Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Alberto Rigoni: new solo album "Rebirth" CD cover revealed

Italian bass player Alberto Rigoni (TwinSpirits, Solo Artist) returns with his new solo album "Rebirth" that's going to be released by Nightmare Records on April 26th (via Sony / RED distribution, North America & Bertus & Twilight distribution & partners in Europe).
"Rebirth" contains a wide spectrum of music, from solo bass settings to more progressive songs. Each displaying the dynamic playing and writing skills of a young and exciting bassist in Rigoni, as well as a cast of amazing guests (Gavin Harrison, John Macaluso, Michael Marning and Yves Carbonne, to name a few).
World famous bass master Michael Manring, who appears as special guest on two album's tracks, says: "Alberto Rigoni is a real 21st century bassist with a unique musical vision. His new album "Rebirth" is engaging and moving and I hope you'll check it out."
Nightmare Records makes now available the artwork, a piece of art made by italian designer Davide Guidoni.
1. Free
2. Rebirth
3. Story of a man
4. The net
5. Emptiness
6. A new soul
7. With all my forces
8. Ontogeny
9. White shine
More news coming very soon!
To discover more on Alberto Rigoni check out www.albertorigoni.net

Adrian English: Innerplanetarium in bound!

Word on the street is the new Adrian English CD "Innerplanetarium" is smoking hot, packed full of melodic rock and typical state of the art guitar tactics, expect the arrival in March 2011!
Upcoming release is a full production. Full backing band, live drums, and the production skills of Frank Klepacki.. pre-sales will be available

Keep your powder dry and your eyes on the target and I'll let you know when it's available. ( may be I've been watching too many episodes of Lock N' Load?)

Adam Moore: After School Guitar Club - "a sonic masterpiece"

Adam Moore’s current release, "After School Guitar Club" is one of the most compelling and alluring acoustic guitar recordings heard in recent years. Although primarily self taught, Moore participated in Robert Fripp’s Guitar Craft program, visited with Jazz master Jasper Smith, and took lessons from Swedish metal legend Mattias IA Eklundh... Adam Moore’s "After School Guitar Club" is a sonic masterpiece and should be required listening for all aficionados of acoustic music. more

Adam Moore: After School Guitar Club buy

Derryl Gabel: Supersonic Sweeping - Tetratonics

As you are probably aware, my new DVD Supersonic Sweeping Part 2 is now available. I have uploaded another clip from the DVD and this time it's an entire chapter! Look below for the video link. If you have any interest in fusion soloing, melodic minor, and sweep picking this DVD will be right up your alley!

Supersonic Sweeping Part 2 DVD

In part two of this series we will explore the melodic minor scale and all the modes, hybrids, and arpeggios in regards to economy and sweep picking ideas. We will also touch on some new concepts such as Tetratonics and I'll show you new and exciting ways to play arpeggios and seamlessly put this altogether to create a supersonic style.

Standard DVD Price: $35.00

Blu-Ray Price: $45.00
S & H: $5.00
Click Here for Credit Card Orders

I am committed to providing you outstanding personal service. If you have any questions about my new product offering, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Derryl Gabel

SS2 Tetratonics Clip

Brian Carroll: buckethead masked returns to Praxis

Praxis Return From Hiatus With Album Worthy of 'Worship' A full 16 years have passed since the last proper Praxis album, 'Metatron,' was released -- at least according to the band's experimental funk/jazz-metal bassist Bill Laswell, a longtime fixture in the New York underground. Discographies on various websites note a 1998 album called 'Mold,' the EP '1984' and a couple of live records, but Laswell insists the band's new disc 'Profanation: Preparing for a Coming Darkness' marks the genuine return of Praxis as an adventurous unit featuring guitarist Buckethead (ex-Guns N' Roses), bassist Brain (Primus) and a revolving door of guest musicians. more

meantime the buckethead without mask debate continues... with added quotes

Daniele Liverani,Tommy Ermolli,Alberto Rigoni: Twinspirits live Kortocirkuito

24 March at 22:00 - 25 March at 01:00
VIA P. GIANNONE 18 - 70123
Bari, Italy
Created by:
Daniele Liverani
More info
Thursday, 'March 24, 2011.

On Stage present and Nordwind: BARI IN PROGRESS 2011

ITALY IN PROGRESS touches the cities' BARI through the renowned NORDWIND PUB with the 2011 edition!
The couple will Twinspirits ytsejam KR + 'supported by special guest local band Blind Faith RMP.

The KR ytsejam return with a repertoire entirely renovated to offer pure emotion starring the classic Dream Theater.

