Saturday, 21 January 2012

Billy Sheehan: Scientology Interview series 2008

Scientology: Billy Sheehan Interview

2/10/08 - I spoke with legendary bass-guitarist Billy Sheehan from Mr. Big at the Anonymous picket of Scientology in L.A.
OT 3:
Vistaril in Hubbard at Death:
Tragic Death of Elli Perkins:

Billy Sheehan: Scientology Interview

Eric Gales,Ray Goran: The master with the young paduan at NAMM

Eric Gales decides to invite 11-year-old Ray Goran up on stage to play with him at NAMM 2012

Behind the Scenes at NAMM 2012 - Eric Gales and Ray Goran

Behind the Scenes at NAMM 2012 - Ray Goran

Richie Kotzen: Don't Ask (Los Angeles) NAMM

Richie Kotzen - Don't Ask (Los Angeles)

Billy Sheehan: NAMM 2012 Interview

The great and ridiculously rad, Billy Sheehan stopped by to share some thoughts. Specifically on beginning musicians, his development as a player, music history and his love for the fans and people in general. Too humble.
Billy Sheehan: NAMM 2012 Interview

News: Harmony Central NAMM Highlights Day 2

NAMM 2012 - Highlights Day 2

News: Amazing Samurai Stratocaster NAMM - stunning!

Built by John Cruz with the contributions of Dru Whitefeather (leather), Ron Thorn (inlay), and Pamelina (artwork), the Samurai Stratocaster is a tour de force of craftsmanship and style. The Music Zoo's Tim Reynolds talks with John about this guitar at NAMM 2012. This guitar will be coming to The Music

NAMM 2012: The Amazing Samurai Stratocaster From Fender Masterbuilder John Cruz

Cameron Barton: Carvin DC800 testing chop tonality

Just a quick (and pretty sloppy) video test of my new Carvin DC800. I just started playing again when I got this thing. I was without a guitar for about 2 1/2 months so forgive the sloppiness. There wasn't any videos of anyone playing a DC800 except for the AAL videos where Tosin had his black one. I hope you guys enjoyed the video. Also, the tone I used in this video for the rhythm is a new tone I'm working on and trying to get tighter and clearer.

Carvin DC800 Video Test (Cameron Barton)

Fred Brum: Jaden Rose Fanned Fret 8 NAMM

Straight from my hotel room at NAMM, here's a quick and on-the-fly video of my new Jaden Rose fanned fred 8-string, recorded through my trusty Line 6 UX1, which is a customary travel companion.
If you enjoy my videos, do consider subscribing to my channel. Please check my solo album Atonement at

Fred Brum - Jaden Rose Fanned Fret 8 #2

Ola Englund: NAMM day 1 review

Great to see people taking the time to edit and upload videos of their road trips to the hallowed grounds of NAMM.

Namm 2012 - Day 1

Chris Brooks: Black Star - time machine lands at age 18.

I have a whole raft of demos from players but not this one. Really great to see players post some of the history of guitar... just shows all you 18 year olds the level of chops that were around at that time.

You might not hear it in my recent music but I owe a lot to the nimble-fingered Swede. I dusted off my Yngwie Strat today and did some reminiscing about all the time I spent working on my chops thanks to Yngwie's inspiration. So in that spirit, I offer you this 4-track demo I did when I was about 18, complete with some photos of a younger me for extra laughs! Enjoy!

PS The dodgy cheering sample was my attempt to imitate the crowd on Yngwie's "Live in Leningrad" album.

Chris Brooks at age 18 playing Black Star on Yngwie Malmsteen Strat

Ron Math: AmpKit NAMM 2012

Here Rob is jamming using AmpKit's Taos amp, lead channel, with the Wahba Doo pedal in Envelope mode, all running on an iPad 1. He's connected from the Line Out jack of the new AmpKit LiNK HD direct into a PA mixer. The backing track is actually a drum pattern being produced by GuitarToolkit via the Advanced Metronome, which is part of the GuitarToolkit+ Upgrade.

