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Yoger Mucci: The Guitangears features Michael Angelo Batio,David Shankle,Joe Stump

Yoger MucciFor all Guitar Lover's and Shredders Check this crazy project The Guitangears featuring marvelous players like: Marco Minnemann,Michael Angelo Batio,David Shankle,Joe Stump,and more power available on CD and digital download at CD baby, Itunes,Amazon, you will love it, you can check some tracks here thank you :-) The Guitangears FULLCLIP (It Contains Different songclips)

Jason Becker: making the Carvin JB200C Tribute Guitar

In response to his still-strong legion of fans around the world, Carvin has created the Jason Becker Tribute JB200C electric guitar. The Custom Shop worked closely with Jason to design this instrument as closely as possible to his original DC200. The JB200C is loaded with many upgraded standard features, combined with our state-of-the art modern manufacturing processes.

Carvin JB200C Jason Becker Tribute Guitar

Fran Alonso: Guitar Playback and Palmer Melodic competition - Suhr is beautiful

Guitar Playback and Palmer Melodic Backing Track Challenge Entry - Fran Alonso.mpg

Guitar Playback and Palmer Melodic Backing Track Challenge

Krister Jonsson,Lalle Larsson: Karmakanic: De Boerderij Zoetermeer 2012

Lalle Larsson via Lalle Larsson
Big thanks to the great audience at Rosfest! You guys & gals were fantastic! Karmakanic received several standing ovations throughout the set, what a crowd!
The concert was filmed and recorded so hopefully there will be a DVD sometime in the future. It´s been such a pleasure to play with all the guys, Jonas, Morgan, Krister, Göran and Nils. Superb musicians and brothers in arms. Thanks for two great weeks!

In a couple of hours me and Jonas will join Agents of Mercy for the closing show at Rosfest. Then we are spending two free days in New York. Life is good!

Karmakanic live @ De Boerderij Zoetermeer Netherlands april 27, 2012 - 1 of 3

Karmakanic live @ De Boerderij Zoetermeer Netherlands april 27, 2012 - 2 of 3

Karmakanic live @ De Boerderij Zoetermeer Netherlands april 27, 2012 - 3 of 3

Ola Englund, Fred Brum, Chris Feener,: Feared are Refeared

Everyone go buy this. REFEARED 2012. Sounds pretty bangin'! (Features a guest solo from yours truly!)

Did you think the self titled Feared album sounded like crap? Well I thought so, that's why I re-recorded it and re-mixed it. Now it's available to buy With that there is also a deluxe edition available, containing RAW tracks, Stems, Toontrack Superior settings, Kemper Ampsprofiles, Mastering chain pictures among a lot of other stuff.

IF you already bought the original digital version of the album, you'll get a free version of this new "Refeared" digital album. If you bought it from iTunes or Amazon, msg me a screen capture of the receipt.

Thanks for the support!


NOTE if you bought the 2007 digital album you'll get a digital copy of the Refeared digital album for free 

This is a re-recording of the Feared self titled album from 2007. Check it OOOOT!

Available either as a Deluxe edition version with a physical CD and DVD filled with stuff. Check 0:54 to see what's included in the DVD

Track list:
01. Fall of Man (feat. Chris Feener)
02. Breaking the Cycle
03. Antisocial
04. Our Dying World (feat. Fred Brum)
05. One, Two, Three, WAR!
06. My Last Line
07. Daddy's Girl
08. Bullied
09. A Regret

Music by: Ola Englund
Lyrics by: Mario Ramos and Ola Englund

Produced, mixed and mastered by: Ola Englund

Richard Hallebeek: announces competition winners

Richard HallebeekAnd the winner is... thanks everybody for joining in on the contest where and The GuitarAcademy Amsterdam are giving out free tickets for may 17th where I will play at the Guitar Academy, Leidseplein, Amsterdam.
Of course the answer to the question 'What is the album title for RHPII' is PAIN IN THE JAZZ. More of you guessed right, but we decided only one person really deserves that dinner place and that's guitarist Remco Becker who turns 40 and wanted to celebrate it the right way. Congratulations Remco! The other free tickets go to Mannes Kocken,Jasper Kense, Hjalmar Van Der Schaaf en Jos van Capelleveen. See you thursday!

