Friday, 9 September 2011

Északi Szabolcs: 6th Live4Guitar competition #2

6th Live4Guitar competition - Északi Szabi jam.2.

Eddie Van Halen: Van Halen at US festival 1983

VAN HALEN - Runnin' With The Devil [ US fest 5/29/83 ]

VAN HALEN - You Really Got Me [ US fest 5/29/83 ]

VAN HALEN - Pretty Women [ US fest 5/29/83 ]

Michael Schenker: Cry For The Nations 2010

MSG / Michael Schenker Group - Cry For The Nations [ Full 1080p HD ] 2010

David Locke: Tomorrow's World... today!

Tomorrow's World Theme - David Locke

Juliet Bravo Theme - David Locke

Istvan Alapi: niXfactor run out

The song from his upcoming album " niXfactor "
The album will available soon .

Istvan Alapi - Beauty And The Beast , Pécs, IH. Hungary 09.08.2011.

plus One of the best Chick Corea songs

Istvan Alapi - Spain, Pécs, Hungary 09.08.2011.

Michael Lee Firkins,Ronnie Montrose: Canyon 2011

Michael Lee Firkins,Ronnie Montrose: Canyon 2011

See Michael Lee Firkins in Amsterdam

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Ronnie Montrose, Sammy Hagar: Bad Motor Scooter 1974

MONTROSE w Sammy Hagar Bad Motor Scooter 1974

Frank Vignola:"Tico Tico" with The Les Paul Trio

Frank says- "Les used to love this one" The Les Paul Trio is Lou Pallo, John Coliani- Frank Vignola was a special guest this evening and was a member of The Les Paul Trio for many years. The Iridium features The Les Paul Trio w/ Special Guests every Monday and donates a portion of door to The Les Paul Foundation,
Les Paul Trio Feat. Frank Vignola Solo At The Iridium- "Tico Tico"

Walter Trout: Goodbye To the Blues - Live at Iridium 2011

Walter Trout with Anton Fig and the Les Paul Trio - Goodbye To the Blues - Live at Iridium 8.25.11

David Wallimann: Improved Live Masterclass

Get your ticket at

This is your chance to finally learn and understand what modes are!
This lesson is perfect for guitar players who feel stuck in their improvisation and want to use modes in their music and stop relying on pentatonic scales all the time.
The lesson is $10 for 2 hours of high quality instruction and comes with 7 backing tracks and scale diagrams.

Improved Live Masterclass

Yngwie Malmsteen: Fugue with orchestra

Yngwie Malmsteen - Fugue with orchestra.AVI

Mattias IA Eklundh: the freaks in NYC!

FREAK KITCHEN -live at drom NYC -speak when spoken to -sept 8, 2011

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Alex Verghese: Marco Sfogli Sunset Light

Great cover of one of my favourite tracks...

So its been awhile since I put up a video, thought I'd try this song, probably my second fave of Marco's album after Andromeda. far from flawless but hope you enjoy anyway. Kept the volume of my guitar pretty high so you can hear all the errors :D

Learnt by ear (apart from the run at 2:37 to 2:40, Marco tabbed that at his forum :D) so no tabs sorry. Might transcribe if I get alot of requests.

I'm using a 7 string for this video but you don't need one to play the song.

Guitar is a Schecter Omen 7 Extreme with Dimarzio Crunch Lab 7(bridge) and Liquifire pickups (neck). Pod XT live used for tone, recorded through analogue output (not USB), sound monitored with M-Audio BX5a speakers. Been playing for near 5 years. Tuning is Bb,Db, Ab, Db, Gb, Bb,Eb. 9-54 gauge strings used.

If you like the tones I used in this video and have a Pod XT or possibly Pod compatible device, subscribe me and send me a private message with your e-mail address ill send you the patches. I'm also happy to answer any other questions about recording etc. I do get alot of messages from time to time and its hard keeping up with them so I might not reply sometimes.
Alex Verghese on FB

Marco Sfogli - Sunset Lights - Cover

Greg Howe: Argentina - 2011

Greg Howe - A Delicacy [Bs.As., Argentina - 2011]

Greg Howe: Escuela de Música de Buenos Aires 2011

Greg Howe2

Steve Arvey: getting into the spirit of the blues... may be too much

Steve Arvey drinks a little to much Gin at a Filming of a Instructional DVD for blues music.

