Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Giorgio Rovati: Clean and Gain twins

Mr.Clean & Mr.Gain live in studio

Chris Brooks: ten things I've learned about making albums

1.Work with people who are genuinely into the project, from the musicians down to the mixing and mastering engineers, whose aim is to deliver to your satisfaction. nine more things

News: Schecter Damien Elite 8 demo

This is the Schecter Damien Elite 8 String Guitar, one of Schecter's most popular extended range instruments, done in a Limited Edition Silver Burst finish only available here at PGS. The Damien Elite 8 String comes loaded with active EMG 808 pickups to translate the massive low end information this thing pumps out, and controls for volume, tone, and 3-way switching give you a variety of tonal options. Other highlights include black chrome hardware, gothic cross fretboard inlays, and a bolt-on maple neck with graphite truss rods. These Limited Edition Schecter Damien Elite 8-string guitars will go fast, so grab one before they're gone. -

Schecter Damien Elite 8

Paul Antonio Ortiz: Chimp Spanner interview

(Chimp Spanner) Last year you played a few shows with some members of Monuments. In the meantime you've recruited your own live band. Can you tell us who they are and why you picked them? Will they be contributing to your new material?

Paul: The live band is myself, Jim Hughes (second/rhythm guitar), Adam Swan (bass guitar) and Boris Le Gal (drums). In the run up to the Tech Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself Tour with Aliases, I basically put out a plea for band members as my understanding at the time was that Monuments would be tied up, and I'd already committed myself to the shows. Hayato Imanishi of Cyclamen was kind enough to put me in touch with Boris (who had worked with them and Haunted Shores on their split EP) and my good friend Jim from home stepped up to the role! Finally Adam (or Swanney as most people know him) became free in time for the tour and...yeah that's kinda how that happened!
As far as writing goes, it's still just me going nuts in my room haha. It can be a bit frustrating but I think for now it's the best way to keep sight of where I'd like the project to go.

(Uneven Structure) Since the last time we interviewed you guys (roughly 1.5 years ago), you recruited a new drummer. In the meantime he's been with the band for a while of course. What surprised us is that he is also Swedish, where does this preference for Swedish drummers come from?

Igor: Our previous drummer was French, although he lived in Sweden for some time. But yeah, it's kind of a coincidence!
Auré: Actually it all happened last year, a few months before Euroblast festival. We needed a drummer to play that show and Daniel Ädel (Vildhjarta) told us he knew a drummer and that he could put us in touch, so we asked him to try. Since everything went really well we kept him in the band, also he has some crazy cooking skills!

Auré: «Our drummer has some crazy cooking skills!»

(Chimp Spanner) You had a side project called 'Blessed Inertia', but it's been quiet around that for a while now. What happened? Adam Swan is also in Monuments of course - do any of the other band members have other projects?

Paul: Yeah that was basically started up by me and Jim quite some time ago. We were going to take it live, mainly for the sake of experience. Then everything kind of kicked off with Chimp Spanner and it got put on hold. The tracks we have are really cool though, and we'd still like to do something with them, maybe involving some guest vocalists! As for other projects, Boris plays in 101% Pantera and Neonfly. Check them out!! more

Tom Richardson: Live 4 Guitar interview

"Tom, outstanding guitar playing for only being 18 years old. You've got a bright future ahead of you!" - Derryl Gabel

“Incredible playing and sophistication. Tom is the one to watch for the future of Fusion Guitar” - Tom Quayle

“Teen Guitar God” - Total Guitar Magazine

These are some of the comments levelled at this young Northerner who never fails to impress with his guitar skills.

5 years after he picked up a guitar, at the tender age of 14, a video of an unaccompanied solo he performed at his school was featured in the “Best of YouTube” section in Total Guitar Magazine praising his playing.

I was curious to find out more about him.
After having tried his hand at several musical styles, he found himself more and more inspired by players such as Guthrie Govan, Alex Hutchings and Tom Quayle and from then on he decided he would focus his time on learning more about Jazz and fusion as the styles intrigued him greatly and this is still the main focus of his playing today.

