Sunday, 24 July 2011

Kalinicheva Tatyana: PRS custom 24 gets a two handed caress

Music - Oleg Shadrin
Guitar - Kalinicheva Tatyana

PRS custom 24 - Tapping - Engl Screamer 50

Richie Kotzen: Atma Anur posts a classic track

What Makes a Man-Richie Kotzen by atma anur

Einar Grønbekk: Suhr jam tests

Quick Suhr shiba drive demo

Suhr Custom Classic through Roland Cube 80XL

Oleg Shadrin: PRS custom 24 - two handed echo tune

Tapping - PRS custom 24-ENGL Classic 50-Wampler Pinnacle-Wampler Analog Echo - Shadrin Oleg

Florian Hofer: WakUum Graz

Florian Hofer Band - WakUum Graz

Jan Laurenz: new album available

All songs composed by J.Laurenz and performed on
"Chapman Stick" except Spanish guitar and Mandola
on "Encuentro" and "Trancedance" played by J.Laurenz

Jan Laurenz "Waterfall" album now available on iTunes

0-22 by Jan Laurenz on acoustic guitar

Anusorn Jeekeeree: JKR GUITAR ,Customer testing

JKR GUITAR ,Customer testing

Antonello Giliberto: fan fretted - Pull Me Under

Gear: Cquadro Infinity Antonello Giliberto, Mama Pickups Southern(B), Experience(M) e Tex Fire(N), Rocktron Chameleon, Alesis Poweramp RA100 and Randall cabinet 4x12
Audio recorded by cam
Mama Pickups:
Cquadro Guitars:
Tengo corsi di chitarra presso la Guitar Academy Network (GAN) nelle sedi di Catania, Siracusa, Ragusa, e Palazzolo Acreide (SR)
Per qualsiasi info contattate il numero verde 800-029484 o visitate

Antonello Giliberto - Dream Theater Pull Me Under

News: Teuffel Guitars Tesla Prodigy - uuum?

Summer NAMM '11 Teuffel Guitars Tesla Prodigy Demo

Eric Johnson: Santa Fe opener

Eric performing live in Santa Fe, NM. This was his opening acoustic cut,

Eric Johnson, 07/23/11

Martin Miller: Exciting Sunny afternoon jam

Martin Miller - jamming on Sunny (Greg Howe Backing Track)

Tom Quayle: PRS Swamp Ash Special

PRS Swamp Ash Special Narrowfield Guitar Demo / Review With Tom Quayle iGuitar Mag

Tom Quayle: Vigier Excalibur Kaos Guitar


Vigier Excalibur Kaos Guitar Review / Demo With Tom Quayle Guitar Interactive

Patrick Phillips: Crossing the Djent Horizon

The other half of Crossing the Event Horizon with Joe Vanderhoff

Patrick Phillips

Crossing The Event Horizon - The Arcturian Corridor

Crossing The Event Horizon - The Voidance Principle

Tapping solo/lead (Crossing The Event Horizon)

Joe Vanderhoff: Non Brewed Condiment intro

Here is Allan Holdsworth's Non Brewed Condiment off the album Atavachron. Sorry the lighting is so bad, but this is actually my first video with my Steinberger GM4 :) This song was quite an endeavor! It is by no means perfect, but this was my first take. Please critique and tell me what you think. Also if you enjoy holdsworth check out my band Crossing The Event Horizon.

Allan Holdsworth - non brewed condiment (intro)

Jane Getter: live band

Jane Getter is one of the most exciting and innovative guitarist/composers on the scene today. Early in her career she toured with legendary organist Jack McDuff, which provided invaluable training ground as did stints with Joe Lovano, Richie Beirach, Kenny Barron, Jack Wilkins, and many others.
Her composing talents received attention when she won the ASCAP Gershwin Award for Music for Theater or Dance (1993). She then teamed up with writing partner Lenny White (Return To Forever). They co-wrote Urbanator's smooth jazz hit Hopscotch, along with other compositions which were recorded on White's CD's Present Tense and Acoustic Masters. During this time she recorded and toured with Michal Urbaniak's band Urbanator featuring Kenny Garrett, Tom Browne and Lenny White. She then received widespread exposure playing in the Saturday Night Live Band.

Over the past few years, Jane has been featured in Guitar Player Magazine's Sessions section in August 1999 and January 2000. Her debut CD on Lipstick Records, titled Jane, continues to receive worldwide critical acclaim. Her band, which consists of a stellar crew of New York's finest -- Adam Holzman, James Genus, Keith Carlock, Abdou M'Boup and vocalist Thulani can be seen playing in the New York City area and touring the US. They recently opened for guitar legend Allan Holdsworth in NYC's BB Kings Blues Club. Her 2nd CD titled See Jane Run was released in 2005 on Alternity Records, the home label of Allan Holdsworth.

Jane continues to perform, tour and record with many other great artists such as Jaimoe (Allman Brothers Band drummer), Ursala Dudziak, Regina Carter, Cindy Blackman and Richard Bona. Recently she has been performing with her own trio in festivals in Europe and the States, including Warsaw's Guitar City and the San Francisico Jazz Festival.

Jane was interviewed in Guitar Player Magazine's April 2006 issue. She will be featured in an instructional Jazz Guitar DVD which is soon to be released by Truefire. Her next CD release is a special guitar duet project with guitarist Bruce Arnold.

