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Wayne Krantz: John Patitucci nyc iridium 2010

Wayne Krantz - John Patitucci - Cliff Almond 9-5-10 10:30 show nyc iridium

News: YouTube land mark breached

Just over my 6000th subscriber
Channel Views:195,400
Total Upload Views:3,060,753

Daniele Gottardo: posts his own top 42 competition videos

We're still shortlisting folks... this is a big task, but Daniele wanted to let you know his current top 40+ videos.

André Niéri
Borja Mintegiaga
Brian Auer
Bruno Dias
Claudio Tristano
Cris Bertini
David Locke
Diego Budicin
Edu Diniz
Eric Maldonaldo
Eric Popatenko
Felipe Praino
Fernando Ramos
Francesco Congia
Gabriel Thurnher
Ignazio Di Salvo
Ivano Salerno
James Bell
Jiri Novotny
John Josklin
Joop Wolters
Kevin Peters
Leonardo Guzman
Luis Galang
Marco De Cave
Martin Miller
Mathew Maokh
Max Sokolov
Nandinho Ortiz
Nick Matthew
Nico Schliemann
Nuno Pinto
Pierre Danel
Richard Lundmark
Roberto Restuccia
Tyler Teeple
Ugur Dariveren
Vinci Bluesky
Vladimir Maisiuk
Vladimir Pocorschi
Yiannis Papadopoulos

Joyce Cooling: the coolest of smooth jazz

Joyce Cooling, guitarist, vocalist and songwriter, is best known for her eclectic style and colorful body-moving sound. Funky, soulful, and always original, Joyce Cooling is recognized as one of the most dynamic and popular contemporary jazz guitarists in the world.

Joyce has recorded seven albums - five of which charted on Billboard. She has to her credit two #1 radio singles, six top 10 and thirteen charting singles in all, and has garnered multiple music awards including the Gibson Best Jazz Guitarist of the Year and Best New Talent in the Jazziz Reader’s Poll. She was a nominee for the California Music Awards, the Oasis Awards and the Gavin Contemporary Jazz Artist of the Year.

Cooling has performed with such jazz giants as Joe Henderson, Stan Getz, and Charlie Byrd. Her top-10 single, “Mm Mm Good,” featuring Al Jarreau; and Christmas holiday tracks, “The Christmas Song,” with Lee Ritenour and her original single, “It’s Feeling Like Christmas,” have pushed Cooling to new heights of popularity while showcasing her musical versatility. Joyce Cooling is an international attraction at major jazz festivals around the world.

Global Cooling, released in April 2009, is their seventh studio CD and is receiving worldwide critical acclaim and raving reviews. Global Cooling was #2 on Amazon and hit #1 on the smoothjazz Indie charts and stayed there for over three months. The CD also remained in the top 10 on the TOP 50 Radio Charts for weeks, and the single, “Dolores in Pink,” won the #2 spot on Canada’s 2009 Café Jazz Review. Global Cooling was also chosen as the 2009 Album of the Year in the U.K. by PhoenixFM.

Cooling has also received international accolades for Revolving Door (2006 Narada/ Blue Note), This Girl’s Got To Play (2004 Narada Jazz), Third Wish (2001 GRP/ Verve), Keeping Cool (1999 Heads Up), and Playing It Cool (1997 Heads Up). Charting singles include “Mm Mm Good,” “Callie,” “Expression,” “Mildred’s Attraction,” and “South Of Market,” among many others.

Cooling, who is now based in San Francisco, was raised in the New York area in a house that was “filled with music.” Musical influences include everyone from Joe Henderson, Abbey Lincoln, Wes Montgomery and Miles, to James Brown, Led Zeppelin, Frank Zappa and Jimi Hendrix, to Ravel, Stravinsky, Bach and Brahms, to Hermeto Pascoal, Elis Regina, João Bosco and Jobim. Cooling proclaims, “I just like good music. There are no boundaries with me.”

