Thursday, 8 March 2012

Sam Bell: Legend of Zelda

Legend of Zelda - Windmill Theme 8 string guitar

Mitch Coull: Hemina - Synthetic new album epic progressive metal

1. This Hour of Ours
2. To Conceive a Plan
3. The Boy is Dead
4. For All Wrong Reasons
5. And Now to Find a Friend
6. With What I See
7. Hunting is for Women
8. Even in Heaven
9. Conduit to the Sky
10. Haunting Me!
11. Divine      
HEMINA are a unique voice in the ever-growing world of Progressive Metal. With a keen sense for melody and harmony. From Australia, the band takes the listener on an 80 minute aural journey into the life of an angel born onto the world, forced to live through our modern world and beyond with this, their debut concept album, 'Synthetic'. Hemina puts melody, songwriting and atmosphere before any of the instrumental histrionics one may typically think of in today's world of Progressive music whilst still maintaining the
level of technical proficiency listeners have grown accustomed to.

The following is Track 11 off our debut album 'Synthetic'. It is the longest and final track on the concept album and probably summarises the overall presentation of Hemina best.
'Synthetic' is mixed and mastered by Tommy Hansen (Redemption, Circus Maximus, Helloween, Seventh Wonder) at Jailhouse Studios, Denmark which is officially due for release on 27 March 2012 through Nightmare Records
Preorder 'Synthetic' here:
Keep track of Hemina at
Synthetic is available in Australia at and will be released worldwide in early 2012.
Hemina - Divine (Coming to Nightmare Records on 27 March 2012)

Hemina - Synthetic Album Sampler (Coming to Nightmare Records on March 27 2012)

Tom Geldschläger: Xell - guitar medley - scary playing alert!

Tom Geldschläger:
Me performing various parts from "Xell"´s debut album. I did not play on the record, but was hired to play guitar in his live-band. I ended up playing some parts that were originally performed by strings, woodwinds etc. You check out some of those in this video. P.S.: for the last part of the video I edited two parts together for musical continuity - I had originally videotaped those parts in seperate sessions because this video was made during the practise-sessions for a gig.

Xell - guitar medley

Sindbad by Xell

I played over 30 minutes worth of guitar parts on this wonderful album by Jimmy Pitts and Marco Minnemann, this is just a little compilation of parts where I used a FRETLESS guitar. Buy the album for much more where this came from :) The album is part of Marco´s amazing "Normalizer 2" series ( ).
visit or !

Pitts/Minnemann Project - fretless guitar moments

Roger Pedersen: Dirty Loop's "Circus"

My take on Dirty Loop's cover of "Circus", a great band from Sweden. I use Axe FX 2 and Matrix GT800Fx amp.
Hope you like it :-)

Dirty Loops, Circus- Roger Pedersen (arrangement and guitar solo)

Maranhão: improvisation

Maranhão improvisando

Richie Kotzen: pre show warm up

Vlog 22 (warm up)

Milan Polak: Harmonic Minor lesson complete support me by purchasing my music:
Milan Polak's albums are available on iTunes, CDBaby, amazon and guitar9.
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Harmonic Minor 1/2 - Milan Polak Lesson

Harmonic Minor 2/2 - Milan Polak Lesson

George Marios: time for a little noodling

Jan Laurenz: little flamenco workout

Jan's little flamenco workout

Acoustic shred lick by Jan Laurenz

Matt Warnock: Guitar Chord Inversions in 1 Position

A fun and easy exercise that will help you learn all the different chord inversions in 1 position on the guitar.

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Become a Master of Modern Rhythms With the "Modern Time Ebook"
Be a Better Jazz Guitar Player in 30 Days

Guitar Chord Inversions in 1 Position Video Lesson

Levi Clay: Night of Sin (Solo)

Levi Clay - Night of Sin (Solo)

Niko Tsonev: is new lead guitarist for Steven Wilson Band

Niko Tsonev 
I am very honoured and proud to announce that I am the new lead guitarist for Steven Wilson Band (from Porcupine Tree fame).
The band is truly phenomenal:
SW-Vocals, Guitars, keys;
Adam Holzman (Miles Davis): Piano+Keyboards;
Marco Minnemann (The Arisctocrats): Drums;
Nick Beggs (John Paul Jones): Bass, Stick, Vocals;
Theo Travis (UK Jazz Sensation): Sax, Flute, Keys.
We are embarking on a world tour in April that will go through USA (West Coast), Mexico, Venezuela, Chile, Argentina, Brasil, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium and end in Shepherd's Bush Empire in London, England (15 May).
It's a 2 1/2 hour Spectacle with massive visuals, Quad Surround sound-a monster of a show!
The album Grace For Drowning is available to purchase-do check it out-it is a majestic blend of Progressive Rock, Jazz Fusion and classic song writing!
The show in Mexico City will be filmed for a Blu-Ray/DVD release!!!
I'd be thrilled if you could make it to any of the dates!

