Saturday, 14 July 2012

Rob Marcello: BOSS JS-10 eBand Demo summer NAMM

The BOSS JS-10 eBand is an audio player that lets you jam along with onboard song tracks; you can play through various guitar effects, and listen through the onboard playback system. See the companion JS-10 video for more information.

BOSS JS-10 eBand Demo

Carlo Losavio: Montreux Jazz festival 2012

Montreux Jazz festival 2012 - Carlo Losavio - Fly in the sea , music by Carlo Losavio

Montreux Jazz festival 2012 - Carlo Losavio

Chris Broderick, Dave Mustaine: Megadeth Pro Shot Guitar Center Sessions

Exclusive clips of Megadeth performing from Guitar Center Sessions on DIRECTV. See an all new episode on July 13th, at 9pm on DIRECTV's Audience Network, channel 239 and in 3D on DIRECTV channel n|3D.

Megadeth "Symphony of Destruction" Guitar Center Sessions on DIRECTV

Megadeth "Trust" Guitar Center Sessions on DIRECTV

Megadeth "Angry Again" Guitar Center Sessions on DIRECTV

Sheryl Bailey: great funk band captured live, amazing guitar!

Sheryl Bailey

Sheryl Bailey grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as part of a musical family. She started playing the guitar at 13. At first she was primarily interested in rock music and after a few years she heard Wes Montgomery play on the radio and discovered jazz. She attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, where she helped to found the college's first LGBT student group. After college, she taught music in Baltimore before moving to New York City in 1988 to further her career as a performer. She released her first album, Little Misunderstood in 1995. It featured musicians George Colligan, Vince Loving, and Chris Battistone.In 2001, Bailey released Reunion of Souls with guitarist Chris Bergson, featuring Ashley Turner and Sunny Jain.  Stewart Mason of Allmusic called one of the tracks "charming" and one "perfectly sweet" but said that the album was "nothing groundbreaking". This was followed by The Power of 3! in 2002 which contained eight tracks all written by Bailey. Allmusic's Rick Anderson said that each track was "a gem" and "more complex than you'd guess at first listen". Overall he said the album was "highly recommended".] Her next album was 2004's Bull's Eye. In 2006, Bailey released her fifth album Live @ the Fat Cat and was a headline act at the Pittsburgh Jazz Festival. Her sixth album, A New Promise, was released by MCG Jazz February 2, 2010.She also teaches at Berklee, and at Stanford University's summer workshops

The Groove Allegiance at the Collective School of Music on July 12, 2011: a tune by keyboardist Chris Fischer, "The Slip" and Gary Grainger's tune "Chicken Wire"  Pat Petrillo on drums, Gary Grainger on bass, Sheryl Bailey on guitar, and Chris Fischer on keys.

Chicken Wire


The Sheryl Bailey 4 @ the Rising Jazz Stars Foundation in 2008 w/ Donald Vega on piano

Scott McGill: Conlon Nancarrow 3rd Study for Player Piano

Nancarrow is best remembered for the pieces he wrote for the player piano. He was one of the first composers to use musical instruments as mechanical machines, making them play far beyond human performance ability. He lived most of his life in relative isolation, not becoming widely known until the 1980s.

Scott McGill--Guitarist from FreakZoid and Jones McGill DeCarlo--Improvisational Arrangement on Conlon Nancarrow's 3rd Study for Player Piano "Boogie Woogie Suite"

Scott McGill Guitar: Conlon Nancarrow 3rd Study for Player Piano "Boogie Woogie Suite"

News: Guitar Addiction 1st Anniversary Video Jam - awesome

The instrumental song for the 1st anniversary of the "Guitar Addiction" album is here!

It was impossible to guest all the 60 musicians involved in the "Guitar Addiction - A Tribute To Modern Guitar" album, and it has been really hard to make some choices.. sorry for those who are not included this time, we're sure it will be on a next one.

Rythm section is Enrico Galetta on bass, Atma Anur on drums.

Guitar leads by alphabetical order:
Charly Sahona
Cyril Achard
Fabrizio Bicio Leo
Jean Fontanille
Joop Wolters
Karl Kb
Kenny Serane
Marcel Coenen
Mika Tyyskä
Milan Polak
Theodore Ziras
Victor Lafuente

Music composed and all rythm & melodic guitars recorded by Franck Karmattitude.

