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Tom Quayle: Autumn Subscriber Giveaway

Hi guys,

This video is to say thanks to all my subscribers on Youtube. My channel is about to hit 5000 subscribers and that fact alone totally blows my mind! So, in order to say thanks for that I'm running a bit of a celebratory giveaway here on the tube. Once my channel reaches 5000 subscribers I will be giving the following prizes away for free!

Prize 1 - A Suhr Riot Distortion Pedal
One lucky subscriber will win a Riot distortion pedal made by Suhr. This is a fantastic piece of kit and used by many superb players. Postage will be paid by Tom (any import duties will need to be paid by the winner if applicable).

Prize 2 - Three free lessons from my website -
Two lucky subscribers will win three lessons of their choice from my website. Once they've chosen I will send them download links for the lessons.

Winners will be chosen at random from my subscribers list once the number reaches 5000. You need to be subscribed to be in with a chance so press that button now!

Thanks again to everyone for all the support and kindness! You guys rule!

All the best,


Autumn Subscriber Giveaway -

Michael Lee Firkins: tour dates updated

*9/23/11 The Historic Rogue Theater, Grants Pass, OR.
*9/24/11 Navarro General Store, Navarro, CA.
*10/2/11 Harbor Bay Festival, Morro Bay, CA.
10/7/11 Slowdown, Omaha, NE.
*10/9/11 Reggie's Rock Club, Chicago, IL.
*10/10/11 Blondie's, Detroit, MI.
*10/12/11 Ridgefield Playhouse, Ridgefield, CT.
*10/13/11 Showcase Live, Foxborough, MA.
*10/14/11 B.B. Kings, New York, NY.
*10/15/11 Havana New Hope, New Hope, PA.
*10/19/11 Lou's Blues, Indialantic, FL.
*10/20/11 Largo Cultural Ctr. Tampa, FL.
11/13/11 "Not Dead Yet" Jason Becker Benefit Patronaat in Haarlem (Netherlands)

*11/19/11 Tower Theater, Fresno, CA.

*= Opening for the 2011 MONTROSE TOUR Also: You can go to my website for updates:

Not Dead Yet site
Face Book Page
Book Tickets

Chris Feener: Threat Signal Face The Day crunchy shred!


Diego Budicin: reviews Kldguitar pedals

Diego Budicin reviews Kldguitar pedals: Tubebooster, Rat and Overdrive.

Lyle Watt: California Girls (Katy Perry)

Lyle Watt - California Girls (Katy Perry)

Sandra Bae: The Phantom of the Opera Medley

The Phantom of the Opera Medley [Sandra Bae]

Tommy Emmanuel: Angelina [Sandra Bae]

Billy Gibbons: A Tribute from friends new CD

Waitin' For the Bus/Jesus Left Chicago-Daughtry by RCA Music Group


The music and legacy of ZZ TOP - “That Little ol’ Band from Texas,” that has been part of the world’s musical landscape for over 40 years - will be celebrated with the October 11th release of A TRIBUTE FROM FRIENDS.

The album, to be released by Show Dog-Universal Music, features 11 classic ZZ Top songs interpreted by top-flight artists working in a broad range of musical genres. All of the album’s tracks have been newly recorded, specifically for the project. These include Filter’s performance of “Gimme All Your Lovin’,” Grace Potter & The Nocturnals’ take on “Tush,” as well asWyclef Jean’s “Rough Boy,” “Legs” from Nickelback and Wolfmother’s interpretation of “Cheap Sunglasses.”

The album kicks off with “Sharp Dressed Man,” from The M.O.B., Mick Fleetwood’s ad hoc group that includes fellow Fleetwood Mac founder John McVie as well as Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler and guitar great Jonny Lang. Fleetwood commented, “We’re delighted to honor ZZ Top this way. Their legacy, like that of the original Fleetwood Mac, is steeped in the blues we all love so much. I know that Steven and Jonny feel as strongly about their legacy as John and I do.”

