Saturday, 11 June 2011

Jimi Hendrix: Chris Squire talks of their meeting

Chris Squire of Yes - Meeting Jimi Hendrix

Tosin Abasi: ryansrockshow interview

Says Abasi, “When we did the first album, it wasn’t anything anyone knew about, so there was total freedom – there was no expectation. A lot of people really liked the first album, and it created a weird sense of obligation to continue in a direction that allowed people to like it in the first place… But that isn’t necessarily the best way to make music.”
To get insight on the second Animals As Leaders album, I met up with Abasi and Reyes on Sunset Blvd for a candid conversation. The pair openly discuss the band’s upcoming sophomore effort, their side-project T.R.A.M., and what’s in store for the foreseeable future.


Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee, Neil Peart: Rush DVD details and Neils TV appearence

Concord Records will release a RUSH DVD and Blu-ray titled "Time Machine" on September 27. The disc will most likely contain footage of RUSH's April 15 concert at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio filmed by the award-winning documentary makers Banger Productions from Toronto in Canada, who have received international critical acclaim for their previous movies "Metal: A Headbanger's Journey", "Global Metal" and the RUSH documentary called "Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage".

Progress of the songwriting sessions for the band's upcoming 20th studio album, "Clockwork Angels", for which a release date has not yet been set.


Neil Peart (Drum Solo) David Letterman 6/ 9/11 I have all the solo's from this week on Letterman!

Neil Peart (Drum Solo) - David Letterman 6-9-11

John Petrucci: ultimateclassicrock interveiw

When you write these long, epic songs, do they come to you all at once, or do you paste together different pieces of music you’ve written separately?

Well, we really don’t work that way. We try to have a direction, for sure. We kind of know what we’re getting ourselves into. I think that, to take different incongruent pieces and mix them together, that can be done, but it can also tend to be not so musical. So we always try to have continuity, to be musical and have themes that recur and are embedded in some of these other parts, with other instruments or melodic sources, such as vocals. So, there definitely is a plan. It’s not a haphazard kind of thing. Whether or not we know how long it’s going to be when we’re actually done is another story. But we can kind of tell when we’re on the road to that sort of epic writing, or maybe towards something that’s a little simpler. more

Billy Sheehan: Mr. Big at M3 Baltimore 2011

Billy of Mr. Big at M3 Baltimore 2011


Bernie Marsden,Adrian Vandenberg: with Whitesnake Sweden Rock 2011

WHITESNAKEw Bernie Marsden and Adrian Vandenberg, Fool For Your Loving @ Sweden Rock

WHITESNAKE with Bernie Marsden and Adrian Vandenberg @ Sweden Rock 2011

Morten Faerestrand: Never-ending-sweeps pt1

Morten Faerestrand is getting a lot of interest in his musical ideas captured in accessible YouTube video format. For more lessons, go to where you can sign up for Morten Faerestrand's mailing list and receive free TABS for all hislessons!

GUITAR LESSON "Never-ending-sweeps pt1" by Morten Faerestrand

Nuno Rodrigo: Guthrie Govan guitar heroes track

Nuno Rodrigo says: Here is a cover of a Guthrie Govan new album "Guitar Heroes" track... I tried to cover as perfect possible, I did it using the ear so it may not be perfect x)
Thanks for watching, rate and comment
Enjoy ;)

Guthrie Govan - Gypsy Style/Django Cover

Romain "Roo" Chapus: Clinic at Sound Shop Helsinki

A great bit of clinic guitar playing captured in this video. Really enjoyed his tone and fluid legao licks.

Romain "Roo" Chapus:
This Performance is from the opening day of SoundShop. I was invited to perform as a Mayones Guitars artist. I had also the fantastic privilege to try their huge (gorgeous) collection of Mayones Guitars: Regius/Setius/Legend/Maestro etc... all my dreams in all finishes and settups!
Here you see me performing:
- Guitar Without a Cause
- The Mystical Potatoe Head Groove Thing
Apologies for my rough playing :)

Shound-Shop on paras soitinliike ja paras henkilökunta olen ikinä tavanut. Peukalot pystyyn!!!

