Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Roger Pedersen: Noodling with Axe Fx 2

Roger Pedersen: Noodling

Alex Hutchings: clear the decks... time to learn again from the master!

Here is the full length version of one of Alex's celebrated tracks from his Jazzy Jams Series 1 package. For this series, Alex has taken a more relaxed approach, using cool jazz/blues phrasing with lots of breathing space and deep, deep grooves. There's some more traditional jazz harmony here, so you can work on your bebop licks, as well as plenty of Alex's usual fiery fusion lines!

Alex Hutchings ' So What Do You Say?' - Full Length Version

Paul Gilbert: How to save you hearing - the 12 step program

Paul Gilbert: Save you hearing now... Premier Guitar full interview

• Don’t put your ear right up against your 4x12 cabinet while it’s blasting loud, no matter how much you love the sound.

• Don’t crank up your headphones to concert volume while air-drumming to Rush albums every night before you go to bed.

• Don’t crank up your car stereo to concert volume every time you drive.

• Don’t angle your 4x12 cabinet sideways onstage to spare the audience but instead slam yourself with volume.

• Don’t insist that your drummer play with an Alex Van Halen-style washy ride cymbal and a sloshy open hi-hat on every song.

• Don’t sleep with headphones plugged into a cassette player set on “loop” in order to internalize classical music.

• Don’t spend 14-hour days recording with a loud click track in your headphones. Instead, record live with the entire band, so you can listen and adjust to everyone’s natural tempo without the DINK DONK DINK DONK DINK DONK of that earwrecking cowbell.

• Don’t spend 14-hour days editing instruments and vocals. Hire an engineer who can do it quicker and better.

• Don’t spend hours messing around with microphones, pre-amps, and EQs in the studio. Spend the time practicing to get a great performance. This will always beat any editing, tweaking, or mixing.

• Don’t build a home studio without treating the rooms with acoustic paneling. Foam and carpets are ineffectual. You need thick bass traps made from compressed fiberglass. Trying to mix in an untreated room will just confuse your ears and the tendency to solve the problem by turning up the volume doesn’t help. Treat the walls and ceiling with bass traps—lots of them!

• Don’t stick your head into the side-fill monitor to try to figure out the key of an unfamiliar song during the chaos of a multi-guitar NAMM jam. Just mute your strings and go chicka-chicka. That works in any key.

• Don’t be “cool” during situations where the music is too loud. Put your fingers in your ears or leave the room.

• Don’t perform music that is constantly loud. Choose or write music that contains dynamic changes in volume. These volume changes will actually make the loud parts more musically effective via the contrast to the quieter parts. And your ears will fare much better due to the rests.

Paul Gilbert’s Great Guitar Escape will take place July 9th - 13th at Full Moon Resort in Big Indian, NY. Guitar players of all ages, levels and styles are invited to join Paul Gilbert and other expert musicians for this experience focused on the techniques, styles, and life of the modern working musician.

Full details

3:00 PM Sign In
4:30 – 5:15 PM Meet and Greet with Instructors
5:30 – 6:30 PM Paul Gilbert – Introduction Seminar
6:45 – 8:00 PM Dinner
8:30 PM Concert with Paul Gilbert Band

8:00 – 10:00 AMBreakfast
10:15 – 11:15 AM Scotty Johnson - Crash Course in Music Theory: The Language of Musicians
11:30 – 12:45 PM Paul Gilbert - 5 Steps to Alternate Picking
1:00 – 2:00 PM Lunch
2:15 – 3:30 PM Kid Anderson - Rock ‘n’ Blues Vocabulary I, Paul Gilbert - Hands-On Beginners Course I
3:45 – 5:00 PM Tony MacAlpine - Advanced Heavy Rock I
5:15 – 6:30 PM Guthrie Govan - Choose Your Notes Wisely: Note Choice and Improvisation
6:45 – 8:00 PM Dinner
8:30 PM Concert/Jam with Paul Gilbert and all instructors

8:00 – 10:00 AM Breakfast
10:15 – 11:15 AMSam Coulson - Vibrato, Sustain, and Ripping Tone I
11:30 – 12:45 PMPaul Gilbert - Stuck Technique - Unstuck!: Break through your technique barriers. Bring your guitar!
1:00 – 2:00 PMLunch
2:15 – 3:30 PMRodney Holmes - Groove Inventions I, Mike Arellano - Guitar Tech 101, Paul Gilbert - Hands-On Beginner’s Course II
3:45 – 5:00 PMScotty Johnson - Essential Skills for the Working Guitarist I, Tom Size - Crash Course in Modern Mixing
5:15 – 6:30 PMKid Andersen - Rock ‘n’ Blues Vocabulary II, Kelly LeMieux - Bass Guitar On Tour I
6:45 – 8:00 PMDinner
8:30 PMConcert/Jam with Paul Gilbert and all instructors

