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Jack Thammarat: Musikmesse Frankfurt March 2012 photo gallery

Musikmesse Frankfurt March 2012

By Jack Thammarat (Albums) · March ·  · Taken at Musikmesse Frankfurt

Fulll set: 

Jack Thammarat, Alex Hutchings, Tom Quayle, Martin Miller, Andy James 

Martin Miller, Tom Quayle,Andy James, Alex Hutchings, Jack Thammarat    

Doug Doppler: Ibanez collection in Vintage Guitar

Art Appreciation, Import-Style
Doug Doppler’s Ibanez collection
This L.A.-based guitarist is a great example of how one can make a living playing even if they aren’t world-renowned. A former student of Joe Satriani, Ibanez guitars have played a major role in his work for nearly two decades. By Ward Meeker

Peter Tiehuis: Trio fusion in Utrecht 2012

Another super charged, freeform jazz improvisation from renowned Dutch guitarist Peter Tiehuis and band, when they wrapped up one of their regular gigs, at the acclaimed 't-Oude Pothuis venue in Utrecht, The Netherlands, on Wednesday, January 18th, 2012.
Extract from Peter's website:
One of Holland's leading guitar players, Peter Tiehuis's versatility has enabled him to play almost any kind of music and has led to many recording dates, also in Belgium, Germany and England, for records and broadcasting.

In 2008, he formed his own Peter Tiehuis Trio with contrabass player Frans van der Hoeven and drummer Arno van Nieuwenhuize. In this setup he's experimenting with totally improvised concerts based on electronics, effects and soundscapes.
Over the years he has played with Toots Thielemans, Benny Goodman, Freddie Hubbard, Stan Getz, Tania Maria, Al Jarreau, Tina Turner, Chaka Khan, Charlie Mariano, Vince Mendoza, Mike Stern, Bob Mintzer, the Yellow Jackets, Jasper van 't Hof, Gino Vannelli, Cliff Richard, the Brecker Brothers, Ilse de Lange, Randy Crawford, George Duke, Herbie Hancock, Trijntje Oosterhuis, Steve Vai, Adrian Belew and many others.
After teaching for about 10 years at the Amsterdam Highschool of Arts, he regularly gives guitar workshops. Since 2005 he is part of the Paul Berner Band (with fellow guitar player Ed Verhoeff, drummer Hans van Oosterhout, Michael Moore on reeds, Paul Berner on contrabass). With dutch star singer Trijntje Oosterhuis he is doing small tours and gigs. Together with bassguitar player Theo de Jong and percussionist Bart Fermie he formed the trio '3HandsClapping' which resulted in their cd "Shaman Dance". Lately he's collaborating with the dutch flugelhorn player Ack van Rooyen and the New York poet/writerEdward Field to work on a cd recording where poems and music are mixed.
From Poolguitar blog:
Peter Tiehuis is Holland's number one session player. As one of the guitarists of the Metropole Orchestra he has played with many great names in the business. You may have seen him next to Steve Vai, Pat Metheny or John Scofield. Not many guitarists can do this and win the respect of these outstanding collegues. He has played on countless cd, film scores and commercials. He still finds time to play with his own trio 3HANDSCLAPPING with bassplayer Theo de Jong and percussion player Bart Fermie. Check out his website for some amazing audio files of his new impro-project with Arno van Nieuwenhuize on drums and Frans van der Hoeven on bass.



Jeff Loomis: Sibylline Origin

EMG - Jeff Loomis - "Sibylline Origin"

Mateus Starling: 12 playalongs, 2 hours of classroom video
This new material deals with the language and phrasing to play chords on fusion, but using playbacks of fusion and other styles to show how the language of fusion can work well in styles such as rock, funk , Blues and so on. All playbacks are original and exclusive made ​​especially for this class. The whole process of playing chords on playalongs was also filmed for reference to the student. The package comes with: 2 hours video lecture on the fusion phrasing and chords for accompaniment, 12 playalongs unprecedented in grooves of funk, fusion, jazz, rock and so on. 2 handouts fusion with 40 sheets (pdf) This material is being sold on my site for 140 reais, but friends who've previously bought any of my video classes pay only 120 dollars. You can buy the card partial credit and up to 12x or via deposit or DOC. I'm sure you will be surprised with this material, playalongs challenging and quality. God bless you all. 2 hours of video lessons, 12 playalongs book and fusion. new material and unique.

Pacote Fusion - Apostila, 12 playalongs, 2 hours of classroom video

Marcos De Ros: Fuhrmann - Phaser II

Phaser II - Fuhrmann - Marcos De Ros - Shut up 'n play!

Ricky Furlani: solo from Double Vision DVD

Notre Dame is a bonus track from Double Vision DVD features guitar players Sydnei Carvalho, Alex Martinho, Edu Ardanuy, Roger Franco, Ricky Furlani. Here only the solo by Ricky Furlani, hope you all enjoy.

