Thursday, 24 March 2011

Jason Becker: In San Francisco

Just got into the hotel and fired up the netbook! That was a very long journey, over greenland and then down to the sunshine coast... or should I say rain shine coast... lots of rain. Sat here with Kris Claerhout... thinking how long this day will be!

Danny Jones: Rocking 2 Fight Breast Cancer

Rocking 2 Fight Breast Cancer Benefit!!!

Saturday, March 26 · 11:30am - 6:00pm
Pete's Place, Pinole, Ca

Come hang out and support The Danny Jones Band and Double Shot Rockin 2 Fight Cancer Benefit.A Great Place, Awesome Peeps, Food, Fun, Raffle Prizes, and um oh Yeah.....Jello Shots and boobies, what more can you ask for!

DJB will be playing from 12:30-2pm,,,Double Shot 3-5pm

News: Truth In Shredding about to board flight BA0285.

Looking at a jumbo jelly 747... those engines look too small to work for twelve hours straight. I deceided to take magazines rather than a book in case I get bored. So armed with new scientist, national geographic and wired to fuel me through the journey... should arrive at about 14:40. Then I catch up with Kris Claerhout who is flying in from the Netherlands.
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Jason Becker: my breakfast

Here's a photo :)
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News: Truth in shredding through security

No strip search this time :) sat here in pretty a manger with my second coffee of the day and a big fat almond croissant. I heard eating is a good cure for jet lag....
Mind you I also heard not eating was a good cure for jet lag too:) l'll let you know how I on later. :)
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News: Truth In Shredding at the airport

Just got to Heathrow airport. Sat in terminal 5. The start of a very long day.
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