Saturday, 12 February 2011

Andrea Accorsi: Tapping lessons series

Andrea Accorsi: Tapping lessons

Ayman Mokdad: Chain reaction, guitar idol III

AYMAN- Chain reaction

AOR Michael: Laney AOR 100 demo

Laney AOR 100 Demo Part 1.

Laney AOR 100 Demo Part 2.

Agus Pindo: another incredible two handed player from Indonesia

Agus Pindo - Guitar Tapping

Agus Pindo - Canon in D major (tapping version)

Giovanni Agostini: tapped birthday greetings!

Happy Birthday Song (Two Handed Tapping)

"The Beatles - Yesterday" (Two Handed Tapping)

Karim Hamdi: aka Ron Govan Alex Argento - Synchronal Steps theme

Alex Argento - Synchronal Steps theme

Allan Hinds: Xotic Day Live at Alvas Music

Allan Hinds: Xotic Day Live at Alvas Music

Gianluca Russo: Dry Tone Jammin'

Gianluca Russo Dry Tone Jammin'

Ivy Park: sunny jam!

Sunny Jam

News: Win a sack full of guitars!

Folks, I wanted to share w/ you this DBZ guitar give-away.

To enter to win, sign up here :

Instant Guitar Collection of DBZ Guitars! Win It All - Ultimate Gear Give-Away!

News: Tone King Talent Search 2011

Official Announcement : The 'King's Feast' Talent Search 2011 by

I give you ‘The King’s Feast’! Whereas everyone else has a ‘Fest‘, we’re going to have a Feast! If you have a band, and are struggling in reaching out to a world-wide community of viewers who care about ‘tone‘, I will open up my own forum to let you rise to the top! So .. how does it work?
Simple …
Visit, and you’ll see a forum for TTKs 2011 Band Search.
Post up your work on the site. Tell us your story, and share with us your music, or link to your music & or videos.
On our monthly live webcasts, those who tune in will all have some say in who should win for that month. It may come by means by a poll, a selected panel of judges or something as simple as a general consensus (we’ll fine tune & tweak as we go)
The winner of that month will receive a POST on, which will include details about your band, how to buy your CD, when to see your upcoming show, a plug on your rig, a possible phone interview, etc.). Post will appear under Artist Venues : POST gets blasted out to the entire community of registered subscribers of which reaches (at the time of writing this) approx 4,000+ email addresses.

The judges:

I will also offer to use and promote your music on my YouTube Channel which reaches out to (at the time of writing this) over 12,000+ registered subscribers.
That’s over 16,000 people in two swift posts that will see & hear your story! MORE:

Oscar Morales: excellent tribute to Guthrie Govan - Fives

Guthrie Govan's Fives - cover by Oscar Morales

Dreamfullofzen: "Desert God" for the people of Eygpt

Recorded on the day The Egyptian people got back their country.

You might recognise the tune from the 2035 overview update video, but it was just the barebones string part and bassline with the percussion. Here I've added the drums, Baritone Guitars, and am working on refining the melody parts, and obviously working on developing ideas for a face melting solo for the track.

I used my custom axe for this instead of my ESP, since this guitars subsequent replicas were known as the "Freedom" model.



2035 Song Demo - "Desert God"

Emiliano Zapata: Dm ballad jam

Jammin' over Dm ballad by Emiliano Zapata

George Lynch: Guitar tricks video Interview about Celestion speakers

The Lynchback takes off where the legendary greenback left off. Adding more headroom and a tighter bass response, we look forward to hearing this new born rock monster in action. Tune in and catch the first moments of announcement live from NAMM 2011 with collaborator and tone afficianado, George Lynch.

George Lynch Interview

Daniele Gottardo: Cardiology live Urbino at MITH


Robben Ford: linearock interview

Robben Ford

Taiga Motoyoshi: JFusion... JWOW

Bolivia / Taiga Motoyoshi

News: Total Guitar reinvented - the first 3 issues of the new TG for just £1!

