Friday, 5 August 2011

Alex Hutchings,Jack Thammarat: 'Drivin' Blues

Two mighty guitarists with death defying improvisational skills battle it out from opposite sides of the globe, only to succeed in creating a union of pure axe shredding bliss. Jack from Bangkok/Thailand and Alex from JTC's headquarters in London/UK. The backing track is called 'Drivin Blues' and is taken from the Contemporary Blues Series featuring Guthrie Govan. See.....
Alex Hutchings & Jack Thammarat jam over 'Drivin' Blues' from

Joe Diorio: 75th Birthday celebration

Guitarists Gather to Celebrate Joe Diorio's 75th Birthday at Birdland on August 7

JOE DIORIO (Photo courtesy of R. Andrew Lepley)

Some of jazz's finest plectrists will gather to salute acclaimed guitarist Joe Diorio for his 75th birthday at New York's famed Birdland jazz club on August 7.

Sam Bell: Melodic Chord Groove

Mask of Judas 2012 album writing in progress!

Melodic Chord Groove - Sam Bell/Mask of Judas

Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet... got yours yet?

This is what they look like folks...

Join us on this special show!

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Carlo Losavio: Voodoo Child - acoustic live!

Voodoo Child (J.Hendrix) By Carlo Losavio

Greg Howe, Stu Hamm, Dennis Chambers: Eddie Lang Jazz Festival 2011

Stunning playing at the Eddie Lang Jazz Festival in Monteroduni 2011 show!

Greg Howe, Stu Hamm, Dennis Chambers live @ Eddie Lang Jazz Festival 2011 - "Sunny" (HD)

Greg Howe-Stu Hamm-Dennis Chambers - Sunny - Eddie Lang Jazz Festival Monteroduni (IS) - 3.8.11

Greg Howe, Stu Hamm and Dennis Chambers drum solo - Eddie Lang Jazz festival 2011

Greg Howe Stuart Hamm Dennis Chambers trio live Monteroduni jazz festival summer 2011(HD)

Greg Howe, Stu Hamm and Dennis Chambers - Eddie Lang Jazz festival 2011

Nick Meares: Morley Power Wah Guitar Competition

Morley Power Wah Guitar Competition - Nick Meares

Jan Somers: tribute to the late Jan Somers by his son Timo

Wow some great playing from the late Jan Somers, check out his playing too. I hope the guy is ripping solos in heaven! Look out for his amazing son too Timo Somers

Timo Somers:
This is my favorite song, for ever. Mainly because it's my dad playing ;P. I love his guitarwork.

Timo - Still with me

Jan Somers (Band) - Still With Me - cd Here We Are

Jan Somers Tribute

Jan Somers (Band) - Here We Are - cd Here We Are

Jason Becker: birthday happiness!

I love you Kristin! Photos by Ross Pelton.

Great to see some great photos of Jason with Kristin

Brian May: We WIll Rock You - Bohemian Rhapsody, Beatrixtheater Utrecht

Wow I missed this one... thanks to Kris Clarehout for spotting this one.

We WIll Rock You - Bohemian Rhapsody, Beatrixtheater Utrecht 3-9-2010 Premiere With Brian May

Dave Celentano: ASAP Two Hand Tapping

"ASAP Two Hand Tapping" instruction dvd by Dave Celentano

Matt Mills: Acoustic album due in the fall

This is a preview of the new Matthew Mills album coming in September 2011 this Matthew's first all acoustic guitar album. The album will have 11 tracks all recorded and composed by Matthew Mills.This will be Matthew's 5th solo instrumental album. The album is called Matthew Mills Acoustic Visions

New Matthew Mills 2011 album preview.mpg

Gretchen Menn: make a date with Gretchen and win some guitar booty!

"Date with Gretchen Menn" Album Release Party and Giveaway!

08 August · 18:30 - 20:00
Created by:
More info: 

Gretchen Menn is a bad@ss guitar player and uber fun person to chat with so straighten your bow ties everyone, we're going on a dinner date Monday, August 8th @ 6:30 PM PDT [convert]to interview Gretchen in support of her new CD release "Hale Souls."
Throughout the broadcast, we will be giving away special gifts from DiMarzio, Engl, Maxon & more. To be eligible to win these items, YOU MUST RSVP TO THIS EVENT & be watching when your name is announced through GuitarTV's "Live Facebook Chat" (top right on
Check out this video of Gretchen performing "Oleo Strut" featuring Stu Hamm on bass and John Mader on Drums:
Check out this video of Gretchen performing "Oleo Strut" featuring Stu Hamm on bass and John Mader on Drums:

"Oleo Strut" by Gretchen Menn

Tyler: new top 20 from guitar idol live final posted

Alive inc. Tyler
Tyler from ALIVE INC.
Marius Pop
Marius Pop - Marbri
Ignacio Torres
Ignacio Torres - Horus
Toomas Vanem
Lonely Proton
Denis Warren
Denis Warren - A Whisper To My Soul
Mario Ortiz
Tormenta de Sombras
Fernando Parra
Fernando Parra - Start - (Guitar idol)
David Wallimann
Luna's Dream
Daniele Liverani
Daniele Liverani - All Is Pure
Luis Coelho
Luis Coelho - Undercover D Illusion
Franco Perla
Frank Pearl - The Neverendless Song
Hugo Martin Hermosilla Courbis
Hedras Ramos
Hedras Ramos - Stellar Crash
Eugene Berger
Eugene Berger - Funkissimo
Domenico, Francesco GALLO
Natural Space - Domenico GALLO
matias baeza
Giuseppe Ricciolino
Giuseppe Ricciolino - Synchronic Language
rodrigo rivera
Rodrigo Rivera - Fade Out
Marc Playle
Marc Playle - Dysfunction
Richie Halmai
Halmai Richie - The Evil DAnce

Malina Moye: Bospop 2011 interview and live

Bospop 2011 - Interview Malina Moye

Malina Moye - Bospop 2011 - 002

Philip Sayce: Bospop 2011 - Interview

Bospop 2011 - Interview Philip Sayce

News: G+ how do these circles work then?

