Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Andy McKee: Innocence Faded Solo - Electric guiar gets a spanking!

Andy McKee:
Well I sometimes get requests for videos of me playing electric guitar, so here ya go! I don't think my lead playing skills are really what they used to be, but I hope you dig this none the less. This is a cover of the solo at the end of Innocence Faded by Dream Theater from their album Awake. Thanks and take care!

Andy McKee: Innocence Faded Solo

Rob Chappers: The Monkey Lord's first "Zero Hair Jam"

The Monkey Lord's first "Zero Hair Jam"

Hufschmid Albinodroid Guitar competition

David Wallimann: Manhattan Jazz - cool new BT from the Walliman

Manhattan Jazz

Get this guitar jamtrack at this I used my Parker Nitefly straight into a Digidesign Eleven rack. I used a few minor pentatonic licks, with some Aeolian runs and a few outside jazz licks.

Fredrik Pihl: takes the blue pill


Marc Guillermont: Sebastiaan Cornelissen & Frans Vollink live

Marc Guillermont, Sebastiaan Cornelissen & Frans Vollink live in 'De Cactus' Hengelo

Nicolas Waldo: Aurora competition


Aurora competition

Julia Kosterova: Russian Little Charmer

Julia Kosterova

Julia Kosterova currently lives in Los Angeles, California Knows English, Spanish, Italian, Russian was originally from Moscow, Moscow City, Russia

Join Julia on MySpace:
Tribute to Julia's hero Frank Gambale

Frank Gambale and Julia Kosterova

Plus some really cool improvisation... this cat can play!

Greg Howe, Stu Hamm, Maycown Reichembach:

South American tour on the cards folks! More details on dates, times, locations when I have them... here's one of the promo posters.

Frank Gambale: Musikmesse session times

PERFORMANCE Friday April 8th and Saturday April 9th, 2011
TIME ON BOTH DAYS -12:00pm and 4:30pm
EXIBIT- Hall 4.0 E82

"Finally! An amp that sounds exactly right—and like me, it has Italian roots!
Plug in and go… awesome tone without having to search.”
The Frank Gambale Amplifier Series by DV Mark, is bound to impress and sure to deliver nothing less than what Gambale fans would expect from this masterful musician, who’s signature tone is as distinguishable as his name.
Frank is very excited about this amplifier and has spent a lot of time with the DV Mark team designing and tweaking this amplifier to meet his expectations.
Every aspect of this amplifier is a hands on ‘Italian job”, and DV Mark is a company noted for its craftsmanship and ensures excellence for each and every product they put on the market.
You can expect all the following to be included in this highly anticipated, first ever Frank Gambale Signature Amplifier Series.
All with distinct Frank Gambale signature covering , a smokey Blue/Gray Snake Skin print!
Frank is loving the results and you will too!!!
For Information on visit:

Livio Lamonea: Trio - live date

Friday at 22:00 - Saturday at 01:00
Goodfellas - Live Is Here!!!
Created by:
Livio LamoneaMore info
Livio Lamonea - Guitar
Gino Pisani - Drums
Vittorio Pepe - Bass

Eric Mantel: guitar international interview

Matt Warnock: For many years you played Fender and Gibson guitars, but now you’re playing Cort guitars. What inspired you to make the switch over to Cort?

Eric Mantel: I still own Fender and Gibson guitars, most guitar players do, but I moved over to Cort because I’m trying to work out a Signature model guitar with them. I also discovered after playing through their different models, is that Cort guitars started back in the ‘60s, when they were called Cortez. For some reason, a lot of people associate Cort guitars with being cheap, and at one time they kind of were like that, many decades ago. But, now they’ve come such a long way it’s ridiculous.

The quality of these guitars is amazing. The woods they use are the same as anywhere else, but what I do with my Corts is I upgrade them a bit once I get them. I put Sperzel tuners on them. I put Seymour Duncans in them. I put Tone Pros on them. They’re amazing for what they are. The price range is amazing. You can pick up a Cort guitar for half the price of a competitive brand. There’s a difference between being cheap and being inexpensive, and Cort guitars are not cheap by any means.

They’re also a great company to deal with. With a Fender or a Gibson, you have to be a huge name to be heard, if that, but with Cort I can talk to them, give them input, and feel like they’re really listening to what I have to say. It’s a great relationship.

