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Yasi Hofer: Suhr is a sweet Autumn

Yasi is a 19 year old Guitarist. She started to play guitar back in 2005 when she was 12. Steve Vai was the one who really got her passionated about the guitar and music in general. And in letting her play with him when she was only 14 her biggest dream came true.

Yasi Hofer

MI Full Ride

Yasi- Sweet Autumn

Konstantin Jambazov: progressive math metal

All hail the new genre! Now I rename the genre to Nu Progressive Math Metal... because I can :)

Instrumental piece from impending solo-album of Konstantin Jambazov "Matter in the Nothingness" 2011 -
progressive math metal.




Morten Faerestrand: The Real Secret About My Tone

The Real Secret About My Tone - GUITAR LESSON by Morten Faerestrand

Vinnie Moore: featured on Guitar Worlds iPad app

UFO guitarist VINNIE MOORE is the featured artist today on Guitar World's "Lick of the Day" iPhone and iPad app. A description of today's lick is below.

Today VINNIE MOORE shares a rolling legato run based on the B blues scale. It's a hard-rockin' blues lick with just a hint of country "twang." Find out more and check it out at


9/15: Santa Rosa, CA @ Last Day Saloon
9/16: Sacramento/Orangevale, CA @ Boardwalk
9/17: Santa Clara, CA @ Avalon
9/19: Portland, OR @ The Aladdin Theater
9/21: Modesto, CA @ The Fat Cat
9/23: Las Vegas, NV @ Boulder Station Casino
9/24: Los Angeles, CA @The Key Club
9/26: Ventura, CA @ Ventura Theater
9/29: San Juan Capistrano, CA @ The Coach House
9/30: San Diego, CA @ Brick By Brick
10/1: San Bernadino, CA @ Orange Raceway
10/6: Dallas, TX @ House of Blues
10/7: Houston, TX @ Warehouse Live Studio
10/8: San Antonio, TX @ Backstage Live

Allan Holdsworth: Proto Cosmos @ The Baked Potato

Allan Holdsworth & Ronald Bruner Jr @ The Baked Potato

Ivan Manoloff: True Stories CD

Born in Varna, Bulgaria, he first took music lessons playing accordion at the age of 7, for about 3 years, and then spent time just listening music with lots of interest till the age of 13, when he decided to begin playing guitar just for fun. After one and half years of just jamming, suddenly an amazing and very fast progress was noticed. Since then nothing could really stop him from playing more and more, with first inspirations like Jimi Hendrix and Metallica, and 4 years later widely broad musical taste (from Django Reinhardt, through Miles Davis, Pat Martino, Kool and The Gang, Tower Of Power, Stevie Wonder, AC/DC, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Frank Zappa, Toto, Extreme, Prince, Death, Cannibal Corpse, Jason Becker, Greg Howe, Richie Kotzen, Frank Gambale). There were no more musical limits. In the meanwhile, he was seriously taking music lessons of, first, classical music and then jazz, with the legendary jazz and world music guitar master Alexander Petkov. In the 2000 he attempts admission to study at Berklee
College Of Music, Boston, USA, with talent based scholarship and obtains it, but due to difficult international visa situation and still missing some funds, couldn’t use it. Not losing his faith, continued playing with several bands and the best musicians in Bulgaria and writing music in different styles, from rock, through pop and hardcore/metal, till jazz-rock fusion. Fully in the world of professional music, began to travel and play all kinds of music. In 2003 decided to go to Gothenburg, Sweden and meet the most avant-garde shred guitar virtuoso of our times, Mattias IA Eklundh in the annual Freak Guitar Camp. This was really a significant meeting, tons of motivation and an exciting exchange between the orthodox and viking’s way of perceiving music and life. At the end of the Freak Guitar Camp, he won the prize for best songwriting and guitar playing between the international participant’s group. In February 2004, moved to Barcelona, Spain, in order to obtain official music studies at “L’Aula de Música Moderna i Jazz del Coservatori del Liceu”(Berklee International Network). In 5 months completed half of the four year educational plan. Since the beginning of 2005 was invited to join the team of the leading spanish guitar magazine Guitarra Actual for ten consecutive issues with his personal monthly column “ Turbo Tech Guitar Workshop ”. Shortly after his graduation in Modern Music and Jazz in Barcelona, in 2006 moved to Hollywood, CA in order to attend the worldwide renowned Guitar Institute of Technology (G.I.T., Musicians Institute, Hollywood CA), awarded with the Musicianship Scholarship for exceptional talent and musicianship and graduating as Honors Student. Musicians Institute invited him to join their staff team since 2008. Lots of live shows in California followed, as well as teaching, for National Guitar Workshop (2008) and several Music Schools around the Los Angeles area. In 2007 Derek Sherinian invited him for a tour in Europe, which unfortunately did not happen, Derek kept in touch with Ivan, all the way until he decided to move back to Europe, when Derek asked him to audition for Planet X, great chance and dream for many, but Ivan was just not interested and already made a decision to move back to Europe. Since the end of 2008, moved back to Spain and currently living in Madrid, recently recorded and produced a fusion/progressive/funk instrumental solo album, featuring Gianluca Palmieri (Greg Howe Band) on drums, PJ Dyer (Mariah Carey, Van Hunt) on keys, Ivelin Atanasov on keys and Radoslav Slavchev on bass. The album is available from Jan 7, 2011. Instructional book, based on the songs of the album, along with the original backing tracks CD is
planned for the second half of this year.

