Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Tony MacAlpine,Billy Sheehan,Derek Sherinian,Mike Portnoy: NAMM Jam series audio

Tony MacAlpine,Billy Sheehan,Derek Sherinian,Mike Portnoy: NAMM Jam series audio

Ethan Brosh: ripping it up at NAMM 2012

NAMM 2011 Random Artist Highlights 2

Eric Johnson: Cliffs of Dover - The House Of Blues San Diego

The House Of Blues San Diego on 22 Jan 2012
Eric Johnson - Cliffs of Dover.wmv

Tony MacAlpine, Nili Brosh: Tears of the Sahara trade off solo Live

Tony MacAlpine - Tears of the Sahara Solo Live

Toni Aleman: shredding at Rock-n-Roll GangStar Apparel booth

NAMM 2012 19 year old Toni Aleman shreds at Rock-n-Roll GangStar Apparel booth!

Fredrik Thordendal:US and Canada tour dates

Meshuggah will be touring across the U.S. and Canada
Complete “The Ophidian Trek” tour dates with Baroness & Decapitated are:

4/29/12 House of Blues - Houston, TX
4/30/12 House of Blues - Dallas, TX
5/01/12 Emo’s - Austin, TX
5/03/12 Marquee Theatre - Tempe, AZ
5/04/12 House of Blues - Anaheim, CA
5/05/12 House of Blues - Hollywood, CA
5/06/12 The Fillmore - San Francisco, CA
5/08/12 Commodore Ballroom - Vancouver, B.C. - CANADA
5/09/12 Showbox Sodo - Seattle, WA
5/11/12 Odgen Theatre - Denver, CO
5/13/12 First Avenue - Minneapolis, MN
5/15/12 House of Blues - Chicago, IL
5/16/12 St. Andrews Hall - Detroit, MI
5/17/12 Sound Academy - Toronto, ON - CANADA
5/18/12 Theatre of the Living Arts - Philadelphia, PA
5/19/12 Palladium - Worcester, MA
5/20/12 Olympia de Montreal - Montreal, QUE - CANADA
5/22/12 The Fillmore - Silver Springs, MD
5/23/12 Terminal 5 – New York, NY

Mike Campese: Performances at NAMM 2012

Mike Campese Performance @ NAMM 2012

Mike Campese NAMM 2012 "A Cry With No Tears"

Brian Tarquin: Recording Techniques of the Guitar Masters

order http://www.courseptr.com/ProdInfo.aspx?isbn=1435460162
Recording Techniques of the Guitar MastersDiscover the recording secrets of our generation’s guitar heroes: Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson, Zakk Wylde, Ted Nugent, Billy Sheehan, Larry Carlton, Stanley Clarke, Steve Morse, Jeff Beck, Leslie West, Robin Trower, Tommy Emmanuel—a total of 30 outstanding players in all. Detailed interviews with these guitar greats explore each performer’s recording techniques and offer practical advice for replicating the unique tone for which each is known. Rounding out the text, multi-Emmy award–winning composer, recording artist, producer, and author Brian Tarquin offers a wide range of hands-on information covering topics such as recording gear, mixing techniques, and guitar and amp choices. The result is a text that empowers guitarists of any skill to take their music to the next level!
Interviews with top-name guitarists and producers offers today's players a wide range of rare and valuable technique-focused advice.
The included DVD includes step-by-step instructions on live recording with an array of different amps and direct boxes, as well as an examination of tne the pros and cons of digital vs. analog recording, and brief overviews of compressors/limiters, mic-pre amps, and the myriad options available for studio outboard and plug-in effects.
Guitar players of any skill level will benefit from the book's detailed descriptions of recording procedures, miking techniques, in-studio setups,and guitar tone descriptions.
Table of Contents
1. Guitar Recording Then and Now.
2. From the Horse's Mouth: Gunslinger.
3. Recording Gear.
4. In the Mix with Great Dynamics, Mic Pres, and Effects Processors.
5. Microphones for Tones.
Appendix A: iTunes Best Guitar Songs.
Appendix B: YouTube Best Guitar Videos.
Appendix C: Performance Rights Organizations.
Appendix D: Web References.
Appendix E: Trade Magazines.
Appendix F: Highly Recommended Readings.
Appendix G: Guitar Manufacturers.
Appendix H: Guitar Amp Manufacturers.
Appendix I: Guitar Accessory Companies.
Appendix J: Recording Manufacturers.
Appendix K: Top 10 Guitar Websites.
Author Bio
Brian Tarquin
Brian Tarquin is a top-rated TV composer/recording artist and owner of Jungle Room Studios. In 2002, 2003, and 2005, he won Emmys for Outstanding Achievement In Music Direction and Composition for a Drama Series, and he has been nominated for an Emmy six times. Tarquin has successfully released several Top 10 Radio Singles & Billboard Top 20 solo and compilation albums, selling more than 140,000 records over the course of his recording career. Some of Tarquin’s other professional accomplishments include writing the theme music for MTV’s Road Rules, producing music for film and television, and establishing his own boutique record label called BHP Music. In addition, he is a featured music writer who has been published in such national magazines as EQ, Guitar Player, Premier Guitar, and Recording. In 2008, Tarquin produced and wrote Fretworx, which showcased new recordings by guitar greats Steve Morse, Billy Sheehan, Frank Gambale, Andy Timmons, and Will Ray, as well as rare tracks from Steve Vai, Santana, and Tommy Bolin. Hal Lindes of Dire Straits contributed personal liner notes to Fretworx.

