New Orleans
21) Walking In The Sand
22) Please Mr Jailer
23) Casting My Spell On You
24) Twenty Flight Rock
25) The Girl Can’t Help It
26) Rock Around The Clock
27) Shake, Rattle & Roll

Bonus Features
1) Interview with Jeff Beck
2) Behind The Scenes
3) At home with Jeff Beck & his guitars
4) Jeff Beck & Les Paul – Rock ‘n’ Roll Tonite
5) Les Paul & his little black box.

Joop Wolters: False Poetry - energy and passion!!!

Phew!!!! that was some ride ,, real music takes you one a journey that twists and turns brings you up and down , tense and release. This is real music.
Joop holds nothing back on this album , the energy and passion that comes though in the solo's is of the highest professional standard and so you would expect from a career spanning such diversity and LA rock session guitar background.

This album delivers and delivers it hard , load of tone lods of great ampage can be heard in the cleverly master live tracks like old school style and modern style playing .
Joop stands up to the whole of the worlds guitarisyts without breaking a sweat, buy this album , support this musician , he has a great personality as well clever technical and well constructed guitar virtuosity , buy this and you wont be dissapointed ....I wouldnt lie full review | buy

Ivan Mihaljevic: guitar international interview

Matt Warnock: On Destination Unknown you play guitar, keyboards and handle the lead vocals. Would you consider yourself a guitarist first, or do you think of yourself as a multi-instrumentalist?

Ivan Mihaljevic: I’m not a very good keyboardist as I haven’t practiced in ages. [Laughs] Guitar is my strongest instrument for sure, but lately I’ve been working on my singing a lot, so we’ll see where it all takes me down the road.

Matt: You feature some great guest artists on the new album. What was it like working with Australian guitarist Brett Garsed, who’s a huge name in the fusion guitar world?

Ivan: Well, I actually only exchanged a couple of emails with Brett when we worked on the record. I would love to meet him in person someday if I get the chance. I was originally put in contact with him through John Denner, who’s a great player as well, and Brett just recorded his solo in his studio and sent me the track to use on the record. more

Toby Knapp: Shred Knowledge interview

you seem like your heavy metal mate , your tracks are real hard , tell us about your influences and about shredguy records your label.

I love metal, all forms- speed, thrash, death, Black, traditional, neoclassical! My influences started with Jimmy Page and eventually Yngwie and tons of the great speed/thrash of the 80's, specifically Slayer, Kreator, Destruction, Celtic Frost, Venom, Mercyful Fate and Bathory. All I can say about Shredguy Records is it's a damn good label and I'm proud of my affiliation with them, they really are getting the music out there.
2 what albums are out with shredguy or comming up in the near future for you mate?

I have one physical cd "THE CAMPAIGN" and a compilation available through download only (for now) called "Archives of Magick". I am starting the demo process for the follow up to my first album for them, due out in late 2011 or early 2012. more

Mark Thompson: Shred Knowledge super give away

I am going to give away 3mnths subscription to so you can watch gt8/10 tutorial dvds and music recording stuff all day and night inc most boss gear and korg , propellerhead and loads more ...

Post a pic of your gear and text shredknowledge rocks give me pro audio
when we get to 50 we'll give away 3 months free all acces pass to every video they do ., its actually really cool and david wjo runs it does some awesome tech help for just about anything from gt10 to reason5

Lukasz Kulczak: Sweep Picking lesson

Sweep Picking - Free guitar lessons
Free Tab :

LuKi Kulczak Sweep Picking - Free guitar lessons

News: Uriah Heep New CD and tour coming soon

Rotosound endorsee Trevor Bolder has been working on new Uriah Heep (UH) album, which will be released mid April. After which they have a 7 week European tour followed by some large festivals and further dates in Asia and Australia.

English rock bassist Trevor Bolder is best known for his long association with Uriah Heep, although he has played alongside a variety of musicians since the early 1970s. He recorded many of the classic David Bowie albums including Hunky Dory, The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, Aladdin Sane and Pin Ups.

