Sunday, 6 February 2011

Tristan Klein: a quick lesson in funk rhythm and lead

Funk Guitar lesson

Milan Polak: "Absolutely Positive" live @ The Gammon

Milan Polak - "Absolutely Positive" live @ The Gammon

Rusty Cooley,Jeff Loomis: behind the scenes Guitar Asylum TV

Join host Rusty Cooley as he goes backstage with Jeff Loomis of Nevermore to get answers to your questions.

Rusty Cooley's Guitar Asylum TV

Arnaldo Garcia: Epic Jam... full of guitar WIN

Jam epica

Mario Parga: solos posted from upcoming CD Shadows and Light

Mario Parga:
Mario Parga - 'Electric Lounge' (solo) (Shadows & Light, 2011)

This solo was recently added to Mario's blog ( following requests from MySpace friends who wanted to hear it in better quality than on the MySpace player from Mario's MySpace page.

Mario Parga:

"Since adding this solo to the blog, I've had some great feedback from you, including questions on the equipment I used to record it. This soundclip is in a pre-production state and will have Paul's bass and Mark's drums on the finished version.

The equipment used to record it was as follows: my Siggery guitar with Rio Grande pickups, Peavey Classic 30 amplifier, Dean Markley 9 - 42 NickelSteel Electric Signature strings, Boss DS-1 distortion & CS-3 compressor. All the reverbs are Lexicon with delay and chorus by T.C. Electronic.

The first clean solo was played straight through the studio desk via a Boss CS-3 compressor pedal. The guitar was played with the bridge pickup (Rio Grande Barbeque Bucker) coil split. All the string bends are generated by my fingers, I don't use whammy bars.

The second and main solo was played through my Peavey Classic 30 on full overdrive, and the volume set to appproximately '5'. This volume level on this amp is very responsive dynamically. The first part of the solo was played on the neck pickup (Rio Grande Buffalo Bucker) with the guitar's volume pot open around halfway. The second part of the solo switches to the bridge pickup with the volume pot open fully."

Mario Parga - 'Electric Lounge' Solo

Mario Parga:
The main solo from 'Ra's Dream' from the new upcoming album 'Shadows & Light' (2011).

Currently the main theme for Mario's website homepage (

Please note that this version of the solo is a high quality pre-production that also features musicians Kevin Valentine - drums (Cinderella/Lou Gramm) and Tim Luce - bass (Alcatrazz).

The personnel for the new 'Shadows & Light' album is:
Mario Parga: Guitars & Keyboards
Paul Stanney: Bass
Mark Mendez: Drums

Mario Parga:

"I've been asked a few times about the equipment I used to record this solo, it was as follows:

My Siggery guitar played on the bridge pickup (Rio Grande Barbeque Bucker), Peavey Classic 30 amp, Dean Markley 9 - 42 NickelSteel Signature strings, Boss DS-1 distortion & CS-3 compressor, Lexicon reverb and T.C. Electronic delay."

Mario Parga - 'Ra's Dream' Solo

Kermheat,Manu Livertout, Jeremy Bares: three for Beck

Happy Three Friends is Jérémy Barès, Manu Livertout and Kermheat.
Live at M.A.I ( july 2008
Manu Livertout plays on Ibanez guitars (
thanks Fufux !!!
Jérémy Barès :
Kermheat plays on Elixir Strings (

Happy three friends - Jeff Beck savoy

Victor de Andres: Tribute to Gary Moore RIP

This video was recorded on 10 seconds when I find out about the death of my idol on Sunday 6th Feb 2011

Gary Moore Rest in peace 1952 - 2011

Rob Chappers: Gary Moore condolences

RIP Gary Moore - Sunday 6th Feb 2011

Elliot Noble: Pretender solo! Marco would be impressed!

Pretender: James Labrie by Elliot Noble (Solo)

News: Add features to your YouTube videos

Want to enhance the viewer experiences and discussions around the YouTube videos you embed for free? With our first release*, you can now upgrade your embeds with real-time reactions, DVD-like controls, and more without having to alter original content.

