Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Marco Minnemann,Courtney Cox: shredding with the Iron Maidens

Drummer Marco Minnemann turns shredder with Courtney Cox from the Iron Maidens.

The Iron Maidens-"The Trooper" with Marco Minnemann-9-18-2010.MP4

Paul Gilbert: Paris 2010

Paul Gilbert: Paris 2010

Stephen Ross: Arpeggios For The Modern Guitarist

Stephen Ross My book Arpeggios for the Modern Guitarist is available at most websites. Here is the link to Amazon

Using this no-nonsense book/CD pack, guitarists will learn to apply and execute all types of arpeggio forms using a variety of techniques, including alternate picking, sweep picking, tapping, string skipping, and legato. This is not just another arpeggio book, but a methodical approach to expanding your skills as a guitarist - and as a musician!

Guthrie Govan: Kris Claerhout's hidden treasures

Guest poster Kris Claerhout spots some more Guthrie Govan for you... Kris likes Guthrie Govan... do you?

Walking Far Away Kanako Ito with Guthrie Govan


Plus three from Japan

Guthrie Govan: live with Kanako Ito Blues Alley Japan 2007

Rob Chappers: Monkey Lord's Guide to Buying a Guitar

The Monkey Lord's Guide to Buying a Guitar - (Including tips on setup)

Guthrie Govan: Pacific Rock 2011

GUTHRIE GOVAN & Friends - Still Got The Blues - Pacific Rock 2011

GUTHRIE GOVAN & Friends - Jam - Pacific Rock 2011

Guthrie Govan: The Aristocrats - In Concert

Purchase Below or Call 951-369-7888
Guthrie's Master Class:
Will focus on assisting students in learning to play convincingly over chord
changes, but in addition he will talk about how he has developed his
musicality, and his highly distinctive individual playing style.

The Master Class Is Limited To 30 Students
Time is 2:00pm to 3:30pm
Price is $50.00 for Master Class
Proof of purchase required

Master Class - $50.00
Add The Aristocrats Concert for $15.00

Suhr Guitar Clinic Featuring Guthrie Govan
Clinic featuring UK prog/fusion guitar hero Guthrie Govan.
Suhr Guitars's Ed Yoon will also be on hand to share info
on Suhr guitars and amplifiers.
Time is 4:00pm to 5:00pm
There is no charge for this event. There is no charge for the Suhr clinic.

The Aristocrats - In Concert
Guthrie Govan - Guitar
Bryan Beller - Bass
Marco Minnemann - Drums
Time is 6:00pm to 7:30pm
Price is $30.00 for Concert
Proof of purchase required

The Aristocrats In Concert - $30.00
Add Master Class for $35.00

get tickets

Jean-Dominique Leonelli: Daniele Gottardo's contest

Jean-Do Leonelli-Daniele Gottardo's contest entry

Ben Nolan: Daniele Gottardo Competition

Ben Nolan - Daniele Gottardo Competition Entry

Sameh Ibrahim: Daniele Gottardo's Guitar Competition

Sameh Ibrahim - Daniele Gottardo's Guitar Competition

Marco De Cave: ToadWorks Spring Shred 2011

ToadWorks Spring Shred 2011 Entry Marco De Cave

Chris Mannarelli: ToadWorks 2011 Spring Shred Contest

ToadWorks 2011 Spring Shred Contest Promo - Chris Mannarelli

André Niéri: ToadWorks Spring Shred 2011

André Niéri - ToadWorks Spring Shred 2011 Entry

Raoni Maciel:ToadWorks Spring Shred 2011

Raoní Maciel - ToadWorks Spring Shred 2011 Entry

Atanas Shishkov: ToadWorks Spring Shred 2011

Atanas Shishkov - "ToadWorks Spring Shred 2011 Entry"

Sakarin Suwannarat: ToadWorks Spring Shred 2011

ToadWorks Spring Shred 2011 Entry by Goong - Sakarin Suwannarat

Brian Larkin: ToadWorks Spring Shred 2011 Entry

Brian Larkin: ToadWorks Spring Shred 2011 Entry

Srdjan Ninkovic: live4guitar competition

Muris Varajic Kalajdzisko oro -Srdjan Ninkovic

Michael Romeo: Symphony X Iconoclast special package bundle!

