Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Per Nilsson: Scar Symmetry Illuminoid Dream Sequence

SCAR SYMMETRY - Illuminoid Dream Sequence by NuclearBlastRecords

Tommi Rönkönharju: 2010 fusion project

A 11 minute sampler of our 2010 fusion project (Jarmo Pikka - drums, Tommi Rönkönharju - everything else). Contains Allan Holdsworth, Frank Gambale, Vital Information, Virgil Donati, Chad Wackerman cover songs and one whole original piece at the end. New recording coming in 2011 with 6 originals and 4 more covers (chick corea, tribal tech, mike stern).

Looking for band members for new stuff & live gigs.

Rönkönharju & Pikka 2010 Fusion Project

Vinnie Moore: clinic at the RMA announced

Paul Warren:
Vinnie was the first guest we ever had 8 years ago and now he's back for some axe slinging and beer drinking - not necessarily in that order. Come join us for a very cool event! It's VERY affordable and you'll have a chance to jam with Vinnie on stage.  or RMA on Facebook

Dimitar Nalbantov: StealthPedal

DiMi - StealthPedal - IK Multimedia - Whammy

Tom Quayle, Rick Graham: Leeds Masterclass date April 2011

Tom Quayle:
Hi guys,
Rick and I will be hosting a masterclass in Leeds on the 16th of April in association with the Jonathan Vipond School of Guitar. The class is open to anyone at any level focusing on improvisation, phrasing, time feel and technique. Rick and I will be doing lots of performance and will have plenty of time for student questions and playing.
Places are limited so get your tickets quickly. If you're a guitar teacher and book 5 tickets for your students you'll get in for free.

This class is a non-profit event with all the proceeds after costs going to Cloth Cat in Leeds - a fantastic organisation which provides free or low cost music training to people on low incomes who would not normally be able to partake in such activities.
The masterclass will be held on Saturday 16th April at The Barn in Calverley, Leeds - from 13:30.
Tickets can be purchased from:-
Contact Jonathan Vipond @ for more information.
By the way, Rick and I will be looking at taking these masterclasses international next year so get in touch if you have a venue and would like us to come to your city or country.

Jeff Loomis: Guitar Clinics 2011

A big thanks to Miz Anthrope and her cool blog

Jeff Loomis Guitar Clinics 2011

3/23/11 – Novi Sad, Club Trema
3/24/11 – Dom Omladine, Hall Americana, Belgrade

3/26/11 – Eightball Club, Thessaloniki
3/27/11 – An Club, Athens

3/29/11 – Ore 15:30 – Signing Session – Pavia – Guitars and Basses
3/29/11 – Ore 19:00 – Clinic – Vercelli – Dosio Musica
3/30/11 – Ore 15:30 – Signing Session – Vicenza – D-Music Store
3/30/11 – Ore 21:00 – Clinic – Verona – Guitar Shop c/o Il Blocco Music Hall
3/31/11 – Ore 15:30 – Clinic – Firenze – Plug ’n Play c/o Black Dog
3/31/11 – Ore 21:30 – Signing Session – Sarzana (SP) – Music Store c/o Jux Tap

4/01/11 – Ore 15:30 – Signing Session – Como – Little Wonder
4/01/11 – Ore 21:00 – Clinic – Milano – Lucky Music Network
4/02/11 – Ore 11:00 – Signing Session – Torino – Casa Musicale Scavino

Fabrice Lacourt: Fusion Atmosphere

Fusion Atmosphere - LACOURT Fabrice

Tommy Vitaly: Storm Of Fire Lick

Tommy Vitaly - Storm Of Fire Lick (Lick 1)

Chris Storey: crazy two handed legato lick

two handed legto lick

Alex Berserker: Wallimann Wah Competition Morley Contest - Alex B

Wallimann Wah Competition

Claudio Light: Manhattan-Eric Johnson

Manhattan-Eric Johnson cover by Claudio Light

Marco Angelo: Electric Romeo

Electric Romeo - Guitar Solo ( Marco Angelo )

Roger Pedersen: Truly a remarkable musician

By the power of google translate:
ROGER PEDERSEN - "Kernels in a Popcorn Machine" Some titles succeed with pleasant associations, in this case the smell and sound of the popcorn machine. The Norwegian guitarist took the decision on a solo album after the highly favorable comments
written about him in a US magazine specialized in content for guitarists. He demonstrates impressive playing/technique. The sound is slightly distorted - which easily separates / differentiates him from many others. The material could be described as a fusion that
can be heard as very comfortable and for those who have progressive tastes, but the album has an immediacy that makes it meaningful. Still, that is, if they do not realize the impressive technical details, you will still enjoy listening to the disc characteristic that may be expressed effortlessly. Of the fourteen tracks two have vocals that are pretty good, but do not alter the overall profile. Truly a remarkable musician. review

Prashant Aswani: discusses tracks from the amazing Sonically Speaking!