Roo, Clinic at Sound Shop Helsinki (Mayones Guitars)

Adrian English: Play 4 SK enter the competition

State of the art soloing from Adrian English info link and response vid


Alex Machacek: Gary Husband talks Dirty & Beautiful Vol 2

Gary Husband:
I've just got through mixing two tracks towards Dirty & Beautiful Vol 2. For those here interested in the project, (and that have written to me asking about news of the follow-up CD) here's a pic of me working (with my super engineer Marcus Wippersburg in Terburg, Austria. We have worked on "Sulley" (featuring myself, John McLaughlin and Mark King) and "Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Brothers" - a great piece Alex Machacek wrote for the album. I'm very excited by the results and will write a report/update soon on my website, all about the project. (I'll post when I do.

Jodee Frawlee: Starr Faithfull's new cd

Buy new CD

Starr Faithfull - Delusions of Grandeur

Starr Faithfull's third release.
2.Do What You Want
4.Have Mercy
5.I Break Down
7.God's Little Joke
8.Wonder Woman
11.Wonder Woman

Alex Masi, Marco Sfogli,Dave Martone,Daniele Gottardo: Photo Highlights from Milan Guitar Day 7 part 1

Marco Sfogli and Kris Claerhout Milan guitar day 7
From Drop Box

Kris Claerhout and Alex Masi Milan guitar day 7
From Drop Box

Daniele Gottardo and Kris Claerhout. Milan guitar day 7
From Drop Box

And a touching one from the boys of shred!! Had to wipe a tear when I saw this one...

Dave Martone Guiglemo Malusardi and Kris Claerhout at Milan guitar day 7
From Drop Box

Dave Martone and Guglielmo Malusardi Guitar Day 7 Milan 2011
From Drop Box

Sam Coulson,Dustin Keillor: knee deep in the note stack for shred club!

Sam Coulson,Dustin Keillor trade note let density over the jam track central backing track Fade to Blue. You can meet and see Sam Coulson at Monkeyfest 2011

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SHRED club - featuring Dustin Keillor

Marco Sfogli, Fabrizio Leo: Milan Guitar Day 7 - Clash of the Italian Guitar Stallions!

Both Marco Sfogli and Fabrizio Leo are on the bill at Milan Guitar Day 7. It's about 45 minutes away from the start of the show where the lucky attendees get to see these guys play along with Italian players like Alex Masi too!

From Drop Box

Full details
just 12 euro on the door
The door opening is scheduled at 16:00
The admission price is 12 €

Bill Order:
16.15 / 16.40 Roberto Vanni
16:45 / 17:10 Marco Sfogli
17.15 / 17.40 Alex Masi
17.45 /18.15 Dragon’s Cave
18:20 / 18:50 Chicco Gussoni
18:55 / 19:25 Salvi / Carelli
19:30 / 20:05 Luca Colombo
20.10/ 20.35 Dave Marton
20.40/ 21.05 Strings 24
21:10 / 21:30 Bicio
21.35/ 22.15 Marty Friedman
AT 21.30 per Emergency Lottery: Big Draw an electric guitar Ibanez ART Series offered by Mogar Music.

Dave Martone: Guitar Day 7 here we come!

Dave Martone relaxes just before todays Guitar Day 7 in Milan, photos captured by Kris Claerhout who is visiting the annual Guitar Day 7 as special guest of the Italian Shred Baron, Guglielmo Malusardi! Kris Claerhout is organising the special Jason Becker event in Amsterdam on November 13th 2011.

From Drop Box

From Drop Box

If you are in Milan there is still plenty of time to get to the show... which starts soon.just 12 euro on the door
The door opening is scheduled at 16:00
The admission price is 12 €

Bill Order:
16.15 / 16.40 Roberto Vanni
16:45 / 17:10 Marco Sfogli
17.15 / 17.40 Alex Masi
17.45 /18.15 Dragon’s Cave
18:20 / 18:50 Chicco Gussoni
18:55 / 19:25 Salvi / Carelli
19:30 / 20:05 Luca Colombo
20.10/ 20.35 Dave Marton
20.40/ 21.05 Strings 24
21:10 / 21:30 Bicio
21.35/ 22.15 Marty Friedman
AT 21.30 per Emergency Lottery: Big Draw an electric guitar Ibanez ART Series offered by Mogar Music.

Carl Verheyen,Steve Trovato: "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy"

Carl Verheyen and Steve Trovato on the Joe Zawinul classic, May 2011. CArl has a new video channel for even more cool videos of Carl Verheyen hop on over and subscribe to his channel:

Carl Verheyen & Steve Trovato "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy"

Brian Autumn: JS Bach: Invention 1

Just need to work out how to do this with two hands and two guitar parts :) . Nice quality video!

