Saturday, 5 March 2011

Ron Thal: radiometal interview

You have actually been quoted saying to young guitar players that they should not practice too much. This is a contradiction to what we usually hear from most teachers.

Yes and I stand by that statement! (laughs) People practice too much. If you spend 10 hours a day, every day for years playing, then in those 10 hours you are not going to get as much out of it as in a very concentrated 2 hours. The rest of the time you should be spending living your life. It’s wrong to be sitting in your room, not experiencing life and just slaving away. That is not going to do anything for you musically; you’re not going to have anything interesting going on. You need to be an interesting person and be experiencing things in life. You need to feel things, the good and the bad. You need to get out there and live life to the fullest. And that is stuff that you get to share in your music. Those are the feelings that you will have to give in your music and your lyrics and your writing and your everything. If art is the reflection of the artist, then the best way to expand and broaden the art is to broaden the artist. And nothing would be worse than after 30 years of playing guitar, for someone to look back and say “what have I done with my life? Well I’ve sat in my room and I’ve played” (laughs). They should have seen the world and done lots of things and had other interests and connected with all kinds of different people and everything. That’s what I think will help somebody’s music because it’s not just about the playing, it’s about the writing. The song is more important and you only have to be good enough to play the song that you are playing. And I think that musicians forget that. They get so caught up on having the best technique that they forget that it’s about making music. If you want to make interesting music then you have to live an interesting life and feel a lot more than what you are going to get from living with a hand in your guitar.

Tommy Goovaerts: greg howe lesson

greg howe lesson.MPG

Gyu-Ho Lee: very cool Eudaimonia Overture cover

Paul Gilbert - Eudaimonia Overture Classic Piece (cover by Gyu-Ho Lee)

Martin Miller: Fusion Licks Guitar Lesson #4

Get the tab from as well as more lessons and updates on my solo album.
More lessons with me available on
Fusion Licks Guitar Lesson #4: Melodic Phrase Utilizing Fifths by Martin Miller

Glen Drover,Steve Smyth,Chris Poland, Vinnie Moore, Jeff Loomis: enough guitar players for you?

GLEN DROVER METALUSION Release Date: April 5, 2011

1. Ground Zero Special Guests – Chris Poland and Vinnie Moore
2. Frozen Dream Special Guest – Steve Smyth
3. Egyptian Danza
4. Colors Of Infinity
5. Illusions Of Starlight
6. Don’t Let The World Pass You By Special Guest – Fredrik Akesson
7. Mirage Special Guest – Jeff Loomis
8. Ascension
9. The Purple Lagoon [Frank Zappa Cover]
10. Filthy Habits [Frank Zappa Cover]


– Guitars / Jim Gilmour – Keyboards / Paul Yee – Bass
Chris Sutherland – Drums

Sound samples

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Franck Ribiere: cool funk fusion beats and guitar jamming!

Reprise Alphonse Mouzon - Next time to love

Resuming Marcus Miller - Rampage Spirituality with the Jam

Lucas Mann: betcha can't play this

Rings of Saturn: I betcha can't play this

Sam Bell: Legato Lick

Sam Bell - Legato Lick (Lick 1)

Francesco Fareri: warmup shred 8 string guitar

Francesco Fareri - warmup shred 8 string guitar

Hara Lemes: Testing my new guitar

Testing my new guitar - [Round #2]

Rob Balducci: Morley Maverick wah demo

3-5-11 BalducciLick Of The Week - Morley Maverick wah demo

Ulf Katschrowski: Aurora competition

Katschrowski - Aurora Contest & Megara

Aurora competition

Julien Carayon: Alpha - 4 minute sample

Julien Carayon - I - Alpha - 4 minute sample

Alpha: "It's time to unveil my new instrumental album. This is the final result of long months of hardworking. I started to note down basic ideas in late 2009 and I made a long break in early 2010. Kind of ups-and-downs of life. Once I gathered enough mental strenght, I gave my project another kickstart. A definitive kickstart until the album is done."

I hope you enjoy my music, and above all, that you enjoy my world" Buy Me

Marcos De Ros: Workshow

Marcos De Ros - Workshow (workshop + show) - Antonio Prado

Dragan Pavlovic: Guthrie Govan Tribute

Guthrie Govan Tribute by Dragan Pavlovic

Jason Becker: Not done donating yet.

Perpetual Burn: The Story of Jason Becker [2nd trailer] from Jason Becker: Perpetual Burn on Vimeo.

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Arnaldo Garcia: Wallimann Wah Competition

GuitarPlayback com Morley Contest Arnaldo Garcia

Wallimann Wah Competition

Rob Chappers: Line 6 JTV69 USA

Line 6 JTV69 USA James Tyler Custom - part 1

Line 6 JTV69 USA James Tyler Custom - part 2

Cyril Lepizzera: Traces

Traces - ARIANROD Cyril Lepizzera

Jamie Robinson: interviewed by shredaholic

Who are your main influences in music, and how have these influenced you when writing your new album “Playing To Win”?

I have a lot of favourite guitar players such as Eddie Van Halen and Jason Becker but I like to get a lot of song writing and production influence from different styles of music that isn’t guitar-driven. Taking ideas and inspiration from completely different styles of music and applying it to guitar-driven music, I find makes my sound more unique than most guys. more

Tommy Goovaerts: the new king of groove?

Greg Howe Laguna 2

Greg Howe fusion improvisation Laguna guitar

Greg Howe jam by Goofyke (Tommy)

Tristan Klein: Doppelgänger steals the show

tristan klein on lâg imperator 3000 vs tristan klein on jet 3000 ^^

Steve Cunningham: For The Love Of God on Lap Steel!!!!

