Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Gary Schutt: Mr. Crowley

guitarist Gary Schutt plays Ozzy's "Mr. Crowley"

Eric Calderone: Christmas Meets Metal

Hey guys,
I want an official Red Ryder BB gun with a compass in the stock haha, Christmas it is. There's obviously hundreds of Christmas songs so I did my best to keep it interesting. Big ups to every single one of you for making this an incredible year. Thank you for all the support, messages, subs, fan art, donations, comments, and suggestions. You guys have rocked the casbah all year and continue to blow my mind. Have a very metal Christmas,
Best to ya


Christmas Meets Metal

Roomerfabi: tribute to Guthrie Govan

Roomerfabi-Guthrie Govan melodic series1


Lydian mode soloing lesson file include
files include Main video Slow video of the whole piece 8 slow videos showing each part Chord chart in .gpx and .pdf 2 speed backing tracks Tab in .gp5, .gp6 and .pdf Lesson description in Word

Roomerfabi-Lydian mode soloing concepts Lesson

Full lesson available at
files include Main video + slow video of the whole piece 6 separate videos showing each section played in slow speed 2 speed backing tracks Tab in GP6, GP5 and PDF Chords breakdown in Word document

Roomerfabi-The Tapping song -lesson

Joe Pinnavaia: Free CD as a Christmas gift

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!
As a gift to all of you I am giving you all a link to download my new record "Fragile X" which is out now on iTunes and Amazon for FREE!!!

Click Here for FRAGILE X

All I ask is that you go to iTunes and leave me some feedback on the record. There will also be a bonus track available at my website soon!

Spread the word of the Rhino to all that love guitar music!!

As I am getting ready to wrap up the year of 2011 I wanted to thank every one of you for your support and interest in guitar lessons and education.

I have been busy with BREAKERBOX ( with co writing some new material plus I performed with them live which will be the next big video release for 2012! Make sure you visit and subscribe to their email list for updates and special deals on music and merch!
I will be heading out for the NAMM Show in Annahiem, CA this January and will be checking out some new gear and meeting some great musicians and seeing some great performances! It will be exciting and Ill post some video of my trip for you guys to check out.
I will be posting no more free videos of guitar lessons to YouTube because I will have my Guitar Sherpa room at up and running for personal one to one lessons and interactive study. The room will be ready to launch in Janaury - the monthly tuition will be a one price platform which will be affordable for just about everyone!

Until next time,
Keep Playing!!
Much Love,
Joe Pinnavaia

Guthrie Govan, Dave Kilminster: STOLEN! Thieves take all the bands gear in Rome!!!

Help the band find their gear! If you see or hear anything about this gear let Guthrie know or drop a line here and I will pass the information on.

From Drop Box

Guthrie Govan's gear stolen in Rome

The gear was taken from the band's van in Rome on the afternoon of 17 December. However, the Italian police told him that there was nothing they could do, so the guitarist has turned to the internet for help instead.

You can view the full list of stolen gear below, some of which was rented gear that Guthrie and his band are now obliged to replace. Perhaps more devastatingly, the thieves also took the only copy of the group's pro-shot footage of a recent show that was intended for a live DVD.

If you see any of this equipment surface in gear shops around Europe, or on the internet, let Guthrie know via his MySpace, or report it to your local authority. Everyone else can help by posting this page/list around any relevant forums and social networks.

Guthrie Govan's stolen gear list

Dave and Guthrie's guitar gear

2x Brunetti Mercury heads, serial numbers ME10550 and ME10650 (in flight cases)
2x Brunetti 4x12 cabinets (in flight cases)

Dave's pedals:

Boss Chorus Ensemble
Boss TU-2 tuner
Boss digital reverb
Xotic Effects "EP" Booster
Suhr Riot distortion
Dunlop Van Halen Signature Cry Baby wah
Ernie Ball VP JR volume pedal

Guthrie's pedals:

(mounted in a distinctively crappy-looking "tea tray" pedalboard):

Xotic Effects "EP" Booster
RetroSonic "Vintage Vibes" chorus
TC Electronics Flashback delay
TC Electronics Polytune tuner
Guyatone WR-3 envelope filter
Dunlop Jerry Cantrell Signature Cry Baby wah
Ernie Ball VP JR volume pedal

Seth's bass gear

1989 Warwick Streamer bass, natural finish.

(Distinguishing features: smaller replacement Schaller tuners; screw for lower strap button replaced with a Philips style screw; thumb-sized indentation above the "P-Bass" pickup; long dark stripe/imperfection in the wood on the back of the bass, above the through-neck; small knot in the wood near the top of the inside upper horn...)