Here is Bach's first invention from fifteen two part inventions, and three part sinfonias. I pretty much kept it exactly as is. You can find my exact arrangement @

Guitar is hand made by Rick Stewart from Vengeance guitars.

JS Bach: Invention 1 on Electric Guitar

Dale Stephens: "Afterburner"

An original tune set to a video of two Euro Fighters... kind of Joe Satriani does Top Gun stylee.

Dale Stephens "Afterburner"

Doug Steele: Guitar Fight Club is back!!!

Guitar Fight Club is back!!!

171 whitehorse road blackburn

Brian Larkin: squashs some notes into an Orange Jam - Play 4 SK Competition

I aways look forward to Brian's videos, lots of great playing style. No exception on this one either as he burns away on the Play 4 SK Competition using the Orange Jam backing track.

Brian Larkin: Play 4 SK Competition

Play 4 SK

Sloth Chubsteen: cranking up the HK to 11

A hot afternoon, a Hughes and Kettner coreblade, ebmm john petrucci signature 2007... what is a man to do... surely turn up and play at stadium volume for all to hear! Sloth Chubsteen, aka burnedoutgolfer... or just plain Manny gives the theory a try.

Trying to use my old dime bag darrel crybaby with the new hughes and kettner coreblade after a hard day at work. My cheap handy cam doesnt do this amp justice it is so dynamic! This is a loop from a jam session a couple weeks ago with some homies. Here's the link if You enjoy 20 minute improvisations, lol. We certainly have fun doing them!
Gear used: Hughes and Kettner Coreblade head, Hughes and Kettner 4x12 CC A3 celestion vintage 30's cabinet, ebmm john petrucci signature 2007 limited edtion guitar, dunlop dimebag darell crybaby, sony handycam

Hughes and Kettner coreblade - funk fusion after work

Alfredo Gomez: tribute to Greg Howe

Alfredo Gomez really likes Greg Howe's playing style. In this video he delivers and an excellent take on track #02, "Button Up" from Greg Howe's album Introspection.

GREG HOWE Button Up (Cover Alfredo Gómez)

Guglielmo Malusardi, Kris Claerhout: Milan Guitar Day 7 starts now!!

From Drop Box

Guglielmo Malusardi, Kris Claerhout on their journey to the set up and rehearsals for Guitar Day 7 in Milan! There is stiil time to get there and watch the show.

just 12 euro on the door
The door opening is scheduled at 16:00
The admission price is 12 €

Bill Order:
16.15 / 16.40 Roberto Vanni
16:45 / 17:10 Marco Sfogli
17.15 / 17.40 Alex Masi
17.45 /18.15 Dragon’s Cave
18:20 / 18:50 Chicco Gussoni
18:55 / 19:25 Salvi / Carelli
19:30 / 20:05 Luca Colombo
20.10/ 20.35 Dave Marton
20.40/ 21.05 Strings 24
21:10 / 21:30 Bicio
21.35/ 22.15 Marty Friedman
AT 21.30 per Emergency Lottery: Big Draw an electric guitar Ibanez ART Series offered by Mogar Music.
The event is in collaboration with Mogar Music, Eko, Backline and Academy of Sound.
For information

Join the event

News: Truth In Shredding facebook just got evil!

The Truth In Shredding facbook page reached 666 visitors!!! scary!!

Rafael Moreira: Foxy Lady gets a baked potato twist

Another classic display from Rafael Moreira... wish I lived near this venue!

Rafael Moreira shreds on Foxy Lady Live!

Patrick Amar: improv over Muris Varajic's Kalajdzisko

Patrick Amar:
This was supposed to be my take on the 5th Live4guitar competition. Very fun to improvise on. Then I realised that I was supposed to play the tune, not improvise on

Patrick Amar - Impro on Muris Varajic's Kalajdzisko

Annie Grunwald: Available for Skype video lessons

I give up! haha. You guys have been hounding me to teach you so I've decided to just go for it. Watch this video for information on how to set up a lesson with me via skype video.

Email me the following information to

Skype Username:
Time Zone:
# Years you've been playing guitar:
What you are interested in learning in our lesson:

State whether you are interested in a
30 minute lesson ($15) OR 1 hour lesson ($25)

*You must be able to speak fluent English*

Hope to hear from you soon :D


Andy Paoli: Stevie Ray Vaughan - Scuttle Buttin' Guitar Lesson

Andy has been playing guitar for over 25 years. He has delved into a wealth of different styles along the way, varying from blues, jazz, pop and rock. He now has over fifteen years teaching experience, providing individual lessons for lots of students of all ages and abilities. Seven years ago he founded the school of music Andy’s Lab in Italy, with hundreds of students and customers, where he has been working as a teacher and also as a sound engineer for music production.