While supplies last, receive an autographed band photo with your purchase of ICONOCLAST + T-SHIRT package bundle at the Nuclear Blast USA web shop:
Nuclear Blast USA
Nuclear Blast EUROPE

SYMPHONY X - Limited Package Deals - ICONOCLAST

Frank Gambale: the Carvin FG1

Frank Gambale Best GUITAR I've ever had!!!! Awesome job Carvin!! FG

Frank Gambale FG1 Carvin Interview

FRANK GAMBALE Jaguar - performed with his Carvin FG1 Signature Guitar

rank Gambale and his Carvin FG1 playing "6.8 Shaker"

FRANK GAMBALE with his Carvin FG1 guitar performs Pathfinder

News: Guitar Addiction - A Tribute To Modern Guitar release date announced

GuitarEuroShop - CD - DVD - MP3 - Merchandising The "Guitar Addiction - A Tribute To Modern Guitar" Album will be out on 21 June 2011 ! Our goal was to make sure you have your copy for this summer, and have good time listening to it under a palmtree on the beach.. ;)) in a first time it will be available exclusively on (Digital and CD formats) other websites will follow, in USA and Asia. The result is absolutly awesome, we can't wait to make you hear it !!

Achilleas Diamantis: underneath the Secret Mountain

Achilleas Diamantis - Secret Mountain

George Marios: gets a fake facebook phony!

You know you've reached the big time when people start to create fake facebook profiles... latest is Geroge Marios :)

"Giorgio Guitaro FAKE PROFILE please report!!!!

There is only one Grog!

Jeff Kollman: Cosmosquad Japan benefit gig announced for May 27

L.A.-based progressive all-star instrumental trio COSMOSQUAD, featuring guitarist Jeff Kollman (BOMBASTIC MEATBATS, Glenn Hughes, MOGG/WAY), drummer Shane Gaalaas (B'z, MSG, Glenn Hughes), and bassist Ric Fierabracci(Frank Gambale, Dave Weckl, PLANET X), will be playing a benefit show to aid Japanese tsunami relief this Friday, May 27 at theBaked Potato in Studio City, CA.
The band will be joined by a number of high caliber musician friends for this special event. Confirmed guests include Chad Smith (BOMBASTIC MEATBATS, RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS), Ed Roth (BOMBASTIC MEATBATS, Glenn Hughes), Kenny Aronoff (John Fogerty, Tony Iommi), Pete Griffin (ZAPPA PLAYS ZAPPA, GRYPHON LABS),Yogi Lonich (Chris Cornell, FUEL), Rafael Moreira (Paul Stanley, Pink), Rufus Philpot (PLANET X, Virgil Donati),Josh Gooch (Koshi Inaba, Bonnie Bramlett), Tim Levebre (RUDDER, Wayne Krantz), Trev Lukather (TOTO),Chas West (JASON BONHAM BAND, HOLLYWOOD ALLSTARZ) and Mark Renk (YOU ARE I AM, CRUMB BROS.).
"I wanted to give back to the people of Japan who've supported my musical endeavors going back to my EDWIN DAREdays", commented Kollman on the benefit. "When that massive earthquake and ensuing tsunami hit it really made me think. I played Sendai with COSMOSQUAD and twice with the BOMBASTIC MEATBATS recently and to think that parts of the city are now virtually destroyed is simply mindboggling. We could've easily been there when the tsunami hit and people that have come out to support us are now left without a home."
The benefit will include 2 shows starting at 9.30 and 11.30pm; tickets for each for 25 dollars. For more info visit

Morten Faerestrand: the guitar blog

Morten Faerestrand has a great guitar blog, with lots of tips and tricks for the growing fusion player, including tab.
The Guitar Blog is:

1. Always simple enough that YOU can be creative with the lessons.

These are advanced Jazz Guitar concepts, yet they are always presented in their purest form, so you can learn them easily, be creative with them, and make the music your own!!

2. Useful!

This is what I actually practice my self, and use in my improvisations, not some half hearted lesson I made up to fill up space. I show you examples of where you can go, you find your own way, and show ME! (and the rest of the world!)

3. Inspirational

While it is true that getting good requires a lot of work, you can, and you SHOULD, have FUN while doing the "work".

This blog will show you how to develop your own creativity with simple, well explained tools. Many of them will take two minutes to learn, but a lifetime to master, and it is the mastering process that is so rewarding, you'll see!

4. Something else...

Well, from time to time I do blog posts that aren't really lessons, just something else that I felt like sharing. Just bear with me, ok..? ;-)

(Starting from blog post #12, you get TABS for all the following lessons!)

The Guitar Blog is not:

Just another online guitar beginner lessons site. I'm not here to teach you Guns'n'Roses songs, or the A blues scale, I want YOU to be CREATIVE. However, if you feel that your harmonic overview of the guitar is not quite where you want it to be, I strongly recommend that you check out my free chord sight reading course!
Okay, let's get to it!

Check out the topics and previews on the left here, and see if there's something that makes you curious! And remember, always:

The work has to be done, and you should have fun while doing it!

Have fun, and good luck!!!


News: Musikmesse special in digital guitar magazine.

New digital edition on line:

Ronnie Montrose: Guitar Players' Matt Blackett interview