Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Michael Romeo: Symphony X - Interview

Symphony X - Interview with Michael Romeo

Misha Mansoor: metal assault interview

Russ Parrish: Steel Panther guitar international interview

Matt: Did you use your Kramer guitar on the new record?

Satchel: Yeah, I still have several Kramer’s that I’m playing and they are full metal, they’re awesome. The first time I heard about Kramer was in the early ‘80s when I saw Eddie Van Halen playing one. I figured if it looked good on Eddie then it would have to look good on me, because I look a lot like Eddie Van Halen except I’m a little bit cuter. I didn’t even know that they were still making them until a few years ago, but they asked me to endorse them and I said sure.

They sent me a couple guitars to play and they sound great with the Seymour Duncan pickups and original Floyd Rose whammy bars. There are few things in this world that have been perfect since the day they were made, but the Floyd Rose has never had to be changed because they’ve been perfect since day one. Isn’t that weird? They still make them exactly the way they did 30 years ago and they still work perfectly and stay exactly in tune, they’re awesome. The Kramer’s are great too.

Matt: You’re known for playing huge bends and always being perfectly in tune. Are you using really light strings?

Satchel: I use 9 through 42s, D’Addarios. I’ve always used 9s, just because when you’re trying to shred and you get thicker than that, it hurts to play. I’m getting old, my hips are going and stuff, so anything bigger than 9s would be too hard for me to really shred. They’re not too thin where you can’t lay into it, rock out and play some chords. For the new record I might have used some 10s on a rhythm track here and there, but for the most part it’s 9s through 42s. I haven’t really changed that much with my strings over the last 35 years. more

Vinnie Moore: UFO May US tour dates

UFO North American 2011 tour kicks off - Hope to see you there:
5th May - Farmingdale - NY - The Crazy Donkey
6th May - Poughkeepsie - NY - The Chance
7th May - West Springfield - VA - Jaxx
9th May - Pittsburgh - PA - The Altar Bar
10th May - New Hope - PA - Havana
11th May - Baltimore - MD - Bourbon Street
13th May - New York - NY - B.B. Kings
14th May - Foxboro (Boston) - MA - The Showcase Live
15th May - Londonderry - NH - Tupelo Music Hall - SOLD OUT
17th May - Dayton - OH - McGuffy's
18th May - Milwaukee - WI - Shank Hall
20th May - Chicago - IL - House of Blues
21st May - St. Charles - IL - The Arcada Theatre - SOLD OUT
22nd May - Akron - OH - The Tangier

Guthrie Govan, CJ Hann: South Korea

Guthrie Govan, CJ Hann: South Korea

Brian Poston: My Solo Guitar Competition 2011

My Solo Guitar Competition 2011 "Brian Poston"

Guthrie Govan,Kim Se Hwang: Live South Korea

Guthrie Govan with Kim Se Hwang: Live South Korea

Dinx: My Solo Guitar Competition 201

My Solo Guitar Competition 2011 - Dinx

Gustavo Di Padua: two originals from 2007

Gustavo Di Padua - The Stairs

Gustavo Di Padua - Spiritual Lesson

Dave Weiner: Musical 2-Hand Tapping

Guitar Lesson - "Musical 2-Hand Tapping" - Riff Of The Week®: 5/4/11 (S6:E24)

Zack Kim: Memories of Tomorrow

Memories of Tomorrow (The Köln Concert Part IIc)

Fran Alonso: ToadWorks 2011 Spring Shred Contest

Another top solo from Fran Alonso.

Fran Alonso - ToadWorks 2011 Spring Shred Contest !!.mpg

André Niéri: Daniele Gottardo's Guitar Competition

The Daniele Gottardo's Guitar Competition - André Niéri

Ramon Luis Galang: Technical Difficulties - 11-Yr Old - burn your guitar time...

Technical Difficulties - 11-Yr Old Luis Galang

Dan Mumm: Through Waking Midnights Dream

Check out my DVD programs from Metal Method. For advanced two handed tapping techniques check out "Fret Touch Mechanics". For my comprehensive DVD course on sweep picking look for "Sweep Pick Mechanics". Click the link to buy the DVD or for more information:
Fret Touch Mechanics: Pick Mechanics:
My new 3 song EP is now available on iTunes, Amazon, and many other online music distributors. Just search for Dan Mumm. On most sites the songs will only show up as singles. You can also find direct links to the tracks on Amazon as well as to my Metal Method DVDs through my website

Dan Mumm - Through Waking Midnights Dream - Fusion Guitar

Rati Prachayanuporn: ToadWorks Spring Shred 2011

ToadWorks Spring Shred 2011entry (Hut's entry)