Features list:

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Michael Abdow: wins top selling guitar album for 2010 at guitar 9

Guitar 9 top selling albums of the year announced by category.

Overall 2010
  1. Michael Abdow - Native Alien
  2. Prashant Aswani - Sonically Speaking
  3. Borislav Mitic - The Absolute
  4. George Bellas - The Dawn Of Time
  5. Michael Harris - Tranz-Fused
  6. Matthew Mills - The Neoclassical Journey
  7. Joe Stump - Virtuostic Vendetta
  8. Constantine - Shredcore
  9. Relocator - Relocator - Stefan Artwin  
  10. Marty Friedman - Bad D.N.A.

All categories

[Overall | Acoustic | Electric | Electric (Heavy) | Blues | Classical | Country | Fingerstyle | Flamenco | Folk | Fusion | Hard Rock]
[Heavy Metal | Jazz | Neo-Classical Metal | New Age | Pop | Progressive | Rock | Shred | Smooth Jazz | Surf | World]

Michael Abdow: wins top selling guitar album for 2010 at guitar 9

Guitar 9 top selling albums of the year announced by category.

Overall 2010
  1. Michael Abdow - Native Alien
  2. Prashant Aswani - Sonically Speaking
  3. Borislav Mitic - The Absolute
  4. George Bellas - The Dawn Of Time
  5. Michael Harris - Tranz-Fused
  6. Matthew Mills - The Neoclassical Journey
  7. Joe Stump - Virtuostic Vendetta
  8. Constantine - Shredcore
  9. Relocator - Relocator - Stefan Artwin  
  10. Marty Friedman - Bad D.N.A.

All categories

[Overall | Acoustic | Electric | Electric (Heavy) | Blues | Classical | Country | Fingerstyle | Flamenco | Folk | Fusion | Hard Rock]
[Heavy Metal | Jazz | Neo-Classical Metal | New Age | Pop | Progressive | Rock | Shred | Smooth Jazz | Surf | World]

Nahuel Schiumarini: ospitata al Muffaffè

Nahuel Schiumarini : ospitata al Muffaffè 13 gennaio 2011

Gianluca Ferro: great demo of De Marchi Amps

Gianluca Ferro play De Marchi Amps!

Gianluca Ferro - M3 Music 2009 Canegrate (MI)

Buy The album New CD Unheimlich

Stu Hamm,Ignazio Di Salvo: live at MMI Milan

Stu Hamm - Ignazio Di Salvo - Alex Poletti Live MMI MILANO

Daniel Jakubovic: New CD released

Daniel Jakubovic, world renowned guitar virtuoso / multi-instrumentalist, and frequent collaborator with Jordan Rudess (DREAM THEATER), has just released his solo record in Israel, entitled Elef Keirot. The album features a unique and melodic mix of progressive hard rock, pop, and experimental music, and is being released through a joint venture between US based label VMM Records and Hatav Hashmini, the largest distributor in Israel. Clip for the song "shock frame" of Daniel Jacobowitz 'from new album, "A thousand walls," published by the eighth character / VMM Records buy

Solo starts at 2:33
Daniel Jakubovic - "Makat Hamisgeret דניאל יעקובוביץ - מכת המסגרת

Simone Fiorletta,Davide Perruzza: Lion Music sign No Gravity

Lion Music sign No Gravity are a new progressive metal band from guitarist Simone Fiorletta who see the release of their debut album, Worlds In Collision, on March 18th.

With a line up of vocalists including: Michele Luppi, Andy Kuntz , Fabio Lione , Roberto Tiranti ), Mark Basile and Emiliano Germani.

