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Richie Kotzen: ALICE666ist series

Richie Kotzen: ALICE666ist series

Paul Gilbert, Billy Sheehan: Mr Big Smoke On The Water at The Galaxy

Mr. Big ~ Smoke On The Water.~ The Galaxy ~ 08/04/11

Carl Verheyen: Dean Markley "Balanced Bridge"

Carl Verheyen Demos His Dean Markley "Balanced Bridge" Helix HD Strings

Sloth Chubsteen: Stratus a neighbour jam session

Stratus cover Mike and Manny

Cloux: rocking Star Trek theme

Star Trek theme rock version By Cloux

Fatih Ahıskalı: Godin MultiOud

Godin on stage during a performance with the new Multi-Oud, or during recording, feedback can get excellent results without any problem. Optional built-in microphone pre-amp on the bridge and pickup selector with pleasure play the sağlayacak.4-way microphone can have a different image of the 4 audio. Also on the pre-amp with a tuner to the special design tuners, you will enjoy a very comfortable making tuning. Godin Multi-OUD 100% Canadian-made.

Fatih Ahıskalı - Godin MultiOud

Richie Kotzen: Rockers Red Carpet Interviews for Japan Benefit

The Rockin' Rag's Rockn' Rolivia on the red carpet with Rockers for Japan at Harper's in Tarzana, CA featuring LIVE interviews with Paul Shortino, Carmine Appice, Ukulele Ray, Keli Raven, Richie Kotzen [3:20 in], Vinny Appice, Michael T. Ross and rocker brothers, Robert and Rudy Sarzo.

Rockers Red Carpet Interviews for Japan Benefit

Juliette Jade: Sia, Stooges,Exploited and Ozzy Osborne!

Juliette Valduriez back and busy posting more cool guitar playing!

Breath Me - Sia

Mr. Crowley - Ozzy Osbourne

Gimme Danger - The Stooges

Beat The Bastards - The Exploited

Brian May,Jamie Humphries: Two masters at work!

Andrew Bytheway posted a great photo of Brian May and Jamie Humphries

Brian Auer: solo on Staind's new tune Not Again

Brian E Auer Help promote my Solo by Going to this Page and clicking LIKE!!

If you don't I'll sick my Dog on you!!!!​ortunities/staind-guitar-solo-​opportunity/submissions/68743

Check out this submission in Staind - Not Again Guitar Solo Opportunity on Indaba
Brian Auer guest solo on Staind's new tune Not Again

Bjössi Klütsch,Steve Hunt,Roberto Badoglio: Re-Evaluation Time band

Roberto Badoglio:Bass Guitar
Steve Hunt:Keyboards
Bjössi Klütsch:guitar
Pablo De Biasi:Drums

Re-Evaluation Time band is much more than a simple fusion band, it´s four guys pursuing some kind of romantic dream and a lovely mission: to bring back the concept of good jazz-fusion music with no compromises, groove oriented jazz with a burning level of interaction and energy, able to electrify any kind of people. These four crazy dudes don´t really care about what the sound and genres that music industries are pushing nowadays are, they will just keep playing what comes from their hearts and souls until they will be too old and probably too fat to play loud tunes (someone believes that this period will coincide exactly with the moment when the bassist will learn to stop making extremely ridiculous funny face while playing..who knows..) .
It all started in 2008, when Italian bassist Roberto Badoglio asked to veteran fusion keyboardist and pianist Steve Hunt(Allan Holdsworth, Stanley Clarke, Billy Cobham) to join forces together to record Roberto´s first solo album "Re-Evaluation Time", published in 2010 under Steve Hunt´s label "Spice Rack records".
But it is just after that Rob moved to Berlin in 2010 that the real adventure started, one night when he met guitarist Bjössi Klütsch, a guitar player who shares the same ideas on music and the same love for electric jazz as Roberto does. Getting back together with Steve and after contacting Italian drummer Pablo De Biasi for a series of concerts in Italy in May 2011 the wild and crazy mission officially took off. Stay tuned for further developments;)

Bjössi Klütsch,Steve Hunt,Roberto Badoglio: Re-Evaluation Time band

Juliette Jade: back and giving your puppet shelter

Gimme Shelter - The Rolling Stones

Master of Puppets / One - Metallica

Daniele Gottardo: Centroapolloni clinic

Daniele Gottardo clinic -

Daniele Gottardo clinic -

News: Shred Guy has some cool booty!