As a music enthusiast, you may be pleased to hear that Total Guitar is about to get even bigger and better than ever! Read on to find out more about what the all new TG has to offer - and then try it for yourself - for a limited time only, we’re giving you the chance to try the first 3 issues of the all new mag for just £1!

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...and much more!

Plus, as well as trying 3 issues for just £1, continue to subscribe after your first three issues and continue to save! As a subscriber you will receive 13 issues per year delivered to your door for 30% less than the cover price - that's just £24.99 every six months - and gain access to an exclusive VIP area with extra tab and 20 minutes of backing tracks!

Derek Sherinian: signs three album deal with Mascot Records

Derek Sherinian:
It has been over four year since I have sent out a newsletter. Since I do not do Twitter or Facebook, this will be the most direct way I can get news and career updates to you. There is a lot of exciting things on the musical horizon! I just finished two weeks in the studio recording Black Country Communion 2 with Glenn Hughes, Jason Bonham, and Joe Bonamassa with Kevin Shirley producing. It will be released in June with a U.S and European tour taking place in June and July.

I also signed a new 3 album worldwide solo record deal with Mascot Records. Simon Phillips will be co-writing, co-producing, mixing and playing drums on the record. I will soon be announcing the guitar guest stars which I am sure you will be pleased with.

I have been staying busy with session work in Beachwood Manor. If you are interested in having me play keyboard tracks on your demo or record, please contact John Calabassas at for rates and info.

I also have been teaching online keyboard and guitar lessons to people all over the world via Skype. I also have been teaching privately in L.A. Please contact John Calabassas at for rates and info.

News: Truefire list their 100 guitarists you should know, will it feature you?

There’s no shortage of Top Guitarist lists that purport to represent the “best” or “greatest” guitarists in the land. Even if you happen to have made one of those lists, you’d likely agree that there’s really no such thing as a “best” guitarist, nor is there any way to quantify such a list.
At best, the lists only represent the most popular and/or commercially successful guitarists and are not necessarily based on talent or musical achievement. More disappointing, they’re always packed with the usual suspects.

Here's the first ten

Make your nomination:

Halycon: album name Pastures EP, excellent Nu Fusion

album name
Pastures EP
band name
by Halcyon

Immediate download of the 9-track EP in your choice of 320k mp3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.
Buy Now $5 AUD

Guthrie Govan:The Music Zoo 2011

Guthrie Govan:The Music Zoo 2011 - 9 videos

Greg Howe: Marco Minnemann, Bryan Beller Nakhodka, Russia

Marco Minnemann, Greg Howe and Bryan Beller Rock in Nakhodka, Russia

Guthrie Govan: Bryan Beller, Marco Minnemann NAMM bash

- 6 videos from recent NAMM appearance.

Guthrie Govan,Bryan Beller, Marco Minnemann: NAMM bash

Jordan Rudess: youtube interview

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Master Synth player Jordan Rudess last weekend right before his solo show of "Explorations for Keyboards and Orchestra" in Tarrytown NY. We talked to him a little bit about the creation of his first Orchestral Composition, how he met up with Eren Basbug and the RnL Project, What his involvement with Marco Minnemann has been like, and Who is the new Dream Theater Drummer. He also takes the time to give us a breakdown of his Award Winning iPad App "MorphWiz" directly on our very own "Octiv Stage" Enjoy!

Interview with Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater

Kevin Glasgow, Alex Hutchings: Kams Palace live at Glasto

Kams Palace must have been on helluva band with Kevin Glasgow, Alex Hutchings in the band!

Kevin Glasgo Bass solo - Kams Palace live at Glasto 05

Sam Bell: ladies and djentalmen I bring you nu fusion from campana

Love Game Cover NO VOX by Sam Bell Guitarist

sambellmixtest2 by Sam Bell Guitarist

Under the Grey Sand by Sam Bell Guitarist

News: beware the copyright troll visiting you.