Main web:

The CD can be ordered through Ivan Manoloff

Ivan Manoloff - Chromazone Solo

Ivan Manoloff Band - 1st Love Live

Steve Hubbard: Suhr Badger fusion improvisation

Suhr Badger 18 Improv

Daniele Gottardo: Wonderful Slippery Thing

Daniele Gottardo jams to Wonderful Slippery Thing (Guthrie Govan)

You can see Daniele Gottardo in Amsterdam with Guthrie Govan

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Marty Friedman,Keshav Dhar: Skyharbor djentalmen's relish

Keshav Dhar from Hydrodjent, now with Skyharbor according to sources has been working with Marty Friedman and it might be that they will be working on Marty's upcoming album. Check out the awesome solo from Marty which starts at 2:53

Skyharbor - Catharsis Ft. Daniel Thompkins & Marty Friedman

Tom Quayle: Practicing Suhr Time Feel

Just a vid where I'm practicing my time feel. Suhr Classic into the Port City Pearl captured with the webcam mic.

For lessons go to:-

Practicing Time Feel

Allan Holdsworth: Soft Machine crazy improvisation

I think this is what is amazing about Allan Holdsworth... he was doing this incredible stuff back in the 1970's, most young guys might not be up to speed on the history aspect, but if you are looking to expand your musical thinking then a trip to Allan Holdsworth's back catalogue is well worth a visit.

Soft Machine (with Allan Holdsworth) (UK)

Dave Martone: new guitar on G+

Dave Martone is on Google Plus aka G+ He just got a new custom guitar in the post... with a great paint job.

Marcel Coenen: Live 4 Guitar interview -

Marcel Coenen is a Metal guitarist from the Netherlands. Marcel Coenen is a Metal guitarist from the Netherlands. He has had a career of over 20 years as a teacher, songwriter and performer. He has collaborated with people like Bob Katsionis (Firewind/Outloud) Mistheria (Artension/Emir Hot/Mistheria) and many others. He also has under his belt nearly 10 studio albums with different bands, instructional DVD’s and signature guitar models. He is currently signed to Lion Music. We caught up with him to tell us some more information about his career.

What got you into playing the guitar and what are you influences?