Dan Mumm: You Rock Guitar NAMM 2012

You Rock Guitar @ NAMM w/ Dan Mumm - January 2012 in Anaheim, CA

NAMM 2012 You Rock Guitar

You Rock Guitar at NAMM 2012

Paul Gilbert: Guitar Geek Namm 2012

Namm 2012 - Paul Gilbert @ Guitar Geek

Dave Reffett: Neil Turbin at NAMM 2012

Dave Reffett and Neil Turbin at NAMM 2012

Juan Cortés,Cristian Tisselli: Live performance with Contusion

Live performance with Contusion.

Juan Cortés: Guitar
Cristian Tisselli: Bass
Emiliano Perez Diez: Keys
German Heffner: Drums

Brett Garsed Minx Bass Solo by Cristian Tisselli

Rick Graham: Aranjuez Theme

Aranjuez Theme (Canon 550d audio test)

News: Rotosound Launch Guitar and Bass String Cleaners

Rotosound is proud to launch its new, patented string cleaner for guitar and bass. This unique tool has a revolutionary 360° degree cleaning process that revitalises your strings, helping to maintain that crisp new sound.

Cleaning strings has never been so easy. Simply open the Rotosound String Cleaner, slide it underneath the strings, close and secure it and slide it back and forth. It only takes a few seconds and cleans all the strings and the fretboard at the same time.

The microfibres of the pads in the Rotosound String Cleaner get into all the nooks and crannies of the strings and removes dead skin, dirt, oil, and other debris and contaminates on them. There is no need to use any solutions or chemicals that could cause your fingerboard to dry out or ruin the finish of your guitar. The microfibre pads are easy to maintain, simply wash them in warm water with a little liquid soap making the Rotosound String Cleaner very environmentally friendly.

Regular use each time you play your guitar will ensure your strings last three or four times longer, keep your strings neat, tidy and shiny and preserve the tone. It certainly beats buying a new set of strings every few weeks.

The Rotosound Guitar String Cleaner (GSC1, RRP £12.95 inc.vat) is suitable for all guitars; the Rotosound Bass String Cleaner (BSC1, RRP £17.95 inc.vat ) is suitable for four and five string basses. Both are small enough to keep in your guitar case, ready to use after every play to ensure optimum performance.

The Rotosound String Cleaner is the no hassle, no mess way to clean you guitar and bass strings, small investment with a big return.

To find our more about the Rotosound String Cleaners visit http://www.rotosound.com/

Morten Faerestrand: sweep picking, no more mystery?

In this lesson I'll teach you to sweep pick like Frank Gambale! ;-) Visithttp://www.MortensLessons.com for tabs and more lessons.

To learn more about me, check out http://www.MortenFaerestrand.com

Sweep Pick like Frank Gambale!

Bjorn Englen,Rob Math: Life In The Dark CD

Malmsteen/MacAlpine Bassist Bjorn Englen's group Soul Sign (incl Player/Seal guitarist Rob Math) just released their debut "Life In The Dark" on CD through Grand Mercy Records. It's available on line through CD Universe, InAndOut Records and Amazon. The album was also released digitally in August 2011 through most on-line stores.