Drunk Blues Guitar Teacher

Pascal Corriu: Easy Life Blues

Easy Life Blues: P Corriu's tribute to J Beck & G Benson

Colin Smith: TRex MAB pedal demo

Hello ,,

Got a cool demo and some awesome V-picks Action Got the brand New V-Pick NEXUS to show you and use in this Demo! and we have the cool pedal from T-REX

The = T-REX MAB OD (Michael Angelo Batio Overdrive) Demo Today 4 ya!!!

bit of tech stuff here on the pedal

Input Impedance @ 1KHz 395KOhm Output Impedance@1KHz 1,2KOhm Power supply 9V DC (Power tool 9) Minimum Power supply Voltage 8V DC Maximum Power supply Voltage 12,5V DC Current Draw @ 9V DC 7mA Maximum input signal Vp/p 2,5Vp/p Battery Type 9V battery 6F22 Battery Life 12 to 16 Hour External connectors Input Jack. Output Jack, 9V DC Jack Controls On/Off, Level, Gain Tone Depth120mm Width 100mm Height 55mm Weight (excl. battery) 0,424Kg

Heaven-sent overdrive
Michael Angelo wanted a pedal that would give him creamy, classic overdrive without clouding his unique touch and tone. T-Rex produced an overdrive unit with a sound sweet enough to make an angel cry -- but with an earthy bite and punch! From a medium blues crunch to a rock guitar wail, Michael Angelo overdrive covers the full spectrum of overdrive distortion.

Michael Angelo Batio's tonal masterpiece
Let there be no doubt: the Michael Angelo Batio Overdrive was created for this guitarist and his brand of melodic heavy rock -- moody, moving, majestic. But the core of this pedal is a warm, natural-sounding smooth distortion that will appeal to any guitarist looking for the holy grail of overdrive.

T-REX MAB Overdrive Demo

Jason Becker: be part of it!

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Laurie Monk:
I know many of you won't be able to make that journey to Amsterdam but you can still be part of this great quest, the quest to help those who suffer from ALS..., you can help us raise more money with your promotion of the event... more promotion and fundraising activities on the way.

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Lyle Watt: Heavy Metal Shuffle

Here's a video of the first track - "Heavy Metal Shuffle" - from my EP ''Homegrown'' available at

Thanks to SuperParry 12 for the video!

Lyle Watt - Heavy Metal Shuffle (MonkeyFest 2011)

Scott McGill: Classical Sequences Lessons

Scott McGill: IN THIS LESSON we’ll be looking at some sequential phrases found in classical music that have influenced the rock and fusion guitar vocabulary. These examples are excellent for the development of both hands, so sharpen up your pick and let’s get our chops up!

Leslie West,Joe Bonamassa, Billy Gibbons,Steve Lukather: Unusal suspects packed with great rock music and heavyweight guitar stars

Leslie West, Legendary guitarist and the founder of one of rocks most influential bands, Mountain, will release abrand new solo album, 'Unusual Suspects', on Monday September 19th.
The album features West alongside a hand-picked line-up of the world's finest guitar players; including Slash, blues-rock guitarist Joe Bonamassa, Black Label Society front man and ex-Ozzy guitarist Zakk Wylde, ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons and Toto's Steve Lukather.

Released by Provogue Records, the album follows the shocking news that, in late June, West underwent life-saving surgery, when his leg was amputated above the knee. While such an ordeal would surely deter lesserartists, West insisted on honouring the 'Unusual Suspects' album’s September release date and is gearing up for a US tour in October.
Read the full press release online here.

"These guys don't just show up to play on everybody's albums," says West on his special guests and the album's title. "They're all stars in their own right, and fantastic players - everyone with their own sound and style, about as far from the usual suspects as it gets."

Yngwie Malmsteen: V's Lyla... who is cuter?!

Lyla on the Yngwie measuring stick.