I've seen a a lot of people new to google plus puzzling about Circles, the method for organising your friends lists. Well if you get this part right, this is will be best part about G+. Using circles I've managed to get lots of tech news and lots of guitar news and not had to wade knee deep through piles on none posts as was the case with the facebook method. Google hae put together a help site to let you know how to use them too.

About circles

Google+ Circles helps you organise everyone according to your real-life social connections - say, 'family,' 'work friends,' 'music buddies,' and 'alumni'. Then, you can share relevant content with the right people and follow content posted by people that you find interesting. For example, you might post an announcement about your engagement and show it only to people in your friends and family circles, or maybe you see a post from the circle you created for your book club that there's a recent article on your favourite author.

You can also decide to customise your personal profile information for your circles. For example, your contact details, location and relationship information would be visible to your friends circle, while your employment history and education would be visible to your alumni association circle.

Get started with circles.

Extra role out features are being added to G+ as many have not been able to import their faebook friends (I used the yahoo route)

Balaji Srinivasan (google)
Hey Everyone, We’ve heard that you want to invite your friends, but sometimes you don't know their email addresses... or sometimes its not easy to find it.

To address this, we’ll be rolling out a new feature over the next few days that lets you invite others simply by using a link.

When you click the “invite friends” button on the right-hand side of the page, you’ll find a new link that you can IM to friends or post on the web.

Since we're still in field trial, we're limiting sign-ups from these links to 150 per person for now. We hope you'll like this easy way to bring your friends onto Google+. Thanks and keep the feedback coming!

News: YouTube - Why is my viewcount frozen?

Lots of people have noted this in their view counts. Whatever it was that caused the problem must have been major, as restoration of the data is still in progress, but when you are dealing in billions of people and terabytes of data this is not surprising: to keep up with the latest update. Why is my viewcount frozen?

Andy Wood: Raleigh Music Academy 2011

On July 30th, 2011, Andy Wood performed the song Emergence Day from his solo cd, A Disconcerting Amalgam. This performance was at the Raleigh Music Academy in Raleigh, NC and the backing band was Paul Warren (guitar), Lindsey Tims (bass) and Andy Campbell (drums). Andy played through the Rhodes Colossus head into a Port City vertical 2x12 cab with his signature model Suhr Modern. Paul used an Ernie Ball JP7 Autumn Redrise going direct with an Axe-FX Ultra. Lindsey played a Dargie Delight Bongo 5-string into a Port City prototype bass head. The drums are Pork Pies.

Andy Wood performs Emergence Day at the Raleigh Music Academy

Brett Garsed: Dark Matter review reposted

Brett Garsed is a total master of the guitar, his playing is always inventive, interesting and never repetitive which is probably the hardest thing to achieve as a guitarist in my opinion it shows that you don’t rely or fall back on patterns but just play what you hear in your head. This album has something for everyone even though it leans more toward the Jazz Fusion side of things, try if you like Greg Howe, Andy Timmons, Joe Satriani… no actually just buy it, it’s awesome and you will love it. FULL REVIEW

To buy the album head over to

Looks like this was reposted from without permission. I don't remember everything I read folks... so apologies to Jon Bloomer for this faux pas on my part.

Mika Tyyskä: Mr Fastfinger smells a rat

Mika Tyyskä aka Mr Fastfinger is recording tracks for his new upcoming record.... meanwhile in the studio something strange is smelling...

Mika Tyyskä:
One day in the studio, we started smelling something bad and suspicious. The next day it smelled even worse. We soon started realizing there needs to be something evil in there. Mr. Fastfinger has a very good nose and we soon traced the direction. It was the left back corner of the studio where the real smell was coming from. Right behind the amplifier. more

Guthrie Govan: Live at Alvas showroom

Guthrie Govan @ Alvas Showroom 01-17-11

Guthrie Govan- King of the Hill Theme @ Alvas showroom

Guthrie Govan - Waves @ Alvas Showroom 01-17-11

Guthrie Govan performing Wayne Shorter's "Footprints" at Alvas showroom

Marcel Coenen: Warming Up

Marcel Coenen will let his guitar do the talking at the upcoming Jason Becker Fest in Amsterdam... expect some guitar fireworks a that show

Marcel Coenen - Warming Up Solo from the Guitartalk Video CD

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Adam Nolly Getgood, Petey Graves: Red Seas Fired up

With our debut record release date only a month away we decided it was high time you saw us playing through a track, so here are our guitarists PeteyG and Nolly playing through our track Cipher.
For those of you who care about gear, here are the details of what we are using...
Nolly is using his custom Vik Guitar, the Duality 7, made by a great luthier whose work you can check out here:
Pete is using a standard spec Mayones Regius 7 string, made by the custom guitar company from Poland, check them out here:
Both of the guys recorded their parts direct using the Axe FX Ultra from Fractal audio.
Other than this their rigs consist of VHT Poweramps and the speaker system of choice for them is Zilla Custom Speaker Cabinets, check them out here:
In the meantime check out these links.

Red Seas Fire - Cipher - PeteyG & Nolly Playthrough

Yuki,Seiji: D_Drive live

D_Drive / Cassis Orange ロックイン新宿店 Yuki & Seiji

D_Drive / Lost Block ロック イン 新宿 店 Yuki & Seiji

D_Drive / Cassis Orange 11.7.31 Cat Music College