After Billy F Gibbons, Dusty Hill and Frank Beard, the original--and continuing-- members of ZZ Top were informed that A Tribute From Friends was in the offing, they issued the following statement:

“When we were told there was going to be a ZZ Top tribute album a while ago and logically asked, ‘Who are we paying tribute to?’ Then we found out that a bunch of great artists were paying tribute to us and we were in disbelief. For the past forty or so years, all we've done is get out there and crank it and try to have a good time while doing so. To a great extent, we've succeeded since we're still having a good time so that would be reward enough for ‘the same three guys playing the same three chords.’ Now comes A Tribute From Friends and we're so delighted that our music resonates with these great musicians whom we so admire.”

A Tribute From Friends also includes “Waitin’ for the Bus/Jesus Just Left Chicago” by Daughtry, “Got Me Under Pressure” from Duff McKagan’s LOADED and Mastodon’s version of “Just Got Paid.” Coheed & Cambria contributed the anthemic “Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers” while country superstar Jamey Johnson’s track is the seminal “La Grange.” Of their invitation to be a part of the album, lead singer Chris Daughtry said, “We were completely honored! A classic great band with amazing songs? We're in!” And of ZZ Top’s music, “It's classic! Simple chord progressions, great riffs with hooky choruses...very inspiring to a band like us.”

The co-executive producer of A Tribute From Friends is Carl Stubner, ZZ Top’s manager, who noted, “A Tribute From Friends underscores the legacy of ZZ Top in the most musical way possible and illustrates just how important Billy, Dusty and Frank have been to successive generations. It was a privilege to work with the pantheon of brilliant artists who contributed their efforts and so much love to this project.”

Since Billy, Dusty and Frank founded ZZ TOP on the last day of 1969, the band has been responsible for the worldwide sale of over 50 million records highlighted by many of the very same songs heard on A Tribute From Friends as well many others including “Sharp Dressed Man,” “Pearl Necklace,” “I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide,” “Tube Snake Boogie” and a score of smash hit albums that include the RIAA Diamond Award winning (10 million sold) Eliminator as well as gold and platinum winners Afterburner, Fandango!, Deguello, Recycler, Antenna, El Loco, Tejas, Tres Hombres plus compilation sets. Their hit repertoire, iconic and award-winning videos and massive touring schedule has made them a favorite with audiences throughout the world and beyond – they previewed a track from their forthcoming album aboard the Soyuz space vehicle. They are recipients of the Texas Cultural Trust’s 2011 Texas Medal of the Art and had previously been named “Official Texas Heroes” by the state's House of Representatives. They were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones in 2004 who cited the band’s remarkable consistency and longevity and, first and foremost, the fact that ZZ Top is “steeped in the blues,” calling them “the heartbeat of the whole country and the heartbeat of rock ‘n’ roll.”

1. “Sharp Dressed Man” – The M.O.B. (Mick Fleetwood, Steven Tyler, Jonny Lang & John McVie)
2. “Gimme All Your Lovin’” – Filter
3. “Tush” – Grace Potter & The Nocturnals
4. “Legs” - Nickelback
5. “Cheap Sunglasses” – Wolfmother
6. “Got Me Under Pressure” – Duff McKagan’s LOADED
7. “Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers” – Coheed & Cambria
8. “Just Got Paid” – Mastodon
9. “Rough Boy” – Wyclef Jean
10. “Waitin’ for the Bus / Jesus Just Left Chicago” – Daughtry
11. “La Grange” – Jamey Johnson

On Tour

ZZ Top - I Need You Tonight (Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, 8 October 2009)
Beautiful "technician" gives Billy his blues hat...
Some noodling of Billy before the song starts, great atmosphere!

Double Down Live Tour

ZZ Top - I Need You Tonight (Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, 8 October 2009)

Ruggero Robin: Trio live

Ruggero Robin Nicola Sorato Andrea Quinzi.wmv

Ruggero Robin Trio Istrana Dim Screw.wmv

Joe Satriani: Social Network overload!

