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news: Anonymous top 15 for Daniele Gottardo competition

My top 15
1) Ignazio Di Salvo
2) Leonardo Guzman
3) Giuseppe Ricciolino
4) Matheus Teston
5) Marco De Francesco
6) Vladimir Maisiuk
7) Walter Manieri
9) Gabriel Thurnher
11) Johanns Steiner
12) Ugur Dariveren
13) Nico Schliemann
14) Bemolator
15) joop wolters 

John 5: Kerrang! Download Podcast

Kerrang! Download Podcast: John 5 of Rob Zombie

Marty Friedman: plays in Tel-Aviv 2011

Marty Friedman: plays in Tel-Aviv 2011

and one from Greece.

Marty Friedman forbidden city/Tornado of souls live super close up!

Marty Friedman: Linearock interview

Marty Friedman

George Lynch: Wicked Sensation

Wicked Sensation

Lynch and Conley

John 5

Mike a little low in the mix too


Zakk Wylde: SRF2011 interview

Volume is a little low on the Mike...

SRF2011 zakk wylde interview

Glen Drover: betcha can't play this

Misha Mansoor: Periphery US tour

Actual dates to come.

Craig Goldy: Dio Disciples the Garage Glasgow 2011

Craig Goldy: Dio Disciples the Garage Glasgow 2011

Russ Parrish: Dont Stop Believing with American Idol's James Durbin

At least the people in American Idol can do gig like this... unlike their UK counterparts.

Steel Panther and James Durbin - "Dont Stop Believing" Live at House of Blues Sunset strip

Travis Montgomery, Chris Feener: Threat Signal live

Threat Signal - Fallen Disciples live @ foufounes

Andy James: Sacred Mother Tongue Download Festival 2011 - via iphone!

you'll have to wait for iphone5 for full 1080p... what's clear is the guitar solo is clear as a bell... enjoy!

Sacred Mother Tongue - Two Thousand Eight Hundred - Download Festival 2011 (w/ Andy James)

Sacred Mother Tongue - Anger on Reflection - Download Festival 2011 (w/ Andy James)

Carlos Damiano: andy james Give away DVD contest

andy james Give away DVD contest

Chris Poland: OHMphrey at the Baked Potato

OHMphrey at the Baked Potato, Studio City, CA. 6-10-11 (Someone said you were dead)

TheScroounch: DirtBox Competition

DirtBox Competition - TC Electronic

Északi Szabolcs: DirtBox Competition

DirtBox Competition - Északi Szabi

Tom Richardson: DirtBox Competition Entry

DirtBox Competition Entry - Tom Richardson

Nobby Conrad: DirtBox Competition

DirtBox Competition - TC Electronic - Nobby Conrad

Bub Zulu: Dirtbox competition

Kayleigh written by Adam Ironside

Anthimos Manti: DirtBox Competition

DirtBox Competition - TC Electronic (Anthimos Manti Entry)

Fred Brum: Jam over Adam Ironside's "Kayleigh"

Today wasn't being exactly productive in terms of getting one my tracks done properly (mellow mood + aggressive track = bleh), so I channeled the prevailing baladeer in me to mercilessly hack through Adam's track with my customary one take jam using my Jaden Rose wenge top beast.

This will be my rather spontaneous entry for DirtBox's TC Electronic competition. Adam said he wanted improvisation, so here it is! :)

Here's hoping you guys enjoy - it's a fun song to jam along to, although this section is way too short. ;)

Jam over Adam Ironside's "Kayleigh"

Meet Fred at the Monkeyfest.

buy Tickets

Carlo Losavio: Master Funk Trio live #3

Carlo Losavio - Guitar
Piero Boggia - Bass
Mimmo Colucci - Drums

Blast (Marcus Miller) By Master Funk Trio - Fasano Jazz 2011

Tom Tucciarone: Ernie Ball Music Man Dreamscape Challenge

Ernie Ball Music Man Dreamscape Challenge - Tom Tucciarone

Pit Kordus: Ernie Ball Music Man Dreamscape Challenge

Pit Kordus - Ernie Ball Music Man Dreamscape Challenge.mp4

Brian Auer: Ernie Ball Music Man Dreamscape Challenge - Picking to the MAX!