SWR SM900 head, serial # 4400106010
SWR Goliath 4x10 speaker cabinet (4 Ohm) serial # 4410500410
Boss OC-2 octave pedal, Boss TU-2 tuner, Boss power supply, various cables

Pete's drum gear

1x left-handed Drum Workshop DW 5000 double kick drum pedal.


1x unique bag with the emblem "Roger Waters - The Wall"
Various camcorder tapes containing yet-to-be-edited footage from a professionally filmed 3-camera shoot - for what was intended to be a live DVD of a gig we played at Lapsus, Torino :-(

Well... profuse thanks in advance to anyone who might be able to help us out with any of this!

GG (and the band)

Yoger Mucci: Special Christmas message to all guitar fans

XMAS SPECIALCheck My new CD The Guitangears Feat.Michael Angelo Batio,Joe Stump,David Shankle,Marco Minnemann and much more!!

OUT NOW!!! more info down,

Physical CD ORDER info
New Yoger Mucci's Album Featuring.Michael Angelo Batio, Joe Stump, David Shankle, Theodore Ziras, Marco Minnemann, Diego Crippa, Silvio Gazquez, Tom Quayle, Antoine Fafard, Alex Hernandez, Joop Wolters, Hittar Cuesta, Ivan Mihajevic, Yos Mucci, Josip Pesut, Carl Puga, Ricardo Walls, Angel Villanueva and Gustavo Bonfa.
FACEBOOK GROUP!/pages/The-Guitangears/161310713932598
Yoger Mucci´s The Guitangears - Triangulum (Chapter 1)
Triangulum Chapter 1 is the first solo Album by Yoger Mucci. featured by 15 tracks of original, experimental, progressive, fusion, metal, avant garde and instrumental music plus sci-fi SuperHeroes The Guitangears is Music a Yoger's project, inspired by comics. It contains Sci-Fi and futuristic adventure, Not limited music to one style plus Marvelous worldwide musicians collaborations.He uses differen styles — prog, metal, fusion, industrial, electronic, etc — Yoger just wanted to making the music he loves. This album became The Guitangears - Triangulum
The Guitangears is a team of Superguitar and Supermusicians heroes who joined to fight the threat "Legatus Electrum" who plans to conquer the universe using music as a weapon and probably the only hope to destroy him will be the mysterious Voynich's manuscript and bring peace to the universe

Silent Night Progressive Version, Christmas Special- By Yoger Mucci ("The Guitangears" Check this)

Andy James: joins Jam Track Central in 2012

Andy James: Free Christmas Ringtone

2012 will see the incredible Andy James join the JTC artist roster, and we can't wait! Andy is one of the most recognised and respected metal guitarists around and his YouTube videos have had millions of hits.
To celebrate his upcoming packages, Andy very kindly sent us a hilarious Christmas ringtone to offer to you free of charge. He has called it 'Rudolf the Red Nosed Metaller'!!
To check out our promo video for it then click here.
Thanks Andy and we look forward to your new packages early 2012!

Denny Ilett: '3 Blues Grooves' jam track package

Denny's Second Blues PackageAfter the huge success of his debut Jazzin' The Blues package, Denny Ilett is back with '3 Blues Grooves'. This amazing three track package takes you into the realms of shuffle grooves, 8 bar blues and a funky groove that is based on the New Orleans 'Street Beat'. 
As ever, Denny has improvised some quite incredible blues solos over the tracks to give you a real taste of what you can do achieve when jamming over these tracks. Check out the promo video on our YouTube channel by clicking here.
For just £9.99, the package comes with all three full length videos, solo tracks, solo backing tracks, extended jam tracks, completely accurate TAB and an inside guide from Denny on how you should approach each track.
Denny has once again proved that he is a master of the Blues. But the question is can you come up with a better solo on these tracks?!?

Nico Schliemann: two hand tapped arpeggios

Nico Schliemann - two hand tapped arpeggios

Vahe Sarkissian: Bohemian Rhapsody - 2 handed tapping

Vahe Sarkissian - Bohemian Rhapsody - 2 handed tapping guitar

Vahe Sarkissian - Human Nature - 2 handed tapping guitar

Andy Mclaughlan: Silent Night

Getting all Christmassy around here :)

Silent Night by Andy Mclaughlan

Nawfal Assila: Stéphan Forté LAG competition

Concours Lag - Stéphan Forté - La Boite Noire - By : Nawfal Assila " MetalbarD "

Julien Damotte: Stéphan Forté LAG competition

Concours LAG - Stéphan Forté - Julien Damotte (Madonagun).MPG

Keith Merrow: Kartikeya solo

My buddies in Kartikeya asked me to do a guest appearance on their upcoming album. So I decided to fully worship Alex Skolnick and copy his legato vibe for this little solo (I wish! lol). If you haven't heard Kartikeya, definitely check them out. Incredible stuff!

Keith Merrow- Kartikeya solo