Englen, who's been Yngwie Malmsteen's bassist since 2007, is heading out on a 26 date European Tour with Tony MacAlpine starting in Manchester, UK on Feb 21st

http://www.bjornenglen.com | http://www.soulsign.us

Nita Strauss,Courtney Cox: Jam Aces High at NAMM 2012

Nita Strauss and Courtney Cox @ NAMM "Aces High" 1-20-12

Iron Maidens at Winter NAMM 2012 in the Roland Corporation filmed by Frank Boxberger Metal

Eric Gales: Absolute Best of NAMM 2012

Our cameras followed blues legend Eric Gales as he preformed at sponsor booths throughout NAMM 2012 in Anaheim, California. Also a sneak peek at some of his live shows, and recording sessions in the area during NAMM 2012.

Eric Gales Absolute Best of NAMM 2012 Anaheim, CA

Ron Thal: Pink Panther Theme The Forum, L.A 2011

Pink Panther Theme - Bumblefoot Solo - Pro Shot The Forum, L.A. 21.12.2011

Martin Goulding: Linear Sphere to release second album “Manvantara”

Linear Sphere to release second album “Manvantara”

My band Linear Sphere will soon be announcing the release date of our second album “Manvantara.” This album follows our 2005 debut “Reality Dysfunction” which was very well received by the international rock press, leading to London gigs in support of Cynic and To-mera. Shortly after a successful start, the band started writing the next album in 2006, with a final blueprint coming together by 2007. At this point the internal writing direction/vision within the band was starting to conflict as the music underwent refinement and ultimately started to move further away from the initial concepts. After nearly a year of experimentation and slow progress, the band became demotivated and ground to a halt, with my good friend and co-guitarist/co-writer Charlie Griffiths leaving to pursue other directions due to some clashes in vision within the band, but nevertheless on friendly terms. The band was reduced to an inactive project for a while, before i decided with the bands support (and Charlie who co-wrote three of the tracks) to build the tracks again using the original structures and blueprints.

Since then, i have worked day and night to develop this work to its full potential, engineering the band, producing and playing over the last 2-3 years to achieve the dream of releasing this incredible work. The album features the amazing playing of Nicolas Lowczowski on drums, Steve Woodcock on fretless bass and chapman stick, Jamie Brooks on keyboards and Jos Geron on vocals, with myself on guitar. The album is heavily progressive and unique, with a groove-based fusion rhythm section providing the foundations for a heavy rock/metal/fusion guitar approach, constantly developing with evolving time signatures and unusual harmonic approaches. This music is on the cutting edge and many steps up from our successful debut, it will be worth the wait! .

Another feature of our new album, which i’m proud to mention is the amazing contribution by top British actor Paul Darrow, who you may remember played Avon in the famous late 70’s/early 80’s sci-fi Blake 7! Paul came down to the studio in October to record a narration section which sets up the third track of the album, contributing to the lyrical theme which explores mankind’s journey from the legendary times of Lemuria through to modern day, through cataclysms and from advanced civilisation to near extinction, from interference and manipulation by dark spiritual entities to enlightened freedom, this album takes on the theme that we are about to start a new cycle of growth and evolution from a long age of darkness and has been an awesome concept to build the music around.

Along with John Papas at Hardbeat studios in Wembley, London, U.K, i have just completed the final mix and we are preparing for mastering this week. We are also in the process of arranging the final elements of the release such as photos and artwork for the album, a new Linear Sphere.com will be up and running soon as our old site is redesigned for the new release. I’ll be making an announcement on the release date very soon, once the masters are back and manufactured and online distribution is set up. So the next month or so will be busy and i hope once released, that people will enjoy this work as much as i have enjoyed being involved in its creation!

If you are on Facebook, please add our bandpage for more updates


Gretchen Menn: Dazed and Confused by Zepparella

Dazed and Confused by Zepparella from Ms Zepparella on Vimeo.

Paul Gilbert, Kim Mitchell: Traffic Jam

Traffic Jam with Paul Gilbert

David Maxim Micic: Bilo 2.0 release date announced

David Maxim Micic My sister Simona painted this girl and cat on a peace of wood, so I decided to make an EP cover out of it :)
There's also a back page... but it's too early for that to be shown!! :)

David Maxim Micic

- My Band *Destiny Potato*
FB: http://www.facebook.com/destinypotato
YT: http://www.youtube.com/DestinyPotato

Bilo 2.0 is almost here!!
One of many videos just to keep you impatient until May 2012!!
More videos and updates are on the way!!