Ron Math in the Envelope at NAMM 2012

Eric Gales: Seymour Duncan and Dunlop NAMM 2012

Eric Gales at the Seymour Duncan booth NAMM 2012

Eric Gales stopped by Dunlop's NAMM booth on the first day of the show to hang out and put on a spectacular demonstration of his talents using some pedals from Dunlop's MXR and Way Huge product line. He played a strat Dunlop had on hand and had it all going through an Egnator 1-"12 combo.
For more information visit & the official jimdunlopusa Youtube and Twitter accounts.
Eric Gales Live At the Dunlop NAMM 2012 Booth

Rob Marcello: Boss GT-100 amp effects processor NAMM

Rob Marcello from Boss highlighted their new GT-100 amp effects processor, which employs next-generation COSM amp modeling that models vintage amp tones and delivers never-before-heard sounds. A new dual-LCD display offers simple and intuitive operation with direct access to every parameter. Other features include an improved EZ Tone feature with a graphical TONE GRID for constructing new patches, and enhanced customization options. Enjoy the demo, then learn more about the GT-100 right here:

Sweetwater at NAMM 2012 - BOSS GT-100 Demo

Johnny Hiland: jamming at NAMM 2012

Title should be Johnny Hiland... oh well :)

Johnny Hilman

Tom Quayle: NAMM photos

Tom Quayle's NAMM 2012 photo album

Wall of Suhrs

Andy Wood

Tom Quayle happy to be at the Suhr stand

Jack Gardiner, Silvio Gazquez and Tom Quayle

Steve Vai: Carvin Legacy 3 interview NAMM

First Look : Steve Vai Legacy 3 by Carvin INTERVIEW !!! Winter NAMM 2012


Legacy 3, Steve Vai amp demo - Carvin

Carvin: NAMM 2012 Interview

Andy Wood: Interview NAMM 2012

Shouts outs for Guthrie Govan and Tim Quayle

The list of artist at our booth at NAMM 2012 is long and star struck, and to kick it all off, we had Andy Wood play on the first day of the show. Andy is generation Y's emerging guitar rock phenom. You may not have heard of him just yet, but watch out - you will be soon!

Andy Wood Interview NAMM 2012

Max Bennet: live at namm 2012

Max Bennet live at namm 2012

Max Bennett Interview NAMM 2012

Alex Hutchings: Roland G-5 VG NAMM

Alex Hutchings from Roland demonstrates the incredibly versatile collaboration between Roland and Fender, the G-5 VG Stratocaster. Designed with Fender, the flagship of Roland's new guitar lineup features advanced COSM modeling technology along with classic Stratocaster sound and functionality. In addition to a wide range of pickup tones, the G-5 VG Stratocaster gives you instant access to alternate tunings and 12-string sounds.

Sweetwater at NAMM 2012 - Roland G-5 VG Stratocaster Demo

Roland rewrote guitar-tech history with the debut of COSM technology, which first appeared on the pioneering VG-8 guitar-modeling system. Today, the new G-5 infuses a coveted Fender Stratocaster with advanced features realized by Roland's COSM technology. In addition to offering all classic Stratocaster sounds and functionality, the G-5 provides a new world of electric and acoustic guitar tones recreated by COSM — including instantly accessible alternate tunings and 12-string sounds for all COSM guitar tones! The G-5 also offers a built-in library of coveted modeled pickup tones, and, thanks to COSM technology, also enables unique "ideal-performance" pickups, such as a humbucker with ultra-wide tone and a single coil with full, bold tone.

G-5 VG Stratocaster® Overview

G-5 VG Stratocaster® Demo Performed by Alex Hutchings

G-5 VG Stratocaster® Demo, Sound variations Performed by Alex Hutchings

GC-1 GK-Ready Stratocaster® with GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer Demo Performed by Alex Hutchings