Karolina Sustova: graduation concert performances with full ensemble

Karolina Sustova: I have uploaded some videos from my graduation concert which took place on 3rd May 2012 at the Prague Conservatoire.

Karolina Sustova - vocals, guitar, keyboards
Jakub Sedlak - guitar
Jan Jakubec - bass
Emil Fratrik - drums
Frantisek Krticka - keyboards, vibraphone
David Solar - keyboards
Ondrej Klimek - flute
Veronika Hoffmanova - B flat clarinet
Jarmila Vavrova - soprano recorder
Matous Peruska - I. violin
Matej Sonlajtner - II. violin
Dorota Rybkova - viola
Zachar Fedorov - cello

The Fight Inside (Karolina Sustova's graduation concert)

The Legend (Karolina Sustova's graduation concert)

Pan mori (Karolina Sustova's graduation concert)

Andele noci (Karolina Sustova's graduation concert)

Tom Morello: Guitarmy takes over Bryant Park

The #Occupy Guitarmy takes over Bryant Park, then takes down 7th Ave to Union Square. Tom Morello and his Guitarmy weren't deterred by the nasty NYPD, who by the way had 17,000 officers on guard against the peaceful protestors. What a fucking day. No one will forget the brave Guitarmy and their courageous march through and around the cops as the police tried to break up the protest numerous times.


Guntara: Guitaronsky Shredding Contest

Guitaronsky Shredding Contest - Guntara

Guitar On Sky Competition

Carlos Hernández: Guitaronsky Shredding Contest

Hi, this is my entry for Guitaronsky Shredding Contest (, PLEASE if you enjoy it the video PRESS THE LIKE IT BUTTON.
Good Luck for everyone. PEACE.

Carlos Hernández - Guitaronsky Shredding Contest

Guitar On Sky Competition

News: Shred This Way - Blogging about guitars to make money

Blogging about guitars to make money
Ever wondered why there are so many guitar blogs out there, well the answer is quite simple, to make money! If you don't believe me simply go to google and type in "Guitar blogs" and open any page randomly, the first thing you would see is an ad selling some kind of guitar product. Now the real question is "Is this wrong"?. I definitely would say "No" because Shredthisway is one of them. Now allow me to explain why I don't think this is wrong and why you should also consider starting your own guitar blog or website to make money online. more

Ben Levin: Let's Learn Giant Steps #5

Download the free transcription here:
Learn how to improvise over Giant Steps with this series! The path to learning a tune as hard as Giant Steps involves a lot of patience and diligence, but I truly believe anyone can do it with the right amount of focus! In this lesson I show you a lick that works through the whole form.
I teach private lessons on Skype so email me at if you'd like to sign up for some!

Let's Learn Giant Steps with Dr. Levin Part 5

David Maxim Micic: Mbinguni Amina (Bilo 2.0 EP)

Bilo 2.0 EP will be available for online streaming/listening on May 28th.

Both "Bilo" and "Bilo 2.0" will be available by the end of June on a few online music selling sites.

- David Maxim Micic

- My Band *Destiny Potato*


Lead Vocals:
Vladimir Lalic (Organized Chaos)
Narrators:Simona Micic
Aleksandra Radosavljevic (Above the Earth)
Vladimir Lalic
Dunja Markovic
Aleksandra Djelmas (Destiny Potato)
Milan Jejina Yeqy (Destiny Potato)

David Maxim Micic - Mbinguni Amina (Bilo 2.0 EP)

João Castilho: Workshop - smooth fazz fusion

Highlights of the Workshop held at the School of Modern Music in Niterói / RJ, with guitarist John Castillo.