Andy James: Sacred Mother Tongue UK tour dates

SACRED MOTHER TONGUE have announced the following live dates in April and May:

15 - The Crauford Arms - Milton Keynes, UK
16 - Club 85 - Hitchin, UK
21 - The Crown - Middlesbrough, UK
22 - Gasworks - Bradford, UK
23 - Stereo - York, UK
28 - The Twist - Colchester, UK
29 - The Fiddlers Elbow - Camden, UK
30 - The Pav Tav - Brighton, UK

7 - Esquires - Bedford, UK
8 - Facebar, Reading, UK
13 - Rock City - Nottingham, UK
14 - Relentless Garage - London, UK
21 - Roadmender - Northhampton, UK

Marty Friedman: Europe+ tour dates

Marty Friedman confirms March 18th March Musix 2011 Okinawa International Asia Music Festival and 19th March date at Sakurazaka Central in Okinawa, Japan.

Bad DNA tour dates:

5 - Bibelot - Dordrecht, Netherlands
6 - Underworld - London, UK
7 - Spirit ’66 - Verviers, Belgium
8 - tba - Paris, France
10 - Rock Star Live - Bilbao, Spain
11 - Sala Heineken - Madrid, Spain
12 - Salamandra - Barcelona, Spain
14 - Jailbreak - Rome, Italy
15 - Bloom - Mezzago , Italy
17 - Exit Chmelnice - Prague, Czech Republic
18 - Randall - Bratislava, Slovakia
19 - A38 - Budapest , Hungary
20 - SKC - Belgrade, Serbia
21 - RBF Club - Sofia, Bulgaria
22 - Romeo & Juliet - Istanbul, Turkey
23 - 312 Arena - Ankara, Turkey
24 - Noxx - Izmir, Turkey
26 - Eightball Club - Thessaloniki, Greece
27 - AN Club - Athens, Greece
28 - Tochka - Moscow, Russia
29 - Jagger Club - St. Petersburg, Russia
31 - Reading 3 - Tel-Aviv, Israel

Chris Lasegue: to appear on Heavy Metal Mayhem radio

Chris Lasegue will guest on the Heavy Metal Mayhem radio show with Mike The Big Cheese this Sunday February 6th at 6:00PM (EST)

Karolina Sustova: on Sound Cloud

Karolina Sustova from Praha in Czech Republic has started a soundcloud channel to share some of her music and enable people to feedback about the compositions

Example track Andele noci (Angels of the Night)
Andele noci (Angels of the Night) by KarolSustova

Steve Vai: needs you to help him break a world record!

Steve Vai. and Vai will be attempting to set a Guinness world record for the most participants in a free online guitar lesson live from New York City on March 3rd, 2011 Log on from anywhere in the world.

March 3, 2011 at 1:30pm ESTFor international viewers, Eastern Standard Time is GMT -5.
For example, 1:30 PM EST = 6:30 PM GMT.

Steve Lukather,John 5, Ritchie Kotzen: discuss jammit

Jammit: What Musicians are saying

Marty Friedman: interviewed on hard radio podcast

Marty Friedman and David "Rock" Feinstein on hard radio

Mick Box: Uriah Heep US tour dates

June 14 - Variety Playhouse - Atlanta, GA
June 15 - Riverbend Festival - Chattanooga,TN
June 17 - Fraze Pavilion for the Performing Arts - Kettering, OH
June 18 - Rams Head on Stage - Annapolis, MD
June 19 - State Theater - Sun Falls Church, VA
June 20 - Sellersville - Sellersville, PA
June 22 - B.B. King Blues Club & Grill - New York, NY
June 23 - Showcase Live - Foxborough, MA
June 24 - Penn's Peak - Jim Thorpe, PA
June 25 - Ridgefield Play House - Ridgefield, CT
June 27 - Infinity Hall - Norfolk, CT
Aug. 12 - Rocking the Rivers - Three Forks, MT
Aug. 14 - Mayo Park - Rochester, MN

Guthrie Govan, David Gilmour, Tom Quayle, Rick Graham: Guitar Interactive Magazine

Guitar Interactive Magazine - Interactive digital guitar monthly www.guitarinteractivemagazine.comWelcome to iGuitar, the first truly interactive online digital guitar magazine. With exclusive interviews and features on some of the most famous guitar players known there are also product reviews, album reviews and if that wasnt enough the magazine is jam packed with over 3 hours of exclusive vide

Gary Moore: Dead at 58 RIP

Former Thin Lizzy guitarist Gary Moore has been found dead in his luxury hotel room in the Costa del Sol in the early hours of this morning.

