Thursday, 21 July 2011

Sergey Golovin: Carvin Legacy

Carvin Legacy.Live demo by Sergey Golovin

Jennifer Batten: interviewed in Poland

Interview with Jennifer Batten - Wiatrakalia 2011

Carlos Hernández: Gutierrez Records


Brett Garsed: Dark Matter 5 star review

Whereas some Prog isn’t “metal” enough, and much Metal lacks Prog’s imagination, Dark Matter encapsulates the best of both worlds and stands alone as neither Metal or Prog. If I had to compare it to the work of another musician, I wouldn’t hesitate to put it on the same level as Joe Satriani’s recent work. But where Satch is recognizable and even somewhat predictable to a degree, Garsed is more daring and unconventional. Be it the use of jazzy chord structures or jumping bean arrangements, or any number of other unexpected twists and turns in the course he maps, Garsed isn’t afraid to go out on a limb and we are the lucky benefactors of his musical courage. This is bold, brave stuff, rife with adventurous arrangements, tones both cool and crass, and fret-burning solo work, and you aren’t likely to hear many guitar records like this. more

Brett Garsed My new album "Dark Matter" will be available from sometime next week. We'll be setting up a "pre-order" option at but it'll probably be at least a week till I have copies. If you'd like a personally autographed copy then my website is the place to go. Thanks to everyone for all the support, it is MUCH appreciated!

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Brett Garsed CD Launch featuring Ric Fierabracci and 'Damage"Location: The Evelyn Hotel, 351 Brunswick Street Fitzroy VIC 3056
Time: Wednesday, 03 August 2011 21:00

Brett Garsed solo from 1988. A blast from the past with the mullet to prove it! This was from the John Farnham concert tour with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra filmed in Melbourne, Australia in front of about 15,000 people.

Brett Garsed tapping

Brian May: with Tangerine Dream - We Will Rock You

The Grand Final - Tangerine Dream & Brian May


1-2 Brian May & Edgar Froese - Starmus Festival Tenerife - English.

George Lynch: Guitar World interview

The big news for you is the release of your new solo album, Kill All Control, on July 19.
The album is actually released as Souls of We in Japan, but as George Lynch everywhere else in the world. It started as a follow-up to the follow-up to the last Souls of We album, Let the Truth Be Known. The lineup started off with London LeGrand (Brides of Destruction), myself, Adrian Ost (drummer for Powerman 5,000) and Nic Speck (from Run Run Run) on bass. We went in as a band and our intention was to write and record a record in a month. We went in and wrote furiously and wrote the record in 10 days. 
The album features different lead singers. What happened?
We went into the studio to record, and I ran into that “singer” wall. London is my friend and I love him, but a voice is not like a guitar. It's not a mechanical instrument, and singers are a different animal. Things just didn't work out and I had to look elsewhere for someone to complete the record, which took almost two years to finish. Had I known that retrospectively, I would have taken more time writing the music. [Laughs]. more

Andreia Gomez: DiMarzio endorsee - Happy Days!

Andreia GomezGot offered an endorsement by DiMarzio!! Before I even asked them!!! They contacted me because they saw me on youtube and liked my playing... How lucky is that?! First 2 sets of FREE pickups coming my way :) :) HAPPY DAYS!!!#

Andreia Gomez: progressive guitar fusion soloing techniques

Adam Nolly Getgood: ViK Duality 7... complete!

ViK Duality 7... complete! more

Fernando Miyata: tweeting on Twitter!

Fernando Miyata!/fernando_miyata
@fernando_miyata Brazil 
Brazilian Professional Guitarist; finalist in the international Guitar Idol contest in 2008 and elected as Best Guitar Video by Guitar World Magazine in 2007.

Joop Wolters: 4 seasons pick ups

4SEASONSPICKUPS joop wolters

Rikk Morosini: Ibanez FireMarshall

Low Volume Ibanez FireMarshall thru Egnater HOT Strat tones

Karolina Sustova: PodSnack player

Thiago Trinsi: live new york clinic footage


Ariel Ferreyrola: groove for Alice


Sloth Chubsteen: aka burnedoutgolfer Morley power wah contest entry

Morley power wah contest entry - burnedoutgolfer

Vincenzo Avallone: Morley Power Wah Competition

Morley Power Wah Competition - Vincenzo Avallone

Morely Competition
Backing track

Mark Papagno: fusion trio

Papagno Trio.
Frank Russo on drums
Max Murray on bass
Mark Papagno on guitar

Edge- Mark Papagno Trio

Fred- Mark Papagno Trio

Chaosu: arpeggio chaos

Department of guitar ESP / MI JAPAN (GIT) family guitar Chaosu · (GIT-DX) instructor's main "forest land" five, but for the summer break, ESP will be held 4 days, 3 days August 01 and The Osaka School / MI JAPAN "OPEN SCHOOL Summer" For, with scores of phrases introduced a special training! ! In addition to master this "hot" Spend your summer!

Professor, Osaka School of exercise five land ESP / MI JAPAN. Wmv

Jake Guy: Sunsets

Jake Guy - Sunsets

Puguh Kribo: blood of the shredding vampire


Mercedes Sala: Black Dahlia Murder cover

Moonlight Equilibrium - The Black Dahlia Murder (guitar cover)

Alex Milella: Third Major and Minor Modulations - classic fusion

Third Major & Minor Modulation - Random Cadence (2011)

Third Major & Minor Modulation - II V7 Cadence (2011)

Third Major & Minor Modulation - Random Chords (2010)