Friday, 20 January 2012

Richie Kotzen, Ivan Mihaljevic: Zagreb live date announced

Ivan MihaljevicI'm honored to announce that the promoters of Richie Kotzen's gig in Zagreb invited Ivan Mihaljevic & Side Effects to open the show!
Richie is an amazing musician and one of my biggest influences and it's an honor for me and the guys from my band to have a chance to open for him again!
Vidimo se 18. 3. u Boogaloou! — with Ivan Mihaljevic & Side Effects.

Manu Allicot: Guitar Contest Entry

Manu Allicot - Guitar Contest Entry - Vergnaud Guitars - EVH 5150 III

Francesco Artusato, Ray Riendeau: Star Monarchy Studio visit

To say THANKS to all the STAR MONARCHY fans I've created a little video preview of a track featuring myself, Rody Walker, Alex Rudinger & Francesco Artusato - CRANK IT UP!!!!

Star Monarchy

Eric Calderone: Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO Meets Metal

Hey guys,
So after the Party Rock video I got a ton of requests to do this one, and here we go!! The Final Fantasy one is still in the works, I'm trying to make it really good and involve all big themes that were requested. Big ups for all the support, messages, fan art, comments, subs, and suggestions. You guys always rock the casbah and I love it. And just as an extra bonus, uploading a video the day SOPA got dropped from Congress, YES!!
Best to ya
Tab Book and MP3:
Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO Meets Metal

Rob Chappers: Guitarnivore guitar clinic details

Rob Chapman Clinic & Gig in London - Feb 18th 2012

WHEN: Saturday 18th February 2012. Workshop at 11:00. Gig at 19:00.
WHERE: The Spice of Life, 6 Moor St, Soho, London W1D 5NA
AGE RESTRICTIONS: 14+ or accompanied by an adult for workshop. 18+ for gig. ID required!


This is an open-floor clinic for players of any ability. Rob Chapman will be taking questions from the attendees to ensure that everybody learns what they would like to learn. The day will be mixed up with jamming and appearances from special guests.

After the workshop, the Rob Chapman band will take to the stage for their first ever live show with the new line-up!

Book now to avoid disappointment!

Merchandise from the Monkey Lord Store will be available at a special discounted price.

Please note that your purchase reserves you a place at the clinic and/or gig. A ticket WILL NOT be sent to you - please print your purchase receipt and bring it with you. Tickets will be more expensive on the day.

Click here to buy a ticket

Tony MacAlpine: VIP ticket details

VIP Soundcheck & Master Class Upgrade Packages for Tony MacAlpine’s “Dream Mechanism Tour” 2012 are ON SALE NOW. Read more about the two different packages below….


Limited to 7 participants per show. VIP Package #1 upgrades a regular ticket (purchased separately through venue or local outlets) allowing you to participate in the following:
  • A 45 minute guitar master class with Tony
  • Early access to the venue to watch soundcheck
  • Meet and greet/photo op with Tony
  • Tour of Tony’s guitar setup
  • VIP T-shirt (S, M, L, XL, 2XL)
  • Collectable VIP laminate with free song/content download
  • Autographed poster
Click here to buy your VIP Guitar Master Class Upgrade package.

PACKAGE #2: VIP SOUNDCHECK MEET & GREET – US$55 (Est. start time: 4:30pm) BUY NOW

VIP Package #2 upgrades a regular ticket (purchased separately through venue or local outlets) allowing you the following:
  • Early access to the venue to watch soundcheck
  • Meet and greet/photo op with Tony
  • Tour of Tony’s guitar setup
  • VIP T-shirt (S, M, L, XL, 2XL)
  • Collectable VIP laminate with free song/content download
  • Autographed poster
Click here to buy your VIP Soundcheck Meet & Greet Upgrade package.

VIP Packages for the Dream Mechanism Tour 2012 are only available through the ticket store and on sale now.
Please note: Both the VIP Soundcheck Meet & Greet and VIP Guitar Master Class upgrade packages do not include a ticket to the concert. Tickets should be purchased separately through venue or local ticket outlets. You need a ticket to the concert in addition to the upgrade packages to gain entry.
T-shirt, poster and laminate will be given to you on the afternoon of the show. If you purchase the VIP Guitar Master Class package, you will need to arrive at the venue at 3:30pm (1530h). If you purchase the VIP Soundcheck Package you will need to arrive at the venue at 4:30pm (1630h).
Please note: The times listed above may change slightly from venue to venue. We will send any updates/changes about VIP package arrival times to you via email. You should also keep checking the News page for updates and information on the Master Class and Soundcheck Packages in case you do not receive an email notification.
When you come to the show, please bring photo ID, and a printout of your purchase confirmation from our Topspin ticket store.

General Policies:

  • No video cameras or recording devices
  • No flash photography
  • All sales are final
  • Passes are not transferable
  • Persons who appear drunk or intoxicated will be denied entry

Age Policies:

  • No babes in arms
  • No children under 12
  • Please observe venue policy for age restrictions. If a venue is 18+ and you are younger than 18, you will not be able to come to the show or the Guitar Masterclass or Soundcheck. This is very important.

