Friday, 13 April 2012

Paul Gilbert: Guitarist Magazine interview

An in-depth look at the rig used by Paul Gilbert during Mr Big's recent UK tour. Shot at Bristol's O2 Academy in 2011. Taken from Guitarist magazine GIT349. For more guitar news, advice and interviews, and to find out more about the magazine, visit

On The Road with Paul Gilbert Guitarist Magazine

Jeff Loomis: Trees - Dallas, Texas 2012

Jeff Loomis: Trees - Dallas, Texas 2012

Marco Sfogli: Live at Blitz, 28/3/2012 + Wind Rose Guest

Marco Sfogli: Live at Blitz, 28/3/2012 + Wind Rose Guest

Conrad Hultermans: Jamming On Joop Wolters 80's backing track

Jamming on Joop Wolters eighties backing track!!

Jon Neto: Olivetti - highly original concept

Jon Neto:
Olivetti... after the sound of a typewriter... That sound was the same experimental ... A few years passed through the room and looked at her, she looked at me, took it and went into the studio, the result was this. I found this song 'lost' on a CD that I found by 'accident' in recent changes, and requests, I decided to post here on SoundCloud. ;)

Lari Basilio: New Web Site and EP
Born in 1988 in Sao Paulo, Lari Basilio is self-taught guitarist.

As a child he displayed great love and interest in music and at age 4, began studying the organ.

Some years later, his father taught him the first guitar chords, sufficient to awaken in Lari Basilio passion for the guitar.

Since then, she began studying alone, playing in evangelical churches and consequently, participating bands.

Fond of instrumental music, Lari Basilio began composing her own songs.

In 2011, he recorded his first instrumental EP, titled "Lari Basilio", which contains five tracks, marking the official beginning of his solo career.

Lari Basilio has been highlighted by his technique and versatility, innovating instrumental music with his style playing style differently, proof, is the public recognition of your video posted to the 1st Contest Cultural Santo Angelo Music Instrumental Gospel, which had the highest display in record time.


2° LUGAR - 1° Concurso Cultural Santo Angelo de Música Instrumental Gospel / LARI BASILIO

"Mundo de Glórias" - Instrumental - Lari Basilio

Lari Basilio is on Soundcloud where you can dow

Marco Sfogli: Italian clinic highlights 2012

A recent report of the Italian virtuoso Mark Sfogli clinics.
Mark has used his Ibanez RG Premium and Mesa Boogie Mark V and Royal Atlantic

Italian Marco Sfogli Clinics

Tony MacAlpine: Ibanez Clinic in Milan 2012

Tony MacAlpine Ibanez Clinic in Milan

Joe Bonamassa: Driving Towards The Daylight #3

"Driving Towards The Daylight" starring Joe Bonamassa Episode 3 #DTTD

Anouck André: TC Electronic Dreamscape

Anouck André:
Hi everybody!
Here is a short video to present the great Dreamscape from Tc Electronic.
Don't forget to like Tc on Facebook and don't miss their cool giveaway!

Tc Electronic Dreamscape : The secrets of John Petrucci's sound !

Alex Vasilenko: John Mayer style lesson

Full free lesson at

backing track - write me
JOHN MAYER Style - GRAVITY (Intro and Solo) original and slow tempo lesson

Allen Hinds: Dumble Amplifier

Allen Hinds tearing it up live in Los Angeles, CA using a Dumble Amplifier and Xotic guitars...

Allen Hinds Live - Dumble Amplifier

Milan Polak: Party Hand #1
PARTY HAND - Single:

PARTY HAND - Backing Track:

"Party Hand" Intro pt. 1/2 - Milan Polak Lesson

PARTY HAND - Power Guitar Symphony feat. Milan Polak & Julian Puttins

Lorenzo Feliciati,Gary Willis: Ibanez Bass Day Milan

On April 6, 2012 was held at the Bassline in Milan Ibanez Bass Day that was attended by Lorenzo Feliciati and Gary Willis. This video contains an excerpt of their performance.

Ibanez Bass Day - Bassline Milano 6 Aprile 2012

Doug Steele: FCKN Van Halen Time

Beat It solo

Beat It solo guitar lesson

Van Halen Ice Cream Man solo

Van Halen Ice Cream Man "hard part" dissected and explained

Elias Viljanen: Stones Grow Her Name release date

SONATA ARCTICA Stones Grow Her Name
CD [Digibook] Limited First Edition Digibook including Bonus Track. 7th Studio Album. Finnish Melodic Power Metal.
Available on:
18 May 2012
Price: 17.00 EUR
More Details...

Travis Montgomery: joins Infinite Guitar

Infinite Guitar is proud to welcome Travis Montgomery as a new guitar instructor! Travis is an accomplished metal guitarist currently playing in bands such as Threat Signal and Nociceptor. He'll be focusing most of his material in the metal realm and will be sure to get your chops in shape!