Maycown Reichembach: Greg Howe Band - Tour Argentina 2011

Maycown Reichembach: Guitar
Andrés Pellican: Bass
Mauro Laiolo: Keys
Gustavo Meli: Drums

Tour Manager: Marcos Sapiro
Stage: Lisandro Garniero
Internet news: Lucila Michelín
Press: Walter Duche Zárate

Thanks: Greg Howe, Stuart Hamm and Gianluca Palmieri for the amazing tour!

Maycown Reichembach Band - Greg Howe Band - Tour Argentina 2011

Tom Hess: How To Record Your Guitar Playing

How To Record Your Guitar Playing
by Tom Hess

Most musicians already know that there are many skills they must develop to increase their chances of success in the music industry.  However, there is one specific musical area that is often overlooked by many musicians (especially by guitar players) in their pursuit of a successful music career - their recording skills in the studio.  Among the many things that you can do to maximize your value to record companies and to any band that you want to be a part of, having the ability to record your guitar parts very quickly and efficiently in the studio will help you with getting the music career opportunities that you want.

Sadly, most guitarists (including many of those who already play their instrument at a high level) don't begin to realize the importance of working on their studio recording skills until they walk into a recording studio to record their first album.  No matter how well you can play guitar at home (or even while performing live), walking into a recording studio for the first time can be a very humbling experience. Few things are more frustrating for guitar players than having excellent general musical skills but not being able to quickly and accurately record their guitar playing in the studio.

How does learning to record guitar parts well in the studio help your music career?
When you are ready to record your next album with your band, the costs of recording in a professional studio can reach hundreds of dollars per hour.  The more time it takes your entire band to record the songs, the more money has to be budgeted for studio costs.  On top of that, if after spending several hundred hours in the studio the music is still not recorded at the needed level of quality, you can expect to pay a whole lot MORE money for the studio engineer to edit the parts that contain flaws due to sloppy recording.  You can do your part to avoid such situations by making sure that you are always prepared to record your music well in the studio.

Most bands that have a limited budget to pay for studio time face one of two choices:

1.  Accept the mediocre recordings and settle for less than perfect sound on their album in order to avoid spending more money. 
2.  Hire experienced studio musicians (who do not play in the band) to help record the needed parts quickly, reliably and cheaply.  Many record companies decide that it would be cheaper overall to hire a session musician to record the band's album in the studio than to pay for an additional hundred (or more) hours of editing time that would otherwise be required by the engineer to fix the imperfect recordings of the actual band members .

The good news is that it is possible to avoid having to make such unpleasant choices (as described above) by becoming proficient at recording your guitar parts in the studio accurately and quickly.  You can develop this ability in the same way that you develop your other guitar playing skills - by consistent practice!  However, the ability to record music in the studio is a very special skill that needs to be practiced in a unique way that is different from how you normally practice.  This is one of the reasons why even very advanced guitarists have a very challenging time recording even the most simple guitar parts PERFECTLY in the studio.

Spending more time "recording" will help you to improve somewhat, but until and unless you are aware of the most common mistakes that guitarists make in the recording studio you will find it difficult to track your progress in this area.  To find out how to prevent the most common studio recording mistakes, read this free guide about studio recording for guitar players.