Ticket Sales Policies:

All sales are final: There are no cancellations or exchanges and all sales are final.
Event Postponement: If an event is rescheduled, your tickets will be good for the rescheduled performance.
Event Cancellation: If an event is completely cancelled, a refund will be issued.
Packages are non-transferable: Packages/laminates may not be resold whole or in part for any reason.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to arrive early?
Yes. If you purchase the VIP Master Class Package, you will need to arrive at the venue at 3:30pm (1530h). If you purchase the VIP Soundcheck Package you will need to arrive at the venue at 4:30pm (1630h). Please be on time.
What do I need to bring with me in order to collect my Masterclass or Soundcheck passes?
You will need to bring valid photo ID, and a printout of your Topspin Ticket Store purchase confirmation.
Do I also need to buy a ticket to the show?

Yes – for both upgrade packages you need to purchase a regular ticket to the show separately through the venue or local ticket outlets.
When will I receive the t-shirt, poster and laminate in the package?
You will receive the merchandise and laminate on the day of the show.
What happens after soundcheck?
After soundcheck you will need to leave the venue. You will only be given access to the venue again after doors have opened, and via the usual entrance procedure with your valid show ticket.
Can I resell my passes?
No. The original purchaser must show identification. Substitutions will not be allowed into the venue.
How do I cancel if I can’t attend?

Sorry, but we cannot accept cancellations.
Is flash photography OK?

It’s okay if you want to take photos with small cameras, but please do not use a flash during soundcheck or the concert. No professional gear without a photo pass.
Can I take video/recording of the masterclass, soundcheck, or concert?

No. Please leave recording devices and video cameras at home.
Does either VIP package get me backstage after the show?

No. The backstage area is strictly for band and crew only.
Can Tony autograph my guitar, CD etc.?

Sure – Tony is happy to autograph CDs, vinyl, and guitars, however you are responsible for the items you bring to the venue. You should only bring a couple of items at most. Please do not bring your entire CD collection with you. We are not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items.
Please note that while you can bring a guitar or CDs/vinyl to the master class/soundcheck, some venues may not let you bring large items such as guitars into the concert, so you may have to put these items in your car or other safe location before doors open for the show. If you have questions please contact us or post on Tony’s Facebook Page.

Matt Warnock: Jazz Guitar Chords

Jazz Guitar Chords: Voice Leading Major ii-V’s Video Lesson

As guitarists, we all know how difficult it can be to get enough chords under our fingers to play through our favorite tunes and not sound repetitive. While sitting down and learning inversions for all the different chord types can be helpful, it is also often boring and not conducive to practical application.

One of the best things to do when learning chords is to practice them in common chord progressions and with proper voice leading. Doing so will not only keep things more interesting and practical, but you will cut down the time you spend working on learning your fundamental chord shapes.

In the following video lesson we’ll look at one of my favorite voice leading tricks that can help you learn to comp, chord solo and build chord melody lines over iim7-V7 phrases both quickly and easily. more

Andy Powell,Muddy Manninen:Wishbone Ash guitar duel 2012

Wishbone Ash delivered a superb, near 2 hour set of premier British rock music, when they performed at the Gebouw-T venue, in Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands on, Sunday January 15th, 2012, during their (annual) January tour of The Netherlands. The set included songs from their latest CD, 'Elegant Stealth', as well as performances of many 'favourite' rock masterpieces from their 'catalogue' of classic songs. This clip features high energy dueling guitar solos by Andy and Muddy.

Wishbone Ash, featuring:
Andy Powell: guitar, vocals
Muddy Manninen: guitar, vocals
Bob Skeat: bass, vocals
Joe Crabtree: Drums
Band website link:
From Wikipedia:
Wishbone Ash are considered to be one of the major innovators of the harmony twin lead guitar format. Their contributions helped in Powell and Turner being voted "Two Of The Ten Most Important Guitarists In Rock History" (Traffic magazine 1989), and part of the "Top 20 Guitarists Of All Time" (Rolling Stone). Melody Maker (1972) described Ted Turner and Andy Powell as "the most interesting two guitar team since the days when Beck and Page graced The Yardbirds".


