Thursday, 4 August 2011

Richard Lainegard,Chris Feener,Sean Conklin: Staind Solo Contest Entry

Play a solo over Staind’s new single “Not Again”. Get your solo on the album plus win a PRS guitar and a $1,000 Guitar Center gift card.

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Jad Nasr: a little jazz jam


Kim Sun Mi: Corona guitar demos




Marco Sfogli: Creation's End tour dates

The tour will now kick off at Sullivan Hall in New York City, on Tuesday, August 16. Tickets will be on sale via TicketWeb soon. The final itinerary for the tour is as follows:

Aug 16th - Sullivan Hall (New York, NY)
Aug 17th – Jaxx (Springfield, VA)
Aug 18th – Volume 11 (Raleigh, NC)
Aug 19th – The Local (Marietta, GA)
Aug 20th – The Haven Lounge (Orlando, FL)
Aug 21st – The Local 662 (St. Petersburg, FL)

Creation's End is:
Mike DiMeo: Vocals
Rudy Albert: Guitar
Marco Sfogli: Lead Guitar
Joe Black: Bass
Dario Rodriguez: Drums

Creation's End 1

Creation's End-2

See Marco Sfogli in Amsterdam at the Jason Becker Fest

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Richard Hallebeek: Conservatory Zwolle 2010

Conservatory Zwolle clinic Febr. 18th 2010

Richard Hallebeek playing 'Done' from the cd One Spirit

Francesco Artusato: metalsucks interview

Would you say we are hearing the real Francesco Artusato on the solo CD?

I don’t think so. My solo CD is more of something that I always wanted to do. When I started playing guitar, one of my dreams was to write a solo record and get it signed and maybe have some kids wear my t-shirt. It’s one of the dreams I had for my music career. There are a lot more things that I want to do. I can’t say that’s who I am 100% but it’s part of what I want to do. All Shall Perish is something else. I’m always, always writing music. I tend to write something that is distinct every time — not completely different, but something that has a different vibe and a different approach. I still think that I need to improve a lot especially in the writing aspect. I like to work with different musicians and get inspiration from different genres. That’s why I listen to all kinds of music, and I do want to write different kinds of music too. I have so many years ahead. I’m sure that I’ll have a lot of different projects. more

The brand new solo album "Chaos and the Primordial" out now on Sumerian Records!

Keith Medley: 27 string guitar!

Keith Medley "Ancestors" - 27 string guitar

Fletcher Barton, Pat Hicks: settee blue jams

Fletcher & MI Founder Pat Hicks Playing the Blues

Fletcher & MI Founder Pat Hicks - Slow Blues Jam

Marcel Coenen: live at De Gitaarhoek

Marcel Coenen: live at De Gitaarhoek

See Marcel Coenen live

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Andy Timmons: 2011 Dallas Guitar Festival

The Timmonator is always one of the highlights of the Festival, this year was no exception. Here's his fantastic instrumental mash-up of Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds. This is a highly polished power trio, if you haven't seen them. Mike is one of my favorite bassists and the Timmonator is just beyond reproach, one of the best in the game today, and a super cool human being to boot.

Andy Timmons 2011 Dallas Guitar Festival Beatles & Ascension

Guthrie Govan: sensational version of Waves

Guthrie Govan Live 2011 - Waves

News: Even in adversity people still play the guitar

Amazing guitar player take a moment to watch.

No Hands Guitar Player

Dhalif: Silhouette in C Major

Dhalif - Silhouette on C Major JT Backing

Paul Gilbert,Guthrie Govan, Sam Coulson: Paul gives the nod Guthrie and Sam

Sam Coulson In the august edition of Total Guitar Paul Gilbert talks about how he likes my playing!

Sam Coulson Who do you think is the most influential player of the new era of shredders?
PG: "I'm not nearly as familiar as I should be about so many new people. But Guthrie Govan is really great. I still love Eric Johnson. To me, anyone who came out after 1985 is still new, but thats just my age! I really like Sam Coulson. I don't know if his even made a record yet but he's another youtube guy. He has good vibrato, tone and general musicality. He sent me an email to my website and said, 'check out this video of me playing' and three seconds in I was like, 'Oh man, this guys really got something'"

Sam Coulson: at MonkeyFest 2011

Sam Coulson at MonkeyFest

Alex Martinho: new album complete

Alex Martinho:
This is the cover of my new CD, "Universe in Me," which is coming soon! One or two days I finish my new website with all pre-sales information, to listen to music, etc. .. 're Reaching the time!

Mike Campese: Rock Realms interview

What’s your favourite track on the LP, and is it the sound of the song or the memories behind it that make you love it?
Mike: I love the song "Closer to The Sun", it is my favourite tune on the record. I think it is one of the best tunes I have ever written, it is very melodic, it has feel and some crazy guitar playing all in one song and it was written and recorded real quick. Originally, I first used the progression for a guitar lesson I was working on and then after I turned it into a complete song. more

Greg Howe, Stu Hamm: Monteroduni jazz festival summer 2011

Greg Howe Stuart Hamm Dennis Chambers trio live eddie lang jazz festival Monteroduni summer

Greg Howe Stuart Hamm Dennis Chambers trio live Monteroduni jazz festival summer 2011(HD)

Greg Howe-Stu Hamm-Dennis Chambers - Sunny - Eddie Lang Jazz Festival Monteroduni (IS) - 3.8.11

Joop Wolters: Eight String crunch reveals a Rainbow child


See Joop Wolters stunning playing live at Jason Becker Fest.