The most difficult aspect of recording an album in the studio is creating totally perfect and tight rhythm guitar tracks.  Most guitarists are already aware of the need to make rhythm guitar parts "in time" when recording.  Even though "playing in time" is definitely critical, this is only one element (out of MANY) that must be thought about when recording guitar in the studio.  Below is a sample of what is required to record a flawless rhythm guitar track:
  • Keeping all of the chords and notes on the recording sounding perfectly stable.
  • Not allowing any sloppy noise from the strings to end up on the recording. 
  • Keeping the palm muting constant on every track. 
  • Intonating the rhythm guitars flawlessly with the other instruments used in the song.  TIP: Tuning/intonating your guitar in the same way that you do for normal playing and practicing will make it extremely difficult for you to achieve this!  Read this guide on studio recording for guitar players to discover how to prepare your guitar for recording sessions.
  • Recording the guitars perfectly tight (in time) with the bass and drums. 
  • Maintaining a consistent amount of pick articulation and tone on each track. 
You probably noticed that the above listed elements are not all that hard to pay attention to and refine in isolation.  However, the challenge of recording perfectly in the studio lies in the following 3 things:
  1. Getting ALL of the points listed above (not just 1 or 2 of them) to come out flawlessly on all of your recorded tracks.
  2. Doing steps 1 above as quickly as possible to save yourself and your band a LOT of money. 
  3. Doing steps 1 and 2 above at least 2 times to double track or 4 times to quad track the rhythm section. 
To help you with achieving the goals described above here several steps you should take right now:
  1. The first step you should take now is to determine how much you truly know about recording guitar parts in the studio.  To test your current knowledge about recording in the studio, check out this free guide about studio recording for guitar players
  2. After you uncover your specific strengths and weaknesses for recording guitar in the studio, start taking the needed action steps to improve your skills in this area of your musicianship.
  3. Be patient and persevere!  Learning to record guitar well in the studio is a skill that can be refined like any other.  Even though it may feel frustrating to realize that you must start from the beginning in this area of your musicianship, know that the vast majority of guitar players have gone through the same learning process that you are going through.  Stay determined, continue to practice, and results will not be long in coming.  As with all musical skills, you will have a much easier time mastering this area of your guitar playing under the guidance of a highly effective guitar teacher. 
Improve your recording skills in the studio will put you far ahead of most other aspiring musicians and will greatly improve your chances for success in the music industry.
About The Author: 
Tom Hess is a recording artist, online guitar teacher and a music career mentor.  He plays guitar for the band Rhapsody Of Fire.  Visit his website to get free music career advice, music business tips and music business articles.

Oziel Zinho: signature guitar in the works.

I understand from my good friend Oziel Zinho that he has a new deal with pedal manufacturer NIG and is currently working with his Sponsor on a Signature guitar.

Workshop no Stand da NIG Music apresentando o pedal XD1

New! DVD - Arpeggios (in Portuguese)
Video Lecture on DVD, the secrets and techniques to develop an arpeggio at high speed with cleaning and setting.
In this video lesson (60 minutes) Ozielzinho shows the secrets and techniques to develop an arpeggio at high speed with cleaning and setting, learn the most commonly used shapes and play:

Procedure for buying
Deposit of $ 40.00 (forty reals with free shipping) on the following data:
AG: X-2953
CC: 32332-2 (Bank of Brazil)
After sending the photo of the deposit receipt to with subject VIDEO LECTURE - arpeggios stating your full name and address (do not forget the zip code)
 more details

Oziel Zinho and Laurie Monk
Born of a family of musicians, Ozielzinho had his first contact with music at age 9 and over the internet has gained national and international recognition coming to be a finalist in the worldwide competition for guitarists in England, GUITAR IDOL, was also the best guitarist of the year 2006 by Reader's Digest.
He has played alongside big names in national and Kiko Loureiro guitar, Frank Solari, Joe Moghrabi, Sydnei Carvalho and Marcelo Barbosa. In interview on Stay Heavy guitarist Rafael Bittencourt, Angra band, praised the musical talent of the artist.

Currently Ozielzinho conducts workshops throughout Brazil, is the band's guitarist The ALTAR and is endorser of CONDOR guitars and acoustic guitars, strings and pedals NIG, EMG pickups, Gotoh bridge and Orange amps.

Michael Brown: Tracer UK tour dates

Australian hard rock trio TRACER have today unveiled the new video for their breakthrough single “Devil Ride”, view it here –
The video is released in anticipation of the band’s debut UK headline tour, which kicks off at London’s Islington O2 Academy on Tuesday 24th April. Tickets, priced at just £8 regionally and £9 in London, are available now from 0844 478 0898 and Full tour dates are as follows:

Tuesday 24th April Islington O2 Academy, London
Wednesday 25th April The Tunnels, Bristol
Thursday 26th April Manchester Academy 3
Friday 27th April The Duchess, York
Saturday 28th April The Plug, Sheffield
Read the official online press announcement here –

Amy Schugar: talks about new album and inspirations

RM: Women in rock who are lead singers and musicians are usually known by voice first and instrument-of-choice second. You however are not just a versatile rock vocalist but a very accomplished lead guitarist. Who inspired you vocally and musically?

