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Tommy Vitaly,Norifumi Shima,David Shankle: Hanging Rock new CD details


1.Betrayer (feat. Mats Leven on vocals)
2.Run With The Devil (feat. Carsten “Lizard Schulz” on vocals)
3.Hands Of Time (feat. Todd LaTorre on vocals)
4.Forever Lost (feat. David Defeis on vocals)
5.Idol (feat. Michele Luppi on vocals, Norifumi Shima and Ferdy Doernberg solos)
6.Misanthropy - Instrumental -
7.Heavy Metal God (feat. Carsten “Lizard” Schulz on vocals, David Shankle guitar solo)
8.Hanging Rock - Instrumental -(feat. Ferdy Doernberg keyboard solos)
9.Icewarrior (feat. Zak Stevens on vocals)

Tommy Vitaly, the guitar player for the Italian power metal bandS EVENGATES, will release his second album, "Hanging Rock", on May 3 via IceWarrior Records/Rock It Up Records. The CD features "fantastic cover and booklet art" by Felipe Machado Franco, who has previously worked with RHAPSODY, AXEL RUDI PELL, BLIND GUARDIAN,AXENSTAR and ICED EARTH.

TOMMY VITALY - "Misanthropy" [Official Video]

"Hanging Rock" features guest appearances by the following musicians:
* Tommy Vitaly (SEVEN GATES) - Guitars
* Todd LaTorre (CRIMSON GLORY) - Vocals
* David DeFeis (VIRGIN STEELE) - Vocals
* Zak Stevens (CIRCLE II CIRCLE, ex-SAVATAGE) - Vocals
* Michele Luppi (THAUROROD, ex-VISION DIVINE) - Vocals
* Carsten Lizard-Schulz (EVIDENCE ONE, ex-DOMAIN) - Vocals
* Andrea "Tower" Torricini (ex-VISION DIVINE, ex-SHADOWS OF STEEL) - Bass
* Norifumi Shima (CONCERTO MOON) - Guitars
* David Shankle (DSG, ex-MANOWAR) - Guitars
* Kenny Earl Edwards (a.k.a. Rhino; HOLY HELL, ex-MANOWAR) - Drums

TOMMY VITALY "Hanging Rock" new album teaser video

Ethan Meixsell, Travis Larson, Carl Roa: Long Island Fusion Fest 2012

Ethan Meixsell Live debut at Long Island Fusion Fest 2012

Saturday, 2 June 2012

20:00 in EDT

Come down to hear the live debut of Ethan Meixsell at Long Island Fusion Fest 2012. This is far and away the most challenging set of music I've ever attempted and I've got some incredible musicians adding their voice to the project. I'll be playing material from my debut record "Pathos and Logos", some new material, and some surprise covers. Also performing are the Travis Larson Band and Carl Roa Band. Come out for a night of mind-altering guitar playing. The band features:
Ethan Meixsell: Guitar & Vox
Douglas Baldwin: Guitar
Harold Skeete: Bass
Ricky Martinez: Drums

The Hub Billiard Club
4060 Austin Blvd., Island Park, NY 11558
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Herman Li: Yell Magazine interview

Yell! Magazine recently conducted an interview with guitarist Herman Li and bassist Frédéric Lecler

When DragonForce rolled through town, we here at Yell! Magazine knew that we had to interview the guy who plays a million notes per second on guitar. That guy is Herman Li. We were also joined by Frédéric Leclercq, who was late (tick tock).
We talked extensively about DragonForce's new singer, Marc Hudson, and what he's bringing to the band. Other topics of discussion included growls, Nintendo and Guitar Hero (but we chopped that bitch up and left it on the editing room floor), Marty Friedman and other various influences such as Argento, Goblin, and Contamination, and the nerves and jitters that come with introducing a new album with a new singer on a fresh tour... Read the full article here:

Get more heavy metal interviews, and news at http://www.yellmagazine.com

cq of British epic power metallers DRAGONFORCE.

Sarah Longfield: Etherial Demo

Sarah Longfield:
Hey guys! So this is the first track off of my new album Par Avion :D Hope you like it!
You can download the album at Sarahshreds.bandcamp.com
Find me on facebook! - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sarah-MissSmiles4u/203122436372395

Sarah Longfield:
Check out Etherial Guitars! - http://www.facebook.com/EtherialGuitarsh

This is me talking about my new Etherial custom 8 string guitar! It was built by my good friend and awesome luthier Matthew Brown, hit him up if you want a custom done :) (apologies for the sound quality, the tones actually sound way better in person, but I couldn't find the usb plug in so I couldn't record direct) enjoy!