Russ Parrish: Steel Panther not wanting to go off half cocked

Not sure if my mirth container can hold out for the extended release date...


Steel Panther have announced that you'll have to wait a little longer before they get their Balls Out. The new album, aptly titled, "Balls Out" will now be released on 31st October. Check out this message from the band.

A Message From Steel Panther

Rob Chapman: Facebook & Twitter

Facebook is

Twitter is

Rob Chapman Facebook & Twitter - A direct order

Daniele Gottardo: Lee Pearson at Eddie Lang Jazz Festival 2011

Daniele Gottardo & Lee Pearson improvise and enjoy over " All Blues" @ Eddie Lang Jazz Festival 2011

Daniele Gottardo & Lee Pearson jam @ Eddie Lang Jazz Festival 2011

Prashant Aswani: Signed a new deal with Providence Cables and Line 6

Prashant Aswani
Signed a new deal with Providence Cables. They are amazing. Larry Carlton, Michael Landau, and many others using the same cables. I will be shooting some video soon.

Prashant Aswani
I signed with Line 6. I haven't used digital gear in the past but they have elevated the bar so high. Line 6 will be a brilliant addition to my productions and live rig. Bogner has helped design the amps I am using. Videos coming soon.

Eric Calderone: Party Rock Anthem LMFAO metal

Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO Meets Metal

Kiss From A Rose by Seal Meets Metal

Tom Quayle: Wampler Pedals Endorsement

Tom Quayle
Session Musician/Journalist/Demo Artist/Teacher

• Paisley Drive
• Ecstasy

New Endorsement! Wampler Pedals.

Happy Friday guys - hope you're looking forward to the weekend. This is my last weekend of full time teaching - all future weekends will be dedicated to finishing the album and finally getting in some much needed practice time. Can't wait. I may also get some gaming done as I got a copy of Dead Island today - kind of like Left for Dead meets Fall Out 3 - and I'm totally hooked! Amazing game and anything Zombie related goes down so well in our house!
I also got engaged last week to my amazing girlfriend Cheryl. She's incredible and very patient and understanding with my guitar related shenanigans! I love you Cheryl and thanks for saying yes!
One very cool development over these last two weeks is that I've started using Wampler pedals and they've been kind enough to offer me a great artist deal. Thanks especially to Jason Wilding who organised the whole thing and was incredibly kind to let me try out the pedals first. Of course, I'm still using my awesome Toadworks pedals but the Paisley Drive and Ecstasy offer me sounds I didn't have previously and I'm a serious sucker for Overdrive pedals! Demos coming soon. Here's the link...

Susan Tedeschi: Derek Trucks better half sings the blues
Susan Tedeschi is performing with her husband Derek Trucks in their new group, Derek Trucks & Susan Tedeschi Band. Their website is now your hub for all news about the Band and their music.

Susan Tedeschi: Blues Cazorla Festival 2009

Mike Stern: Live Leverkusen Jazztage 2003

Mike Stern - guitar
Bob Franceschini - saxophone
Alain Caron - bass
Lionel Cordew - drums

Mike Stern - Slow Change + interview (Live Leverkusen Jazztage 2003)

Mike Stern - Tipitina's + interview (Live Leverkusen Jazztage 2003)

Mike Stern - Ha Ha Hotel (Live Leverkusen Jazztage 2003)

Therese Wiig : Follow the Signs (Solo) - Born of Osiris

BORN OF OSIRIS ROCKS! Ok, so this solo is the hardest one I have ever attempted to play, so yeeh. I noticed that I make a lot of constipated faces when I concentrate really hard, so based on my lovely facial expression while playing this, you can see that it's freakin though ;) And most of the people that I've seen on youtube that cover this solo have been playing for like 5 years, and I've only been playing for 3, so cut me some slack :D And of course I'm wearing my Born of Osiris shirt which I bought from Cameron Losch himself when BOO played a show in Oslo... Which was awzuum. Born of Osiris are the best! And yeh, hope you enjoy it :)

Follow the Signs (Solo) - Born of Osiris

Walk (Solo) - Pantera