Description of the tune "Drive" on Prashant Aswani's New album "Sonically Speaking". Buy the album @ or Download it @ or Download other records @
Prashant Aswani - Make it 14

Prashant Aswani - Drive

Pat Metheny: Summer Music Workshop

Pat Metheny Summer Music Workshop
August 22- August 26, 2011

Pat Metheny Summer Music Workshop

Limited Enrollment! Call for additional details.

This is an amazing opportunity to study with Pat Metheny, his Trio (Christian McBride & Antonio Sanchez), plus special guest Mick Goodrick

Five Days of Workshops, Master Classes, and Performances

Open to All Jazz Instrumentalists and Vocalists

Located at the picturesque and luxurious Spa at Norwich Inn, Norwich CT.

Due to the intimate nature of this special event, spaces will be extremely limited. Please contact us to reserve your space before it's too late. We hope to see you soon!


Efrén Camilo: ISC 2010 Semi-Finalist

Día de Fiesta by Efrén Camilo got a Semi-Finalist spot on the International Songwriting Competition 2010. Instrumental category.

Here is the original Audio Track submitted to the competition.

ISC 2010 Semi-Finalist - Dia de fiesta

John Petrucci: Dream Theater line up two UK dates to warm up dates

Dream Theater have announced two UK dates to warm up for their High Voltage headline set, and now you can get tickets before the general public.
The band will give their brand new drummer his UK debut in WOLVERHAMPTON and DONCASTER in July.
Tickets are on sale for Planet Rock listeners right now from the link below

Dweezil Zappa: DweeZilla bootcamp

Have you heard of DWEEZILLA? No it's not a monster but it can turn you into one. A monster musician that is. At DWEEZILLA music bootcamp our motto is "Learn and Destroy." That means destroy musical boundaries and preconceptions and take your own skill and creativity to a whole new level.
For those of you who haven't heard of DWEEZILLA I thought I would take a moment to share some info about it with you since we are already more than half full for this years bootcamp.
First a little bit of background. In the past 7 years I've learned to do things on guitar that I never thought were possible for me to do. How? Lots of practice of course. Much of what I learned while studying my father's music led me down an amazing new path of re-visualizing the guitar and the the many ways to play it. Because of that new approach I have discovered a lot of new melodic patterns and devices that are extremely helpful for improvisation and have greatly improved my own musical skills. I also added so many new colors and textures to my harmonic and tonal palette. When you have good technique and strong inspiration amazing musical things can happen.
I became so inspired by my new found musical tools/skills that I decided I wanted to be able help other musicians who have become stifled creatively or frustrated in their abilities or lack thereof. I am truly excited to share these discoveries with all of you.My whole band is too!

What DWEEZILLA is not:
1. It is not a Fantasy Camp or a Frank Zappa music school.
2. It is not a snobby conservatory with impossible audition criteria.
3. It is not only for guitarists! It's for everyone!
DWEEZILLA is an intensive 4 day musical vacation designed to give all of it's students access to the entire Zappa Plays Zappa band and all of their collective musical knowledge. Your deep immersion into the various nuances of polyrhythms, improvisation methods for all types of instruments, and exercises to improve your understanding of your instrument and theoretical musical knowledge, has all been carefully constructed to allow you to achieve your goals in an expedited manner. You can expect to have more confidence and dexterity for improvisation. You will learn important tips for more organized and meaningful practice as well as receive insight about creating your own unique musical voice. We will help you develop the tools that will shape and contour your new musical ideas.
This year the event has grown and I am very pleased to announce that Flo and Eddie - Mark Volman and Howard Kaylan - will be joining the teaching staff at DWEEZILLA! Not only will they be there to discuss their unique musical skills with the students they will also share them on stage with me and my band for some special performances.
In 2011 we are planning a handful of special shows with Mark and Howard in various locations. Tierra Del Feugo! Actually probably not there but you never know... I will keep you all posted on all of those details very soon!
If this sort of thing appeals to you please feel free to begin your new musical journey with us this July 25th through July 29th at Full Moon Resort. Space is very limited; we encourage you to reserve your spot soon.
For more information or to reserve your place in our classroom please visit for more information about DWEEZILLA.
To have a look at last years itinerary/program visit:
Contact Amy Carpenter @ with any questions.

Tom Quayle: Peavey Vypyr 60 review

Peavey Vypyr 60 Combo Modelling Amp Demo / Review With Tom Quayle

Danny Gill: Marshall Haze review

Marshall Haze MHZ40C Amp Demo / Review With Danny Gill For iGuitar Mag

News: deep insight into the difference between the brains of male and female guitar players

Mark Gungor explains the difference between the male and the female brain... extrapoloated by me to include the affect on guitar playing.

Men's and women's brains