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Albert houwaart: Improvising on a Bmin jam

Albert houwaart- Improvising on a Bmin jam

Adrian Belew,Tony Levin: US tour dates

Sept. 19 Atlanta, GA Variety Playhouse
Sept. 20 Carrboro, NC Carrboro Arts Center
Sept. 21 Knoxville, TN Bijou Theater
Sept. 22 Annapolis, MD Ram’s Head On Stage
Sept. 23 Phoenixville, PA Colonial Theatre
Sept. 24 Vienna, VA Jammin Java
Sept. 26 New York, NY Iridium
Sept. 27 Boston, MA Royale
Sept. 28 New York, NY Iridium
Sept. 29 New York, NY Iridium
Sept. 30 Fairfield, CT Stage One
Oct. 1 Northampton, MA Iron Horse
Oct. 2 Montreal Corona Theatre
Oct. 4 Toronto The Mod Club
Oct. 5 Buffalo, NY Tralf
Oct. 6 Covington, KY Historic Southgate House
Oct. 7 Detroit, MI Magic Bag
Oct. 8 Chicago, IL Old Town School of Folk
Oct. 9 Minneapolis, MN Cedar Cultural Center
Oct. 11 Boulder, CO Boulder Theater
Oct. 12 Salt Lake City, UT The Depot
Oct. 14 Portland, OR Aladdin Theater
Oct. 15 Seattle, WA Triple Door
Oct. 17 Sacramento, CA Harlow’s
Oct. 18 San Francisco, CA Regency Ballroom
Oct. 19 Solana Beach, CA Belly Up Tavern
Oct. 21 Agoura Hills, CA Canyon Club
Oct. 22 Santa Ana, CA Galaxy Theater
Oct. 23 Phoenix, AZ The Foundry
Oct. 26 St. Louis, MO Old Rock House
Oct. 27 Indianapolis, IN Birdys
Oct. 28 Nashville, TN Belcourt
Oct. 29 Asheville, NC Moogfest

Michael Lee Firkins: talks about his first distortion pedal

Michael Lee Firkins:
I got my first electric guitar and amplifier at Mid City Loan in Omaha, NE, in 1979. Mid City Loan was a huge pawn shop with rows of great guitars and amps. My dad took me there for my birthday after I somehow convinced my folks that I deserved either an electric guitar or a go-kart. more

See Michael Lee Firkins at Jason Becker Fest

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Joe Satriani: Satch Sweepstakes mega booty!

The grand prize winner will receive:
- One (1) Ibanez Satriani Black Dog guitar signed by Joe Satriani – a retail value of $7,999.99
- D’Addario and Planet Waves Prize Package including the following – a retail value of $932.00
- Joe Satriani Signature Straps – 1 of each design
- Joe Satriani Signature Picks – any design
- Joe Satriani Chrome Dome Picks (10 packs)
- 50 sets of D’Addario XL Electric Guitar Strings
A total retail value of $8,931.99!

Frank Caruso: Arachnes new CD

01. I Know the Darkness
02. Big Hearth
03. I'm Sorry
04. Into the Fog
05. Magic World
06. My Face Is Hard
07. Running in an Old Town
08. Take Your Life
09. Parallel Worlds
10. The Reason of the Things
11. Your Death
12. Fireball

Artist: Arachnes
Title: A New Day
Release Date: Out Now
Format: Digital Download
LM Promo Page:

Arachnes are a modern progressive melodic power metal band from Italy based around the talents of the Caruso brothers, vocalist Enzo and guitarist Frank (Strings 24). With four well received albums already under their belts Lion Music are pleased to offer up the digital distribution of their new release “A New Day”.

With a wide ranging set of influences from the likes of Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Toto, Yngwie Malmsteen, ELP, Jethro Tull, Yes, Miles Davis and the classical world greats; this enlightened inspiration helped develop the Arachnes sound which is rich in scope yet with a well focused core sound.

From heavy-roots to modern technologies Arachnes take both power and melody and combine these 2 different sides in order to achieve the biggest impact. Their new release “A New Day” is testament to this approach and is home to 11 new songs plus a turbo charged cover of the Deep Purple classic “Fireball”.
Arachnes’ A New Day is available now from all leading digital platforms.

Niels Vejlyt: Sthenic new cd / dvd details

Artist: Niels Vejlyt
Title: Sthenic
Release Date: 16th September 2011
Format: CD+DVD / Digital Download
Catalogue: LMC308 / EAN6419922003084
LM Promo Page:

Best known as the guitarist and driving force behind metal outfit Infinity Overture, Danish guitar virtuoso Niels Vejlyt is about to make his mark on the guitar instrumental scene with his powerful solo debut ‘Sthenic’ on 16th September 2011 fully loaded with a bonus DVD!