A discussion about cover versions posted on petrucci forum and another reason to follow my top ten tips for posting youtube videos

9. Tonight I'm going to be a famous guitar player syndrome
Try to avoid too many guitar covers, particularly if the covers are from a single player. e.g. avoid all Malmsteen covers or all Vai covers or all Satriani covers... People will just think you are a clone and not original! If you do post them... they have to be good!

Question: I posted a guitar cover of Ich Tu Dir Weh by Rammstein. They have blocked it on 'copyright grounds'.

Answer: Guys, here's the deal. In the United States, service providers—youtube included (see Tur v. Youtube, 2007 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 50254, for example)—can claim safe harbor from claims for contributory infringement if they satisfy the requirements of 17 USC 512. I could cite a bunch of code and caselaw at you, but the essential point is that we have to provide copyright owners with a means to request infringing material be removed, and we have to prevent use of our service by repeat infringers.

There are typically at least two copyrights involved with a piece of music: the copyright on the recording and the copyright on the music itself. While it's typically the record company asserting its rights over the recording, presumably the band could assert its copyright over the music. So a note-for-note (or close) cover could violate the latter. Pasha Pook's experience may involve both if the original recording was playing in the background.

The bottom line is that service providers don't want to get sued, and you shouldn't want to either. You do not want to be hauled into a federal lawsuit, and don't think for a second that it doesn't happen. Look up Capitol Records v. Thomas. Likewise, service providers don't want to get sued, although it happens. To tell you the truth, I really doubt that a contributory infringement case could prevail under the prevailing Sony standard, but no service provider in its right mind wants to defend a test case, so everyone covers their ass. If we get a takedown notice, we comply, because you have no basis to sue us if we're too zealous, but they have means and incentive to come after us (and you) if we're not.

Shawn Lane: video museum to go?

Hi guys..... if any of you appreciate Shawn, and like to watch his vids on my YouTube channel

Shawn's daughter is now going to get involved creating a new website, and i'm going to send her a copy of ever Shawn dvd i've tracked down, edited and re-authered (almost a hundred). I think they are wanting to sell all the dvd's i've done with menus, so at least they'll all be available.

Thanks so much for all the supporting of Shawn (and myself) from you guys over the years! It's been hard work (literally 'thousands' of hours), but fun.

There's still the website, where i have created a big database of track lists for all Shawn's shows over his carreer.... and also some goodies i've posted there!

Chris Feener: tribute to Weldon Sharpe

Hey guys, check out this instrumental guitar "piece" I'm working on for my upcoming solo release. It's missing some things and is a little rough around the edges at the moment, but it's gettin' there! It's made in tribute to my grandfather (Weldon Sharpe) who was one of my earliest musical inspirations. He passed away in 2001, so it's nothing recent, but he's one of the most deserving people in my life of a tribute. He was an amazing musician and a brilliant organ player. Hence my lame attempts throughout.

(It features Tony Dickinson slappin' d'beass.)

Chris Feener - Ballad for Pop (Rough Mix) by ChrisFeener

Nili Brosh,Tony Macalpine: to join Seven The Hardway?

News filtering through on the interwebs leads me to conclude that Nili Brosh might be joining Seven The Hardway with Tony Macalpine, Mark Boals, Virgil Donati... just need to wait for the official news...

Derryl Gabel: Supersonic Sweeping Part 2

http://derrylgabel.comIn Part 2 of Supersonic Sweeping we will explore the melodic minor scale and all the modes, hybrids, and arpeggios in regards to economy and sweep picking ideas. We will also touch on some new concepts such as Tetratonics and I'll show you new and exciting ways to play arpeggios and seamlessly put this altogether to create a supersonic style.

Supersonic Sweeping Part 2 is available on standard DVD and Blu-ray! The Blu-ray is a special edition that has bonus chapters and added commentary. You must have a Blu-ray player in order to view this disc. It will not work in a standard DVD player. Blu-ray has up to 6 times the clarity and definition of a standard DVD.


