Sunday, 6 March 2011

Dragianni: Straight To The Sun

Dragianni - Straight To The Sun (studio session)

Jack Gardiner: New Beginnings demo

New Beginnings - Track from my debut EP

Fabio Zeppetella: Etruria Jazz Festival

Fabio Zeppetella @ Etruria Jazz Festival

Luca Colombo: sweeping major arpeggio demos

Arpeggi maggiori

David Locke: Carie - Spock's Beard

Carie - Spock's Beard - David Locke

Reece Fullwood: Legato Lick (Lick 2)

Reece Fullwood - Legato Lick (Lick 2)

Steve Brown: Cuchulainn Lament

Caoineadh CĂș Chulainn

Michael Angelo Batio: Rebel Yell

DOA 2011 Michael Angelo Batio - Rebel Yell

Kaki King: Wall To Wall ultimate fans collection

Here's a really classy sample of the videos:

9/16 Kaki King - Because It's There [Michael Hedges] [Acoustic] (HD)

The full list with 100 videos from a super fan of Kaki King

Kaki King: Wall To Wall ultimate fans collection

Brad Gillis, Joel Hoekstra: Night Ranger America, Euro and Japan dates.

2 - Cache Creek Casino - Brooks, CA
12 - Auditorio Nacional - Mexico, DF *
13 - Arena Monterrey - Monterrey, NL *
16 - Coliseo de Puerto Rico - Hato Rey, PR *

6 - Hard Rock Hotel & Casino - Biloxi, MS
7 - Downtown Smithfield - Smithfield, NC

9 - Namba Hatch - Osaka, Japan
10 - Bottom Line - Nagoya, Japan
13 - Shibuya C.C. Lemon Hall - Tokyo, Japan
14 - Shibuya C.C. Lemon Hall - Tokyo, Japan
17 - Parkbuehne - Hannover, Germany **
18 - Richard-Hirschmann Eisstadion - Esslingen (Stuttgart), Germany **
19 - Eishalle Deutweg - Winterthur, Switzerland ***
21 - Fiera Arena - Milan, Italy **
22 - Schwabenhalle - Augsburg (Nuremburg, Germany) ***
23 - O2 Academy - London, UK
25 - Loreley Freilchtbuhne (Rock the Nation Fest) - St. Goarshausen, Germany ***
26 - Ferropolis Stadt Aus Eisen (Rock the Nation Fest) - Grafenhainchen (Dessau) Germany ***

* with Journey
** Rock The Nation Fest with Journey, Foreigner
*** Spirit of Rock Fest with Journey, Foreigner, Kansas

Cameron Barton: f# harmonic minor lesson

Lick Of The Week - Week 4 (Cameron Barton)

Allen Van Wert: Break Your Heart - Taio Cruz - Tapping improv

Break Your Heart - Taio Cruz Guitar Tapping improv

Morten Faerestrand: new pattern/concept

Morten Faerestrand - Practicing

Morten Faerestrand's Bergen March featuring Frank Gambale Buy the CD

Nor­zamri Lagenda: juggling balls and playing guitar... on TV!!


Jack Thammarat: All Blues jam

All Blues jam with Fran Merante on Drums

Alfredo Gomez: Sibelius Fest 2011

Manhattan - Eric Johnson Cover "ALFREDO GOMEZ" Sibelius Fest 2011

Martin Miller: Freakadelics Dresden 2011

Martin Miller - Live guitar solo with Freakadelics @ Blue Note Dresden 1/3/11

Stefan Lindholm: Ibanez Universe... got enough yet?!

Stefan Lindholm improvisation on his new Ibanez Universe 20th Anniversary Reissue ( Part 2 )

Ibanez Universe 20th Anniversary Reissue

probably the only man with more Steve Vai

Ibanez Universe 20th Anniversary Reissue

Ake Parethas: Jean Paul Agnesod competition

My Solo Guitar Competition 2011 - Ake Parethas

Jean Paul Agnesod competition

Matt Dawson: Jean Paul Agnesod competition

My Solo Guitar Competition 2011 - Matt Dawson Entry

Jean Paul Agnesod competition

Patrick Amar: Good old style funky fusion

Good Old Times

Joseph Robles: ballad

Joseph Robles Balada jamming

Joop Wolters: Trio - American dance


Chieli Minucci: never-released JVC Records live concert

Videotaped in 1994 at a Special EFX concert the Intermedia Arts Center (IMAC). Chieli MInucci - guitar, George Jinda - percussion, Lionel Cordew - drums, Jerry Brooks - bass, Norman 'Keys' Hurt - keyboards, Mark Johnson - sax, percussion. This is from the never-released JVC Records live concert video footage we shot while on tour that year. Some rare footage of the late-great George Jinda!

Chieli Minucci & Special EFX - The Nitty Gritty

Chieli Minucci & Special EFX - George Can't Dance

Filmed at the Intermedia Arts Center (IMAC), in Long Island, NY in 2000.
This was a #1 song on contemporary jazz radio back then, unbelievably!

Lionel Cordew - drums
Tim Lefebvre - bass
Vana Gierig - keyboards
Philip Hamilton - percussion & vocal
Chieli Minucci-guitars

Chieli Minucci & Special EFX - Dreams

Roy Marchbank: Flymans Knuckle revisited

Composed by Roy Marchbank for first cd Widowmakers Highway reworked for upcoming 2nd cd Bluecolt this snip features
Graeme Watt: drum programming/keys
Tommy Keane:Uilleann pipes/Low flute
Roy Marchbank:Guitars/keys
engineered by Graeme Watt and Roy Marchbank

Roy Marchbank- Flymans Knuckle