Already no stranger to guitar fanatics worldwide thanks to numerous instructional DVD’s, books and his own online guitar school, ‘Sthenic’ is a long awaited release for Neils Vejlyt’s legion of fans worldwide and is also sure to attract many newcomers.

With a sound reminiscent at times of instrumental offerings from Jeff Loomis, John Petrucci and Steve Vai etc, ‘Sthenic’ sees Vejlyt serve up 8 tracks that blend intricate heavy riffs with exciting grooves and chord progressions over which Niels’ formidable lead technique takes the album over the edge!

With a strong core backing band of Jakob Vand (Infinity Overture) and bassist Kris Gildenlow (ex Pain Of Salvation), Niels has taken the live approach of a classic 3 piece and worked from that basic premise adding further textures and rhythm guitars to build a strong wall of sound. This live feel to the music manages to bring a direct sound often lacking in ‘overdub city’ guitar offerings and also make the album more palatable for even the most hardened cynic.

Mixed and mastered by the legendary Tommy Hansen (Helloween, Jørn Lande, Circus Maximus) ‘Sthenic’ boasts a strong and powerful production which further enhances the listening experience and makes this a true scorcher of a release for guitar fans worldwide.

01. Heads Up (3.23)
02. Die Today (5.12)
03. Rain (4.28)
04. Samurai (4.46)
05. Meteors (4.47)
06. My Little Rascal (4.16)
07. Kajsa (4.19)
08. Winter (9.16)

01. Riffs and Chops of Rain.
02. The Licks of Sthenic.
03. Riffs and Chops of Samurai.
04. Niels Veljyt Live 2011.
05. Sound check and Warm-up.

Niels Vejlyt: Guitars.
Kris Gildenlow: Bass.
Jakob Vand: Drums.
Bernardo Fesch: Bass on Die Today and Winter.
Mads Damgaard: Piano on Kajsa.

Produced by Niels Vejlyt.
Edited by Niels Vejlyt.
Mixed by Tommy Hansen.
Mastered by Tommy Hansen.
Album art by Matthias Norén.
Album design by Graham Nederland.

News: Guthrie Govan captures the imagination of keyboard players

Guthrie Govan Keyboard Cover - Wonderful Slippery Thing

Jordan Rudess: shreds Greece!

Last Day in Greece

Doug Steele: guitar pick joy :)

Doug Steele geetar picks

Thanks to James and everyone at GA...I am now a happy boy.

Fran Alonso: Morley Power Wah Guitar Competition

Fran Alonso - Morley Power Wah Guitar Competition!.mpg

Andy K: Laney Ironheart IRT120 Head Demonstration

Andy K takes you through the features and sounds of the brand new Laney Ironheart IRT120H Amplifier.
Laney, the quintessential UK amplification brand that helped give birth to Heavy Metal, is proud to present the all-new IRONHEART range of amplifiers. Forged deep in the Black Country, the IRONHEART IRT120H valve head continues the legacy begun decades before with Laney amps such as KLIPP and AOR.

Brimming with features, amazing tone and stunning looks, the IRONHEART IRT120H is a thoroughbred metal amp on steroids.
For more information about Laney's Ironheart range of guitar amplifiers, please go here:
Laney woud like to thank Andy K and Brett Turner for this demonstration video.

Laney Ironheart IRT120 Head Demonstration Video by Andy K

Morten Faerestrand: Steve Vai Sweeps lesson for tabs, more lessons and LIVE online guitar lessons!

Steve Vai Sweeps - GUITAR LESSON by Morten Faerestrand

Nicolas Waldo: Sik Pik demo - warp speed plectrums

SIK PIK Guitar picks PROMO - NICOLAS WALDO Guitar player

Ben Lapps: Unbelievable 15 yr old acoustic tapper

Unbelievable 15 yr. old guitarist!!! super fast acoustic shredding

Ben Lapps plays Squaredance

Ben Lapps playing Going to California

Mats Hedberg: Manne True temperament acoustic shred

Mats Hedberg fools around on his MANNE ORS Acoustic frettd wtih Anders Thidells True temperament fretting system !

shred acoustic

Paul Gilbert, Billy Sheehan: Mr. Big Addicted To That Rush

Mr. Big ~ Addicted To That Rush (not complete song) ~LIVE~ 7-31-11

Sam Bell: djental Zirtektations and liquid improvisations

Zirtek Playthrough

plus a little light improvisation, tasty tones and liquid licks.

Sam Bell Guitar Improvisation

Nick Johnston: tasty blue strat improv

Nick Johnston - Strat improv

Conrad Harpham: Morley Competition Entry

Morley Competition Entry - Conrad Harpham

Cesar Huesca: Steve Vai tribute The Mysterious Murder Of Christian

Steve Vai - The Mysterious Murder Of Christian Tiera's Lover (Cover by Cesar Huesca)