Tony MacAlpine: lesson availability

Tony MacAlpine
Hey folks, just a reminder: I'm offering one-on-one guitar lessons through May! Lessons are one hour, and I'll be holding them at my rehearsal space in North Hollywood, CA. Interested and want to know more? Email us at:

Tony MacAlpine’s new selftitled album, to be released June 21 on Favored Nations,

1. Serpens Cauda (4:23)
2. Ölüdeniz (5:16)
3. Fire Mountain (4:23)
4. Dream Mechanism (4:18)
5. Ten Seconds to Mercury (4:35)
6. Flowers For Monday (3:05)
7. Angel of Twilight (5:03)
8. Pyrokinesis (3:56)
9. Blue Maserati (4:41)
10. Summer Palace (4:36)
11. Salar de Uyuni (5:40)
12. The Dedication (4:22)

Street date: June 21, 2011 on Favored Nations Entertainment in the USA and Europe, and King Records in Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

Atanas Shishkov: Spain

Atanas Shishkov - "Spain" (by Chick Corea)

Luke Fortini: 700 BPM picking to the max!


Pete Pachio: BAd Karma CD guests coming soon

Pete Pachio BAD KARMA NEWS: major news Coming Soon regarding guests on my DEBUT Solo CD BAD KARMA.. Im stoked

Jeff Waters: UK clinic dates

GUITARGUITAR in association with Gibson and Epiphone guitars are proud to be hosting two clinics with legendary Annihilator guitarist, Jeff Waters. The events, in Newcastle & Glasgow, will see Jeff taking fans through his Epiphone Annihilator Flying V, the secret behind his tone and insider info on Annihilator.

Please collect tickets, in person, from any GUITARGUITAR store

NEWCASTLE CLINIC - Sunday 8th May - 7.30p

Trillians Rock Bar
Princess Square
City Centre
Newcastle Upon Tyne
OVER 16's ONLY For further information please contact Please note that as the Newcastle clinic is to be held in a bar, entry will be permitted to OVER 16's ONLY.

GLASGOW CLINIC - Monday 9th May - 7.30pm GuitarGuitar Glasgow 36 Trongate Glasgow G1 5ES For further information please contact Any further questions or queries regarding the event should be sent to Adam Pope at

Tom Richardson: ToadWorks Spring Shred 2011

ToadWorks Spring Shred 2011 Entry - Tom Richardson

Andy James, Alex Hutchings: Monkeyfest updated

Sacred Mother Tongue - Album 2 Pre Production

Scared Mother tongue featuring Andy James added to the bill along with nu fusion giant Alex Hutchings.

Tickets buy

Vinnie Moore: Springfield, VA 2009

UFO-Aint No Baby

UFO-Mother Mary

Carljohan Grimmark,Stefan Elmgren: Fullforce CD details

The new Swedish melodic metal outfit featuring Mike Andersson on vocals, Stefan Elmgren on guitar, Anders Johansson on drums, Carl-Johan Grimmark on guitar, and Tommy Larsson on bass — can be streamed . The track comes off the band's debut album, "One", which will be released on June 20 in Germany, June 23 in the rest of Europe and June 28 in USA/Canada via SPV/Steamhammer.

FULLFORCE describes its music as "a genuine blend of traditional, catchy heavy metal [and] more updated melodic metal with some ethnic touches which will make them a standout within the genre."

"One" track listing:

01. Mythomaniac (4:02)
02. None Of Your Concern (3:35)
03. Heart And Soul (3:31)
04. Oblivion (4:53)
05. Open Your Eyes (4:25)
06. Rain (4:33)
07. Suffering In Silence (3:06)
08. Walls Of Secrets (4:33)
09. Father Spirit (4:51)
10. Bleed (5:07)
11. Into The Cradle (5:01)
12. Best Of Times (iTunes bonus track) (3:49)

Jason Becker: the CNN documentary

Jason Becker first of two stories

Jason Becker the second of two stories

Steve Vai: protype guitar up for auction

Prototype guitar and personal guitar lesson from Steve Vai!

This is an amazing auction! The winning bidder will receive a prototype JEM 505 guitar from Steve Vai’s personal collection. Look for our separate auction (starting on 5/03/11) to win a personal guitar lesson with Steve! 100% of the proceeds from these auctions will go to benefit Hollywood Arts, a 501(3)c organization.

The Guitar:

The guitar is signed (twice) by Steve as well as featuring Steve’s personal name for this guitar “HAL”. Ibanez made this guitar specifically for Steve as a prototype of future production models. The guitar is in great shape and comes with a flight case. This isn’t just a guitar signed by Steve Vai, it’s one he has owned and played!

What is Hollywood Arts and why is Steve doing this?

Hollywood Arts was established in 2006 to help homeless young people in Los Angeles through an arts-based curriculum. Steve is an ardent supporter of Hollywood Arts and its mission as well a member of the organizations Board of Directors.