Joe Satriani
Too many social networks and not enough time! Lots of stuff going on with the Foot in this last week before Chickenfoot III drops next Tuesday Sept. 27th. Realized that I haven't posted the last few podcasts or Part 1 and 2 of The Making of Chickenfoot III. Here are links to all of the latest episodes:

Podcast #3 Different Devil -
Podcast #4 Up Next -
Podcast #5 Lighten Up -
Podcast #6 Come Closer -
Podcast #7 Three And A Half Letters -

The Making of Chickenfoot III
Part 1 of 3 -
Part 2 of 3 -

iChickenfoot's Channel - YouTube
Share your videos with friends, family, and the world

Geeks of Doom: How are you at the moment?
Joe Satriani: Very well thank you.
Geeks of Doom: What sort of reaction have you had to the new single “Big Foot”?
Joe Satriani: Everyone is crazy about this track and the new record!
Geeks of Doom: The second Chickenfoot album is called Chickenfoot III – whose idea was that and why?
Joe Satriani: I think it was Sammy’s idea. He was riffing off of Chad and Mike wanting to call it 4!  


Jake Reichbart: Pop Hits for Solo Jazz Guitar DVD

Jake Reichbart
To all guitarists who want to learn how to play solo jazz guitar arrangements of great pop songs, check out this DVD!

Pop Hits for Solo Jazz Guitar, Instructional/Guitar/DVD - Hal Leonard Online

A first-call freelance guitarist in Detroit and Ann Arbor, Jake Reichbart has performed alongside Motown and jazz legends in his thousands of live gigs. Here this seasoned vet shares his solo guitar t...

Michael Schenker,Uli Jon Roth,Leslie West: 3G's set to rock America

3 Guitar Heroes Tour (featuring Michael Schenker, Uli Jon Roth & Leslie West)

OCT 06 2011 Infinity Nusic Hall & Bistro Norfolk, CT USA
OCT 07 2011 Hart Theatre Albany, NY USA
OCT 08 2011 The Ridgefield Playhouse Ridgefield, CT USA
OCT 09 2011 The Flying Monkey Plymouth, NH USA
OCT 12 2011 Showcase Live Foxborough, MA USA
OCT 13 2011 Stone Pony Asbury Park, NJ USA
OCT 14 2011 Irving Plaza New York, NY USA
OCT 15 2011 Theatre Of Living Arts Philadelphia, PA USA
OCT 16 2011 NYCB Theater At Westbury Westbury, NY USA
OCT 18 2011 The Fillmore Silver Spring, MD USA
OCT 19 2011 Sound Stage Baltimore Baltimore, MD USA
OCT 20 2011 House Of Blues Cleveland, OH USA
OCT 21 2011 Bogart's Cincinnati, OH USA
OCT 22 2011 Egyptian Room Indianapolis USA
OCT 25 2011 Blondies Detroit, MI USA
OCT 26 2011 The Pabst Theater Milwaukee, WI USA
OCT 27 2011 House Of Blues Chicago, IL USA
OCT 28 2011 Hoyt Sherman Theatre Des Moines, IA USA
NOV 02 2011 Austin City Limits Live At The Moody Theater Austin, TX USA
NOV 04 2011 House Of Blues Dallas, TX USA
NOV 05 2011 House Of Blues Houston, TX USA
NOV 09 2011 El Rey Theatre Los Angeles, CA USA
NOV 10 2011 The Grove of Annaheim Annaheim, CA USA
NOV 11 2011 Boulder Station Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, NV USA

News: What is Shredding?

“SHREDDING” What is it???!!