Tributes from guitar players and musicians pour in and even more tributes 

A postmortem is due to be carried out later in nearby Malaga. Death might be due to heavy alcohol consumption

The 58-year-old from Belfast is understood to have been on holiday at the time of his death.

Read more:

BBC news:

Truth In Shredding flag is at half mast... condolences to family and close friends

Colosseum II - Inquisition

Dan Donegan: Disturbed interview

Recorded on Jan 29, 2011. Rob from CYY chats with Dan from Disturbed before the Portland, Me. Music As A Weapon show.

WCYY interview with Dan from Disturbed

Alex Lifeson: blown away by Moving Pictures in 5.1 Surround Sound!

Richard Chycki
I’ve been in the studio for last month remixing the original Moving Pictures CD in 5.1 surround. I finished tweaks on Red Barchetta yesterday. It really was an amazing experience to spread the original tracks of such a classic CD into the 3D word of surround... After discussion with the band, the goal here was to pay serious homage to the production of the era so a considerable amount of time was spent researching and working through effects etc. that matched the original but would fare well in the 5.1 world... I’m pleased with the results and Alex Lifeson was pretty blown away when he came in to listen to the finals more

Jon Levin: Dokken US tour dates 2011

Dokken have scheduled the following dates:

Mar. 04 - Egan Convention Center - Anchorage, AK
Mar. 05 - King Cat Theatre - Seattle, WA
Mar. 18 - The Venue - Fargo, ND
Mar. 19 - Medina Ballroom - Medina, MN
Mar. 25 - Wild Horse Pass & Casino - Chandler, AZ
Apr. 15 - Hemisfair Park - San Antonio, TX
Apr. 16 - Trees - Dallas, TX
May 14 - Sunset Station Casino - Henderson, NV

Adam Nolly Getgood,John Browne: to stand in for Periphery's Jake Bowen

Adam Nolly Getgood aka NollyTheGreat and John Browne get the call after Jake Bowen, from Periphery, had been forced to sit out the remaining dates on the band's current European tour after he broke his finger. The band wrote on its Facebook page, "Bad news first: Poor Jake broke his finger. Good news: We have Nolly from RED SEAS FIRE and John from MONUMENTS who can fill in for him. We're not cancelling any of the shows!!! HELL NO."

Cover of Per Nilsson's solo on The Illusionist, by Scar Symmetry

Planet X - Alien Hip-Hop solo

Series One 200 emulated output demo with John Browne of Monuments

Danza III - Yippie-Kay-Yay-MotherTrucker - 8 string Test

Joe Stump: focus on metal podcast interview Joe Stump

Alex Lifeson: Vapour Trails to get a remix

Alex Lifeson told the magazine, "We were never happy with the production. Perhaps we should have taken more time over the record. But now we've got the chance to improve things." He added, "There will be no re-recording, just a remix. more"

Vapor Trails is the seventeenth studio album by the Canadian rock band Rush, produced by Paul Northfield and released in May 2002. The release of Vapor Trails marked the first studio album for the band in six years (since Test for Echo in 1996) because of events that befell drummer Neil Peart in the late '90s.
According to the band, the entire developmental process for Vapor Trails was extremely taxing and took approximately 14 months to finish, by far the longest the band had ever spent writing and recording a studio album.[1] Despite controversy surrounding its production and sound quality, the album debuted to moderate praise and was supported by the band's first tour in six years, including first-ever concerts in Mexico City and Brazil, where they played to some of the largest crowds of their career. The album was certified gold in Canada in August 2002. more

Steve Smyth: Black Night Meditations audio interview

Pedro Molina: Lucet Omnibus fusion original

Lucet Omnibus.-Pedro Molina