The Twinspirits present their third album "Legacy" to be released in February 2011, playing live songs from their new work, including the full version of the new suite of 30 min "The Endless Sleep" in the new disk.

BLIND FAITH The RMP are one of the 'emerging more' interesting restaurants and will open the evening!

The state went from Prog Metal NORDWIND PUB!

See you there!

Tel: 080 558 00 28

A series of recent live videos!

Daniele Liverani,Tommy Ermolli,Alberto Rigoni: Twinspirits live Kortocirkuito

Sam Bell: Djengdjengchikawokatikawiddle

Djengdjengchikawokatikawiddle by Sam Bell Guitarist

Ignazio Di Salvo: rocking out to the max!

Ignazio Di Salvo - checacchionesolo.

Északi Szabolcs: Funk the funk out

Funk the funk out "70s fuzz jam

Gustavo Guerra: Michael Angelo Batio tribute

No Boundaries - Michael Angelo Batio ( GGuerra)

News: Guitar Army, clever video!

Guitar Army

Dino Fiorenza: we just need fire now!

Dino Fiorenza - air

Dino Fiorenza - Liquid

The list of super hot guitar and keyboard players is just to big to fit in the title!! CHECK OUT THE LIST!

Dino Fiorenza Bass maven: buy

The new album "It's Important" by virtuoso bass player Dino Fiorenza has been released! All keyboards played by Mistheria except one track.

The CD features an excellent guest list: Alessandro Benvenuti, c, Andrea Morucci, Antonio Ferlito, Dave Martone, Fabrizio Leo, Francesco J. Perticone, Gianni De Chellis, Jennifer Batten, Josè Ferilli, Marcello Leanza, Marco Sfogli, Mark Allen Felton, Massimiliano Cona, Mistheria, Neil Zaza, Gaetano Nicolosi , Nino Cardullo, Prashant Aswani.

Michael Angelo Batio: practice, practice, practice

brand new MAB "PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE" T Shirt featuring the phrase Michael made famous on his very first instructional program -

Michael has signed numerous guitars, posters, photos, etc... over the years with the phrase written as: 3x ll:PRACTICE:ll 
Michael writes repeat signs and inside of those signs is the word PRACTICE. The 3x notation at the beginning of the first repeat sign means to repeat the phrase 3 times - hence, the musically correct way to write -PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!

Andy James: beware of fake web site!

Beware of Fake Sites: Hi there – I just want to make everyone aware that the content you see on a site with the domain name – andyjames.com – is completely FAKE – we are trying to get the site closed down but until we manage that I want you to realise that whoever is posting information on that site has absolutley no authority to do so — We suspect it is being used by scammers.

The only official web site is www.andyjamesguitarist.com and facebook fanpage http://www.facebook.com/AndyJamesOfficial

Gustavo Guerra: tribute to the late Gary Moore

In Memory of Gary Moore (1952-2011) R.I.P

Pit Kordus: Ultra Blues

...well....Back to the Roots....so if you don,t got the Blues than you cant get the Rock,n Roll...that,s the first thing that comes to my mind :-))
This Blues i,ve Recorded long time ago. I recorded 3 Instrumental-songs in 1994 by using Analog Mixers and Analog Tape Machines like Fostex.Now I decided to Record them again by using a Digital Audio Workstation.....my Pc Cubase and a Audiointerface :-) The other 2 songs will come soon as possible.
The Lead Guitars,Clean and Distorted I,ve Played Live,in one take, plugged my guitar in the Audiointerface ,Cubase played all other tracks,Drums,Bass,Rhythm Guitars,Keyboards. Video I,ve Recorded by using a cheap digicam,then "Soldered" all together with the Video Soft.
Please Have in mind that I,m in first position a Guitarrist,all other Instrument,s (Bass,Drums) i,ve Programmed by doing my best,and Cubase does the Rest.So don,t be to hard with your Comment,s about Bass,Drums programming or the Sound of the Song,Because I,m not a Studio Engineer,also I,m not a Video Engineer,making a professional Video even for "Youtube" is not Easy.
I played this Tune as simple as possible,trying to play the Notes right from my Heart,there is no Tapping,stringskipping,Sweep Picking..........Please Lay Back and Enjoy.....I will Send this Song to Guitar Idol 3,so Please Support me there if you like my playing........also Feel Free if you want to make a charitable donation ;-) because of my hard work, days and al nights long without end :-))) one Million Dollar,Euro,Ferrari,Lamborghini,your Kidney....my pug, jenny loves this so much, with fava beans,and a nice chianti...:-)))))..... It's Black Humor,with the Kidney, So Don't Take It Seriously! %-)

Pit Kordus_Ultra Blues.mp4

Larry Coryell: at the Iridium

Larry Coryell/ Lenny White /Victor Bailey at the Iridium

Teo Ross: Wicked Streets

TEO ROSS : "Wicked Streets" (HD)

Marcos De Ros: Pièces de Résistance

Marcos De Ros:
You Like Blues? It's not Blues!
You Like Metal? It's not Metal!
You Like Jazz? It's not Jazz!
You Like Rock? It's not Rock!

