Sunday, 13 March 2011

Luke Fortini: 400 BPM picking to the max!

I always wonder when your done with the speed aspect of learning to pick like this, does the ability to play at that speed help you play cleaner at slower speeds?

Luke Fortini 400 BPM

Tristan Klein: molten blues

lâg imperator 3000 on the same playback

Steve Morse: Roger Glover Interview Neapolis Rock Festival 1998

Steve Morse & Roger Glover Interview - No no no Live at Neapolis Rock Festival 1998

Andre Tonelli: More 3 String Arpeggios

GSWS Guitar Lesson 74 - More 3 String Arpeggios (7ths, 9ths, etc...)

Volker Scheidt: Ultra Melodic Guitar Zone

The Ultra Melodic Guitar Zone by Volker Scheidt / e-gitarrenschule-freiburg

Orianthi: jam band in Japan 2011 #2

Orianthi Jam/ he's gone prs band

Kermheat: "humanchico "

Kermheat : "humanchico "

News: Truth In Shredding Recommended releases

Rock Fusion Compilation: Top Notch Buy the CD

Rock Fusion at it's best... Marius Pop: First Step Buy the CD

Jon Finn: Bull in a China Shop Buy the CD

Dimitar Nalbantov There is something else new CD Buy the CD

Ray Riendeau Incredible new CD Buy the CD

Dave Reeves: Dingle solo competition

Dingle's guitar solo competition. Win the chance to appear on my album as a guest player!

Dave Reeves: Dingle solo competition

Északi Szabolcs: Jean Paul Agnesod competition

My Solo Guitar Competition 2011-Északi Szabi

Jean Paul Agnesod competition

Tom Richardson: Dingle1 competition

Tom Richardson - Dingle1 competition: South of Sheol solo

Milan Polak: "Joyride"

"Joyride" - Milan Polak

Jason Becker Movie: Perpetual Burn - Can you help?

Jason Becker Movie: Perpetual Burn
We're looking for archive footage from the mid-1980s, Shred Metal days that show the outrageous fashion, crazy hair styles, etc. We're particularly looking for footage from the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles but we would be interested in seeing anything.

Does anyone have any they would like to contribute to the film? If so, please email us at Thanks

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Steve Hubbard: Suhr Riot Distortion

Suhr Riot Distortion, Badger 18, Pro Series S3, Koko Boost

Steve Hubbard:
Havin' some fun with some cool gear, and the camera's focus.
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Marcello Zappatore: Zappa clinic, Jazz is not dead, but gives off a strange smell ..."

Marcello Zappatore
Monday, March 14
Barchessa Giustinian Morosini-Mirano (VE)
"Ecology of beauty ... listening to Zappa"
Ferdinando Boero in collaboration with Marcello Zappatore
Ferdinando Boero presents his book "Ecology of Beauty" and talks about the beauty of nature, as distinct from mediation art that represents it. From here, along with guitarist Marcello Zappatore, will be spent in exploring the "beauty" of the music of one of the greatest composers of the last century: Frank Zappa. Play Zappatore of his works and he will explain, running them, what are the secrets of their beauty. Citing Zappa (which in turn set off by a quote by Einstein, extending it): "Information is not knowledge. Knowledge is not wisdom. Wisdom is not truth. Truth is not beauty. Beauty is not love. Love is not music. Music is THE BEST! "
Zappa and jazz: "Jazz is not dead, but gives off a strange smell ..."
03/14/2011 21:00 - Barchessa Giustinian Morosini-Mirano (VE)

Prashant Aswani: the king of tone uses Dive D3 audio design pedals


Bullet in the Brain by Musette Japan

Rush Hour by Musette Japan

Thomas Bressel: Virtual Tragedies new CD and DVD

Since the first album "Influences of Time," produced by Youri De Groote, which at that time (2003-2006) had been done with the resources at hand, then "The land of chaos" (2008) who had benefited from better production, here the new album "Virtual Tragedies," which will thus complete the trilogy!

New sound, with Charlie Ledoyen on drums and a Vigier Excalibur 7 strings everywhere, and especially a production staged at the Studio of Souleuvre (William Dousseau).
A story told in 45 minutes through 6 guitar pieces whose writing was completed in summer 2009. Riffs even heavier ... climates even worse ... many melodic passages ... but also shred shred more than the previous albums!
A delicate balance that never falls into the free demo ... a project more successful than previous ones.
But ... the release of the album is impossible to date because of the expensive investments that were required in order to deliver a production worthy of the name.
A solution therefore exists, which will allow the album to see the day end of June, the worst start in July (an official date will be announced later).
The "Virtual Pack! This pack contains the album "Virtual Tragedies" Obviously, a plectrum pick of chaos ", but also and above all, a DVD" Visual Tragedies "in which Thomas's Bressel Xperience performs several songs from 3 albums. This DVD filmed by the team of TV production "(in HD with 4 cameras), will be limited to 100 copies.
And all for only 15 € * (including postage) then go to the shop on!
* Offer only open to residents in France... Note there is another price for other European countries

Thomas BRESSEL Virtual Pack Limited Edition (100ex)

Thomas Blug: plays Hendrix

Just to let you know we have taken stock of Thomas Blugs new live cd and dvd...Blug Plays Hendrix....filmed live in Karlsruhe Germany in 2010.
Featuring great versions of classic Hendrix songs and chock full of Thomas' amazing guitar playing it's a must for all fans
Available for worldwide dispatch from our online shop now
For those who like to get it straight to their ipod we will be releasing the record via itunes and all major download sites in around 4 weeks time ...and if anyone is feeling adventurous don't forget some other great releases that we stock by Prashant Aswani, Andy Wood, Niko Tsonev, Cuthead, and Errorhead...all amazing guitar players in their own right.

