Saturday, 18 June 2011

Alessandro Barbetti: Daniele Gottardo's Competition

Alessandro Barbetti - Daniele Gottardo's Competition

Edu Diniz: Daniele Gottardo's Guitar Competition

Edu Diniz - The Daniele Gottardo's Guitar Competition

Bruno Dias: Daniele Gottardo's Guitar Competition

The Daniele Gottardo's Guitar Competition By Bruno Dias

Miguel João: Daniele Gottardo Competition

Daniele Gottardo Competition

Carlos Montoya: Daniele Gottardo competition

Solo Over Guitar Sbrego.

Alessandra Funaro,William Dotto: Daniele Gottardo competition in duet!

One part of the Tap Bros, Willaim Dotto with the exciting Alessandra Funaro.

Alessandra Funaro in the Daniele Gottardo competition in duet... but who with?

If you recall this excellent solo for Shred This

Truth In Shredding: Shred This competition, Alessandra Funaro.

Ben Badenhorst: BB7 string

Ben Badenhorst demo's the new BFOC BB 7

Thunderbolt Sound Theatre-Miles Per Hour

Julio Monagas: on sound cloud

Latest tracks by JulioMonagasBand

Germano Morazza: extreme bass tapping

G Morazza Sweep Tapping on Bass

Bass Idol G Morazza extreme bass tapping

Hugo Mendez: is DockJazz

DockJazz!is a double album containing 22 tracks recorded by Hugo Mendez with his friends Oscar Giunta, Juanjo Hermida, Javier Malosetti Marsolini Silvio Jorge Oss, Mariano Otero, Mariano Sanci, Alvaro Torres, Patan Vidal and Alicia Vignola.

01 - So What (Miles Davis) 6:59 |
02 - Grooveellisimo (Hugo Mendez) 6:15 |
03 - Blue In Green (Miles Davis / Bill Evans) 3:45 |
04 - Caravan (Duke Ellington / Juan Tizol / Irving Mills) 4:40 |
05 - Brands (Hugo Mendez) 5:15 |
06 - Equinox (John Coltrane) 06:50 |
07 - Billie's Bounce (Charlie Parker) 3:58 |
08 - Heaven Hill (John Scofield) 06: 29 |
09 - The Chicken (Pee Wee Ellis / Jaco Pastorius) 8:25

Oscar Giunta - drums / Mariano Otero - Bass / Jorge Oss - low 03, 07 and 09 / Javier Malosetti - bass solo in 09 / Patan Vidal - Rhodes on 01 and 06 / Silvio Marzolini - 04 piano and keyboards, piano and Hammond 08 / Alvaro Torres - 02 Hammond, Rhodes piano in 03 and 09 / Alicia Vignola - 03 and 08 voice / Juanjo Hermida - piano and strings in 05 and 07 piano / Hugo Mendez - guitar

The Rhodes piano and the bases of the songs were recorded in 2006 in Santa Fe Studios for Agustin Herrero ( guitar and bass solos in The Ship Renatta Hugo Mendez.Arrangements and Ideas: Hugo Mendez, Mariano Otero, Jorge Oscar Giunta and Oss.

Mike Orlando: Mike Portnoy, Russell Allen Adrenaline Mob!

Adrenaline Mob, the drool-inducing progressive supergroup featuring Mike Portnoy (formerly of Dream Theater), Russell Allen (of Symphony X), Mike Orlando, Paul DiLeo, and Rich Ward, are gearing up for their intimate live debut on Friday, June 24th at New York City's Hiro Ballroom.

The show starts at 8 p.m. The band will play selections from their upcoming debut as well as classic cover songs.

Gianluca Ferro: metallized interview

Khaine: I got to enjoy a lot Unheimlich , your last solo album. Would you like to tell our readers why you chose this title, also in relation to the "weird" names that you gave to the songs? Among the many interpretations that are derived from the term "das Unheimliche", what would be the most appropriate to indicate the musical content of Unheimlich ?

Gianluca: My wife, Martha, recently was reading an essay by Freud, who own the copyright concerned on the concept of the uncanny in literature, "das Unheimliche" 's note. Specifically, Freud was referring to a feeling of strong evanescent extremely uncomfortable for the reader, or more generally the user of the work of art is to try in front of characters poised between the animate and inanimate world. Freud cited ETA Hoffman's tale, The Sandman, where Olympia is a pale girl who moves in jerks, and who soon proves to be an automaton. The idea of ​​the uncanny evanescent, however, is also linked to the figures of the doll, zombie, certain dolls and robots. I thought that was symbolically linked to the concept 'idea behind my record: an abstract vision of a frail and uncertain future in which positivism gives way to dark omens where technology plays an ambiguous role, threatening to deprive the men of Bow humanity.


Rusty Cooley: featured in Houston news

He co-founded Pro Music Instruction in 2009 and has 56 students, including 52-year-old Robert Kozak, who has been taking lessons from Cooley for more than two years and said he has learned more than in his previous 25 years of playing.
“It’s like I’m about to take lessons from Mozart. This guy’s got music in his DNA,” Kozak said before a lesson.
Kozak believes Cooley is an exceptional teacher who makes it easy for him to understand guitar, like “turning calculus into basic arithmetic.” During a half-hour lesson, he said he sometimes doesn’t pick a guitar the entire time, as Cooley simply explains a certain piece of music. Kozak said he’ll often ask questions above his level, and weeks later Cooley will explain the answer during a lesson. read more

Dick Dale, Tommy Emmanuel: LA guitar festival for July 4th
This July 4th weekend, the REAL fireworks show will be at the Los Angeles.
Guitar Festival! Don't miss this unprecedented two-day celebration with some of the hottest and most respected acoustic and electric guitar talent on the planet — the only guitar festival named after our city.

When: July 2 & 3, 2011, 7pm
Where: Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center, 1935 Manhattan Beach Blvd, Redondo Beach CA 90278
Tickets: $40, $55, $65, $75, $95, $195 (VIP)
Call 24/7: (800) 595-4849 (4TIX)

Trust us, you won't want to miss rockin' this festival!

Who: Nashville has so many great players... but who is this great female guitar player?

This girl is finger picking good!!
Was in a Bar in Downtown Nashville Tennessee on Broadway St. and saw this hot guitar playing chic and had to film her.
Anyone know who she is? May be I can then out a name to the face :)

Hot Guitar Player Chick in Nashville Tennessee

Alex Skolnick: win his Yamaha Acoustic

Enter to Win a Yamaha Acoustic Signed by Alex Skolnick!

Achilleas Diamantis: It Hurts To Want You

A great classic power ballad, great tone too.

Achilleas Diamantis -It Hurts To Want You

Tommy Emmanuel: LA Guitar Festival

This July 4th weekend, don't miss out on the two-day celebration featuring some of the best guitar talent on the planet:

Tommy is the headlining act on July 2!

also featuring:

- Jimmie Vaughan - Dick Dale - Laurence Juber - Cyril Pahinui -
- Bruce Forman - Gonzalo Bergara - Ben Lacy -

Click here for the promo video

...and for tickets, go to this link:

Downtown LA Buzz TV - LA Guitar Festival - My Local Buzz TV