Steve Cunningham - For The Love Of God - Steve Vai - Lap Steel / Slide Guitar

Yuki: D_Drive Accelerator available at CD Baby

It's not just a instrumental rock band. They are a pioneers of the Driving Rock. D_Drive's the long-awaited second album is just released!!
Seiji on the guitar... He received many prizes by Japanese music contests. Yuki on the other guitar... She is young 21 years old. Her performance is attracted wonderful. Shimataro on the bass... He has been doing a lot of sessions with various artists and genres. Chiiko at the drums... She's also awarded at some contests in Japan and has excellent technic.

They are a instrumental hard rock band in such coolest two girls and two guys musicians!!


D_Drive 2nd Album "ACCELERATOR" Now On Sale

Cesar Huesca: Warm Regards Steve Vai tribute

Steve Vai - Warm Regards (Cover by Cesar Huesca)

Tom Richardson: Wallimann Wah Competition - cool fusion!

Tom Richardson - Morley Wah Contest

Wallimann Wah Competition

t-cophony: April rider - tapped acoustic

April rider (solo version in 2006) - T-cophony

Alberto Viganò: big bad bass!

Alberto Viganò bass solo @Bologna music show 2010

Dario Pinelli: Lady Gaga and impossible guitar medley

Lady Gaga - Bad Romance (impossible guitar medley by Dario Pinelli)

Atanas Shishkov: "Blue Vision"

Atanas Shishkov - "Blue Vision"

Lukasz Kulczak: 4th Live4Guitar competition

4th Live4Guitar competition - Lukasz LuKi Kulczak

live4guitar 4 competition

Martin Miller: Melodic Phrase Utilizing Fifths

Fusion Licks Guitar Lesson #4: Melodic Phrase Utilizing Fifths by Martin Miller

Aleksandar Sukovic: Live4Guitar lesson

This is a solo I wrote to show you how to combine extreme techniques into one solo over a progressive metal track. You can purchase the full lesson at:

Progressive Solo - Live4Guitar lesson

Andy James: Jam with Dream Theater

Lick Library has just released the ultimate shredding guitar tuition DVD with the launch of Jam With Dream Theater. This is a double DVD guitar tuition set, with Andy James taking you through the intricacies of some of the world’s most skilled guitar playing, all in the style of John Petrucci and Dream Theater, the award winning progressive rock band.

Dream Theater’s guitarist John Petrucci is well known for his fast riffs, technical wizardry, and precise execution. John was named one of the ‘Top 10 Greatest Guitar Shredders Of All Time’ by GuitarOne magazine, and in 2009 he was the number two best metal guitarist by Joel McIVer in his book ‘The 100 Greatest Metal Guitarists’.

Jam with Dream Theater ( RRP £27.99) Double DVD set shows you how to play seven tracks that span more that a decade (1992 TO 2009) of Dream Theater music. From the classic Images and Words album, this new DVD features a guitar lesson on Pull Me Under, widely considered to be Dream Theater's most well known song and also Under A Glass Moon.

The DVD then takes a look at the only instrumental, from the third album Awake, Erotomania followed the tracks Fatal Tragedy ( Metropolis Pt 2: Scenes From A Memory ), As I Am (Train Of Thought )and Wither (Black Clouds & Silver Linings ). Finally the DVD features a guitar lesson on Constant Motion from the Systematic Chaos album which is well known for its various complex time changes.

Andy James, a well respected guitarist and teacher is well placed to take you through these challenging guitar parts, as he explores the demanding rhythms and solos of John Petrucci. Techniques that are explored include alternate picking, sweeping and legato. Andy takes you through the solo’s melodic structures step by step, breaking them down into easy to understand and replicate sections.

In addition to the two DVD’s there is a CD with the seven backing tracks for you to play along to. This CD has a real live band feel to it with renowned drum teacher Pete Reilly on drums and the astonishing bass player Andy Staples.

To find out more about this ultimate shredders DVD guitar tuition set and other products visit

Tom Richardson: left brain thinking

What made you decide to pick a lefty guitar rather than learning righty?
My first guitar was a right handed 3/4 size nylon string and I naturally picked up the guitar the lefty way. As my dad is a guitar player (right handed) he was able to change the strings over for me and never suggested I learnt to play it right handed, even though the guitar was setup this way. Learning to play right handed never really crossed my mind as even at the very beginning, it felt like I had more control with my right hand on the fretboard as opposed to the other way around.

A lot of our readers are fiercely proud of being left handed, are you the same?
Yeah, I don’t really think it’s a bad thing. Especially when there is and have been many great musicians who are left handed such as Hendrix and Beethoven. It is thought that left handed people are more creative too when it comes to the arts so it’s definitely not something you should feel ashamed of in this day and age and I can definitely say I don’t! more

Fusion Jam by Tom Richardson over an Am7 groove (Tom Quayle BT)

Marc Meesters: Improvisation

Marc Meesters Improvisation

Psycho by Marc Meesters & Dennis Leeflang on drums

Marc Meesters Orange jam!!!

Thorsten Koehne: Eden's Curse “Trinity” pre order bonus

Cult music website Get Ready To Rock! are delighted to announce that Eden's Curseare their featured artist for the month of March.
Get Ready To Rock! have uploaded a special feature on Eden's Curse, which includes the new promotional video for No Holy Man, new band photographs, a review of Trinityand an interview and track-by-track feature with Paul Logue.
Check it out here :-

Trinity is two weeks away from being released, so don't delay and grab your copy here ...
Pre-Order links for Trinity :-

European Version
Japanese Version

The No Holy Man single is also available on iTunes here :-

Stay Cursed!
Michael, Paul, Thorsten, Pete and Ale.