David Maxim Micic - Bilo 2.0 EP (May 2012)

Download previous version: http://soundcloud.com/davidmaximmicic

Gretchen Menn: Guitar On Sky interview

Guthrie Govan, Jason Becker and Gretchen Mennky 

If you were to ask a dozen of top lady guitarists to name, I'd say Gretchen Menn would feature prominently. I was on a long way trying to find every info and news of her after the songs like "Oleo Strut" and "Valentino's Victory Lap" became so famous on the internet. She played the guitar very attractively and made so many great solos. Rare and unique solo. I even can't define what type of playing she had. Gretchen has it all. Great tunes and soloing concepts, beauty, and smart. I now believe that angel does exist on this planet!

By the end of 2011, I finally got her and offered an interview. I was happy that day when we got deal on it at last. So now, here it is; G, for Gretchen Menn!

1.Your name has become popular today. So I think, you should have such a nice story in the beginning. What age did you start playing guitar and why?

I started playing guitar when I was about 18 or 19. I had fallen in love with guitar-oriented music in high school, and during my first year of college I decided to get serious about it. Though Smith College's music department didn't offer instruction in electric guitar, there was a classical guitar teacher, Phillip de Fremery, who taught at all of the colleges in the area. He was a student of Andres Segovia, and was reputed to be phenomenal, both as a teacher and as guitarist. I have always loved classical and baroque music, and figured learning from him would give me a great foundation, even if my leanings were also toward rock music and electric guitar.

2. What age did you start to get serious? And what made you so serious?

I got pretty serious right away, actually. I started out practicing an hour a day, and that quickly became two hours a day, then three, then four... I fell in love with the instrument, and the more time I spent with it, the more I loved it.

3. When did you realize that you were gifted and finally encouraged yourself to take the opportunity in music career? Did your parents support you on that?

I had wonderful support from the beginning. Phillip de Fremery said I was one of the quickest students he had, and that my attention to detail would get me to great places, even though I was starting later than many guitarists do. It was huge to have such great encouragement early on. Having people whose opinions mean the world can help a student overcome self-doubts that are ultimately very limiting. Phil made me believe all that separated me from achieving my musical dreams was just some hard work, so I believed him and worked hard, though it never felt like work.


Andreia Gomez: Guitar On Sky interview

1. Have you always wanted to be a musician? What age did you realize that this was your calling?

No I didn’t always want to be a musician, of course as a kid you think it’s cool to be a rock star but you also think it’s cool to be an astronaut and a number of other things. I realized I wanted to be like Slash when I was 14 and saw him on TV playing a solo in front of thousands of people.

2. Was the guitar your first choice or did you try other instruments before switching to the guitar?

No I didn’t have access to any other instruments, I tried the guitar and fell in love! I’ve since tried the piano which I liked but didn’t learn properly and drums which I still play.

3. In your opinion what makes the guitar stand out compared to other instruments?

I guess the fact that you can carry it around everywhere you go and move about on stage. I always thought it was the coolest thing when Slash ran across the stage whilst playing, you can’t do that if you’re a drummer... Also there’s nothing like the sound of distortion and the sound of a guitar solo they’re the most intense!


Anouck André: Guitar On Sky interview

1. What age did you start playing and why?
I started guitar around 17 years old.I try to begin earlier when I was a teen , I took one or two lessons, but I didn’t feel the motivation. And I let the dust settle on my guitar for years!

2. What age did you start to get serious and realize that it was your calling? ‘
The calling was quite immediate when I went back to guitar at 17 , I knew that I wanted it to be become my job after my High School graduation. I played guitar since only one year, I knew it would be hard but I couldn’t see me doing anything else.

3. What music did you listen mostly in your early age?

I feel a bit ashamed but I’ve been a victim of Boys Band like a lot of little girls! But fortunately, my father who’s a professional musician did not let it happen in a long run and opened my mind to classical music through Rachmaninoff, or Mozart (He forced my to listen to the whole Requiem when I was 5, without being allowed to speak or move.( He didn’t even see that I was sat on a big encyclopedia that really hurt me !)My father is also a big fan (an player) of modern jazz and I ‘ve heard a lot of Chick Corea and Michel Camillo during my childhood. more

News: Shreddelicious - female guitar players community

Shreddelicious - female guitar players community http://www.facebook.com/Shreddelicious?sk=wall covering the best playing from around the Internet. Proof if it were ever needed that the table is levelling.

Tom Quayle,Andy Wood: a little bit of Spain in California.

Tom Quayle & Andy Wood Jam Spain