Trevor lists his career highlights as: playing Carnegie Hall with David Bowie, UH’s first gig in Russia (1987) followed by their 6 week tour of Russia in 1989/90 where they played all over Siberia and were only the second band to tour Russia and then the Chicago festival on the lake with Wishbone Ash where he got to see Muddy Waters play. Since joining UH in 1976, Trevor has recorded over 20 albums with the band, with album sales of over thirty million worldwide.

Trevor has used the Roto swingbass 66 guitar strings since the early 1970’s to record all these great albums. When asked why, he said ‘Roto’s hold their brightness which means I don’t have to change strings so often’. These are the most popular Roundwound bass string ever, they are produced by using unique steels and a highly secretive manufacturing process in all popular gauges and scale lengths.

To find out more about the Roto swingbass 66 and all the other Rotosound Strings visit

David Wallimann: live4guitar interview

David, when you picked up a guitar for the first time, is this where you imagined you will be today?

Now that’s a tough one... I always felt called to be a musician. The moment I picked up the instrument, I knew that it would become a big part of my life. I didn’t really know how or when it would happen though. There were a lot of nice surprises and challenges in the journey. But I feel that the journey has just begun. It’s an ongoing thing really, which is what is so appealing to me! There is always more to learn and enjoy. Music is such a wonderful gift from God!

You are proficient in all styles of music, but what is your favourite and why?

I really love melodic fusion at the moment. I love to feel challenged and some of the fusion jazz-rock material can be quite demanding when it comes to improvising. I love that.

Lindsey Boullt: gets endorsement from Sonuus

LIndsey Boullt:
Hi Everyone -
Thrilled to announce my new endorsement with Sonuus/UK, and their 'i2M' pitch-to-MiDI technology! A brilliant product, wonderful people.
Special thanks to James Clark, & all at Sonuus!
Obeisance to Eddie Coralnick for making this happen.
A vid of me playing Charlie Parker lines at the NAMM booth is on their site!

Dave Reffett: Shredding The Envelope - FREE to You!

Major kudos to Dave Reffett after his nomination for the Grammy's and after the first anniversary, the CD is available to you to download for free in super high quality. Check out the guitar players "Chris Poland, Dave Reffett, George Lynch, Glen Drover, Joe Stump, Michael Angelo Batio"

Why now and why free... Dave explains...

Dave Reffett: to get the whole record for free, it has me on lead guitar,bass and vocals and features guest spots by george lynch,chris poland, ,glen drover,michael batio etc....mike mangini on drums
The cd has done really well, so to celebrate the 1 year anniversary I'm offering the high quality download for free, I'd rather people get that then steal the crummy horrible sounding quality ones that are all over the net.

Stellar performances By George Lynch (Dokken/Lynch Mob), Chris Poland and Glen Drover (Megadeth), Michael Angel Batio, Joe Stump (Holy Hell) and Mike Mangini (Steve Vai) are featured on Metal Virtuoso Dave Reffett's debut album. A Guitar Tour De Force.

The Call of the Flames (feat. Joe Stump)
Standstill and Scream (feat. Michael Angelo Batio)
Devils Roadmap (feat. Glen Drover & Chris Poland)
Caravan of Cannibals (feat. George Lynch)
Where Are My Real Brothers
Ruby Avalanche Red Flood
I Just Don't Want To Say Goodbye
The Wonder, The Curse, And the Crave
Shredding the Envelope (feat. Joe Stump)

Dave Reffett: NAMM jam with Xotic Effects

Dave Reffett jamming at the Xotic Effects Booth during NAMM 2011

Plus Dave dicusses his new model guitar

Dave Reffett Demoing his Esoterik DR-1 Dave Reffett Signature Model Guitar

Luigi Rinaldi: new web site and news update

Luigi Rinaldi:
- Upcoming recording session with Antonello Carozza for the “Molisani” project.

- Working on the debut track of the Canadian singer Danika......

- Almost all the tracks ready for the 2nd album “Ira Divina”....

Chris Poland: live at namm

Chris Poland: Blues

Chris Poland: jam

Chris Poland: Where's my hat?