Shred Guy has some great T-Shirts buy

Allan Holdsworth: Happy 65th Birthday to the master!

A very Happy 65th birthday to "Lord Allan Of Holdsworth"... possibly the greatest guitar player on the planet... I know Allan would no doubt disagree... but there I said it!

What better way to celebrate than with guitar friends Kiko Loureiro, Richard Hallebeek.

Allan Holdsworth is the influential electric guitarist who has played a vital role within the music products industry as both an endorser and instrument designer. Allan has recorded 12 well-received albums, toured and performed with the likes of Tony Williams and Jean-Luc Ponty and composed a string of songs. In addition, Allan has worked with a number of industry companies on product designs. In 1984, he helped design his first signature model for Ibanez. He later worked with Ned Steinberger, Grover Jackson and more recently with Mark Kiesel at Carvin Corporation where Allan co-designed several guitars including the HF2 Fatboy and his popular Carvin signature model.

Brian Carroll: Truth In Shredding Buckethead is the TOP 100 player by page view count

Brian Carroll, aka Buckethead leads the number of page views for last year... mainly for this one post Brian Carroll: buckethead unmasked, is this for real?

Top 10 players view count

  1. Brian Carroll Page Views: 17222
  2. Paul Gilbert Page Views: 16912
  3. Guthrie Govan Page Views: 11709
  4. Steve Vai Page Views: 11212
  5. Joe Satriani Page Views: 8744
  6. Yngwie Malmsteen Page Views: 8400
  7. Gary Moore Page Views: 6182
  8. Richie Kotzen Page Views: 6036
  9. Andy James Page Views: 5874
  10. Tony MacAlpine Page Views: 5718
  11. Jason Becker Page Views: 5687
  12. Daniele Gottardo Page Views: 5501
  13. Rob Chappers Page Views: 5439
  14. Orianthi Page Views: 5186
  15. Greg Howe Page Views: 5005
  16. Allan Holdsworth Page Views: 4644
  17. John Petrucci Page Views: 4522
  18. Alex Lifeson Page Views: 4332
  19. Alex Hutchings Page Views: 4327
  20. Chris Broderick Page Views: 4212
  21. Juliette Valduriez Page Views: 3796
  22. Marty Friedman Page Views: 3790
  23. Joe Bonamassa Page Views: 3682
  24. Tom Quayle Page Views: 3616
  25. Michael Angelo Batio Page Views: 3578
  26. George Lynch Page Views: 2959
  27. Ron Thal Page Views: 2948
  28. Jeff Loomis Page Views: 2945
  29. Hedras Ramos Page Views: 2881
  30. Tosin Abasi Page Views: 2827
  31. Marco Sfogli Page Views: 2566
  32. Marshall Harrison Page Views: 2501
  33. Robert Marcello Page Views: 2448
  34. Rusty Cooley Page Views: 2399
  35. Nor­zamri Lagenda Page Views: 2241
  36. Mark Varney Page Views: 2232
  37. Misha Mansoor Page Views: 2211
  38. Jack Thammarat Page Views: 2133
  39. Harry K Cody Page Views: 1764
  40. Russ Parrish Page Views: 1760
  41. Gustavo Dalfarra Page Views: 1751
  42. Tommy Emmanuel Page Views: 1732
  43. Frank Gambale Page Views: 1722
  44. John Norum Page Views: 1701
  45. Steve Lukather Page Views: 1622
  46. TJ Helmerich Page Views: 1600
  47. Nili Brosh Page Views: 1595
  48. Fernando Miyata Page Views: 1594
  49. Andy Timmons Page Views: 1499
  50. Shred This III Page Views: 1489
  51. Jeff Beck Page Views: 1486
  52. Zakk Wylde Page Views: 1470
  53. Christian Muenzner Page Views: 1459
  54. Vinnie Moore Page Views: 1457
  55. Michael Schenker Page Views: 1429
  56. Milan Polak Page Views: 1403
  57. Anton Oparin Page Views: 1393
  58. Jacqueline Mannering Page Views: 1338
  59. Kostas Karamitroudis Page Views: 1329
  60. Derryl Gabel Page Views: 1290
  61. Richie Blackmore Page Views: 1290
  62. Tom Hess Page Views: 1262
  63. Brett Garsed Page Views: 1253
  64. Alex Skolnick Page Views: 1223
  65. Michael Romeo Page Views: 1202
  66. Eric Johnson Page Views: 1201
  67. Arielle Schwartz Page Views: 1180
  68. Steve Morse Page Views: 1175
  69. Vinnie Vincent Page Views: 1125
  70. Steve Howe Page Views: 1106
  71. Karolina Sustova Page Views: 1104
  72. Attila Voros Page Views: 1097
  73. Jess Lewis Page Views: 1043
  74. Kiko Loureiro Page Views: 1028
  75. Eddie Van Halen Page Views: 1027
  76. Stephan Forte Page Views: 1014
  77. Dave Martone Page Views: 1012
  78. Devin Townsend Page Views: 999
  79. Jennifer Batten Page Views: 991
  80. Ronnie James Dio Page Views: 973
  81. Andreas Varady Page Views: 958
  82. Charles Altura Page Views: 954
  83. George Bellas Page Views: 953
  84. Prashant Aswani Page Views: 916
  85. Rick Graham Page Views: 899
  86. Michael Dolce Page Views: 863
  87. Damjan Pejcinoski Page Views: 850
  88. Jeff Kollman Page Views: 844
  89. Alex Masi Page Views: 829
  90. McRobert Baguiz Page Views: 822
  91. Reb Beach Page Views: 822
  92. Alex Machacek Page Views: 808
  93. Syu Merupakan Page Views: 801
  94. Flash Bathory Page Views: 800
  95. Michael Landau Page Views: 799
  96. Scott Mishoe Page Views: 794
  97. Sam Coulson Page Views: 786
  98. Jack Gardiner Page Views: 778
  99. German Schauss Page Views: 777
  100. John McLaughlin Page Views: 776