SHREDDING. What is it? Who does it? Who does it RIGHT? Who does it WRONG? How can I tell the difference? How can I be sure to do it right? Why should I give a shit? Why is shredding so bashed on? Why is shredding so misunderstood?
Shredding is a subject that is the biggest debated, most heatedly argued about subject in all of the guitar world. People who actually totally suck are held up as guitar hero’s. Real players who are truly legendary are at best glanced at, then forgotten, but normally ignored. Why is this? How and why has this reversal occurred? From the 17th century towards the end of the 20th century (1991 or so to be specific) a musician was treated with the highest respect if he was of an incredible ability. The most well known and relatively recent examples of this are: Nicolo Paganini, Franz Liszt, Frederic Chopin. And these legends seem to have faded.
These and so many countless other musicians of a supernatural caliber have been ignored with almost no exception (Coletrane is one modern day musician occasionally talked about). Some guitar players who’ve had their day in the sun to varying degrees are Edward Van Halen, Randy Rhodes, Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai and, Joe Satriani. There are others….. just fill in the blank.
Here are some of my thoughts as to why we have this continuing problem. WE as Americans are pathetically fuckin’ stupid. And sadly, it’s not limited to music. So, we have illiterate morons in varying degrees all over the country graduating and not graduating from high school with no way to tell the difference. Today when someone is gifted at something and their at a typical school k-12, the scumbag-puke, low-life students of the school will insult, berate and relentlessly harass these people and treat them as outcasts, just for using their minds. This is what we have still. But, with music we have championed mediocrity like I still can’t believe.

Plus Liquid Note CEO Matt Williams got a number of views on What is Shred from his guitar book: The Modern Guitarist: A history of rock guitar since the seventies

'Shred'. It's a term used, misused and abused by nearly every musician and non-musician in the world of modern guitar music. And for all the attempts magazines and individual players have made at defining this ambiguous term, few if any have arrived at a satisfactory, let alone definitive definition. To confound this further, the following represents several guitarists' personal interpretations of the term whose answers only go to show that they don't know what 'shred' means either!

Nathan Doyle

'Shred is a technique performed at mind-bending speed, when your fingers start melting and your wrist flexor group feel ready to explode you're rippin', when your playing so fast that you can't see your fingers move -- I guess that's pretty O.T.T., but real shredding has to be about stamina as well, the ability to keep shredding, just when the listener is feeling dizzy with the demi-semiquavers riveting them to their wall, you strike again with your best shot that literally tears their head off, it is also about fitting as much as you can in to a "sentence" with no punctuation!'

Todd Duane

'Hmm ... the Harvard Dictionary of Music describes a virtuoso as the following: "a performer who excels in technical ability. The term is sometimes used as a derogatory reference to one who excels in technique only, lacking comparable understanding and musical taste". I think this describes shred pretty good.' view on shred

More :

Fabrizio Leo: I suoni e lo stile

Fabrizio "Bicio" Leo - I suoni e lo stile - Accademia Musica Moderna

Tony Keck: two handed blues tapper

Tony Keck House Of Blues Solo "In Chicago" guitar

Tony Keck- Blues Tapping--Innovation live

Tony Keck plays Sleepwalk

Ian Crichton: Saga Canada date!

Time 02 October · 20:00 - 23:00
Location: Quebec City, Quebec
Created by:Todd Farhood For Official SAGA Facebook Group
More info
SAGA, live at Le Capitole in Quebec City.
For tickets: 418-694-9930

Jason Becker: Gregg Bissonette talks about Jason

Gregg Bissonette Talks About jason Becker

Not Dead Yet site
Face Book Page
Book Tickets

Jeff Loomis: Christine Rhoades to provide vocals on new album

A short n sweet sneak preview listen of Christine Rhoades' vocals on the forthcoming Jeff Loomis solo album. Loomis plans to bring in vocalist Christine Rhoades (who has appeared on some Nevermore tracks) to sing on three tracks on the record.

Preview of Christine Rhoades' vocals on forthcoming Jeff Loomis solo album

News: A Bird Contest 2012 - cash prizes!

A Bird Came Flying Contest: | rules

SUBMIT your video/audio via the submission form: 16 dec. 2011 - 28 feb. 2012
note to the contestant: try to collect as many votes/comments/views
as possible during 16 dec. 2011 - 28 feb. 2012 !

