Saturday, 16 April 2011

News: Google video closing down

Dear Google Video User,

Later this month, hosted video content on Google Video will no longer be available for playback. Google Video stopped taking uploads in May 2009 and now we’re removing the remaining hosted content. We've always maintained that the strength of Google Video is its ability to let people search videos from across the web, regardless of where those videos are hosted. And this move will enable us to focus on developing these technologies further to the benefit of searchers worldwide.

On April 29, 2011, videos that have been uploaded to Google Video will no longer be available for playback. We’ve added a Download button to the video status page, so you can download any video content you want to save. If you don’t want to download your content, you don’t need to do anything. (The Download feature will be disabled after May 13, 2011.)

We encourage you to move to your content to YouTube if you haven’t done so already. YouTube offers many video hosting options including the ability to share your videos privately or in an unlisted manner. To learn more go here.

Glen Drover,Steve Smyth,Chris Poland, Vinnie Moore, Jeff Loomis: track by track appearances posted

With the release of his solo debut, Metalusion, guitarist Glen Dover, best known for his precision and power playing with headbanger icons Megadeth and Eidolon, blends the venom and attack of modern metal and the technically demanding musicianship that defines the classic jazz-rock genre.

The instrumental, 10-track Metalusion, featuring five original compositions and metallic- edged interpretations of material composed by musical giants Frank Zappa, Al DiMeola and Jean-Luc Ponty, mixes robust properties that reveal new and mysterious elements of musical genres.

Metalusion presents a side of Drover's musical identity that the metal community has rarely witnessed, while boasting diverse yet highly cohesive tracks. "Each song should sound as though it was meant to be included on the record," says Drover. "Nothing should seem as though it's out of place."

Assisting Drover with forging a perfect musical balance are a number of special guests, including Nevermore's power metal/prog metal guitarist Jeff Loomis, Opeth's and Talisman's ass-kicking axe man Fredrik Åkesson, veteran Steve Smyth of the Bay Area's Forbidden, Ohm's guitar hero and erstwhile Megadeth genius Chris Poland and classical metal master Vinnie Moore of UFO.

Featuring: Glen Drover - Guitars / Jim Gilmour - Keyboards / Paul Yee - Bass / Chris Sutherland - Drums

1. Ground Zero Special Guests - Chris Poland and Vinnie Moore
2. Frozen Dream Special Guest - Steve Smyth
3. Egyptian Danza [Al DiMeola Cover]
4. Colors Of Infinity
5. Illusions Of Starlight
6. Don't Let The World Pass You By [Jean-Luc Ponty Cover] - Special Guest - Fredrik Akesson
7. Mirage [Jean-Luc Ponty Cover] - Special Guest - Jeff Loomis
8. Ascension
9. The Purple Lagoon [Frank Zappa Cover]
10. Filthy Habits [Frank Zappa Cover]

Conrad Harpham: Guitar Idol III

Fuse 05 (Guitar idol 3)

Atanas Shishkov: Jamming on Sunny

Atanas Shishkov Jammin` on "Sunny" ( Greg Howe Version )

Nicolas Waldo: Hufschmid Albinodroid Guitar competition - Take 6!!! - Did I tell you how much I want to win this guitar?!?!

NICOLAS WALDO - ENTRY Nº 6 - Hufschmid Albinodroid Guitar - COMPETITION 2011

Chris Gordon: the return of Abby

Abby Intro 2

Khan Manuel: samples from upcoming release posted

Teaser tracks from a new album to be released in August 2011. Stay tuned for more samples of the other songs from the album.

Khan Manuel - Sunset Boulevard (sample) from NEW ALBUM August 2011

Khan Manuel - The Battle Of Tordisilles - (sample) from NEW ALBUM August 2011

Paul Wardingham: Orbital Decay

Paul Wardingham - Orbital Decay

Claus Levin Sepstrup: more secrets of diminished playing

Diminished Tapping Shred Lick Lesson - Click link for tabs

Paulo Pacheco:

Amazing Guitar Solo --- Fuhrmann :: Vintage na lata

Paulo Pacheco:
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Besides being a pedal in Vintage Tin, Valve Sound, and all other benefits it offers only Fuhrmann, he brings a wide versatility, you can pitch it as very exotic, or to any musical style, he has a system called Shape le that brings all possible and different timbres,
not to mention the knobs, which facilitate the times when a tightening torque on a show, and you want to change the setting only by foot, you can change without needing to bend down or stop guys this is to, hopefully enjoy the sound on the video, and not wait any longer to purchase your Fuhrmann, LATA___ACESSE IN VINTAGE AND ABOUT THE SITE