Workshop com João Castilho

Fred Brum: Our Dying World Solo - Sherman 8-string

My album Atonement is available (along with a free downloadable track at - please give it a listen. :)

Official Website -
Facebook -

So Ola sent me an email last Friday, in true "Help us, Shred-wan Kenobi, you're our only hope!" fashion. Considering how pro-Sith I am, I let him rot there. The end.

Jokes aside, Ola asked me to do the solo for the song Our Dying World as he just released a completely remade version of his 2007 Feared album (which happens to kick ass, so go get it at, which I gladly said yes to, and here it is! :)

Guitar is a Sherman 8-string, fitted with DiMarzio D Activator 8 and PAF 8 pickups, although only the PAF 8 is used on this clip. Signal chain was, unsurprisingly, guitar into Kemper Profiling Amp into Presonus 22SVL.

Hope you enjoy! :)

Fred Brum - Our Dying World Solo (Feared)

Dimitar Nalbantov: Vanish Into The VOID

Working on a new song called "Vanish Into The VOID" and new album project.
Dimi Nalbantov - Vanish Into The VOID

Dimi Nalbantov - video test

Prabin Timsina: T-Rex Back On Track

T-Rex Back On Track

Guitar Contest - Back On Track (Prabin Timsina)

Anthimos Manti: T-Rex Back On Track
Milan Polak has teamed up with T-Rex to present to you this awesome contest!

T-Rex "Back On Track" Contest - Anthimos Manti Entry

T-Rex Back On Track

Antoine Fafard,Jerry De Villiers Jr: Terry Bozzio joins fretless bass monster for new single

Holding Back Time' features Antoine Fafard on fretless bass, acoustic and classical guitar, Terry Bozzio on drums, Jerry Goodman on violin and Jerry De Villiers Jr on electric guitar.

Antoine Fafard's new single entitled Holding Back Time
featuring Terry Bozzio and Jerry Goodman is now available
as a digital download at most stores including:

itunes | Amazon | CDBaby

Holding Back Time featuring Terry Bozzio

Kevin Dillard: Intelli-Shred lesson series

Kevin Dillard shares a couple of ideas for expanding the use of a few minor pentatonic patterns.
Many thanks to all my friends out there at The Hamer Museum Forum, USA Charvels Forums, The John Petrucci Forum, Jemsite, The DiMarzio Forum, Birds and Moons, The Caprison Forum, The Eleven Rack User Group, The Andy Timmons Forum and LockFlow (a forum for Submission Grappling and MMA).

To receive a tab of this episode or submit a question or inquire about private lesson in person or via Skype/Webcam contact Me at:

Intelli-Shred with Kevin Dillard Episode 1

Intelli-Shred with Kevin Dillard Episode 2 (more pentatonic expansion concepts)

Demonstration of Licks from Intelli-Shred Episode 2 w/ Kevin Dillard

Larry Mitchell, Kevin Dillard: Jam with The Larry Mitchell Band

Honored to be invited to share some stage time with the phenomenal Larry Mitchell and his band. AWESOME group of guys and such a blessing to be taking part in this with such talented people. Next time I promise to be a little more HUGE thanks to Larry for extendiing the invitation to come and jam. Thanks to everyone at Soho's for making us feel so welcomed and appreciated.

Jam with The Larry Mitchell Band @ Soho's Columbus Georgia

Michael Lee Firkins: Ronnie Montrose Memorial Concert 2012

Michael Lee Firkins Ronnie Montrose Memorial Concert - The Boardwalk April 13, 2012

Michael Lee Firkins Band:
Michael Lee Firkins (guitars, vocals)
Cortney DeAugustine (drums)
Dave Rapa (bass)

Michael Lee Firkins: Ronnie Montrose Memorial Concert 2012

Ronnie Montrose: filmed during the recording of his DVD

San Francisco Bay Area rock legend, the late Ronnie Montrose performed at the Uptown Theatre in Napa, CA. recently for a upcoming DVD project. Ronnie rocked the house with a great set list that included many of his big hit songs including "Rock the Nation," "I Got The Fire," Make It Last," "20 Flight," "I Don't Want It," "Space Age Sacrifice," "Rock Candy," "Bad Motor Scooter," and "Good Rockin' Tonight."