Ricky Furlani solo completo em Notre Dame - Double Vision DVD - Sydnei Carvalho Alex Martinho

Rick Graham: 20 Killer Fusion Lines lessons

Hi Guys! I'm very excited to announce the first of a series of Xpansion packs for my Static Chord Soloing series. This exciting package contains 10 all new funky fusion backing tracks with 20 killer lines to go with them. Each lick is played and then broken down for you to digest easily and consists of scales and arpeggios covered in both Static Chord Soloing 1 & 2. The lines all feature a heathly balance of contemporary guitar techniques such as legato, speed picking, intervallic lines, right hand tapping, slides and much more. Backing tracks come in a variety of keys including Bb and Eb.

NEW WEBSITE LESSON available now - 20 Killer Fusion Lines

Tom Richardson: Tom Quayle - Stevie's Groove

Tom Quayle - Stevie's Groove Cover by Tom Richardson

Milan Polak: T-Rex ToneBug Fuzz

T-Rex ToneBug Fuzz - Milan Polak

Tonio Ruiz: guitar clinic lie playthrough

Tonio Ruiz clĂ­nica guitarra

Davide Montorsi: rock solo


Bruno Palma: The French Guitar Contest 2012


Doug Steele: modes in 8 minutes

I'll be taking this down soon to do better ones on each mode. Just keep in mind for each mode, I'm using the same exact notes: c-d-e-f-g-a-b..

Doug Steele: Brief overview on modes

George Marios: recording EP at Tom Quayles's home studio

Here is a little snippet of the recordings that took place in Tom Quayles's home studio.

Stay tuned for more videos and news about the EP and make sure to check for info on Lessons, Skype and studio session and other news!

Peace :-)
Laying down some Grooves for the upcoming EP

Chris Poland: OHMphrey - Poste Haste

OHMphrey, a jamband supergroup, which features three members of the prog rock/veteran jam band Umphrey's McGee (keyboardist Joel Cummins, guitarist Jake Cinninger and drummer Kris Myers), and OHM guitarist (former Megadeth guitarist), Chris Poland and bassist Robertino Pagliari (a.k.a. "Pag").

OHMphrey's latest effort, the unforgettable, and soon-to-be-classic, Posthaste, finds these five extraordinary artists creating instrumental music with a unified voice – once again. The album's seven original instrumental compositions, and two bonus live tracks ("Firestarter" and "20/20") recorded at Winston's in San Diego in 2009, never meander. Simply put, Posthaste contains some of the most thought-provoking, elastic and heavy jam band music this side of A Live One, Space Wrangler, and Under the Table and Dreaming.

OHMphrey - Tom Bombadil (Live At Baked Potato)

Tracks such as "The River Runs", "Tom Bombadil" (named after a character in J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings fantasy trilogy), "The Sun also Rises", and "The Devil's in the Details" are as distinctive and enthralling as their titles might suggest. Each track has its own identity and the music never lets up. Even upon repeat listens, Posthaste continues to inspire, surprise and even shock.

Dig the joyous and playful staccato rhythms, Cummins' Wakeman-esque lead synth lines and Myers' ability to play with time during a drum solo in "Ramona's Car Wash." Rifle through your memories as you listen to the intriguing arpeggios opening "The Shoemaker's Back" (as if these riffs have been encoded with subliminal information). Free your mind (and your butt) to the totally chilled out trace/dance feel of "Reggaelic" (which fades with a glorious guitar solo).

"Composing these songs was something we all did together," says Cummins. "One of the best analogies I can give is 'Simon Says for Musicians', where we're trying to organize these musical ideas in the moment."

"Everybody contributed to these songs," says six-string fretless bassist Robertino Pagliari, or Pag. "Once an idea popped out, it was like, 'Oh, I have a melody…' Or, 'Oh, I have a rhythm part that works with that …' These ideas just molded together, as if we had been working together forever, you know?"

"We all have this kind of synchronicity," says Poland. "It's kind of an overused word, but we have it. Whatever we're doing, it works."

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Kamil Kowalski -- TMac tour photos
You joined Tony MacAlpine Band. How would you express your feeling playing with a monster like Tony?

-I love it! Tony is like family to me, and has been fantastic to me since the day I met him. I’m especially grateful to Tony because he found me at a time when only a few people knew my name, and trusted me enough to offer me a gig. I can’t thank him enough for trusting me with his music. Like any important gig, it was stressful at first, but we spent so much time together in such a short period of time that I was able to get very comfortable. I worked very hard on his music because I knew it was going to take a good amount of effort to do justice to it. I have learned so much just from watching Tony do what he does on stage every night, and how he handles everything with so much professionalism. I can’t wait to get back on the road with him!

What’s your plan now?
-I am working on another solo record which will feature some great, well-known players. I expect the process to still take a while, though. There are also plans to go back on tour with Tony soon.

Full interview