“My teenage years were spent outside of the Village Vanguard and other Manhattan jazz clubs. I was underage, but the bartender at the Vanguard saw how much I loved the music and let me hang out on the steps. I heard everybody! It was fantastic and I was hooked.”

A self taught guitarist, Cooling learned to play by ear and has developed a personal style of finger picking, giving her playing a unique sound and feel. “I have always played that way. This wasn’t a conscious decision, it was just easier and more natural for me to first sing what I wanted to play and then play it. I was also never comfortable with a pick. I couldn’t feel what string I was on so I tossed the pick and played with my fingers.”

Joyce Cooling is a national advocate for NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness). Joyce has performed at NAMI national and regional events all across the country. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of her CDs are donated to NAMI.


Joyce Cooling at the Duck Jazz Festival

Jarasum festival 2006 - Joyce Cooling

Joyce Cooling

Joyce Cooling

joyce cooling - Hartford Jazz Fest

Joyce Cooling - Cool of the Night Video

Vinnie Moore: with Ronnie James Dio

That this would have been a potent cocktail of guitar and vocals... I always though Dio and Yngwie should have formed a band... but I think Vinnie now that this would have been an amazing idea too!

Vinnie MooreTriple Metal Horns. This photo was taken a couple years back at a show in Camden, N.J. We were trying to recreate a picture of Ronnie, Vinny and I that was taken in Jnuary 1987 when Vinny and I played together at the NAMM show. Vinny Appice was a Tama endorser and they are the same company as Ibanez, so he played mind’s eye tunes with me in their booth 3 times a day. Ronnie came into see one show and that’s when the photo (inset) was taken. I went to Camden to see Andre Bargmann (UFO drum tech) a few years back when he was working for Heaven and Hell. That's how the three of us got together once again for the main pic.

Jason Becker: Warmup before show

Jason Becker - Warmup before show (see tab inside)

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Daniele Liverani: Happy Train


Fredric Forsman: One for Lena

This video is dedicated to Lena... who I didn't know personally, but she needed to be cheered up a bit. Unfortunately she didn't make it... cancer is an awful disease and most of us knows someone who suffered from it. My own mother had a brain tumour for instance, so I understand how it feels to stand beside the one that you love and not being able to do anything, while the cancer slowly kills...

So... take a moment... reflect over your life, tell your family how much you love them. Don't wait til tomorrow doing things, it might be to late. Life is short, spend it wisely...

Ok, about this video:
I do some improvising over a backing track I got from Gilmourish(dot)com a few days ago. This time I use my Boss GT-10 and my Luke...
There are some misses and I'm aware of them, but hey - the song is almost eight minutes long... you've got to take some chances, right? LOL
Anyway, I went for the feeling in this song, cause Lena's story touched me so deeply...

Lena, I hope you like it... where ever you are.. :)

High Hopes - One for Lena

one for the gipper...

Yngwie's "Blue" - Jam with a John Jorgenson Hellecaster

Kyle Honea, Francesco Fareri: Dark Enough To See

Dark Enough To See (Kyle Honea)

Jon Jorgenson,Jerry Donahue: Hellecasters Orange Blossom Special 1998

The Hellecasters-Orange Blossom Special Pt1

The Hellecasters-Orange Blossom Special Pt2

Rik Emmett: Magic Power live BYH Festival 2006

Rik Emmett - Magic Power - live BYH Festival 2006 - HD Version

Randy Hansen: Foxy Lady Aschaffenburg 2008

Randy Hansen Band - Foxy Lady - live by - Aschaffenburg 24.4.2008

Matias Kupiainen, Jens Johansson: "Deep Unknown" (Official Video HD)

STRATOVARIUS "Deep Unknown" (Official Video HD) from the album POLARIS

John Norum: Live Look At Eden DVD

EUROPE "Last Look At Eden" (Official Live Video HD) from "Live Look At Eden"

Mike Salow: wins Andy James DVD competition

Andy James DVD Give Away Contest - Mike Salow * WINNER *

see the other winners announced

Andy James DVD give away competition results.

