Saturday, 25 February 2012

Alejandra Mesliuk: Destination solos

Alejandra Mesliuk:  Intro solo and tapping solo of "Destination " (A Persuasive Reason) follow us in

Destination Intro -by Alejandra Mesliuk (A Persuasive Reason)

Destination Tapping, Alejandra Mesliuk (A Persuasive Reason)

Martin Miller: gets endorsement with IQS

Martin MillerI'm happy to announce my endorsement with IQS strings. Easily the best strings I've tried! Glad to be a part of the family!
Thanks Donato Zaccagnini and Federico Malaman, you guys rock :)

Richie Kotzen: The Shadow

This is a live performance of Richie's song "The Shadow' Featuring Mike Bennett and Dylan Wilson.

The Shadow (Live Performance Video by Richie Kotzen)

Sarah Longfield: Clouds Formed of Stone - classy original

Clouds Formed of Stone Original -Sarah :D

Akihiko Onji: Two handed Tom Quayle lines, the next Garsed Helmerich?

Tom Quayle Backing Track two handed tapping Improvisation Akihiko Onji

Dweezil Zappa: Tour Blog 2012 Part One!

Hi Everyone,
A few days ago we completed our first tour of 2012 and it was a special one!

Since 2006 it has been my goal to present my father's music to both longtime fans and new admirers in a way that emphasizes the depth and variety within his musical accomplishments. In the process it happens to showcase what the ZPZ band is capable of as well.

Growing up I had the most fond memories of the musical period from 1974 to 1988. Throughout that time I really became aware of what my dad did when he was "working." Much of the music I have focused on in Zappa Plays Zappa reflects that experience. However it could be noted that a tablespoon or two more of emphasis has been place on the period between '74 and '79. more

Wim Den Herder: Wimpicking

Wim Den Herder Wimpicking

Sakarin Suwannarat: Lydian and Locrian improvisations

Improvisation Over The E Lydian Track ( Sakarin Suwannarat )

Improvisation Over The C Locrian #2 Track ( Sakarin Suwannarat )

Richard Hallebeek, Rune Berre: Symmetrical scales

Richard HallebeekI've been doing lessons through Skype and e-mail for a while now.. check out Rune Berre, a satisfied customer who requested a symmetrical scales lesson, a really tasteful player!

Dave Justo: Awesome Excerpt from Jason Becker "Air"

Cover of Jason Becker's "Air' on guitar. Clone #2 didn't turn out so good. Probably shouldn't have cloned from #1.

Dave Justo - Excerpt from Jason Becker "Air"

Eric Calderone: Final Fantasy Meets Metal

Final Fantasy Meets Metal

Antonello Giliberto: Ave Maria

A little homage to J.S. Bach and Charles Gounod.
This version was inspired by the great Borislav Mitic.
Enjoy it!
I used my new CQuadro Infinity Antonello Giliberto Signature, with Mama pickups Southern(B), Experience(M) e Tex Fire(N)

Mama Pickups:
Cquadro Guitars:

Antonello Giliberto - Ave Maria

Alex Martinho: Expomusic 2011 - cool clinic

Alex Martinho - "A Chama se Apaga" - Expomusic 2011

Jason Becker: World Premiere sells out and moved to a bigger venue as a result!!

Jason Becker

Due to overwhelming demand, the world premiere screening of 'Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet' has been moved from the Repertory Theatre to the California Theatre. The time of the show has also changed from 6:30pm to 7pm. Here are the details below -

Saturday, March 3rd at 7pm
California Theatre
345 South First Street
San Jose, CA 95113

Jason will be there along with his family and friends. There is a second screening on Monday, March 5th and Friday, March 9th at the Camera 12 theatre in San Jose. To get your tickets, visit - JASON BECKER FILM TICKETS.Like ·

Courtney Cox, Nita Strauss: South America Guaranda Metal Fest 2012


Felix Martin: 14 Sting Jazz Metal - Whisky a go go

Live at The Whisky a go go. Hollywood, CA. 2012
2AM (Metal-Jazz)
Felix Martin Bouvet Kilian Duarte
Jazz Metal - Whisky a go go - 2am - Felix Martin - JP Bouvet - Kilian Duarte