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News: 20 hottest girls and men in the guitar world review :)

Here you go... an even handed approach.

For the boys:

For the girls

Andy Gillion: Leaving The World Behind

A really great original track very melodic and full of great guitar and keys... this boy is very talented.

Andy Gillion:
A short simple melodic song trying to focus more on iconic and memorable melodies rather than just mindless shred (not that my shredding is ever mindless of course)...

I wrote it with the intention of being used for a video game, maybe a racing game like F-Zero X or something but one of the last levels where you're looking back and reflecting on everything. It's got that nostalgic feel to it and I think that's a beautiful thing!

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Andy Gillion - Leaving The World Behind

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Trey Gunn: The Third Star new CD

Trey Gunn (8 and 12 string Warr Guitars, Chapman Stick); Toyah (Vocal); Alice (Vocal); Serpentine ( Vocal); Bob Muller (Drums, Tabla, Bandir, Percussion, Cluster Flutes); Pat Mastellotto (Drums);

Trey Gunn not only graduated from Chapman stick player to Warr Guitarist on his 1996 CD The Third Star, but being a member of King Crimson for two years also prepared him to drastically improve over his preceding CD, 1993's One Thousand Years. Having mastered the guitar-bass-stick hybrid instrument in the context of the veteran British band, Gunn plays every melody and bassline on The Third Star.

King Crimson leader Robert Fripp's wife, Toyah, leads a cast of three guest vocalists, but the mostly-instrumental disc primarily involves Gunn and drummer/percussionists Bob Muller and Pat Mastelotto (also a 1994 King Crimson addition). Gunn's deep, growling bassline and Far Eastern melodies set the tone on the opening "Dziban," leading into the 7/4-timed "Symbiotic." Gunn performed with the Fripps in the early 1990s with the group Sunday All Over the World, and this track recalls some of that band's post-New Wave angst through Toyah's impassioned, high-pitched vocals. Muller's versatility between a standard drum kit and Indian tablas and bandirs ("Arrakis," "Sirrah") makes The Third Star even harder to categorize.

Vocalist Alice provides the title track with a backward-sounding chant, as Gunn shows the influence of Robert Fripp through soundscape washes and dreamy chords. Mastelotto's two tracks are the most Crimson-esque - especially the looping "Acquiring Canopus" - but Muller proves to be to Gunn's band what the now-electronic drummer is to King Crimson. "Kuma" and "Indiera" are largely acidic duets between Gunn's melodies and bottom and Muller's drum kit and hand drums. The latter also features Serpentine's guttoral screams, ending The Third Star on a deliciously nightmarish note. For his next CD, 2000's The Joy of Molybdenum, Gunn added guitarist Tony Geballe; by 2001 he'd added another Warr Guitarist in Joe Mendelson.

Between the three futuristic string players and Muller's cross-reference of Eastern and Western drumming, the Trey Gunn Band is poised to erase any of the lines still separating musical genres - and The Third Star foretold it all to anyone who would listen. ~ Bill Meredith

1. Dziban
2. Symbiotic
3. Arrakis
4. Sirrah
5. The Third Star
6. Aquiring Canopus
7. Kaffaljidhma
8. Yad Al-Gawza
9. Kuma
10. Indira
11. Demographically Challenged
12. The Fish Are Shimmering Over The Horizon
13. Redder's Gate
14. one minute, a Stone
15. 3x's as Right
16. Gallina
17. measured by the Stars


Gerald Gradwohl: ABQ Live and Raw (CD-R)

Gerald Gradwohl (Guitar); Kirk Covington (Drums); Thomas Kugi (Sax); Harry Weinkum (Bass)
2011 Release from Austrian Guitarist Gerlad Gradwohl, featuring Tribal Tech Drummer Kirk Covington on drums and fellow Austrian band mates.
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The now released live-album „ABQ – Live & Raw“ contains compositions, band interplay and improvisations in more then high-class performance. That evening all the band, Gerald Gradwohl (git), Kirk Covington (dr), Thomas Kugi (ts) and Harald Weinkum (b), broke all boundaries and let “it” just flow in a stream of extreme harmony in collective musical ecstasy.Besides Geralds originals the innovative interpretation of Coltrane’s “Giant Steps” lets the guitar and saxophone explore all thinkable improvisation spheres. In Willis’ “Bowlegged”, a medium shuffle funk, bluesy phrases and groovy rhythm patterns go together well. Weinkum’s “Good Run” sets the pace for jazzy vibes for his fellow musicians and the audience - the rest of the composition becomes the basis for the highly energetic concert full of virtuosity due to the bandleader Gerald Gradwohl himself.
Another unique attraction of this live recording lies in the genuine, direct sound – no track recording or overdubs – just simple stereo-miking was used! “ABQ – Live & Raw” is the perfect “live-equivalent” for the fantastic album “ABQ”, which was released in 2003.
This item is available as download or only on CD-R. The CD-R is accompanied by a printed booklet separately
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Track 1 Pau Wau
Track 2 Good Run
Track 3 Giant Steps
Track 4 Defender
Track 5 Anthem
Track 6 Albuquerque Road
Track 7 Bowlegged
Track 8 News On The Net
Track 9 AW3
Track 10 Princess
Track 11. Hornsong


Steve Howe: Asia: Heat Of The Moment - Live (DVD)

Asia: Heat Of The Moment - Live (DVD)
Simply the Best in classic rock!! ASIA live featuring all hits: Heat Of The Moment, Ready To Go Home, Dont Cry and many more. Over 70 minutes of great rock power!

The Heat Goes On
Wherever You Are
Only Time Will Tell
Soul Survivor
Dont Cry
Days Like These
Military Man
Bad Asteroid
Heat Of The Moment
Ready To Go Home


Brett Garsed: Dark Matter ready for order

Brett Garsed (guitar); Ric Fierabracci (bass); Phil Turcio (keyboards); Gerry Pantazis (drums); Virgil Donati (drums); Craig Newman (bass); Ric Fierabracci (bass)

New Album Coming Soon!

Track 1 Dark Matter
Track 2 Android
Track 3 If Only
Track 4 Avoid the Void
Track 5 James Bong (license to chill)
Track 6 Closure
Track 7 Poison Dwarf
Track 8 Be Here Now
Track 9 Enigma


Ron Thal: Just Another Day at the Office

Ron Thal discusses his Tone Zone® and Chopper™ DiMarzio® pickups, touring with Guns N' Roses and his Vigier Signature guitars.

Just Another Day at the Office with Ron Thal

Marcos De Ros, Ron Thal, Rob Johnson: NAMM 1998

Guys being crazy at NAMM!

namm 98 - Marcos De Ros, Ron Thal (Bumblefoot), Rob Johnson and more!

Jack Gardiner: Dawsons Music Ibanez Competition

Win an Ibanez Guitar from Dawsons Music Competition, to Vote on the
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Dawsons Music Ibanez Competition Jack Gardiner

Jon Bloomer: Guitar Noize 4th Birthday Bonanza!

Guitar Noize 4th Birthday Bonanza!
It’s that time of year again folks, Guitar Noize is 4 today! To celebrate and to say thank you to everyone who has visited the site in the past 4 years myself and some of the great people who have helped me over the years have put together a cool competition to win some great guitar goodies the prize pool is expanding beyond what I have so far but here is the list of prizes that will be divided up into 2 winners and 3 runners up.