News: The improvisational brain

There is something fascinating about the act of musical improvisation—that moment when a musician departs from the score, embarking on a thematically relevant, yet wholly spontaneous composition. We normally think of it as the province of jazz musicians, conjuring the iconic image of a sax player wailing through riffs in a smoky, dim-lit club. John Coltrane and Bill Evans were masters. Miles Davis was never much for rehearsal. He used to gather his band in the studio, rattle off a few suggestions for the broad shape each track should take, and hit record.

But many of the early classical composers—Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Liszt—were also known for improvising entire portions of their concerts. Liszt had a penchant for soliciting musical themes from his audience. Before a show, anyone could jot down a few bars of melody on a piece of paper. Some were original. Others were bits of recognizable tunes from the time, a popular symphony or aria. Liszt would then pull one of these melodies out of a hat and use it as a launching point. He’d reharmonize it or play it backwards, always wresting from it a spirited improvisation that could last for several minutes.

Regardless of genre, the appeal of improvisation is its danger. It’s an act of audacity, says Levin, but ultimately an act of profound humanity, given that it’s a communication between the performer and the audience. The musician takes a huge risk, trusting, hoping that his brain and fingers will successfully allow him to “walk the tight rope over the precipice and arrive at the other side,” Levin says. “Or you might crash and burn. You never know.” But the spectators, as they live vicariously through the musician’s adventure, love him for it. more

News: Rock Prodigy for ipad,iphone and itouch

New Mobile Application Transforms Every Guitar Player into a Rock Prodigy

Interactive App Teaches and Hones Skills Using a
Real Guitar, Any Guitar

LOS ANGELES (Jan. 12, 2011) – All guitar players, from beginner to advanced, can now reach prodigy status with the launch of a new mobile application, Rock Prodigy™, that teaches users how to play a real guitar, any guitar, with the help of an Apple® iPhone®, iPad® or iPod® Touch. Using polyphonic pitch-recognition, Rock Prodigy allows all guitar players to learn, experience and absorb the music from legendary rock guitarists including James Hetfield of Metallica, Jerry Garcia of Grateful Dead and Joe Trohman of Fall Out Boy.

The app immerses users in original master recordings of popular guitar-centric songs, while simultaneously providing real-time feedback as players strum along with a real guitar. The interactive app also has the ability to auto-pause and uses tab-like performance cues for all four levels of play, which show precise rhythm, timing and note durations with real-time interaction and performance evaluation.

Allowing players to learn on the go, Rock Prodigy requires no additional hardware as guitarists can play directly into their mobile devices using the built-in microphone, a standard headset with microphone or a basic line-in guitar input adapter.

“Rock Prodigy was truly created for musicians by musicians,” said Harold Lee, co-founder of Rock Prodigy and CEO of The Way of H, Inc. “By combining mobile technology, modern apps and a guitarist’s favorite bands, Rock Prodigy offers a solution to the usual hang-ups of learning guitar. Guitar masters can also learn a thing or two.”

Fusing mobile technology with a real guitar, Rock Prodigy is available for free in the iTunes App Store, with premium feature packs starting at $9.99. More information at

Yngwie Malmsteen: live at the house of blues

Dave Kilminister: discusses new album releases

Chris Poland,Dave Reffett: namm jam thank you man!

Chris Poland will appear in an upcoming episode of Focus On Classic Metal talking to host Scott Thompson about all his latest projects as well as the current gear he is using.

Legendary Metal/Fusion/Jazz guitarist Chris Poland (Megadeth, OHM, Damn The Machine,Circle Jerks) and Dave Reffett (Shredding The Envelope) rocking out at the 2011 NAMM show in Anaheim, CA trading some awesome licks together.

Chris Poland & Dave Reffett rocking out at the Eminence Speakers booth during NAMM 2011

Ruben Rubio,Jose de Castro,Juanjo Melero: Carles Benavent - Biondo new CD of fusion music

"Biondo" featuring the great musicians Carles Benavente, Jose de Castro and Many more.
"Biondo" is the first album of bassist RubĂ©n Rubio now available from Rubio's web site: