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Cesar García Forero: Kotebel's interpretation of Carlos Plaza's Concerto for Piano and Electric Ensemble.

Our new album, presented in Digipack format, features a bonus DVD with a complete rendition of the recording sessions of the Concerto for Piano and Electric Ensemble. Follow this link to a trailer that we have just posted in YouTube

This album features Adriana Plaza as soloist in

In four movements, this Concerto explores different languages and subgenres in progressive rock (symphonic, avant-garde), and classical (romanticism, impressionism, modernism). The album includes a DVD – "Making Of" - with a full video rendition of the recording sessions of the Piano Concerto, in high resolution audio (48 Khz and 24 bits).

pre order

Concerto for Piano and Electric Ensemble - Preview

News: iGuitar issue 6 available

Michael Angelo Batio - 
world exclusive! MAB makes his iGuitar debut!
Jamie Humphries 
The Rhythm Method Part 5.
Rick Graham -
Triad improvisation
Tom Quayle
- Playing over Modal Changes using Formulas
Michael Casswell - Pro 
Concepts: how to be a Pro guitarist Part 6.
Andy James - 
Metal Edge Part 6
Stuart Bull - 
Hybrid picking continued

Jacek Królik: Rabbit Krakow 2011

Fragment of the concert band Rabbit, Lizard King - Krakow, a team composed of Jacek Rabbit, Wojtek Fedkowicz, Lukasz Adamczyk, Michael Jurkiewicz.

emuzycy HD - Rabbit - "The next number one in the lottery" - live

Christophe Godin, Pascal Vigne,Dudley Ross: Stratus 2010

Christophe Godin, Pascal Vigné & Dudley Ross, Live in Paris, la Scène Bastille - 05/09/2010

Original song by Billy Cobham

Jeff Beck's cover - Stratus

Dudley Ross: Cut The Funk

Dudley Ross
if you've not checked it out, have a look/listen and what we've (Cut The Funk) have been writing for the new album. Listening to the awesome Snarky Puppy has helped me with some ideas for the new tunes, can you hear them? Maybe not?

The Promise - Cut The Funk rehearsal/writing session

Mike Orlando, Mike Portnoy: Adrenaline Mob returns with their debut full length album

Adrenaline Mob returns with their debut full length album, 'Omertá.'

The album is slated for release on March 13 and will be released by the newly formed Elm City Music in conjunction with EMI Label Services. more

Tommy Emmanuel: live streaming this Friday

Tommy Emmanuel on
Bing Lounge Live

streaming online


from downtown Portland, OR

Friday Jan 6
12noon Pacific Standard Time
(2pm Central / 3pm Eastern)
click for the website

Ola Englund: VHT Sig:X - Metal

VHT Sig:X - Metal (guest solo by Jeff Loomis)

Anouck André : Jazzy mood ! :)

This lesson will help you to spice your approach of one of the most important point in jazz and fusion playing, the II V I. 5 licks are shown and explained using modern ideas of thinking and playing. Interesting points of harmony like diatonic substitution are tackled. licks, BT,tabs and ressource at a killer price ! :)

Anouck André : Jazzy mood ! :)

Yvi Wylde: Suicide Blonde new album

After several concerts with and for famous artists like "Culcha Candela", "Fools Garden", "Paul Gilbert" etc. as well as with her own band, Yvi Wylde decided to record an instrumental guitar album...
...and here it is!

"Suicide Blonde" is an album full of Rock, Pop and Jazz and it's for all those who like guitar music!

Yvi Wylde: Suicide Blonde

Daniele Gottardo: Gotty Boy back in 2010

Gotty Boy

News: NAMM and Musikmesse come to Russia

NAMM and Messe Frankfurt to Launch New Russian Trade Shows in May 2012
Space Applications
NAMM musikmesse RussiaProlight+Sound NAMM Russia
NAMM is joining Messe Frankfurt, producers of Musikmesse, Music China, Prolight + Sound, and Prolight + Sound Shanghai, to co-produce two new trade shows in Russia. Both organizations are working to grow new markets and encourage professional development and music education in the region 
The new shows, NAMM Musikmesse Russia and Prolight + Sound NAMM Russia, will take place in Moscow's Expo Centre May 16–19, 2012. NAMM Musikmesse Russia will focus on the musical instrument sector, while the Prolight + Sound NAMM show will concurrently represent pro audio, lighting and event technology.
The Russian musical market is potentially the largest in Europe, characterized by a population of about 145 million people, a developed musical culture and sustainable growth trends. The volume of the Russian musical instruments and technologies market is estimated at USD 450 million. In addition, Moscow is a city known for music appreciation and performance; it's home to nearly 170 secondary music schools, 15 culture/arts universities, 32 concert halls, 173 theatres and many other musical venues.
Companies exhibiting at these shows have the potential to start building business beyond Russia, a gateway for the entire Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)—with a population close to 300 million people. The CIS market is far from saturated in brands; the current capacity for new products is projected at a mere 40 percent of potential market volume.The partnership of the Russian shows is an extension of the cooperation of Music China in Shanghai where NAMM provides professional development classes to support market growth.
“With its events in Frankfurt and Shanghai, Messe Frankfurt has vast experience of the industries concerned and in the organization of fairs and exhibitions,” says Cordelia von Gymnich, vice president of Messe Frankfurt, Entertainment/Media & Creation. “Moreover, Messe Frankfurt has an extremely good international network, which provides a solid base for the expansion of our activities. We are particularly pleased that NAMM is a partner with equally good knowledge of the markets. The resulting partnership of equals will generate a multiplicity of positive effects for the musical-instrument and event-technology sectors in the CIS and the adjoining countries.” 
“NAMM and Messe Frankfurt working together to open up the Russian, CIS, Eastern European and the Baltic States markets is a good thing for the global industry, as it gives manufacturers and distributors a professional platform to seek out new buyers and improve relations with existing ones,” says Joe Lamond, president/CEO of NAMM. “As partners with Messe Frankfurt in this new venture, we look forward to serving our global NAMM Membership by increasing the size of the market and helping more people there experience the enjoyment and many proven benefits of playing music.”
For more information, contact...
Dan Moylan -

Vincenzo Avallone: For Those About To Shred

For Those About To Shred - Vincenzo Avallone

Alan Hernandez: For those about to shred

for those about to shred Alan Hernandez

Andry Cemplon: For Those About To Shred

For Those About To Shred - Andry Cemplon (Metalcore Jam).3gp

Dhalif Ali: For Those About To Shred

For Those About To Shred - Dhalif Ali

Ulf Katschrowski: For Those About To Shred

For Those About To Shred - Katschrowski - Rondo alla turca (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)

Fran Alonso: For Those About To Shred

In case I got it wrong last time :) Fran Alonso is from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria - España!!!

For Those About To Shred - Fran Alonso.mpg

Matias T Rengel: Beethoven Virus

Beethoven Virus New METAL Version on Guitar (Guitarra)! by Matias T Rengel

Malina Moye: joins Bootsy Collins for NAMM

Malina Moye
excited to play with Divinity Roxx , Judith Hill on the John Lennon stage at namm JAN 20th for the Bootsy girl launch!!! its gone b FUNKAYYYYYYYYY!!!

Alex Milella: Incredible Jam - Live at Go West Saloon

Mark Guiliana, Alex Milella, Ettore Carucci, Luca Alemanno, Alessandro Napolitano (2011)

Incredible Jam: Live at Go West Saloon - Roccaforzata (TA) - Italy

Mark Guiliana: drums (on right side)
Alex Milella: guitar
Ettore Carucci: keys
Luca Alemanno: bass
Alessando Napolitano: drums (on left side)

Mark Guiliana, Alex Milella, Ettore Carucci, Luca Alemanno, Alessandro Napolitano (2011)

Rob Chappers: free Bleed the Light Lesson and Tab

Bleed The Light Lesson by Rob Chapman - Complete Lesson + Free Backing Track + Tab

To get the free Bleed the Light (from my album "Bare Bones") tab & backing track just sign up to my mailing list here:

Once you have filled in your details, you will get an e-mail confirmation.

Click the link in the confirmation e-mail to confirm you want to subscribe to my mailing list

You will then be taken to a thank you page with a link to the download

To celebrate my album "Bare Bones" and as a massive thank you to all of my awesome, hard core dudes on Youtube and the MLF I decided to give away this free full lesson, plus tab and a backing track.