Melodic Minor Modes
1-3 Arpeggios
Melodic Minor Arps in Groups of 4 in Diatonic 3rds
Melodic Minor Arps in Groups of 4 in Diatonic 4ths
Melodic Minor Arps in Groups of 5 in Diatonic 4ths
Melodic Minor Arps in Groups of 5 in Diatonic 5ths
Melodic Minor Hybrids 1
Melodic Minor Hybrids 2
Melodic Minor Hybrid Extensions
Melodic Minor Six String Sweep Arpeggios
African Minor Blues

Supersonic Sweeping Part 2 DVD Demo

Supersonic 2 Youtubedemo Improv

new DVD Supersonic Sweeping Part 2 is now available.
In part two of this series we will explore the melodic minor scale and all the modes, hybrids, and arpeggios in regards to economy and sweep picking ideas. We will also touch on some new concepts such as Tetratonics and I'll show you new and exciting ways to play arpeggios and seamlessly put this altogether to create a supersonic style. For more info visit the DVDs page of my site.

The DVD is $35 plus $5 s/h. Derryl accepts paypal, credit card, money orders, check, and cash.
Derryl's paypal ID is

Gary Moore: guitarist tributes pour in, including Alex Lifeson

Lots of tributes posted from guitarists great and small, here is another selection that I have gathered, no real order to the list, just as I found them.

Gary Moore (1952 - 2011) R.I.P : Parisienne Walkways (Live Montreux Jazz Festival '97)

Andy James:

Andy Timmons:
My fave Moore tune!!!

Andy James:
I think this is a great master class in creative control. Hey Andy, it was youre pawn kings version i heard first actually, then I checked this out. Awesome version you did of that song, and ladies and gentleman we are graced with the presence of a living legend in AT!

Music Video - Gary Moore - The Loner

Alex Lifeson:
"I was very saddened to hear the news of Gary's death. We toured together in the '80s and I remember him as a soft-spoken, gentle man with a quick smile. His influence as a guitarist is undeniable and his purity of playing and passion will live on in all of us who love the instrument he so cherished."

Doug Aldrich:
"I spent today rediscovering some of the work he did. Nobody ever played with more emotion than Gary Moore. He played with unmatched soul and melody. But he was also by far THE most ferocious, fearless and intense player I ever heard. No question.

"His playing made a huge impact on me.

Lalle Larsson:
RIP Gary Moore

Joe Stump:
"I'm deeply saddened about the tragic death of one of my all-time heroes, Gary Moore.

"Gary had a tremendous impact and influence on my playing. He's someone I've been listening to since the early '80s, and still listen to on a regular basis to this day. To me, he combined all of the elements that make hard rock guitar great — killer technique, great emotionally drenched melodic playing, and a massive tone in his hands.

"I remember hearing 'White Knuckles' on a metal radio show almost 30 years ago and being blown away.

"I love both his power blues-era material as well as his '80s-period hard rock and metal stuff.

"I learned every solo on 'Corridors Of Power', 'Victims Of The Future', and 'We Want Moore', as well as many other solos from a bunch of his other recordings.

Gus G:
"I'm very saddened by Gary Moore's passing. We've lost one of the greats.
His guitar style has heavily influenced me and I was lucky enough to see him live when he played in Greece for the first time back in 2008. I don't think I've ever heard more soulful playing and tone than Gary's.

Brian Robertson :
"When I first joined THIN LIZZY and we recorded the 'Nightlife' album, there was this track that we had to do, a song called 'Still In Love With You'. As it was time to record the guitar solos I refused to replace Gary's original solos. They were the best solos I'd ever heard at that point and I wouldn't let anyone talk me into changing that!"

Guitar legend Gary Moore dies aged 58

News: Guitar Hero - officially dead!