News: Google Hangouts... time to rethink your guitar tutor business model?

Google Plus has a concept of video hangouts... this feature might enable a guitar player to run lessons to more than one person at a time...  "small classroom"...

The Google+ project: Hangouts

Andy James: self titled album released

From Drop Box

*SIGNED* Andy James' self-titled solo album *PRE-ORDER*

plus for mp3 wimps - itunes:

But for real fans... you'll want the real deal... touched by Andy's tippity tapping hands! God yes I must have this

Andy James has undeniably earned his place among the best Shred/Metal guitarists in the World. This is your chance, if like us you love to get your hands on a physical copy of an artist's music, to pre-order his brand new album... ... personally signed by 'those hands'! The album has already received magnanimous praise from the industry and music-lovers alike and is the must-have album of the year for both a technical fix and those that love to escape into their Metal!

1 | 2 | 3 | 4


1. Legion
2. Angel of Darkness
3. The Storm
4. What Lies Beneath
5. Burn It Down
6. Into the Void
7. Dust in the Wind
8. Separation
9. Gateways
10. Bullet in the Head
11. War March

date of the physical release - Monday, 8th August, 2011
*SIGNED* Andy James' self-titled solo album *PRE-ORDER*

From Drop Box

Abstract Logix Live! possibly one of the best live jazz fusion releases ever!

Kudos to Abstract Logix for championing these artists with a stellar festival that not only celebrated the current state of their music, but also enlightened fans to where it is all going, and where it all began. Abstract Logix Live! - The New Universe Music Festival 2010 accurately captures this exciting event, making it one of the best releases of the year so far, and possibly one of the best live jazz fusion releases ever. Highly recommended. full review

Joe Bonamassa: Joe's got a Hart.. another new CD!

‘Don’t Explain’ is the debut collaboration between American singer-songwriter Beth Hart and the acclaimed Blues guitarist Joe Bonamassa. The album, made up exclusively of intimate soul cover versions, will be released in the UK and Europe on Monday 26th September by Provogue Records.

Produced by Kevin Shirley (Aerosmith, Black Country Communion, The Black Crowes), ‘Don't Explain’ perfectly combines Hart's raspy and soulful vocal with Bonamassa's unique guitar sound, as the pair unite on a stunning collection of hand-picked soul tracks, as performed by celebrated artists such as Gil Scott-Heron, Tom Waits, Etta James, Aretha Franklin and many more.

'Don't Explain' – Album Track listing

1. Sinner's Prayer (Ray Charles w/ B.B. King)
2. Chocolate Jesus (Tom Waits)
3. Your Heart Is As Black As Night (Melody Gardot)
4. For My Friend (Bill Withers)
5. Don't Explain (Billie Holiday)
6. I'd Rather Go Blind (Etta James)
7. Something's Got A Hold On Me (Etta James)
8. I'll Take Care Of You (Gil Scott-Heron)
9. Well, Well (Delaney & Bonnie)
10. Ain't No Way (Aretha Franklin)

After crossing paths with Beth and her band on the road numerous times, Joe Bonamassa recalls how ‘Don’t Explain’ came about; "I was up late one night, I couldn't sleep. I was playing songs on my iPod from the reissue of Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out, which included all the opening acts from that Stones show," says Bonamassa. "As soon as the Ike & Tina tracks came on, I just said out loud, 'Beth Hart.' I emailed Kevin, saying, 'Let's do a soul covers record with Beth,' and he replied back, 'Actually, that's a great idea.'" more

Jason Becker: Birthday Party 2011

Jason Becker's Birthday Party 2011 photos post on facebook Thanks to Ms Anthrope for taking these great photos The photos include Mike Varney and Micheal Lee Firkins

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