See Jane Run


Jane Getter with Paul Frazier and Cliff Almond. Live at Cecil's, West Orange NJ 4/29/11 ( a musiclocker production)


Jane Getter: Live band 2008

Johan Randén :Bronk and Shut and Play series


Johan Randén :Bronk and Shut and Play series

Francesco Congia: Waves with mama pickups

Francesco Congia plays waves by guthrie govan with southern bridge mama pickup

Francesco Congia plays waves with southern bridge mama pickup

Marty Friedman: scoring a radio drama

Marty Friedman I will be scoring a radio drama next week so between that and finishing my record I won`t be able to post much for a little while. Please remember that I always appreciate your support! Enjoy the music-

Brian May: Authorised Queen Book

Brian May: “Harry is one of the very few people I trust to speak the truth as he sees it. I probably won’t agree with everything he has said here – but I know that it will all have come from a place of goodwill, and a spirit of sharing his thrills – he never lost his boyish enthusiasm. As I’m sure you will be able to see. In fact, Harry specifically asked me to tell you that his words for this publication are intended as a feast for fans, as pure pleasure. Thanks Harry. I think the rest of the contents of this book are self-explanatory. Enjoy!”

Tom Morello: new comic book coming soon

Tom Morello is set to launch his own comic book series this fall. The musician will write a book called Orchid, and the first issue will be available October 12, according to

Jason Becker,Marco Sfogli: Not Dead Yet Amsterdam 13-11-2011 #9

Tickets: | Jason Becker's | Venue:
The excerpt of song in the video was recorded when Jason Becker was 16. Look out for the full version which will be appearing on Jason's next CD entitled "When I Was A Child"

NOT DEAD YET! The new festival is in the Netherlands... Get ready to book your flights to Amsterdam!!
Already committed to the cause:
Marco Sfogli
Michael Lee Firkins
Guthrie Govan
Mattias IA Eklundh
Daniele Gottardo
Stuart Hamm
Atma Anur
Kiko Loureiro
Joop Wolters
Marcel Coenen
and more cool names to come!!!!
and a special guest.
About a dozen of the worlds' best guitar players will appear on stage for the right cause...
They will entertain you...
Expect over 5 hours of stunning guitar...
Over a million notes...
Each note hand crafted and dedicated to Jason Becker!
One of them performing November 13, 2011 will tell you himself why you need to be there!

Jason Becker,Marco Sfogli: Not Dead Yet Amsterdam 13-11-2011 #9

Not Dead Yet site
Face Book Page
Book Tickets

Andy James: Melodic Shredding New album out NOW!!!

New album out today people for download on itunes from this link​um/andy-james/id448530714 or pre-order a physical copy from this link
Andy James Melodic Shredding New album out NOW!!!

Hedras Ramos: Shred Andy James backing track to death!

Order Atoms and Space at:

Hey guys I know the competition is closed, but I made this video because Andy James is a big inspiration to me and one of my favorite players, so I needed to give it a shot to this amazing backing track!

Good luck everyone!

Hedras Ramos - Andy James Track

Fabian Ratsak: Dorian and Country jamming


Roomerfabi81-Johnny Hiland (That`s all right mama)solo

Jeff Kollman: spanking the meat bat for james!

A tribute to Producer James Murray.Donations to H.E.A.R. would be appreciated. Their web address is http://www.hearnet.com

Song For James by Jeff Kollman

Bombastic Meatbats with Kenny Aronoff

Fender freakout with Jeff Kollman

Joe Satriani: Chickenfoot III on G+

 Chickenfoot III  -  
The new single "Big Foot" is going to have clips in the finale episode of Aqua Unit Patrol Squad this Sunday night at 11:45 (Cartoon Network's Adult Swim). We love those guys!
Watch Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1 episodes and clips for free. is the online destination for Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1, including videos from every season.

Francesco Congia: Feel The Vibe - cool soloing

Francesco Congia Plays FEEL THE VIBE jam By ALEX HUTCHINGS

Marcello Zappatore: Jet Black

MARCELLO ZAPPATORE plays Guthrie Govan's JET BLACK solo

Florian Hofer: On My Knees

Fans of Richie Kotzen will like this guys writing style.


Carl Roa: back in the studio

Carl Roa - Working on the new CD now! Hope to have it out by October! 

George Lynch: Don Dokken feud still rolling along

Don: "That’s a hard question to answer. For years Mick and myself were against it, finally we were talked into discussing it, several people, managers, agents and so on asked Mick to fly in from Phoenix. He agreed so we both drove out to where Jeff and George live. We had a meeting at Foreigner's booking agents house as a BBQ and a lot of industry people were there. They were all pushing for it to happen. Five minutes into the meeting Jeff said he would love to do it but was busy until 2012 with Foreigner. Mick and I were shocked he could have told us that in an email, so that was that. I had already gone out to Jeff's studio and spent the day with him and George. They played me some cool riffs and I did some rough vocal ideas, then we were asked to be on That Metal Show. It seemed it was all going to happen, but like I've said in other interviews, the night before the show I got an email from Jeff asking us not to mention a reunion. FYI, I 'saved the email.' So I was in a tough spot. I had to tell Eddie Trunk the day of the show not to bring it up. It was a very uncomfortable situation for him and me. The rest is history, George started bashing me in interviews and putting all the blame on me that the reunion was a no go! I guess something good came out of it there was bad blood between Mick and George since our second break up. Mick toured with LYNCH MOB for a few weeks recently and apparently it went well as far as them getting along." more