Etherial Demo

Tom Morello: 10,000 guitar players March

Tom Morello has put out a call for "10,000 guitar players" to join him on Tuesday (May 1) for Occupy Wall Street demonstrations in New York City. Morello wrote on Twitter, "I'm putting a new band together and ur in it. Our 1st rehearsal is tomm noon (at) Bryant Park in NYC. Looking for about 10,000 guitar players." He added, "Join my new band! Don't have a guitar? Bring a drum. No drum? Bring a kazoo. No kazoo? Just come."

Morello, a staunch progressive and fierce political activist, has performed at a number of Occupy camps around the world, including those in London, Los Angeles and New York.

The demonstration scheduled for Tuesday in New York will feature an "occupation" of Bryant Park in midtown Manhattan as well as a march from Union Square to the lower part of the island.

On Tuesday, which is also known as May Day or International Worker's Day, Morello will also launch his "World Wide Rebel Tour" documentary worldwide for free, with 42 unique, customized versions in 30 different languages

World Wide Rebel Tour will be available for FREE worldwide on MAY DAY (05-01-2012).

Buy World Wide Rebel Songs today via iTunes ( http://bit.ly/HNZlqU ) or Amazon ( http://amzn.to/JUBeFW )

For more information:
World Wide Rebel Tour [ Official Trailer ]

Timo Somers: Delain Get The Devil Out Of Me

As a follow up to the digital release of 'Get The Devil Out Of Me', we (Delain) have put together a video for the song, which you can watch right here. As you can see the video contains all sorts of video footage like studio recordings and live material, including footage from the Sonisphere Festival in the UK (used with kind permission of BlinkTV). In less than a week we'll kick off our European tour and we can't wait to see you all and perform new songs from the upcoming 'We Are The Others' album! Enjoy the video and see you soon! -Delain-

'Get The Devil Out Of Me' is now available on iTunes. Taken from the upcoming album 'We Are The Others': http://bit.ly/HXOH5x

Delain - Get The Devil Out Of Me (Official Video)

Anouck André: wins special prize for The French Guitar Contest 2012

Anouck André: wins special prize for The French Guitar Contest 2012

Anouck André and Laurie Monk Musikmesse 2012

Anouck André  Video has over 25,000 views!
Very Happy and proud to be' the voting prize' on the French Guitar Contest!!!thanks to everybody that gave me some support ! and thanks toKenny Serane, Nelly Tadjer, Patrick Rondat, Michel Lâg, Jean-Mi Kajdan, Kevin Cintas and to the great French brands that took part in this awesome contest!

The French Guitar Contest : 'Special Voting Prize' Anouck André entry

Bill Lonero: make it to Guitar Shop TV

Bill Lonero
LoNero is one of the finalists at Guitar Shop TV for May. Want to help make us the winner? Just click this link


Self-proclaimed innovators and soul occupants of a genre they dub as “guitarcore” Lo Nero are a hard rocking instrumental quartet from Santa Clara, CA. Guitarcore as conceived by LoNero features driving rhythms, and layers of interweaving guitar hooks layered on top of one another that together weave a sonic tapestry that incorporates elements of rock, metal, and progressive rock. See what guitarcore and LoNero are all about for yourself and check out this video for “The Hammer.”

LoNero - The Hammer

Craig Goldy: Dio picture disc to be released

Ronnie James Dio's last-ever studio album will be issued as a picture disc on June 5. "Master Of The Moon" will be released via the Niji Entertainment Group, and is the first time the album has been issued as a picture disc in the U.S.

"Master Of The Moon" track listing:

01. One More For The Road (3:18)
02. Master Of The Moon (4:19)
03. The End of the World (4:39)
04. Shivers (4:15)
05. The Man Who Would Be King (4:58)
06. The Eyes (6:27)
07. Living The Lie (4:25)
08. I Am (5:00)
09. Death by Love (4:21)
10. In Dreams (4:26)

Jim Matheos,Frank Aresti: Fates Warning CD Box set details

Metal Blade Records has set a June 5 release date (one day earlier internationally) for the reissue of FATES WARNING's classic 1994 album "Inside Out". This re-release comes as a double CD plus bonus-DVD. It contains the classic original album as well as live tracks from a German show FATES WARNING played in Düsseldorf in 1995 and unreleased demo takes. The bonus-DVD contains an assortment of live clips, from 1993-1995.