1. low entry costs: musicbook /.wav = application fee
2. transparent rules + unique voting system
3. both celebrated harpists + other musicians will be installed
as jury members
4. A BIRD contest focuses mainly on personality & expression &
creativity & experiment instead of sheer virtuosity
5. a good review looks good on your cv
6. the winner gets a nice financial award
7. & last but not least: a lot of fun!

the CONTEST will have 2 categories:

A) = the performer: plays A BIRD CAME FLYING for
harp solo or any other solo instrument
FORMAT = YouTube

A BIRD AWARD 2012 will be given to the most ♫ expressive
♫ authentic harpist or any other instrumentalist solo who shows
his/her own personality in the interpretation + who is
of course in command with the instrument

first prize = $500
second prize = $200
third prize = $100

B) = the creative/experimental artist: 1 of the 5
pieces from the musicBOOK can be used by arrangers/improvisers/
remixers (for those who work in midi or make a remix there
will be a mp3 available)
FORMAT: YouTube or SoundCloud

A BIRD AWARD 2012 will be given to the most ♫ creative
♫ innovative ♫ experimental arranger / improviser / remixer

first prize = $800
second prize = $300
third prize = $150

Mattias IA Eklundh: Expomusic 2011

In addition to a fantastic guitarist, considered by many one of the most creative of the world, Matt is an extrovert and good about life. For those who are in their presentations Expomusic 2011, AT & T, Souza Lima and he mentions the bars in the video, you will have the distinct impression that a true genius lit Brazilian Guitarist community. Do not miss. In addition to a fantastic guitarist, Considered by many one of the most creative of the world, Mattias IA Eklundh is an extrovert and good about life. For Those who intend to be in his presentations at Expomusic 2011, Brazilian Music Show, will have the distinct impression That a true guitar genius lit up the Brazilian community. Do not miss.


News: Guitar For Ever News round up

Thanks to for a round up of recent guitar news up dates.

Shrapnel Records-Group / Blues Bureu International Records News

Blues Master Chris Duarte's New Album "Blues In the AfterBurner"

Blues Meastro Eric Gales' New Album "Transformation"

Chick'n Pick'n Virtuoso Johnny Hiland's New Album "ALL Fired Up"

Magna Carta Records News

Free Live Webcast - Magna Carta Records - Not to be Missed !!!

On Sunday September 25 at 3 p.m. EDT, Magna Carta recording artists Dave Martone and Glen Drover (MEGADETH, KING DIAMOND, EIDOLON) will take part in an historic performance that will be webcast worldwide as part of the “Live At Metalworks” series from Mississauga, Canada. or

X Opus "The Epiphany" Album Review
X Opus "The Epiphany" is a New Debut Album by metal-prog multi-instrumentalist James Williams out of Texas, and I must say this is one album for the neo-classical music books.
The Android Meme "Ordo Ab Chao" 
The Android Meme official video's link Listeners will hear influences of Tool, Genesis, Peter Gabriel, Tears for Fears, Depeche Mode, Motley Crue and Rush.
Magna Carta’s website direct link to: pictures, album cover & sound samples:

The Android Meme's guitar drivin' music.

Boosweet Records News >>>

  • Boosweet Records & Todo Guitarra y Bajo magazine present:
  • The power to make you a guitar star !!

Legendary Guitarist George Lynch News >>>


The sun is setting on a mesa top overlooking ground zero at Wounded Knee. A ragtag group of politically rebellious musicians, calling themselves “Shadowtrain,” perform along with colorful ceremonial “ghost dancers” and powerful native drummers. Throughout an odyssey that has concluded here, they have embarked into the dark heart of American history, and of human nature itself... WINNER TAKES ALL...

New Album - Kill All Control >>> When asked about the dual course of his successful career, future and past, Lynch just smiles and responds, “The people have been asking . . . and I think I answered.”

Legendary Bassist Marco Mendoza News >>>

Marco Mendoza Tour Dates Updated w/ Thin Lizzy on Tour w/ Judas Priest