Ernie Ball Music Man Dreamscape Challenge - Brian Auer

Cláudio Pereira Kiari: Ernie Ball Music Man Dreamscape Challenge

"Ernie Ball Music Man Dreamscape Challenge" Entry - Cláudio Pereira Kiari

Victor Camargo:

Ernie Ball Music Man Dreamscape Challenge - Victor Camargo

Daniele Gottardo, Jason Becker: Daniele Gottardo competition... select top 15 videos

After the solos comes the judging... thankfully fathers day enabled me to trundle through the remaining videos and start completing my short list. First up the main short list... this requires me to capture my top solos from the submissions sent in... fortunately I've been keeping a list of the solos that moved during the competition. There were so many great solos that it's really difficult to pick, or really miss players out from the list... but after playing through my main list I got it down to my top 65! That's about 1 in every 8 videos makes it through.

The next round I watch the videos again getting it down to my top 40... things are a little difficult at this point because the quality is really high... even after checking videos again... you are not sure... but you have to pick and move on. I've know I have had to say good bye to some really great solos at this point. After that round, cutting through the forest of notes and tapped arpeggios, I'm down to my top 20...

Top 20... yes this means I now have to find the videos that are on the edge of total greatness... by this time the really great solos are standing out and so are easy to pick... but saying farewell to the lower quartile is still going to be tough, I have to play a number of videos again... this is tough!! I change the order a number of times... I move some in some out. I count the list one more time... Bingo that's it... don't look again... don't review again... the decision is done... my top 15 are ready!!!

So 1 in 37.6 will no doubt be happy with my selection... Sereiously, this competition only works with people like you... so a big thanks to all of you who entered a video into the competition, you should be proud of what you have done and no doubt Jason Becker and Daniele Gottardo rightly thanks you for your efforts too. Now just have to wait for all the judges to get their lists complete.

For those who want to have a crack at your own top 15... please feel free to post them in response to this post or on the main youtube video.

Daniele Gottardo Competition

All responses

Stu Box: Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero

Steve Saluto: Atma Anur Visions!

VISIONS (studio take)

Morten Faerestrand: on facebook

Morten Faerestrand:

1. watch video
2. Subscribe in form below video, or press the like button above to see the rest of the facebook artist page (or press the Wall button just right to your left :-)

Guthrie Govan: Bad Asteroid with Asia

Bad Asteroid - Asia (Guthrie Govan's Ex-Band)

Guthrie Govan: Aristocrats First live gig!

Aristocrats first gig 6/18/11

Guthrie Govan: discussing Bird life in Costa Rica - Fives!

Guthrie Govan Live in Costa Rica

Guthrie Govan: the Aristocrats get Ed Yoon as Manager!

Well, every once in a while people have to make a big change in their lives and careers. That time has come for me and I'm excited and very pleased to announce that I've left Suhr Guitars to be the full-time manager of The Aristocrats as the band gets set to release the debut album and embark on the first of many tours to come. This is something I've been working on on the side for quite some time as I developed a close working relationship with Guthrie over the past seven years.

I feel I've done all I could in the gear side of the music biz (10 years at Fender, 3 years at Tone Merchants, and 6 years at Suhr) and it's time to take on new challenges. Obviously, an opportunity to work with someone like Guthrie does not come around very often and I look forward to doing everything I can to help Guthrie and this new exciting band realize their full potential in this wacky industry. There are major shifts going on in the record industry as well and that actually provides trove of new opportunities.

I enjoyed my years at Suhr and I feel I contributed what I can to help the company and the brand grow. My belief in Suhr products is as strong as ever but I'm just not the type to sit in the office for too long. I enjoy traveling, seeing new places, meeting new people and this is a great opportunity to virtually visit every corner of the world since Guthrie and this band have fans all around the globe.