8:00 – 10:00 AMBreakfast
10:15 – 11:15 AM Sam Coulson - Vibrato, Sustain, and Ripping Tone II, Scotty Johnson - Essential Skills for the Working Guitarist II
11:30 – 12:45 PM Paul Gilbert - Melodic Phrasing with Arpeggios and ‘Arscalios’
1:00 – 2:00 PM Lunch
2:15 – 3:30 PM Tony MacAlpine - Adv. Heavy Rock II, Rodney Holmes - Groove Inventions II, Paul Gilbert - Beginner’s Course III
3:45 – 5:00 PM Guthrie Govan - It’s All In the Details: A guide to articulation and control, Kelly LeMieux - Bass Guitar On Tour II
6:45 – 8:00 PM Dinner
8:30 PM Concert/Jam with Paul Gilbert and all instructors

8:00 – 10:00 AM Breakfast
10:00 – 11:00 AMPaul Gilbert Speech / Meet and Greet with Photo
11:00 AM Check Out

Joe Stump: Guitar 101 DVD

Joe Stump has released his sixth Shred Academy instructional DVD entitled Shred Guitar 101.

The new DVD focuses on a wide variety of techniques and practice tips for players on all levels.

The DVD sells for $24.95 and can be purchased at this location.

"Shred Guitar 101" DVD Trailer, Joe Stump / Shred Academy

Yngwie Malmsteen: confirmed for the Getaway Rock Festival 2012

Yngwie Malmsteen is the latest act confirmed for the Getaway Rock Festival 2012, scheduled for July 5th - 7th in Gävle, Sweden.


Wes Borland: discusses Black Light Burns new album

Wes. "I spent three years writing it and trying to find the right home, and I am confident it's the best BLACK LIGHT BURNS record yet. I'm really looking forward to working with THC/Rocket Science to get it out to the fans. It's really exciting to be working with a great team who loves the band; I couldn't be happier."

BLACK LIGHT BURNS released its debut album, "Cruel Melody", in 2007 through I Am: Wolfpack, the record label headed by producer Ross Robinson (KORN, SLIPKNOT, SEPULTURA, SOULFLY, LIMP BIZKIT). The group's original recording lineup featured Danny Lohner (NINE INCH NAILS), Josh Eustis (PUSCIFER) and Josh Freese (WEEZER, A PERFECT CIRCLE, GUNS N' ROSES, DEVO). An LP/DVD of unreleased B-side material, "Cover Your Heart And The Anvil Pants Odyssey", followed in 2008. In 2009, after a yearlong stint playing guitar for MARILYN MANSON, Wes and BLACK LIGHT BURNS hit the road for an extended run with industrial powerhouse COMBICHRIST, and contributed the track "I Want You To" to the "Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans" soundtrack. BLACK LIGHT BURNS took a temporary hiatus while Borland stayed busy with the reformed LIMP BIZKIT, who embarked on an ongoing world tour supporting their recently released LP "Gold Cobra". In 2012, BLACK LIGHT BURNS returned, to the delight of fans, with the track "It Rapes All In Its Path" on the "Underworld: Awakening" soundtrack.

Endhe Legato: For Those About To Shred 2012 - serious rippage!

NEW GUITAR CONTEST 2011/2012 For Those About To Shred-Endhe

Fabrizio Leo: classy bluesy soloing

Agostin Guitars Bicio Fabrizio Leo Zero 1.mp4

Frank Zappa, Warren Cuccurullo: Treacherous Cretins France 1979

Treacherous Cretins by Frank Zappa

Pau, France, 16 March 1979
Produced & Recorded Live by FZ

Guitar/vocals - FZ
Vocals - Ike Willis
Slide guitar/vocals - Denny Walley
Guitar - Warren Cuccurullo
Keyboards - Tommy Mars
Keyboards - Peter Wolf
Percussion - Ed Mann
Bass - Arthur Barrow
Drums - Vinnie Colaiuta

Mixed by FZ
Mastered by John Polito 2010
Frank Zappa - Treacherous Cretins (Pau, France, 1979) - AAAFNRAAAA Birthday Bundle (2010)

PJ d'Atri: plays three great performance pieces

PJ d'Atri plays "La Catedral - Preludio saudade" by Augustin Barrios

PJ d'Atri plays "Dee" by Randy Rhoads

PJ d'Atri plays "Prelude for Lute - BWV 999" by Johann Sebastian Bach

Alejandro Osorno: my tribute to Marco Sfogli

Marco Sfogli - Andromeda ( Cover by Alejandro Osorno)

David Gilmour: Pink Floyd - Behind The Wall

Clip from the Behind The Wall documentary available on The Wall Immersion Box Set.