Activision announced on February 9 that it was disbanding the unit that makes its "Guitar Hero" games. The company blamed declining popularity for music-based video games and said it would stop all development of the "Guitar Hero" franchise for 2011. more

Joe Bonamassa: Dust Bowl new CD details

Joe Bonamassa will release his 12th full-length solo album, "Dust Bowl", in Europe on March 21 and in the USA on March 22. The album will be promoted on Bonamassa's forthcoming 2011 "Dust Bowl" world tour that will take in America, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia.
To celebrate the March 21st release of Joe Bonamassa’s highly anticipated new album 'Dust Bowl', his official website is making the title track available as a free MP3 download. Click here to download the song -

Provogue Records has announced that a limited-edition digibook format of "Dust Bowl" will be released in Europe alongside the standard CD and vinyl editions of the same album.
This stunning limited-edition one time only print-run will include a comprehensive 8,000-word, 60-page digibook that chronicles Bonamassa's fascinating rise in popularity as one the most exciting blues guitarists of our time. Written with passion and authority by Henry Yates (guitar correspondent for Classic Rock, Total Guitar and Guitarist), the book also features never-before-seen, plus rare personal photographs from Joe's early childhood and his transition into a professional guitarist. more

Cesar Huesca: Blackout Arkitecht cover

Blackout by Cesar Huesca (Song by The Arkitecht)

Steve Morse: pure rock radio podcast

Steve Morse: pure rock radio podcast

Yngwie Malmsteen: maximum metal interview "I never do second takes"

KIM: Being a virtuoso comes with it's own rewards and pitfalls, one being the misunderstood artist aspect...what is it that people often misunderstand about you or your music?

YM: Oh wow, it would be easier for me to list the things that people didn't misunderstand. I don't think people understand me at all. People have said that I was into magic, living in a dark castle somewhere ...I mean even when I did Overture 1383 on the Marching Out album, people were wondering what the significance of the year was and it was when Lowenbrau started brewing their beer, which I was drinking a lot of...that's where I was then. I think people have a certain idea of what I am doing and a lot of times I think people think that everything I do is figured out, none of it is--it's all improvised. I'm perfectly aware of music theory and all; I have a PHD in that, but once you have that you don't think about's like spelling. The hardest thing for me has been to try and capture the live feel in the studio. A lot of people want to make the live show sound like the studio but I always wanted to do the opposite. It's so difficult to do, but I'm getting better at it. I never do second takes anyway, if you can't get it right away then I will do it again later. There's no let's do it again, and, fuck that shit. more

Paul Gilbert, Billy Sheehan: Mr Big US release date

MR. BIG are back with brand new album What If… The new studio release finds all four original band members reuniting for their first album in 14 years. Produced by Kevin Shirley (AEROSMITH, RUSH, IRON MAIDEN), What If...will now be released in North America on February 15th. The first single from the album, 'Undertow', will impact at radio this week. Released last month overseas, What If… has hit the European album charts with strong respective debuts including: #36 in Switzerland, #50 in Germany, #71 in Austria, #71 in Italy and #75 in Sweden. more

Mattias IA Eklundh, Tony Hernando: GuitarFest 2011 dates - dedicated to Gary Moore

thanks to desafinados

March 2011 will be a new edition of GuitarFest , in this case involving the great and freak guitarist Mattias IA Eklundh (Freak Kitchen) in addition to Tony Hernando with Jeremy Colson . Tama and Ibanez are responsible for funding the event, which will have clinics in addition to performances of different musicians. The GuitarFest symbolically be dedicated to the late Gary Moore.

The sites chosen for the GuitarFest 2011 are as follows:

March 23 Porto (Portugal)
March 24 in Valladolid
March 25 in Oviedo
March 26 in Peralta, Navarra
March 27 in Madrid

John Petrucci: Dream Theater lined up for Night Of The Prog Festival VI

DREAM THEATER, ANATHEMA, ELOY, RIVERSIDE and IQ have been confirmed for the Night Of The Prog Festival VI, set to take place July 8-9, 2011 in Loreley, Germany. more