CD1 - Inside Out (re-mastered original album)

01. Outside Looking In
02. Pale Fire
03. The Strand
04. Shelter Me
05. Island In The Stream
06. Down To The Wire
07. Face The Fear
08. Inward Bound
09. Monument
10. Afterglow

CD2 – Live in Düsseldorf, Germany February 11th 1995

01. Outside Looking In
02. Down To The Wire
03. The Eleventh Hour
04. Point Of View
05. Face The Fear


01. Outside Looking In (demo)
02. Pale Fire (demo)
03. Shelter Me (demo)
04. Island In The Stream (demo)
05. Face The Fear (demo)
06. Monument (rough mix)
07. Circles (unreleased)

DVD - Inside Out Live

* Outside Looking In (1994/95)
* Pale Fire (1993/94)
* The Strand (1994)
* Shelter Me (1993)
* Island In The Stream (2010)
* Down To The Wire (1994/95)
* Face The Fear (1994/95)
* Monument (1994/95)
* Afterglow Slide Show


* Live In Still Water (1994)
* Through Different Eyes (1995)
* Guardian (Mike Portnoy drums) (1994)
* Shades Of Heavenly Death (1995)
* MTV Europe Interview (1995)
* Eye to Eye (1994/95)
* Face The Face Of Fear (1994)
* Don't Follow Me (1994)
* Shortest Fates Warning Show Ever (1994)
* Guardian (Arch/Alder duet) (1994)

Fates Warning "Monument (Live)" (OFFICIAL)

Eric Maldonado: Neoclassical Shred Lick Lesson

Welcome to our first installment of Lick of The Week from Shredtricks.com!!

Here is a sweet alternate picking neoclassical lick in the key of E Phrygian Dominant.

Get the tab and explanation here:

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-Eric Maldonado

- Yngwie Malmsteen Neoclassical Shred Lick Lesson - ShredTricks - Shred Neoclassical Metal -

Mark Hawkins: Soul Cycle II do amazingly well

Soul Cycle II makes into the top 5 sellars on Bandcamp...no surprise to me when you look at the guest guitar list:

Adam Nolly Getgood, David Maxim Micic, Francesco Filigoi, Jakub Żytecki, Keith Merrow, Keshav Dhar, Mika Tyyskä, Paul Wardingham, Reece Fullwood, 

Mark Hawkins
 Most awesome screenshot EVER. — with Chris Catharsis.

Digital Album
Immediate download of 11-track album in your choice of MP3 320, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.
Buy Now name your price

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1. Instar / Soul: Reborn 05:00
2. Against The Iron 04:48
3. Reject Humanity 05:39
4. Ethereal 06:26
5. Trancendence 05:25
6. Unphased 05:16
7. Cast Down 04:39
8. One Fleeting Moment 04:45
9. Distant Skies 04:00
10. Evolutia 08:25
11. Break The Cycle 06:17



released 24 April 2012
1) Instar / Soul: Reborn (feat. David Maxim Micic and Sacha Laskow)
2) Against the Iron (feat. George Richman and Roma Ivakov)
3) Reject Humanity (feat. Kevin Suter and Paul Wardingham)
4) Ethereal (feat. Alan Nagelberg and Mr. Fastfinger)
5) Transcendence (feat. Vishal J. Singh and Keshav Dhar)
6) Unphased (feat. JT Bruce and Martin Buus)
7) Cast Down (feat. Adam Nolly Getgood and Ben Robson)
8) One Fleeting Moment (feat. Breeze and Bryant Crawford)
9) Distant Skies (feat. Jordan Miles and Reece Fullwood)
10) Evolutia (feat. Jake Linder, Francesco Filigoi and Jakub Zytecki)
11) Break the Cycle (feat. Nate Vennarucci, Keith Merrow and Mathieu Marcotte)
Chris Catharsis-Songwriting, Production, Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Lead Guitar, Drum Programming

Mark Hawkins-Lead Guitar, Additional layers

Max Karon-Mastering

Mike C. Bauer-Artwork

Roy Z: Driver new album release details announced

Driver "Countdown"
Rob Rock - Vocals
Roy Z - Guitars
Reynold "Butch" Carlson - Drums
Ed Roth - Keyboards
Aaron Samson - Bass

