Saturday, 24 December 2011

John Huldt: Silent Night, one for the family

Silent Night for guitar. Arr. by John Huldt

Reece Fullwood: alternate and Sweep picking ideas

Reece Fullwood - Lydian Alternate PIcking

Reece Fullwood - Sweep/Economy picking sequence

Chris Geden: Vinai Alive competition

Vinai Alive by chrisgeden

Ron Thal: Mr. Grinch 2006

Mr. Grinch Theme by Bumblefoot

James Bell: Christmas Is Here... a Christmas single!

Christmas Is Here ( original song ) - James Bell

Kentarou Matsuura: Little Snow

Little Snow

Corrado Pirri: tasty slow ballad

Tema e Solo in Dm by Corrado Pirri

Dimitar Nalbantov: Happy Holidays!

Dimi Nalbantov "More Than I Can Say" Happy Holidays to all !

Rob Chappers: Train Your Ears

Train Your Ears by Rob Chapman (Previously called "Intervalic Ear Training")
Train Your Ears is an "Ear Training System" for musicians of all backgrounds and abilities. With guidance from Rob Chapman, an industry professional with more than 20 years experience, "Train Your ears" will help open your eyes to the world of music.
Grab it from iTunes here:!/id491379791

"Train Your Ears" by Rob Chapman - NOW AVAILABLE ON iTUNES!

Mistheria, Emir Hot: live in Split 2008

Mistheria & Emir Hot play Angels in the Shadow (Live in Split 2008)

Julien Carayon: solo from upcoming release

Julien Carayon - Guitar solo for next project (video 2)

Francesco Cappiello: Custom Relic David Gilmour

Fender Stratocaster Custom Shop Relic David Gilmour; (TEST Fusion-Funk) by Francesco Cappiello

Jessica Miller: silent night?

Jessica Miller checking out some riff... volumes a little low... but you get the drift.

Guitar Riff 2

Guitar Riff

Harã Lemes: Jingle Bells for Christmas

Jingle Bells (Guitar Rock Version) - Harã Lemes

Bert Elliot: Live in NYC


Kris Claerhout,Laurie Monk: discuss the planning of Jason Becker Fest

Kris Claerhout

Laurie Monk from on Vimeo.

For more interviews and reviews of the show check out

Jason Becker Auction

Tony Albert: Brazilian tribute to Armandinho Macêdo

I dedicate this video to the great Aerosmith Macedo and his family. The formidable and continuing contribution made ​​by them to Brazilian music. 's Mass (1975), originally recorded with Bahian guitar, I had to make some adaptations to traditional guitar 6 strings and 21 frets. I mixed rhythms such as frevo and metal ballad. For me, there are no borders in the world of music. Set used in recording: Boss OS-2 / 21 Tech Oxford clean as pre / Boss DD-3 / Alesis IO2 Express (USB) / Stratocaster Guitar with EMG SA pickups. I hope you enjoy. God bless you all and thanks for watching. Hugs.

É a Massa - Frevo/Baião/Metal

Dhalif Ali:Jingle Bells Rock

Jingle Bells Rock

Mark McGuigan: It's Mr Christmas! - Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! (2011)

Craig Erickson: joy in spite of the crazy world

joy in spite of the crazy world-Craig Erickson

Antonello Giliberto: Merry Christmas and an Happy 2012

Antonello Giliberto wish you a Merry Christmas and an Happy 2012

Fred Brum: tapping... concepts for digital alignment

How To Organize Fingers For Guitar Tapping

Fred Brum the likable enigmatic

Juan Cortés: Contusion fusion Christmas

Another great Christmas present for me... tight live fusion from the band Contusion featuring guitarist Juan Cortés

Contusion...Rockin the town, Live 3-12. Juan Cortés (Guitar) Cristian Tisselli (Bass) Emiliano Perez Diez (Keys) German Heffner (Drums) I hope you like it. Extra Super THX to Facundo Aranzet & Amago Films.

Contusion (Rock Fusion) - Live in La Plata

In case you missed it

Contusion (Rock Fusion) - Social Fever

Feodor Dosumov: the one minute in funky solo

Yes, you guessed it... the funky solo starts one minute in :)

Feodor Dosumov

Impact Fuze. Two for one. Presenting Cornford Roadhouse, Glockenkla

Latest tracks by ImpactFuze

Dave Baker: Talc Ibanez Jem 777 LNG gets the drying treatment

Dave Baker plays 'Talc' a Short Original Composition on an Ibanez Jem 777 LNG

Daniele Gregolin: Eumir and Euro Groove Department

EUMIR DEODATO & EURO GROOVE DEPARTMENT "Whirlwinds" Live at Leverkusen Forum

Tommaso Semrov: Modal Solo

Tommaso Semrov - Modal Solo