So, what is this?


☺ O Vento Encanado - Peças de Bravura - Marcos De Ros (Pièces de Résistance) ☺

buy DVD

Blues Saraceno: jamming at NAMM 2011

Visit http://www.PlaidMouth.com for exclusive Blues Saraceno gear, pictures, stories and more! Blues Saraceno jamming at NAMM 2011 with Sterling Ball - owner of both Ernie Ball Strings and Music Man Guitars. Blues Saraceno performed at NAMM on Friday and Saturday, demo'ing Music Man's "game changer" pickup wiring and configuration. Blues explained how the system lets you change the coil and phase settings of every pickup and combination on the guitar - creating a landscape of literally thousands of pickup sounds and combinations.
*Very sorry about the poor sound and video quality - all I had was my iPhone at the time*
I'm a long-time Blues Fan and had the liberty of meeting him at both NAMM 2009 and 2011. I collect some of his signature gear, and have acquired both an original Yamaha RGZ820R "Watermelon Plaid" guitar, along with an original Dirty Boy amplifier, which was made by his father on their kitchen table in the late nineties. Blues used the amps on his last album, Hairpick, as well as on tours during his stints with Poison and Cream.
Alex Saraceno was nice enough to talk about the history and backstory of my Dirty Boy amp. I encourage you to stop by http://www.plaidmouth.com to check out all kinds of great Saraceno gear, stories and sound clips. If you're a fan, feel free to submit your own pictures, posts or media. Look forward to seeing you on the site soon, and long live plaid!

Blues Saraceno NAMM 2011 - Guitar Solo and Jam with Sterling Ball

Dirty Boy Amp & Blues Saraceno Plaid Yamaha RGZ820R Song

News: Namm 2011 Magneto Guitars interview with customguitarboutique.com

Namm 2011 Magneto Guitars interview with customguitarboutique.com (Part 1)

Namm 2011 Magneto Guitars interview with customguitarboutique.com (Part 2)

Carl Roa: Fortin Cali Mod Demo

Fortin Cali Mod Demo by Carl Roa

Kirk Tatnall: Hell on Wheels solo

Hell on Wheels Gtr Solo

Todd Duane: Touched - Beatles classic Eleanor Rigby

Eleanor Rigby by Touched Live

John Petrucci, Derek Sherinian, Joe Bonamassa: Bospop announces Dream Theater and Black Country Communion

Dream Theater and Black Country Communion are among the confirmed bands for this year's edition of the Bospop festival July 8-10 at Evenemententerrein Weert Noord in Weert, The Netherlands. http://www.bospop.nl/

Nigel Tufnel, Steve Vai: Nigel give Steve some advice on the world record attempt

Join the World's Largest Online Guitar Lesson on March 3rd! http://bit.ly/eYBKAm
Watch Nigel Tufnel (Christopher Guest) of Spinal Tap discuss his friend Steve Vai's attempt to set the Guinness World Record for the World's Largest Online Guitar Lesson.
Help Steve Vai and Berkleemusic make history! Steve's free 30-minute online lesson will detail some of Steve's techniques, and focus on how you can develop and expand your own playing.
Join Steve's lesson online on Thursday, March 3, 2011 at 1:30PM EST: http://bit.ly/eYBKAm

Spinal Tap's Nigel Tufnel on Steve Vai

News: Omis Guitar Fest news update

In next few days our web site www.omisguitarfest.com will be update with lots of new information about our festival.We make some changes in competition, IV category now is born 1992. and Younger.Prizes in 1st 3 categories is Coupon worth 100,150 and 200 EURO + etc. :-), And major category V winner - Non age limit(classical guitar) is 1500 EURO + guitar worth 4000 EURO. IX cat - Electric guitar non age limit winner is 1000 EURO + coupon worth 1000 EURO + etc... :-). We still have 1 month for deadline for applications and we already have a applications from Brazil, USA, Russia, Poland, Hungary etc. This gonna be a great event and I hope so that You will be part of it.
Stay in touch,
Festival Director
Neno Munitic
Dragi Prijatelji,