There have also been a number of big names that have endorsed Cort over the years, guys like Gene Simmons for the basses and Larry Coryell. My goal is to get my own signature model. I’ve got my own custom one-off guitars, but I’d like to develop a model that is produced at higher numbers.

I’m also looking to break into the Asian music scene more in coming years, and Cort is based in Korea, so that was another reason to work with them. Those are some various reasons, but the main reason is that they make high-quality instruments at an affordable price. more

Richie Kotzen: LA and NYC date information

Richie Kotzen:
Looking like I will be playing 2 nights in Los Angeles next week.
Thursday at the Baked Potato with my buddy Arlan and Saturday the 16th at Harpers for the Japan Benefit concert. Only doing 2 songs at both engagements. And of course 2 full sets this Monday at Iridium in NYC.

Fabrice Lacourt: Improvisation on "Dream on Dreamer"

Improvisation on "Dream on Dreamer" (Brand New Heavies)- Fabrice Lacourt

News: vinyl makes a come back with Groovetown Vinyl

Time to get Steel Panther on vinyl
Universal Music Group Distribution (UMGD), the award-winning sales, marketing, and distribution arm of Universal Music Group (UMG), the world’s leading music company, today announced the launch of Groovetown Vinyl (, an exciting new online storefront specializing in high-quality audio products for the discerning music fan. For the first time, visitors to the site will be able to purchase “lossless” audio FLAC files bundled with collectible high quality vinyl at a discounted price.

“In recent years, there’s been a revolution in sound quality and consumers are clamoring for the richest experience from their audio collection,” stated Mitch Rotter, SVP Marketing & Product Development for UMGD. “Music fans have fallen in love all over again with the vinyl experience, from the packaging to the distinctive sound to the collectability, and the FLAC file provides the ease of digital listening without any of the sacrifice that normally accompanies digitally compressed audio files. Groovetown’s quality audio products will satisfy all types of consumers - the audiophile, the technologist, and the true music aficionado.”

For a limited time, visitors purchasing bundled FLAC and vinyl products will receive a 15% discount on all purchases and free shipping on transactions over $50.00. Visitors can also enter a sweepstakes to win a vinyl starter collection consisting of 1 copy of every LP available on the site. This promotion will run from April 5th to April 19th.

Piotr Kaczor: Instrumental rock II

Instrumental rock II

Full lesson available at
equipment: PRS SE Torero (guitar), Pod xt live (amp modelling), Squier bass, GR4 (amp modelling) Battery 3 (drums), Kontakt 4 ( synths), M-audio ProFire2626 (audio interface)

Rob Chappers: Win a Hufschmid Albinodroid Guitar

Win a Hufschmid Albinodroid Guitar - COMPETITION

Win a unique prototype guitar with Hufschmid Guitars
Hufschmid Guitars are giving away a unique prototype guitar, in this "one off" extremely special competition to celebrate 15 years of awesome hand crafted Hufschmid Guitars.
• 1st prize - A unique one off Hufschmid prototype Albinodroid electric guitar worth £1,999, set up to your specification.
• 2nd prize - D'Addario strings & T-Shirt, a Planet waves cable, a Planet Waves mug.
• 3rd prize - D'Addario strings and a Planet waves cable
This Albinodroid guitar is completely unique, was road tested by Rob Chappers of Monkey Lord during the development of the Albinodroid series of Hufschmid Guitars and is worth £1,999.
You can see the amazing Hufschmid Albinodroid prototype in action here:
Clean Tones Demo: Tones Demo:
In order to enter this competition you will need to subscribe to and upload a video as a "Video response" to this competition video.
Tell us why you feel you want to win this Hufschmid and play us some guitar along to the backing track which is free to download here:
Many thanks to the fantastic Guitar Playback ( for the cool backing track.
Rob Chappers and Patrick Hufschmid will personally pick a top 10 from the entries on the 1st June.
A public vote will then take place on the Monkey Lord forum to find our 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners with the vote ending on the 10th June.
So go grab your backing track, get your camera on and get your rock on!

Patrick and Chappers both wish you the very best of luck \m/

Win a Hufschmid Albinodroid Guitar competition