Anyway, I'll continue to contribute in this forum and keep you guys posted on all things related to The Aristocrats as well as Guthrie in general. You guys are in for an amazing treat with this band.

Mika Tyyskä: Mr Fastfinger Scary competition!

This is not a competition, we’re asking your help and participation! This is an open invitation to take part on Mr. Fastfinger’s song “Daemons & Ghouls” which will be part of the album “In Motion” released later 2011.

for sending your recordings is 11 of July 2011. You got approx. 3 weeks (starting from 17.6.).

As the title suggests this song is about facing demons, ghosts and other spirits. The song is pretty much all together, but we now need volunteers to play the parts of these spiritual creatures. We want you to take your guitar and record us the scariest sound you can imagine. Consider this more like a sound design assignment than music assignment.

There are no actual rules. But here’s some suggestions to give you ideas.
First think what kind of creature you want to bring alive. More of a friendly little Casper or like a ultra bad dark demon. Okay, then imagine how this creature should sound like. Then make it happen with the gear you got available.

All effects, tricks and methods are allowed and recommended!
For instance you could:
- Scream at the pickup
- Saw the strings with an electric toothbrush
- Add the craziest flanger fx to your super wide doublebended note
- Turn the amps spring reverb to 100 and play the devils interval reversed
- Turn the amp to max and make your guitar scream in feedback
- Do the deepest dive bomb you can imagine

Etc. Use your imagination, go wild, do what ever it takes. Do anything, but don’t hurt yourself or your guitar!

We are not really looking for actual guitar solos, melodies,licks or riffs. Altough your part can include some musical content as well, we are first of all looking for sound effects and craziness. Different types of approached to creating monsters are welcome and needed. It’s time to do something out of this world and dimension.

Here’s the primary part of the song where we would want the creatures to appear. ( altough the performance could end up in some other part / song on the album aswell.nevermind). You can download this backing and do your thing along to it if you wish. Just make sure the backing is not audible on the final mp3 you’re sending us. We cannot use recordings where the backing track is heard in the background.

Daemon Ghouls backingloop
In case you’re wondering the tempo is 205 and the meter 7/8
Note: if you feel your part is more like an free flow effect you just ignore this backing and do your thing free. It’s an option to use the backing for the feel and timing.

Use any gear you’re able to reach. We don’t care if you use high end studio gear, modeling amps or just the microphone on you mobile phone. If it sounds scary and innovative
It is what we are looking for. Use any gear as long as you can send us the final clip in mp3 format.

High quality 320kb mp3 would be most excellent, lower resolutions are okay aswell. Note: We want the guitar part you play isolated: you guitar+effect only. Again: please do no mix it with the backing track and max 20 sec. Give the mp3 file your own name, so we can make sure you’ll will get credited on the CD and website if the sound gets used.

We want to get various demons to appear on the song. One at the time or appearing together. It’s hard to say how many will end up on the album, from 3 to 300. Please, understand that your parts can and most likely will be edited in one way or another to fit the overall track. It can be mixedin the very front or buried as part of a huge backing monster ambience. Have open mind, just do your thing and submit it!
Your sounds can be any length between 1 to 20 seconds. Please, no longer than 20 second recordings.

You will not receive any prices, royalties or payments at any point. If your sound is being used on the final track you will be properly credited on CD version of the album as well as on Mr. Fastfinger’s website. All submitters will receive a free download of the final track in mp3 once it’s being published along the album.

Looking forward hearing your contributions. Don’t take this too seriously. Have fun. Scare us with your guitar. Thank you already for helping out!
If you got any questions please ask them here in the comments.

E-mail to fastfingerup(at)

Copy the rest of this instruction to your e-mail and fill-in all the requested info. Please, copy also the legal agreement to the bottom of the the e-mail.