Please feel free to post video responses of your covers of Bleed - I promise to watch and comment on them all ;-)

Dallton Santos: Parallel Process


Trouble Tones - Fusion Rock

Joscho Stephan: smoking acoustic strings - Eddie Lang Jazz Festival 2011

Joscho Stephan "Rondò Alla Turca" (W.A.Mozart) live @ Eddie Lang Jazz Festival 2011 (full HD)

Dudley Ross: playing his Vigier Heavy Fretless

Dudley Rossvery excited about the three days writing in the studio with Cut The Funk that starts tomorrow. Album number two will be finished this week, well the writing anyway! It might even be out before album number one!
Dudley jamming tunes for Sizen

Dudley Ross playing his Vigier Fretless - Ideas for the next album

Latest tracks by Sizen

Carlos Hernández: Night Train to Chicago

Carlos Hernández - improv. on night train to chicago bt

Jim Root: Orange Terror Head demo at NAMM

Slipknot’s Jim Root to launch his signature gear on the Orange Booth at NAMM
Orange Amplification is proud to announce the Signature #4 Jim Root Terror Head and cab, developed in association with the famed guitarist.
Jim Root has the incredible honour of showcasing his skilful playing with two of today’s best in American hard rock– the multi-Grammy nominated Stone Sour and the Grammy winning Slipknot. He has a wide range of playing styles, which come together to create a unique, uncompromising sound and tone.
The Signature #4 Jim Root Terror Head is modelled after the dirty channel on the same amp that Jim Root plays in the studio and on the road: the Orange Rockerverb 100. This all-tube, 15-watt amp is capable of far more than high gain rock and metal though. With a full 3-band EQ players will find it easy to dial in everything from vintage rock, blues and beyond. The addition of a tube-driven FX loop allows the user to take the tone in any direction they want.
His new Signature #4 Jim Root PPC212 cab has been developed alongside the head to bring you Jim’s full tone! The new cab is finished in black vinyl with a specially developed black version of the Orange basket grill cloth and proudly features the signature #4 plate on the front. With a closed back design, the cab has a tight bottom end and delivers Jim’s signature Orange tone.
Said Jim of the name on the signature head, "With this amp, simply giving it the number I use in Slipknot seemed logical. I've not been to apt to splash either band logo or artwork all over things, but this will be the beginning of the end of that...maybe"
To complement Jim’s own style and image, the Signature #4 Terror Head is formidable and attention grabbing, featuring the vintage ‘Pics Only’ logo in white on a black chassis. The rear of the amp has both the Slipknot and Stone Sour logos.
Volume, Gain, Bass, Mid and Treble Controls
12AT7-Driven FX Loop
1 x 16 Ohm and 2 x 8 Ohm Outputs
Switchable Between 15/7 Watts
This is a simply essential tool for any guitarist from any playing background. Quality built for the huge sound, lush tones and high gain necessary for rock and metal music, but versatile enough to be useful in any situation!
Jim Root will be personally launching his signature #4 products on the Orange Booth #4890 Hall C at NAMM at 2pm on Saturday 21st January. 

George Lynch: Help build Shadowtrain Documentary


George Lynch (Associate Producer/Co-director) is one of the most recognizable names in the world of rock guitar. Grammy nominated, with a career spanning more than thirty years, George has recorded over twenty albums with bands such as Dokken and Lynch Mob. He has toured the globe many times, and is the one of the most recognizable endorsees of the world’s finest guitars and equipment. The passion George has for the plight of the American Indian and social and environmental justice and to explore that story through film and music is boundless. He feels as though the paths of his life have led to the moment of creating this unique and important documentary.

Vincent Nicastro (Director) has been a visual artist and musician for over 35 years. He has been in the film and television industry for 20 years and has won three Primetime Emmys. He is also a documentary filmmaker with two films currently in production, “The Blue Eyed Indian,” the stories and pictures of Laguna Indian photographer, Lee Marmon and “Puentes In Wonderland,” the journey of Cuban Sonero songwriter, Adonis Puentes. From Cuba to Canada to the US, navigating the International Music Scene in the 21st century.

Mark McLaughlin (Producer) is an Emmy-nominated documentary filmmaker and producer. He has worked on a wide variety of projects including an award- winning retrospective on Hollywood musicals, segments for PBS “California Connected” program and a feature documentary about Superman for Warner Brothers. He spent a couple of months living in a tent at the North Pole while producing “Surviving Mars” for the Discovery Channel, and his independent feature documentary, “Keepers of the Frame,” has been shown at dozens of major film festivals and on AMC (American Movie Classics). As a sound and lighting technician, Mark has traveled the world working on programs such as “Nova,” “National Geographic,” “Scientific American Frontiers” and others.

Shadowtrain trailer