I started playing when I was eleven years old. Everything started when I heard the song “Burning heart” from Vandenberg. Adrian Vandenberg (ex- Whitesnake) played a solo on this song that it was just amazing. I really loved that sound. That was the starting point for me that I really got into the guitar. When I heard AC DC I was so hooked on how they were playing. After that came Iron Maiden and Metallica. When I heard Yngwie Malmsteen for the first time I was blown away. I locked myself in my room for 8 hours everyday for 2 years practising all these Yngwie based neo-classical type of licks. Later on I discovered Satriani and I started listening to a lot of fusion as well. Players like Scott Henderson and Allan Holdsworth are players that I really like. I believe all these guys are my main influences.


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Micheal Angelo Batio: radio interview

Elliot Dean with a show at the Iridium in NY. Micheal Angelo Batio gets on the phone to talk with Rich, MAB's new Signature Batio Dean guitar at Richs Music Exchange,

Elliot Dean CEO of Dean guitar DDrum and Micheal Angelo Batio

Andy James: MonkeyFest 2011 - Solo Performance

Andy James - MonkeyFest 2011 - Solo Performance

Travis Larson: Soundmind new cd

Travis Larson Band - Soundmind
The Travis Larson Band is firmly rooted as one of instrumental music's most important, critically acclaimed acts, having worked on record with Steve Lukather (Toto), Victor Wooten (Bela Fleck), Vinx (Sting, Herbie Hancock) and Hugh Syme (Rush, Aerosmith). Their 2011 release, Soundmind, serves up twelve new and original tracks that run the TLB gamut, and just have a lot of neat stuff in 'em. The band has grown and developed since their eponymous debut some thirteen years ago, and the progression is an instrumental fan's dream. This is the band that raved, "...this band has all the chops and blazing technique to send all you wannabe shredders back to the woodshed, but what makes them stand so far apart from their peers is the SONGS..." Amen.

Philippe Thibaut: Eventful World

Philippe Thibaut - Eventful World

Philippe Thibaut is a guitarist from Belgium who has released his fourth CD, entitled Eventful World. The album contains nine instrumental tracks using the "Thibaut meets with Satriani" blueprints. Eventful World features Thibaut's dexterous musicality and includes the contributions of drummer Marc Weymaere and bassist Benoit Vanderstraeten on a couple of tracks. Speed and virtuosity are significant elements in Thibaut's guitar style, and he adds his own sonic signature to the mix. Philippe Thibaut makes a statement here: it's OK to play your instrument really well and to play music that is challenging and riveting. This one stacks up to repeated play.

Dean Cascione,Joe Stump: Neoclassical Fire

Dean Cascione - Neoclassical Fire

Dean Cascione's Neoclassical Fire blends fierce fret board assault with strong, powerful melodic phrasing. In "Emozione", he plays with passion and shatters decades of shred stereotypes. "Hails To The Shredlord" showcases Dean's technical command of the instrument, and is a tribute to the legendary Joe Stump. "Paladins Fury" features the ballistic chops of drummer Paul Wandtke and "Sospeso" is fueled with bone-chilling suspense. "Knights Of Templar" furiously explodes out of the gate, speeds towards victory, and climaxes with a special guest solo by Joe Stump. For the last track, "Serenade of Souls", Dean embraces his nylon string guitar and conjures up sprits of a dark past. Experts have described Dean Cascione's command of the instrument as "Dangerous with a Guitar", "Vicious, High Tech and Aggressive", "Jaw Dropping", "Channeled the Spirit of Rhoades", and "A Bright Star on the International Guitar Scene".