Release dates:
Europe: May 25
U.S.: May 25
Japan: July 25 (with exclusive Japan bonus track) 

"Countdown" track listing:

01. Return To The Sky
02. Rising Son
03. Countdown
04. Hollywood Shooting Star
05. Thief In The Night
06. Cry Of The Wounded
07. Always On My Mind
08. Feel The Fire
09. Destiny
10. Running From The Darkness
11. Babylon (exclusive European bonus track)

Countdown" features additional contributions coming from bassists Ray Burke and Daniel Cordova, as well as veteran vocalist Mark Boals.

Mattias IA Eklundh: Freak Kitchen: Musikmesse 2012

From musikmesse 2012

From musikmesse 2012

Freak Kitchen: https://www.freakkitchen.com/shop/
Current members
Mattias "IA" Eklundh - Vocals and Guitar (1992- )
Christer Örtefors - Bass and Vocals (2000- )
Björn Fryklund - Drums (2000- )

Mattias "IA" Eklundh has long been a Truth In Shredding Favourite. I've seen Mattias on many occasions, at Frankfurt on the Laney stand and I like the fact he takes the time to press the flesh and meet the fans in a cordial manner after the show. check out his long running blog, packed with facts, history, food and jollity too. http://www.freakkitchen.com/blog/

Last time I had seen Mattias IA Eklundh play was at the Jason Becker festival in Amsterdam. He played a "Tip Top" show, the consummate professional. After the show I became roadie for the evening... clear up the amps after the show... I seem to recall Mattias asking me how I was, and me thinking... you know I've seen all these shows in the past and never been a roadie... I think I said something like I prefer being on the fans side... well you know how it is someone else gets to hump around heavy gear until 4:00 in the morning... I have seen Freak Kitchen before in the UK, in a small club in Cardiff... they were excellent, and I would recommend if they come to a town near you, you check them out!

Plus the New album in the works!

We are truly happy to announce a new Freak Kitchen album, entitled Cooking with Pagans, is being produced for a late 2012 release. Cooking with Pagans will include twelve kick butt tunes we will take on the road after completion:

Professional Help, (Saving Up for an) Anal Bleach, Come Back to Comeback, I Don't Want to Golf, Once Upon a Time in Scandinavistan, Hide, Private Property, Sloppy, Ranks of the Terrified, Goody Goody, The Mathematics of Defeat, Freak of the Week.

Freak Kitchen's style of music is influenced by many genres besides the traditional heavy metal, ranging from jazz to pop. The band described their third album as "A corny little heavy-pop-rock-Latin-world-jazz-avant-garde-metal-blues-record straight from hell!".[2] The newest album "Land of the Freaks", which was released in late October 2009,[3] features a lot of Indian inspiration and the band is also joined by the two Indian musicians V. Selvaganesh & Neyveli S Radhakrishna on several tracks.

The lyrics of Freak Kitchen often contain heavy criticism against capitalist society, conformity, racism and the attitude of huge record companies.
Frontman Mattias Eklundh is widely known as a guitarist of high technical ability, and live shows often contain parts where Eklundh plays the guitar using several foreign objects such as a vibrating dildo. Eklundh has also released three solo albums, Sensually Primitive (1996) (under the pseudonym Mr Libido), Freak Guitar (1999) and Freak Guitar - The Road Less Traveled (2004).
They also co-headlined Fuel Great Indian Rock 2008 alongside Sahg and Satyricon.

Appetizer (Thunderstruck Productions, 1994)
Spanking Hour (Thunderstruck Productions, 1996)
Freak Kitchen (Thunderstruck Productions, 1998)
Dead Soul Men (Thunderstruck Productions, 2000)
Move (Thunderstruck Productions, 2002)
Organic (Thunderstruck Productions, 2005)
Land of the Freaks (Thunderstruck Productions, 2009)
Cooking with Pagans (Thunderstruck Productions, 2012)

Mattias IA Eklundh: Freak Kitchen - Razor Flowers - Musikmesse 2012

Mattias IA Eklundh: Freak Kitchen - Speak When Spoken To - Musikmesse 2012

Mattias IA Eklundh: Freak Kitchen - Porno Daddy - Musikmesse 2012

Mattias IA Eklundh: Freak Kitchen - God Save The Splean - Musikmesse 2012