Andy's Lab - Stevie Ray Vaughan - Scuttle Buttin' Guitar Lesson

Tom Quayle: You Tube 4000th subscriber...

Just a short one this week as I literally just stepped in the door after a full day of shooting in the Lick Library studios. I just got back from Kings Cross and got stuck with lots of drunk people on the train - never good when you're entirely sober and your feet feel like they're going to drop off! Still, there is some great news! blog
I recently hit the 4000 subscriber mark on youtube and just want to say thanks to everyone who subscribes to my channel and supports my playing. THANKS!!! Now I thought I'd have a grand giveaway when I hit 5000 subscribers and a random subscriber will win some great freebies from my site and from me including a free hour long webcam lesson with yours truly.

Jennifer Batten: Guitar player interviews

A series of videos posted by guitar player.


JENNIFER BATTEN: Michael Jackson Gig

JENNIFER BATTEN: Playing with Jeff Beck

JENNIFER BATTEN: Tapping Technique


JENNIFER BATTEN: String Dampening

Alex Skolnick: Jazz-to-Metal-to-Jazz Arrangements

Joe Bonamassa, Derek Sherinian: Black Country Communion win tickets

To celebrate the release of Black Country Communion 2 we're giving you the chance to win MEET & GREET tickets to see the band in action in Dublin next month.
Not only will you get to see the worlds best new rock band ahead of their UK tour in July but you get to meet them, and we'll throw in a night's accomodation in Dublin and €200 spending money.
We also have copies of Black Country Communion 2 and rare promo copies of The Outsider CD single to give away each day until next Friday.
Win tickets

Vinnie Moore: UFO tour dates

These guys must be clocking up the air miles! See the full map of ufo tour dates

UFO - 2011 Tour
5th May - Farmingdale - NY - The Crazy Donkey
6th May - Poughkeepsie - NY - The Chance
7th May - West Springfield - VA - Jaxx
9th May - Pittsburgh - PA - The Altar Bar
10th May - New Hope - PA - Havana
11th May - Baltimore - MD - Bourbon Street
13th May - New York - NY - B.B. Kings
14th May - Foxboro (Boston) - MA - The Showcase Live
15 May - Londonderry - NH - Tupelo Music Hall
18th May - Milwaukee - WI - Shank Hall
20th May - Chicago - IL - House of Blues
21st May - Chicago/St. Charles - IL - The Arcada Theatre
22nd May - Akron - OH - The Tangier
10th June - Germany - Hannover - Bluesgarage
11th June - Germany - Barby (n. Magdeburg) - Zum Rautenkranz
12th June - Germany - Berlin - Columbia Club
14th June - Germany - Augsburg - Spectrum
15th June - Germany - Siegburg - Kubana
16th June - Germany - Aschaffenburg - Colos-Saal
18th June - France - Clisson - Hellfest

View UFO - 2011 Tour in a larger map

DoZ,Daniel Peroine,Kermheat: Insane City

DoZ' - Insane City (feat. Daniel Peroine & Kermheat)

Dave Martone: with Matt Williams, but In Milan today!

Last night I was in Acton, London to attend guitarist extraordinaire Dave Martone's masterclass, a combination of amusing PowerPoint slides and guitarists' tips and tricks interspersed with several classic Martone songs. After a nearly a decade of on-off correspondence, it was great to finally meet up and have a few beers and a catch-up after the gig.

Those in the know will be aware that I featured 2 Martone tracks on my label, Liquid Note Records' compilation albums, The Alchemists and The Alchemists II. I've been a fan since Martone's first mid-90s release, Shut Up & Listen and have watched his career blossom since. He's now one of the most respected new players in the business, having played with Steve Morse, Jennifer Batten, Paul Gilbert, Yngwie Malmsteen, Marty Friedman, Greg Howe and as recent support to Joe Satriani. He's paid his dues and the dividends are starting to show.

It was a great show with some superb playing by Mr Martone, with excellent support from local musicians on several of the songs.

Have a great time in Italy, Dave. And remember to show Marty who's boss...

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