Tom, why do you play guitar?

I’ve always had an interest in guitar playing since I was very young and since picking up the guitar for the first time, that interest has continued to grow. Throughout the years I’ve always set my sights on aiming to be like my favourite players while also developing my own style,which has given me motivation to improve and continue playing. Now I’m at the point where I would love to make a living out of guitar playing some way or other. My liking for Jazz and Fusion has also sparked a newfound interest in guitar playing as before I felt I was getting a bit jaded with my playing style whereas now I want to learn as much as possible about these styles and there’sa lot to work on! more

Északi Szabolcs: Hayden's Big Haul solo competition

Északi Szabi-Hayden's Big Haul Solo competition

here's number one

Hayden's Big Haul solo competition by Északi Szabi

Brian Auer: String Skipping Arpeggio Lesson

This is a good exercise to get started with string Skipping Arpeggios. Includes Tab and Backing Track for Practice.

Notice all 3 patterns are the same just moved up in different keys. This is a Study, not a Musical composition. Practice it and try and incorporate this in your own playing.

String Skipping Arpeggio Lesson (With Tab)

Timo Somers, Jason Becker: "Not Dead Yet" Festival Amsterdam (November 2011)

Jason Becker's "Not Dead Yet" Festival Amsterdam (November 2011)The festival will be opened by band put especially for this benefit performing some tunes Jason write for David Lee Roth. On guitars, rising Dutch star Timo Somers, who just finished a world tour with Delain (see vid). Currently recording the new Delain album and his very first solo album! More news soon!

Timo Somers with rock band Delain

Delain - The Gathering - London O2 Islington Academy

vengeance - Solo Timo somers (17 years old)

Deniz: Palmer junction solo

smooth minor

Fletcher Barton: Hufschmid Guitars Competition

I am submitting this entry on behalf of my 11 year old son Fletcher with hopes that you may enjoy him entering even though he does not meet the age requirements for your competition. He would love to win your beautiful guitar. Fletcher currently plays 6 strings or his 7 string baritone but he has also been dreaming of having a custom made Hufschmid with 8 to 10 strings. He even has detailed plans that he has drawn up for it! This is a clip of him playing at a jam night at the Chapparal in Cottonwood, AZ with his 14 yr. old friend Chance on drums & neither of them had ever played with incredible fretless bassist John before this moment. Much fun was had by all.
Please know that Fletcher is a huge fan of your guitars!
Thank you! Fletcher's mom =)

Hufschmid Guitars Competition - Fletcher Barton

Adam Ironside: Hufschmid Guitars Competition

Here is my humble entry to an awesome competition. The track is called A Message From Space and is from my upcoming Cosmolgy debut album, however, for the purposes of this competition it has been slightly re-arranged and features MORE guitar, which is always good :)

Why do I want to win?
I think it goes without saying that Patrick makes some of the best guitars you can get and I have spoken with several respected musicians who all say that his guitars are WELL worth the money. Sadly, that kind of money doesn't come along often in my household. I feel I have no 'right' to this guitar more than anyone else so I hope that Patrick simply picks the artist who's music he enjoys the most, if that isn't mine, then so be it.

Hufschmid Guitars Competition

Jiri Novotny: Hufschmid Guitars Competition

Hufschmid Guitars Competition

Joe Bonamassa, Michael Casswell: iguitar jam time Joe Bonamassa guitar jam with Michael Casswell. Guitar Interactive met up with Joe Bonamassa and interviewed him whilst he was in the UK. This video is the guitar performance before Michael Casswell began asking Bonamassa about this Gibson Les Paul '59, songwriting and the new Black Country Communion Album.

Watch the FULL Joe Bonamassa interview with Michael Casswell in Issue 4 of Guitar Interactive by heading here:
Joe Bonamassa Guitar Jam With Michael Casswell Guitar Interactive Magazine Issue 4

David Locke: Quantum Leap Theme and Laboga Alligator 50 Head

Quantum Leap Theme - Mike post - David Locke

Laboga Alligator 50 Head - David Locke