Some of Travis' favorite musicians include: Animals As Leaders, Born of Osiris, Dream Theater, Guthrie Govan, Lamb of God, Meshuggah, Metallica, Nevermore, Nobuo Uematsu, Periphery and many others.

- Say Hello to Travis in the Forum

- Visit Travis' Instructor Profile

Textures - Reaching Home solo

Glen Drover: New album update and interviews

Glen Drover:
Lots of cool things to update you on here. We started work on the new GLEN DROVER BAND album recently, and have just finished the first track completly. This album will follow the last albums style, but will contain more metal stuff this time around. There wont be as many covers on this album, but one track that will be featured, is a cover of an instrumental song that OZZY OSBOURNE played on the Diary Of A Madman tour before Randy (Rhoads) died. it was never featured on any of the Ozzy albums, but can be found on various bootlegs from that tour. Its a really cool metal/classical piece that they played surrounding Tommy's drum solo. I extended the track and turned it into a full song. This is the track that we just finished and we are all super happy with the results!

Aside from that, I pretty much have all the material for this next album in various files in the studio here to work on. All tracks were written by myself, Jim Gilmour and Paul.Yee. Some killer shit going on, that I can promise!

Finally, there have been a lot of people asking me if there will ever be another Eidolon record, and although I don't see that happening, we are doing something cool with this new GDB album as far as Eidolon goes, which is aside from all the instrumental tracks that will be recorded for the album, I'm having all three past Eidolon singers do one track each for the album!

It's a mix of tracks that were written years ago, but hiding in the song archives in my studio until the other day... I was in one of my many cleaning moods, sorting through stuff and found these lost tracks. WHOA!!!! Very excited about this to say the least, as the tracks are killer!!

Also, there maybe a song from the original Seven Spirits album, fully re-recorded with new vocals and lyrics. The re-recording of that album has been in my head for years, as it is one of my fave albums musically. Not sure if that will ever happen, but grabbing a song or two and doing justice to it sounds good to me!

Burnt Offerings Glen Drover Interview

Interview with Glen Drover on 'Metalusion'

Metal Attack MTL - Interview - Glen Drover

Lari Basilio: Gold

Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee, Neil Peart: Clockwork Angels details

Legendary rock band RUSH has unveiled details of its highly anticipated, new album, "Clockwork Angels". This is the renowned trio's first new collection of original material in over five years and their first studio release via Anthem/Roadrunner Records. "Clockwork Angels", the band's 20th studio album, will be released on June 12.

The recording of "Clockwork Angels" began in April 2010 with Grammy Award-winning producer Nick Raskulinecz (FOO FIGHTERS, DEFTONES) — who also collaborated with the band on their last studio album, 2007's "Snakes & Arrows". RUSH co-produced both records. The first two songs, "Caravan" and "BU2B", were completed during that first session at Nashville's Blackbird studios and performed nightly during the wildly successful Time Machine Tour, which ran from June 2010 to June 2011. Work on "Clockwork Angels" resumed in the fall of 2011 at Revolution Recording in Toronto after the tour's finale, with additional strings (arranged by David Campbell) recorded at Hollywood's Ocean Way Studios earlier this year. Lyrically, "Clockwork Angels" chronicles a young man's quest across a lavish and colorful world of steampunk and alchemy as he attempts to follow his dreams. The story features lost cities, pirates, anarchists, an exotic carnival, and a rigid Watchmaker who imposes precision on every aspect of daily life. The novelization of "Clockwork Angels" is being written by science fiction writer Kevin J. Anderson in collaboration with RUSH drummer and lyricist Neil Peart.

"Clockwork Angels" track listing: more details

01. Caravan
02. BU2B
03. Clockwork Angels
04. The Anarchist
05. Carnies
06. Halo Effect
07. Seven Cities Of Gold
08. The Wreckers
09. Headlong Flight
10. BU2B2
11. Wish Them Well
12. The Garden

Jeff Loomis: Recording Acoustic Guitar

Originally posted back in 2011:
Jeff Loomis is recording acoustic guitar in Fastback Studios gym. This album is engineered by Aaron Smith with house engineer, Jason Lackie, setting mics and getting tones. Fastback Studios is located in Seattle, Wash. Look for Jeff at Winter Namm 2012 he will be releasing several new guitar models.

Jeff Loomis Recording Acoustic Guitar ~

Jeff Loomis Acoustic Session Part 2 ~

Jeff Loomis: Age Of Metal interview

Interview with Jeff Loomis

Chris Broderick: Countdown To Extinction to be performed live

MEGADETH will perform its 1992 album, "Countdown To Extinction", in its entirety on September 7 at Teatro Caupolican in Santiago, Chile.

MEGADETH's fifth LP, "Countdown To Extinction" was released on July 14, 1992 through Capitol Records. The band's best-selling full-length CD to date, it was certified double-platinum.


Chris Broderick Megadeth Ibanez Prestige S5470F Red 6-string Guitar Autograghed
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