Dmitriy Andrianov: fusion man live

Dmitriy Andrianov
Master-class "Rock Improvisation (videotchet)

Becky Langan: acoustic tapper covers

Drifting - Andy Mckee Guitar Cover

The Cave - Mumford & Sons Guitar Cover Arranged by Becky Langan

Joop Wolters: Bo-El slam jam!


Anthimos Manti: Kotzen telecaster demo

richie kotzen telecaster demo by. Anthimos Manti

Greg Howe: Nemesis guitar clinic tonight

Guitar clinic-workshop with the amazing virtuoso Guitar player Greg Howe, who had played with Michael Jackson, Christina Agouilera,Enrique Iglesias and many others! For more informations visit | facebook

Joe Satriani: Chickenfoot album title flies the coop!

Sammy Hagar has revealed the title of the second CHICKENFOOT album, which he is currently recording with bassist Michael Anthony, guitarist Joe Satriani, and drummer Chad Smith.

Sammy Hagar "I'm going to get in trouble with my brothers in the FOOT for saying this but I'm giving this out, We're calling our second record, we're calling it 'Chickenfoot IV' (Four).

"That's how silly we are. It's the working title but I guarantee it'll stick more

Rob Favotto: ESP gets Exotic!

Exotic electric guitar playing (ESP ECLIPSE)

DOWNLOAD CD FREE @ music by Rob Favotto ©. eclipse ec1000 EMG 81 podxt

News:Aristides Instruments Designer reveals “Arium”

Meet Aristides Poort. The Dutch Civil Engineer responsible for taking the guitar world by storm with the Design of the OIO guitar, and the development of Arium.

Mr. Poort has been hard at work for decades immersed in guitar design for those of you who are hearing his name for the first time. Mr Poort is the man responsible for “Catalyst Guitars” a ceramic guitar line that raised some eyebrows and peeked the interest most notably of Vernon Reid.

Mr. Poort quickly realized that it would take more than ceramic guitars with a sales pitch of a “wood alternative guitar”. He would need a material with great resonance, sustain and lots of research. This was a 15-year journey of developing a material that would have perfect acoustic properties and he had the Technical University of Delft along the way.

Aristides has caught the attention of many guitar players including: Bert Meulendijk, Erik Rutjes, Ward Veenstra, Magnus Tveiten, and Legendary Whitesnake guitarist/composer Adrian Vandenberg.

Mr. Poort took some time to fill in the gaps for those who are still unsure of what arium is.

Aristides instruments reputation for great sustain, resonance and craftsmanship is growing as well as its dealer network. is proud to join the Aristides instruments family. more

Prashant Aswani: Sonically Speaking in detail.

Prashant Aswani back again discussing the production and writing for his high powered, critically acclaimed Sonically Speaking album, certainly a rock fusion fans delight!

Prashant Aswani - Sonically Speaking Tones

Prashant Aswani - Make it 14

Prashant Aswani - Drive

Daniele Liverani, Tommy Ermoli,Alberto Rigoni: Twinspirits virtuosityone interview

Daniele, congratulations on the new Twinspirits album ‘Legacy’ it’s a fantastic piece of work.Twinspirits have been building rapidly since the debut ‘The Music That Will Heal The World’, with the excellent ‘The Forbidden City’ and now ‘Legacy’. You seem to be very inspired with this band, what is it about the band and music that you inspires you?

D: Thank you very much! Well, what can I say, Twinspirits has born in 2004 and the main concept behind this line up was to gather some very cool musicians I’ve been discovering during my musical path and working with for my past projects (Genius/Khymera etc..). Twinspirits is the most inspiring environment for me at the moment, because it continues the musical thread I started with the genius rock opera back in 1998/1999, and therefore it’s the situation that represent me the most in terms of songwriting and musical vision. Of course the talent and musicality of all bands members is a constant inspiration for me, when writing and producing, and they arrangements contributions to my songwriting is also very important and it really gives life to the songs.

Can you give our readers an overview of how the creative process for the album took place?

D: Basically I write the music and Lyrics and a pre-produce a rough version of the songs by myseld which becomes a sort of sketch for the songs, then I give it to the guys and they arrange their parts, write solos, give suggestions a songs structures and I take care of their feedback, of course trying to make a synthesis of all ideas without loosing the vibe and the direction of the original songwriting. Then we record each instruments, starting from Drums, then bass and guitars, then Keyboards and finally vocals and backing vocals. Then I mixed the album in my home studio. It took almost 2 months to mix this Legacy album, since I really wanted everything to sound acoustic and natural (no triggers or stuff), and I really did my best to take care of all details and give justice to the songs, I have to say that, so far, I’m very happy of the result. more

Nelson Navarro: cool tribute to Jason Becker

Jason Becker - Altitudes (Cover by Concerto)

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Luigi Rinaldi: triads arpeggios with string skipping + tapping

Guitar lick: triads arpeggios with string skipping + tapping

Tony Waka: live4guitar 4 competition

4th Live Guitar Competition - Tony Waka

live4guitar 4 competition