AS: Jeff Tate, David Coverdale, Aretha Franklin... there are so many great vocalists and I really love to sing. Eric Johnson is one of my all time favorites with his gentle voice and guitar skills. 'Dear Prudence' is so wonderful the way he performs it! When I was very young, Michael Schenker tunes were the all-time favourite thing as well for guitar. However, the lyrical melody really makes the tunes. When I had first started out, it was on acoustic guitar. I saw a couple of live bands and one in particular, Bad Axe. Man, the guitar player David Boerst was and is amazing, still. He is a rock player and that got me going.
That was my first experience seeing a live bar band and I knew from there I wanted to learn more rock and get into solo playing more. 

Then as time went on Joe Satriani and Steve Vai, I just absolutely love. They make the guitar the lead vocalist, kind of...

Full interview:

Dave Reffett: Voices of Metal

Voices of Metal - Dave Reffett

Lee Ritenour,Julian Lage: Study with Outstanding Jazz Guitarists

Lee Ritenour 
Lee Ritenour, Grammy award winner and host of the Lee Ritenour/Yamaha Six String Theory International Guitar Competition, is one of the true multi-stylist guitarists from rock to jazz to blues. He has recorded over 40 albums, with 35 chart hits. One of his albums with Fourplay, a group he co-founded, spent an unprecedented 33 weeks at number one on Billboard's contemporary jazz chart.

Julian Lage 
Julian Lage, was featured on the Grammys at age 8 and he gained pivotal early exposure as a 12 year old protégé of legendary vibraphonist Gary Burton. His album, Sounding Point earned him his 2009 Grammy nomination for Best Contemporary Jazz Album. His latest album, Gladwell, represents another stage in that evolution, building on the proven strengths of and solidifying a unique identity for Lage's working band but continuing to open new doors and exploring new horizons.

For more information or to register, visit

Bonus! The 2012 Lee Ritenour Six String Theory International Guitar Competition will be held during the workshop week! Go to for more information on how to enter to win!

The Commander-In-Chief: 22 year old Norwegian 7stringer "The Commander-In-Chief" confirmed for Bloodstock 2012

22 year old Norwegian 7string guitarist/singer/songwriter "The Commander-In-Chief" has been confirmed for the Bloodstock Heavy Metal Festival this year. Headlining acts include Alice Cooper, Testament and Behemoth. She will play the Sophie Lancaster stage on Friday August 10th. She is totally stoked about being asked to perform on Bloodstock and says "this is gonna be awesome! I am excited as hell!"

She brings with her on stage her world class drummer Hans M (The Defiled, M.A.S.S.A.C.R.E) and her new fantastic bassplayer. She does all guitars and vocals herself.

For information about the festival go to

Jason Becker: We're VERY Close, but just 5 DAYS LEFT...

Jason Becker's NOT DEAD YET! Live posted a new update for Exclusive Live CD:
We're VERY Close, but just 5 DAYS LEFT...
Hello everyone! And thank you for your amazing support on this project. We’re close to our goal but need a little bit more to get there in the 5 days that remain for the project.

The concert to honor Jason back in November was an extraordinary evening to pay tribute to one of the most INCREDIBLE players to ever pick up the instrument. He has touched all of us through his groundbreaking playing and perseverance. Simply an incredible individual!

The performances captured during the concert are tremendous and we can’t wait for you to hear this live album. By getting involved in this project thru PledgeMusic, you are helping us get to our goal so there are sufficient funds to complete the production of this once-in-a-lifetime concert experience.

Have a look at the video clip attached of the amazing Daniele Gottardo from the “Jason Becker’s Not Dead Yet” show. A polished, mixed audio version of this will be one of the tracks on the live disc…these tracks are really sounding mind-blowing!

Thank you!

This update includes: 1 video.

View the full update.

Joe Pinnavaia: Guitar Sherpa at

Joe Pinnavaia: Guitar Sherpa Room at True

Chip Maleny: 8th is International Woman's Day!

Thanks to Nancy Nanusia Wolowski. Nancy reminds me that tomorrow, March 8th, is International Woman's Day! Celebrate Girl Power cause  THEY ROCK! ;D

So head on over to to support the better half.

Let's start early with the celebrations 

Bach Mock (Greg Howe) cover by Maleny