(Please, write your name as the topic of the e-mail)

1. You full name:
2. Short explanation how you created the sound on the guitar:
3. gear you used:
4. Attach the mp3 file (give the mp3 your name, otherwise we cannot give you credits for the use of it)

By sending the files (music/sound effect mp3, image and all information) I’m giving Elektrik Pyjamas unlimited rights to use my submitted work in any commercial or non-commercial publication in any format. I agree that what I’m sending was created by me and I hold all the rights to it. By submitting my entry I agree and warrant that it is my own performance I’m uploading and it does not contain “samples” of any third party’s content.
I also give Elektrik Pyjamas all rights to edit and manipulate my submitted work. Deadline for sending your recording is 11th of july 2011.

Stuart Bull: learn Thin Lizzy solos DVD

Lick Library one of world leading suppliers of guitar tuition DVD’s, has just released Learn to Play Thin Lizzy The Solos ,giving you the opportunity to explore this explosive Celtic rock band’s intensely powerful twin guitar harmonies.

There is no other band, past or present like Thin Lizzy. As one of the defining twentieth century rock bands they burst onto the Dublin rock scene in the early seventies. The band saw a succession of critically acclaimed guitarists play, including founder member Eric Bell, the legendary Gary Moore, Scott Gorham, the longest serving and most steady guitar presence in Thin Lizzy, and Brian Robertson who along with Scott Gorham provided Thin Lizzy’s twin guitar attack. Others include Midge Ure, Snowy White and John Sykes. These incredible partnerships made Thin Lizzy into one of the most powerful guitar bands in the music industry.

Renowned guitarist and tutor, as well as co founder of Lick Library, Stuart Bull takes you through note for note five classic Thin Lizzy guitar solos. Stuart has literally taught thousands of people to play the guitar throughout the world with his award winning Total Accuracy that guitar series. Using the trade mark Lick Library split screen so you can see what both of Stuarts hands are doing at the same time you can match what Stuart is saying to what he does.

Stuart looks at what is widely regarded at Thin Lizzy’s greatest and most romantic ballad Still In Love With You, which includes the long Brian Robertson solo full of subtle tremolo picking making it almost ethereal in the emotions it conveys. Next up is Don’t Believe A Word, featuring the awesome guitar work of Gary Moore in a slower yet equally fantastic solo. This is followed by Dancing In The Moonlight, in which Scott Gorham’s solo is crisp and light especially with its descending octave lick. Further solos are featured from Whiskey In The Jar, arguably their best known song and last but not least is Waiting For An Alibi where the guitars and bass take turns in coming to the front.

Accompanying the DVD is a CD with jam tracks for each solo. Each jam track comes at three different speeds, slow, medium and full tempo, allowing you to practice each solos at your own pace, steadily building up to full speed.

You can find out more on Learn To Play Thin Lizzy The Solos (RRP £24.99) from where you will also find details of wealth of tuition DVDs, CDs and books related to Thin Lizzy, and the incredible guitarist that have played a part in creating their distinctive sound. more

Tony MacAlpine: Mark Boals, Virgil Donati - Shone for Japan!

to download a message from Mark
to download the lyrics in PDF format
to download the art cover in high resolution

British Red Cross - to donate
Listen to sample

To buy the song, please contact:
TizianaHurd, President
SolMusicManagement Inc.
Phone #: +1.705.389.3110

"SHINE" Official Japan Relief Song, written by Mark Boals and Virgil Donati.
SolMusic Management Inc. proudly announces:
SHINE is the official HIT and self Compilation CD TITLE released by Avalon Marquee Records, Tokyo Japan.

The Release will be available in Asian market in date 22nd June 2011.
SolMusic Management Inc. thanks SHINE CAST.



MarkBoals, USA - (Seven The Hardway, Uli J.Roth, Ring Of Fire, Yngwie Malmsteen)
Charlie Dominici, USA - (Dominici, Dream Theater)
Roberto Tiranti, Italy - (Labyrinth)
Mat Sinner, Germany - (Primal Fear, Sinner)
Zak Stevens, USA - (Circle II Circle, Machines of Grace, Savatage, Trans Siberian Orchestra)
Ronny Munroe, USA - (Presto Ballet, Metal Church)
Edu Falaschi, Brazil - (Angra, Almah)
Jeff Scott Soto, USA - (Trans Siberian Orchestra)
Rob Moratti, Canada - (Moratti, Saga)
Giorgia Fumanti, Canada - Soprano, Operatic Pop (Joseph Carreras, Morricone, Bocelli)
Judith Hill, Japan/USA - (Pop Star)
Steve Augeri, USA - (Former Journey singer)