If you would like to find out more about Hollywood Arts, what we do and how you can help beyond this auction, please visit

Winning Bidder:

We can send you the guitar as soon as we receive your payment. We will work with you re: your shipping preferences and will charge actual costs only.


We aren’t a high end music instrument retailer, we are a non-profit that helps young people, so we may have left out some information that you feel is important. Please don’t hesitate to ask us questions and we’ll do our best to find the answer.

From Steve, Hollywood Arts and our students, thank you for looking at this auction and happy bidding! more

Joop Wolters: Drop D Guitar Lesson


Marcelo Barbosa,Paulo Schroeber: Almah hit the studio

ALMAH enter Norcal Studio in São Paulo, Brazil to begin recording its third album for a September release. 10 songs are being tracked for the effort, which was composed by the entire band and is described in a press release as "really heavy and up-to-date with less influences of typical melodic metal."

Edu Falaschi - Vocals
Felipe Andreoli - Bass
Marcelo Barbosa - Gutar
Paulo Schroeber - Guitar
Marcelo Moreira - Drums

Ronni Lé Tekrø: TNT - Refugee

TNT - Refugee HD

Alex Skolnick: They are killing artists and music

"Every day I get a daily 'alert' informing me whenever my name is mentioned on a blog or website. Usually these are online reviews, recent interviews being posted, or just a mention on a web forum.

"Well, for the past several weeks, I've been seeing increasing numbers of links next to the words 'Alex Skolnick Trio,' with words like: 'Download All You Want, 'Free MP3s' 'Free Full Albums.' These are usually accompanied by tags such as Hotshare, Rapidfile, Megaupload, etc… The picture is one of countless examples. In other words, more and more illegal sites are joining in every day to, without our permission, give away our new album for free.

"My first instinct was to just stand idly by and accept it. 'There's nothing we can do, it's just what's going on right now, it's how it is, blah blah…' But then, as I was running on the treadmill at my gym, I thought about it deeply. And I got pissed. I realized I've been standing idly by at things my whole life. No more.

"Music is the stitching interwoven into the fabric of so many of our lives. How is it possible that something so valuable has been misused, abused, mishandled and run into the ground on all levels? Now, as if things aren't bad enough, we've got people taking our work, which we've put countless time, heart, soul and sacrifice into, and handing it out like a cheap pamphlet.

"If the majority of musicians are unable to achieve basic, respectable, economically viable careers, then the entire art form is in trouble. And the least I can do is voice how I truly feel. If just one person reconsiders obtaining their music from these illegal sites, then that's a small victory.

"So when someone asked where he could purchase [the new ALEX SKOLNICK TRIO album] 'Veritas', I posted some info along with this following message: 'Whatever you do, please don't get it from 'free download' sites. They are killing artists and music. They must be stopped.' more

Ignazio Di Salvo: ToadWorks 2011 Spring Shred Contest - super tapping fusion

Ignazio Di Salvo - ToadWorks 2011 Spring Shred Contest

Joop Wolters: Blue season


Ron Thal: live stream event announced

Guns N’ Roses Guitarist Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal to Participate In Live Stream Event On FAN TIME LIVE! May 18th, 2011In celebration of Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal’s latest single “Invisible” he will be participating in an exclusive event with FAN TIME LIVE! on May 18th, 2011 from 8pm – 9 pm EST. The event will be live-streamed at and will feature an interview, Q&A with the viewers, and maybe a few musical requests if there's a guitar around...
Thal began digitally releasing a song-a-month in January, complete with guitar transcriptions, mix stems of the recordings and alternate mixes. Previous releases includeGoodbye Yellow Brick Road (Elton John), Strawberry Fields Forever (the Beatles) and Bernadette (Four Tops).
“After years on the road it's great to be back in the studio, putting out these songs every month,” says Thal. “ Invisible is the first original song I've released since 2008. This year I started teaching again, doing a lot of guest playing on albums and at shows, and am hoping to produce some bands as well this year if time allows. Getting back to doing everything I've been missing.”

Recent releases featuring Thal's guest guitar work includeReach Down (Scarlet Haze), Free Yourself (Ty Tabor of King's X), and even a cover of Frosty the Snowman with Steve 'Lip' Kudrow of Anvil on vocals.

Thal is also playing NYC-area shows as guitarist in the bandPisser with Guns' drummer Frank Ferrer. Thal will be a guest guitarist with the metal band Salem in Israel on May 6th, and with Pisser at Bowery Electric in NYC on May 24th.

Kosta Vreto: guitar clinic in Thessaloniki

Kosta Vreto guitar clinic in Thessaloniki "Never Again"

Kosta Vreto guitar clinic in Thessaloniki "Drained"