Ronnie Montrose Rocks the Uptown for DVD Release

David Wallimann: Palmer and Guitar Playback competition

Guitar Playback and Palmer Melodic Backing Track Challenge
Palmer and Guitar Playback are happy to announce the Melodic Backing Track challenge!

1st prize - Best theme
Palmer Fat 50 Amp head

2nd prize - Best effort
$100 gift certificate to

3rd prize - Most encouraging comment
$100 gift certificate to

4th prize - Most viewed video
$100 gift certificate to

5th prize - Most liked video
$100 gift certificate to

1. Download the contest backing track at

(Full track available at, however make sure you record your entry on the shorter contest backing track which is free)

2. Videotape yourself playing an original theme over the track

3. Upload your video to Youtube

4. Title your video "Guitar Playback and Palmer Melodic Backing Track Challenge Entry

5. Add the tags "guitar playback", palmer, backing track

6. Submit your video as a video response to this video

Good luck!

Guitar Playback and Palmer Melodic Backing Track Challenge

Anouck André: Palmer melodic challenge

Here is my entry for Guitar Backing track and Palmer melodic challenge contest hosted by David Walliman.
it is a nice challenge which purpose is to build a theme over the backing track.
For those who liked, I uploaded the tab in GP5 and GP6, you can download it here. used my Nova System Limited Edition from Tc Electronic and my Suhr Custom.

Guitar Backing track and Palmer melodic challenge contest entry : Anouck André

Gina Stile: Vixen -> VXN and are ready to rock! 

25 years after the legendary VIXEN released their first single, "Edge Of A Broken Heart", three of the original members have reunited to form VXN. Two decades have passed since they shared a stage together and they are ready to rev it up.

Singer Janet Gardner, drummer Roxy Petrucci and bassist Share Ross, along with guitarist Gina Stile, who was the guitarist on VIXEN's"Tangerine" album, are gearing up to perform again for the first time in over 20 years. "It just feels right," says Janet Gardner. "It was simply time to do this. The fans kept asking and we respect that."

Share Ross offers, "With hits like 'Edge Of A Broken Heart', 'Cryin'','How Much Love', 'Not a Minute Too Soon', 'Love is a Killer' and 'Rev It Up' emblazoned upon our souls, we knew it was time to resurrect our sound. We want to give the fans what they want."

In 1987, "Edge Of A Broken Heart" climbed the Billboard chart to the Top Ten and VIXEN had hit after hit. EMI suddenly had the only platinum-selling all-female rock band of its time on their roster.

Dubbed "MTV Darlings", the hits kept coming with "Cryin'", "How Much Love", "Love Is A Killer" and "Not a Minute Too Soon". The band earned credibility as they opened up for superstars, including OZZY OSBOURNE,DEEP PURPLE, SCORPIONS and BON JOVI, to name a few. A live performance on the "Arsenio Hall" television show sealed their credibility with the fact that these girls could play.

VXN will reunite at a select number of festivals and showcase dates in 2013 to perform all of the VIXEN hits and classic favorites in celebration of 25 years of rock history. The VXN "Revved Up Reunion Concerts" will take place at the kick-off party as well as on board the Monsters Of Rock Cruise on March 16-20, 2013 sailing out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida bound for CoCoCay and Freeport, Bahamas.

VXN is not to be confused with the current version of VIXEN, which consists of founding member Jan Kuehnemund (guitar) alongside Jenna Sanz-Agero (vocals), Lynn Louise Lowrey (bass), and Kat Kraft (drums).

VIXEN's original members Gardner, Kuehnemund, Pedersen andPetrucci appeared together on VH1's "Bands Reunited" in October 2004 to reminisce about their start on L.A.'s Sunset Strip and their rise to fame in the late 1980s, before the onset of grunge in the early 1990s displaced metal at the top of the charts. They also took part in a short performance for the program.