Frank Caruso, Stefano Sebo Xotta, Gianni Rojatti: Strings 24 - Speak includes Andy Timmons, Kiko Loureiro, Mattias Eklundh and Rob Balducci

Strings 24 - Speak (CD)

After only a couple of years since their successful self-titled debut album, the Italian guitar trio of Frank Caruso, Sebo Xotta and Gianni Rojatti is back with the brand new release - Speak. Twelve new tracks with, beside the great playing of the three Italian axemen, the contribution of great names such as Andy Timmons, Kiko Loureiro, Mattias Eklundh and Rob Balducci. The rhythm section, same as the first album, features the great Roberto Gualdi on drums and Gabriele Baroni on bass. The guest artist list also features Lorenzo Feliciati and Dino D’Autorio playing bass on three tracks on this unbelievable work. Since the beginning this project's hallmark has been the use of 8-string guitars. Frank, Sebo and Gianni are officially endorsed by Ibanez - the first brand putting these really extreme instruments on the market. Having such a low frequency register, many riffs move into the bass territory and they represent a kind of trademark of Strings24 music. A really great album that lets you enjoy great technical moments and dramatic and intense melodies as well.

Danny John: Mr Twister new cd

Danny John Trio - Mr Twister buy
Australia's Danny John Trio rolls out their much anticipated, second studio album Mr Twister, a masterpiece of progressive jazz/rock fusion for the 21st century The music was conceived straight after the release of their first album "Three Days" (2008). Mr Twister was written as a completely collaborative effort between James Dennett (drums), Marcos Gil (bass) and Danny John (guitar), which evident in the broad genre bending and crossing "Would". "Would" starts off poppy, then swing elements are introduced, with the guitar solo going "outside"- they had nowhere else but Latin to take the song to another level. The album was recorded from start to finish in 17 hours. All rhythm guitars were doubled and in some cases four guitar parts were layered. All instrument parts were either one or two takes, which is a monumental effort when you consider the title track contains no 4/4, nor does it resolve to 4/4 at any stage.

Yuji Fukuda: Artifact new CD

Japanese fusion guitarist Yuji Fukuda released his solo CD Artifact in 2010. Fukuda learned guitar technique and theory in vocational training schools like MI Japan Nagoya and became a teacher at the school at the age of 23 after graduating. He keeps busy as a lecturer, in backing bands, and recording pop-rock bands while doing demonstrations for instrument makers such as the famous "Baby Notes". Vigorous activities include performing live, at places such as Club Citta. He is a band leader with Revibe an instrumental fusion group of jazz musicians who primarily play in Japan. Along with peers such as Allen Hines, he has been included in a number of sessions with renowned national and international artists, such as Paul Gilbert.


Mr. Funk-man (6:27)
Fuzzy Navel (6:32)
57Street (5:32)
Japanese 1 (5:06)
Cloudy (5:36)
Japanese 2 (7:14)

Yuji Fukuda - Guitar, Production
Atsutomo Ishigaki - Bass
Shota Watanabe - Keyboard, Piano
Yozo Nomura - Drums
Yuji Muto - Guitar (Track 4)
Yosuke Yokoyama - Drums

Alexis de Compreignac: String Insanity 2011

Alexis de Compreignac String Insanity 2011 Entry

Plus a couple of earlier videos

Chopin etude 4 op 10 by Alexis de Compreignac

Chopin Fantaisie impromptu by Alexis de Compreignac

Craig Goldy: Dio Disciples interview

Dio Disciples - Interview by

Reece Fullwood: Quick Lick 1

A Descending alternate picking lick in the key of A dimished i play this particular lick on 8 strings, but it's usable for a 6 string too.
Hope you enjoy this, more to come. :)

Quick Lick 1 - Reece Fullwood

Chris Pallas: An old entry for an old guitar contest

An old entry for an old guitar contest :P

Nat Janoff: Berkana @ 55 Bar

Berkana @ 55 Bar 7/16/11

Allan Holdsworth,Bunny Brunel: The Baked Potato

Allan Holdsworth & Bunny Brunel @ The Baked Potato

Tony MacAlpine: star licks originals

Tony MacAlpine Baloney Pony Blues

Tony MacAlpine More Than Enough

Jason Becker,Eric Johnson: out to see Cliff's of Dover

Jason Becker came to the Eric Johnson show last night especially to meet EJ. It was fantastic to see them hanging out together for the first time ever!

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