Richie Kotzen, Daniele Gottardo: Boschello Music Store 2010

Richie Kotzen - live clinic @ Boschello Music Store - 26.10.2010 (part 1)

Daniele Gottardo and Richie Kotzen - live clinic @ Boschello Music Store - part 2

See Daniele Gottardo at the Jason Becker Fest

Not Dead Yet site
Face Book Page
Book Tickets

Dimitar Nalbantov: Amplitube 3.5 Orange Thunderverb 200

Amplitube 3.5 Orange Thunderverb 200 - Octa - V

Marcello Zappatore: cool Scarecrow's Dance tribute


Adam Nolly Getgood: Red Seas Fire - Cipher

Red Seas Fire - Cipher - NollyCam

Chris Letchford: Origin Of Species

Chris Letchford playing "Origin Of Species" on Strandberg Headless 7 String • Scale The Summit HD

News: Chord Flash cards

Tempo Music Cards have been providing guitar lessons, articles, backing tracks and other resources for a year now. To celebrate their first birthday, they have released a new Guitar Flash Cards and eBook bundle to help guide beginners through learning 50 basic open chords. The brand new eBook contains lessons, exercises, print-outs and a comprehensive practice plan to guide beginners through a 30 day course to learn the chords. As an added bonus, all orders will receive free shipping of the Flash Card Packs worldwide. This is an effective way to learn chords and definitely a more interesting way than studying a chord dictionary.

Paul Gilbert: hot pink Racer X guitar spotted

Thanks to Smiley Jim who is the proud owner!/Racersteen68

Marina: classical guitar at just 7 years old!