Gocmen Symphony Orchestra, Ankara - Turkey

Dino Maddalone, Los Angeles

John Cuniberti, Los Angeles
Virgil Donati, drums
Tony MacAlpine, rythm and solo guitars
Paul Pesco, rythm and acoustic guitars
Bob James, keys

Dennis Hamm, Keys
Denny Lalouette, Bass

Avalon Marquee Records, Tokyo Japan (For Asian Continent)
Worldwide (to be confirmed)

SolMusic Management Inc.- Canada

Tiziana Hurd, President and Mark Boals, Virgil Donati Manager.
Working with all you guys, it has been a great honor.

J.Duarte Design

Love you all!

SolMusic Management Inc.
Tiziana Hurd, President Mark Boals and Virgil Donati Manager

Thiago Trinsi: Sam Ash New York in store performance date announced

Thiago Trinsi plays Sam Ash clinic in New York Monday July 11 2011 6-7 pm

DoZ,Daniel Peroine,Kermheat: smart shredding sound cloud

"Smart Shredding" (2011) by DoZ' (Smart Shredding)

Courtney Cox,Satoru Suzuki: Iron Maidens Live in Brazil

The Iron Maidens - Wasted Years . Live in Brazil . Jundiai/SP. 15/06/2011 Aldeia Bar

The Iron Maidens - Flight Of Icarus . Live in Brazil. Jundiai/SP. 15/06/2011 Aldeia Bar

The Iron Maidens -Caught Somewhere in Time . Live in Brazil . Jundiai/SP. 15/06/2011 Aldeia Bar

Paul Gilbert: Harry Gschoesser says Racer X recording session end of this summer

Harry Gschoesser:
Hello my FB friends! If everything works out the way planned, the first RACER X line up members Paul Gilbert Juan Alderete and mysefe will come together for a little recording session in Los Angeles at the end of this summer!Looking forward to it

Harry Gschoesser - Amazing Drum Solo

Fabio Ics: Daniele Gottardo's guitar competition

The Daniele Gottardo's guitar competition - FabioIcs

David Shelley: Daniele Gottardo Guitar Competition

Daniele Gottardo Guitar Competition - David Shelley Entry

Fayeed Tan: Daniele Gottardo contest

Fayeed Tan's Daniele Gottardo contest entry

Johanns Steiner: Daniele Gottardo Competition

Daniele Gottardo Competition - Johanns Steiner

Snoopgrinder: Daniele Gottardo's Guitar Competition

Snoopgrinder - The Daniele Gottardo's Guitar Competition

Oli Pickering: Daniele gottardo competition

Daniele gottardo competition entry - Oli Pickering

Vladimir Maisiuk: Daniele Gottardo's Guitar Competition

Daniele Gottardo's Guitar Competition By Vladimir Maisiuk 2011

Vinci Bluesky: Daniele Gottardo's Guitar Competition

The Daniele Gottardo's Guitar Competition - Vinci Bluesky

Giuseppe Ricciolino: Gottardo's Guitar Competition

Giuseppe Ricciolino - Gottardo's Guitar Competition

Erik Biasutto: Daniele Gottardo's Guitar Competition

Daniele Gottardo's Guitar Competition by Erik Biasutto

Bruce Sonnekus: Daniele Gottardo's Guitar Competition

Bruce Sonnekus - The Daniele Gottardo's Guitar Competition

Gerard Merino: Daniele Gottardo's Guitar Competition

Daniele Gottardo's Guitar Competition - Gerard Merino (Spain)

Giovanni Agostini: Daniele Gottardo's Guitar Competition

The Daniele Gottardo's Guitar Competition - Giovanni Agostini (Alegiojon)

John Joslin: Daniele Gottardo Competition #2

Gottardo Entry #2