Christian Muenzner,Danny Tunker: Christian has to pull out of tour after being diagnosed with Focal Dystonia

Christian Muenzner
Danny Tunker (God Dethroned, ex Prostitute Disfigurement) to replace Christian Muenzner in Spawn Of Possession on upcoming Europe tour.
Statement Christian: I would have loved to play with Spawn Of Possession myself on the upcoming European tour with Obscura, Gorod and Exivious. Unfortunately I've been diagnosed with Focal Dystonia (a task specific movement disorder which manifests itself as a loss of voluntary motor control in extensively trained muscles) on my left hand last year, affecting the independence of my index finger and middle finger. I've been dealing with that problem for quite a while now by adapting and changing my playing technique. I've started treatment for this some month ago, right now I'm taking therapy classes and doing a medication therapy. For the first time ever since I have it, I'm feeling a little progress on it and I have a feeling I can overcome this with time. I have to be careful not to put too much pressure on my hand though in order not to risk any further damage or the progress of the therapy. Since I have to play a 70+ minutes set with Obscura every night, a 45 minute SOP set before would be too much for my condition at this point, which is why I decided to play with Obscura only on this tour.
I am very thankful and happy that my good friend Danny Tunker (God Dethroned, ex Prostitute Disfigurement) agreed to step in for me on this tour. Danny, who is a former student of guitar masters Rusty Cooley (Outworld), Terry Syrek and Derryl Gabel, is the perfect choice to play with SOP, his rhythm and lead chops are beyond anyone I know.
I'm sorry if some fans expected to see me play with SOP on this tour, but that way it is guaranteed that both Obscura and SOP can deliver 100% and the best show possible!

My interview with Christian Muenzner

buy the album

Fabrizio Leo: Bicio Corriendo - classy playing endures

Fabrizio "BICIO" Leo - CORRIENDO

Andy James: ESP Guitars NAMM 2012 - burning guitar alert!

ESP Guitars: NAMM 2012 Andy James Clinic

News: Ampeg Heritage R-12R Reverbrocket NAMM 2012 PG's Charles Saufley is On Location in Anaheim, CA, for the 2012 NAMM Show where he visits the Ampeg booth. In this segment, we get to see and hear a demo of their newest guitar amplifier -- Heritage R-12R Reverbrocket.

For more NAMM '12 demos or to view Premier Guitar's 1500 videos online, be sure to visit

NAMM '12 - Ampeg Heritage R-12R Reverbrocket Demo

News: Bogner Amplification Lafayette and Mephisto Demos NAMM 2012 PG's Shawn Hammond is On Location in Anaheim, CA, at the 2012 NAMM Show where he visits the Bogner Amplification booth. In this segment, we get to see and hear the Lafayette and the Mephisto
For more NAMM '12 video demos or to watch one of Premier Guitar's 1500 other videos online, be sure to visit

NAMM '12 - Bogner Amplification Lafayette and Mephisto Demos

Nick Johnston: 10 signed copies of Public Display Of Infection available

I've got 10 signed copies of Public Display Of Infection! Included are signatures from : Me! Travis Orbin, Zack Ordway and Matt King.
If you're interested email me @ :
Or message me through this page.

Check out some clips!
Visit the site!

The C.D's will cost 20$
(Unsigned C.D's are 15$)

Please sub!! Thanks so much :)

Nick Johnston - Signed C.D's

Mark Wood: elctric violin god interviewed at NAMM 2012 - Violist Mark Wood (Transiberian Orchestra) talks with Vintage Rock's Rachael Cadden at the 2012 NAMM Show. January 19, 2012, Anaheim, CA. Filmed by Alex Jacard.
2012 NAMM: Mark Wood Interview

News: Fender Select Series NAMM 2012

NAMM 2012: Fender Select Serie

Doug Doppler: Orange Amps NAMM 2012

NAMM 2012 Orange

We took a moment to swing by the Orange Amps booth at the 2012 Winter NAMM show. Doug, one of the kindest fellows ever, talked shop and put on some demos for us. Stellar sound all around.

Orange Amps: NAMM 2012 Product Showcase

Esteban D Mello: two hands, two necks Bach - BWV 988 Goldberg Variations

Bach - BWV 988 Goldberg Variations (Variatio 1) in Two-handed Guitar Tapping.

Davide Montorsi: Blues Jamming

Blues Jam

News: Harmony Central review NAMM 2012 Day 1

NAMM 2012 Highlights - Day 1

Ron Thal: ENGL amps NAMM 2012

ENGL Amps w/Bumblefoot: NAMM 2012 Product Showcase

Steve Morse: Canyon Club 19-01-2012 - series

Steve Morse: Canyon Club 19-01-2012

Francesco Congia: Plays Guitar Funk Slap

Francesco Congia Plays Guitar Funk Slap

Richard Lainegard: walking and playing at NAMM

NAMM 2012

News: NAMM 2012: Fender Pawn Shop Series Greta Amp demo

NAMM 2012: Fender Pawn Shop Series Greta Amp demo

News: Tone King at Dean Guitars NAMM 2012

Dean Girls!! Dean Guitars / Dime Amps : NAMM 2012 - Walk Through

Ron Thal: NAMM at Vigier Guitars 2012

NAMM 2012: Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal at Vigier Guitars

News: ENGL amps NAMM 2012

Namm 2012 - ENGL Amps

News: Daisy Rock at NAMM 2012

Daisy Rock

News: NAMM 2012 - Celestion G12 50GL Lynchback Speakers

NAMM 2012 - Celestion G12 50GL Lynchback Speakers

Muriel Anderson: 50 Right Hand Techniques

50 Right Hand Techniques - #34 - Guitar Lesson - Muriel Anderson