Spanishe Romance Antonio Cano

Feste Lariane.flv

Eric Johnson: Up Close Tour 2011

Guitarist Eric Johnson hits the road to promote his new album "Up Close". Joining Eric are Chis Maresh on bass and Wayne Salzmann on drums. Eric will be performing songs from his latest album along with some old favorites plus new material. Check the tour schedule at the end of the video and be sure to see them when they come to your town.

Eric Johnson - Up Close Tour 2011

Allan Holdsworth: what's your favourite album?

Allan Holdsworth: what's your favourite album? ... vote here:

Richard Lainegard: Staind competition video

Richard Lundmark STAIND Guitar Solo Showdown

Socrates: Cochise

Socrates - Cochise

Albert Lee,Carl Verheyen: Tear It Up

Albert Lee & Carl Verheyen Band "Tear It Up"

Sloth Chubsteen: Joe Satriani Rubina tribute

Sloth thanks his neighbours:
I have the best next door neighbor in the world!

Joe Satriani Rubina cover Mike and Manny

Byron Fry: keep it under a hundred

Sane words for Mr Bean aka Rowen AtkinsonI'm guess that you don't need me to tell this guy is a awesome guitar player... but if you do... you'll be wanting a copy of this damn fine album: which is cemented firmly in my album collection!




Camila Simont: Tico Tico no Fubá

Camila plays Tico Tico no Fubá - Zequinha de Abreu

David Wallimann: seven blue sheets to the wind

Crazy Guitar Blues Solo

Richie Kotzen: Arthur's Museum - time machine completed and tested

1988 New Years Day show at the Silo, Reading, PA ...U.S.A. Brian Varhelyi, Scott Lloyd, Richie Kotzen and Danny Thompson....we had played an incredible new years eve the night prior....I think I was still feeling it alittle....wrote this song when Buzz and Alisa were still in the band, the outro is one of the rockinest licks I wrote in the 80's but got traded in for a fade out on the record (I think....wasn't it?!)

Arthur's Museum "Life" from "Gallery Closed"

Arnaldo Garcia: emotion jams 2011

Jams2011 Arnaldo Garcia1

Ron Thal: classic all out guitar interview

Is there a community going on between the old Shrapnel players? At least among the players around here? Stephen Ross is from New York, isn’t he?

He lives maybe a half-hour away from me. Michael Romeo from Symphony X lives forty five minutes away – I’ve hung out with him a bit.

Did you all know about each other fifteen years ago? Did you hear about who was the baddest player in the area?

I met Steve Ross and Mike Romeo for the first time at a guitar show we were all playing at, in like 1988-89.

The famous Sam Ash guitar competition, that you actually weren’t entitled to compete in? [The competition was open for New Jersey residents only, Bumblefoot being a New York City resident.]

Yeah, that was the last time I did that!

Hey, you won!

That just makes it worse. They said: ”We want you to be in it”, and signed me up. The thing is that they, Sam Ash, made the rules, and they wrote me into it. Basically it was against my will. I told them I didn’t want to do it, and they were like, ”You better show up because you’re on there now.” And then I ended up winning, which was like, ”Oh shit! That wasn’t supposed to happen.” But yes, we all met from there, me Mike and Stephen. I also talk to Vinnie Moore once in a while. We just ended up e-mailing each other out of nowhere at some point, that kind of thing. I recently hooked him up with some hard disk recording equipment, so he could record all the guitar tracks for the UFO album at his studio.

He’s a scary player.

He’s great. He lives maybe one-and-a-half hours from me, in Delaware.

What’s your relation to the guitar these days. You’re doing so many other things than play guitar

At any given point I’m usually doing at least two or three things at once. So I might be uploading our video to Google, having dinner and watching TV with the guitar in my hands, all at the same time. When I’m playing I’ll also be on the phone trying to arrange, for instance, a dance mix between a famous dance remixer and some guy that I’ve worked with, trying to negotiate things. So I usually have a bunch of things going at once. That’s why I really need a manager. I had one a few years ago but he ended up ruining everything. So I have been trying to do everything myself. more