Pink Floyd - Behind The Wall Clip 1

Ash Grunwald: blues power

Ash Grunwald's warm personality and powerful delivery, set the tone nicely for the first gig by an international (Australian) performer, at the new Crossroads café location, in Antwerp Belgium, on Sunday, February 19th, 2012. The new location has lots of charm and character, and was packed with a full house audience, of happy, familiar faces, who shared a wonderful evening together at Crossroads. Proprietor Jan van der Stappen has lots more gigs in the pipeline! Check out the Crossroads gigs page for up to date details.
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Mike Chlasciak: powering Ian Parry's Consortium Project III

Lion Music is proud to present the special edition re-release of CONSORTIUM PROJECT III – TERRA INCOGNITA (The Undiscovered World).

As with all the albums in our Consortium Project "quadrilogy reissue" series, this new version of the previously out-of-print album sees an all new remaster and the addition of 2 never before heard bonus tracks from band mastermind Ian Parry’s vaults.

Originally released in 2003, "Terra Incoginita (The Undiscovered World)" saw vocalist Ian Parry (Elegy / Crystal Tears / Infinity Overture) once again team up with some of metals best musicians from Consortium Project mainstays in guitarist Stephen Lill (Vanden Plas), drummer Casey Grillo (Kamelot) and bassist Jan Bijlsma (Vengeance) and welcomed guest musicians Mike Chlasciak (Halford) and Sascha Paeth (Heaven’s Gate) to the band. The result is another highly accomplished slice of progressive power metal with some symphonic touch, epic story telling and first rate performances.

After the story commenced with Consortium Project I "Criminals & Kings" (LMC314) and Consortium Project II "Continuum In Extremis" (LMC316) the story takes on another chilling twist – It has been more than 375 years since the effects of global warming, and the depletion of the Ozone. The results were catastrophic. Worldwide air pollution and extremely low temperatures, forced the Neofems to seek permanent refuge. Communication with the outside world was no-longer possible. Cocooned in the safety of their biosphere, the planet continued through the centuries frozen in time.

Once again the cleverly constructed story is worked around accessible yet intricate music with a lot of character and expression, not to mention some fine virtuoso musical performances. Fans of prog power bands ala Vanden Plas, Kamelot, Conception and Symphony X will find a lot to like in "Terra Incognita" with its rich muscular backbone, fine riffs and attention grabbing progressions, all coloured with Ian Parry’s vocals – arguably one of the most powerful and distinctive voices in metal ever.

On 27th February Consortium Project invite you into the undiscovered world.

01. The Council Of Elders
02. Spirit Of Kindness.
03. The Ark (of the covenant).
04. Lost Empire.
05. Reductio Ad Absurdum.
06. White Sands (California Lighthouse).
07. Great Exploration.
08. Across The Seven Seas.
09. Nemesis.
10. Beyond The Gateway Of Legends.
11. Terra Incognita (the undiscovered world).
12. Great Exploration (Bonus-demo version)
13. Terra Incognita – The Undiscovered World (Bonus-demo version)

Ian Parry – lead & harmony vocals
Stephan Lill – guitars
Casey Grillo – drums
Joshua Dutrieux – Piano & Keyboards
Jan Bijlsma - bass guitar

Mike Chlasciak – guitar
Sascha Peath – guitar
Ingeborg Wieten – female vocals
Introducing newcomers:
Judith Rijnveld – Female vocals
Brenda Davis – Female vocals
Robert Finan - bass guitar

Produced by Ian Parry.
Mixed by Tommy Newton at Area 51 studios, Germany.
2011 Remaster by Marcus Teske at Bazement Studios, Netherlands.


Edward Box: Vendetta set to release their killer third release.

23rd March sees British traditional metal outfit Vendetta unleash their third album “World Under Fire” on Lion Music.

The band are proud to present the first promotional video from the upcoming album for the track “Halo In Black”. Full of the band trademark razor sharp riffs, potent guitar work and intelligent lyrics the track makes a good opening case for the new material.

VENDETTA - "Halo In Black" Promo Video

Allan Holdsworth: killing The Baked Potato 2012

Allan Holdsworth 2012 - Live at The Baked Potato

Steve Hackett: Fortezza del Priamar, Savona 2010 - series

Steve Hackett: Fortezza del Priamar, Savona 2010

Dhalif Ali: Cray Blues Jam - sumptuous!

Cray Blues Jam

Stratocaster From A ToolBox

Andy Timmons,Ciro Manna: "Little Wing" Pisa 2011

Andy Timmons & Ciro Manna "Little Wing" Live, Pisa 28/10/2011 (Full HD)

Andy Timmons "Cry for You" Live, Pisa 28/10/2012 (Full HD)

Allan Holdsworth,Dweezil Zappa: Zappa Plays Zappa - Treacherous Cretins

Zappa Plays Zappa with Allan Holdsworth playing Treacherous Cretins

Leonardo Guzman: Wonderful Slippery Thing with Gottardo Signature Pickup

Leonardo Guzman - Guthrie Govan - Wonderful Slippery Thing - +Test D. Gottardo Signature Pickup