Support the artists by buying their music on WWW.GUITAREUROSHOP.COM !!

Guitar Addiction Album's 1st Anniversary Video Jam !!

Order your copy

1. Crossroads Of Time
2. Junkie Foot
3. Adrenaline Jam
4. The End Of The World
5. Mr Groove
6. Mind’s Labyrinth
7. FRP a Tribute To Mark
8. Mandarine
9. Frankly Speaking
10. Cacophusion
11. Heavy Funky Party

Release date: 06/21/11
Total time: 67:00

GuitarEuroMedia (GuitarEuroShop's Productions section) is very proud to present you the album "Guitar Addiction - A Tribute To Modern Guitar" ! This awesome project is the result of a long and hard work that has make it possible to unit more than 60 of the most talented musicians of our time !!

The album comes with a very detailled and illustrated 16 pages booklet.

Also, it's important to mention that for each sells 2 euros will go to the Red Cross Organisation.

Here are all the musicians who have participated:

Alberto Rigoni (Twinspirits, solo)
Alex Ehrsam
Alfonso Roca
Atma Anur (drums on 5 tracks)
Aymeric Silvert
Benoit Pol
Brett Garsed
Charly Sahona (Venturia, solo)
Christophe Godin
Cyril Achard
Daniele Gottardo
Dave Martone
David Valdes
Enrico Galetta
Eric Bricout
Fabrizio Leo
Franck Karmattitude
Guthrie Govan
Jean Fontanille
Jeff Kollman (Cosmoquad, solo)
Joe Stump
Joop Wolters
Karl KB
Kenny Serane
Lars Eric Mattson
Loran Saulus (Alive Inc)
Manu Livertout
Marcel Coenen
Marco Sfogli
Martin Motnik
Mattias Eklundh (Freak Kitchen, solo)
Michael Angelo Batio
Michael Manring
Mika "Mr. Fastfinger" Tyyskä
Milan Polak
Pat O'May
Patrick Amar (contest winner)
Paul-Alain Fontaine (keyboards)
Pierrejean Gaucher
Richard Hallebeek
Rob Balducci
Roland Gassin
Ron Thal "Bumblefoot" (Guns'n Roses, solo)
Roland Grapow (Masterplan, Helloween)
Sebastien Lanceau (Alive Inc)
Stuart Hamm (Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Frank Gambale..)
Theodore Ziras
Thomas Bressel
Tommy Ermolli (Twinspirits, solo)
Tristan Klein
Victor Lafuente
Vincent Fabre (drums on 3 tracks)
Yann Armellino
Yannick Robert

Joe Satriani: Pro video from Guitar Center in Hollywood

The Artist Relations Room at the Guitar Center in Hollywood, CA was set ablaze when Joe Satriani visited and cranked out a few songs. Fingers cooled, he sat down with Nic Harcourt for an incredibly intimate interview.
Check out the full Joe Satriani podcast, and other great podcasts, at

Joe Satriani "Flying In A Blue Dream" At: Guitar Center

Joe Satriani "Always With Me, Always With You" At: Guitar Center

Joe Satriani "Satch Boogie" At: Guitar Center

Steve Vai: Racing the World

The Artist Relations Room at the Guitar Center in Hollywood, CA was racing the world when Steve Vai visited and cranked out his new song. Steve also sat down with Nic Harcourt for an incredibly intimate interview.
Check out the full Steve Vai podcast, and other great podcasts, at

Steve Vai "Racing the World" At: Guitar Center

Gary Schutt: Rhodes and Van Halen solo covers

guitarist Gary Schutt plays Over The Mountain guitar solo

Gary Schutt plays Van Halen "Little Guitars"

Gary Schutt plays Van Halen "Dirty Movies"

Amaury Cruz: Coltrane in a Holdsworthian legato countdown

Amaury Cruz was originally from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and now based in Boston, Massachusetts.

Leo Brouwer, Luis "El Terror" Diaz, Greg howe, Allan Holdsworth, Kiko Loureiro, Frank Gambale, Guthrie Govan, Michael Romeo, John Petrucci, Joe Satriani and many others great musicians.

The Countdown (Coltrane) Allan Holdsworth Solo a transcription i did during the spring it took me a while to figure the last part out.
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The Countdown (Coltrane) Allan Holdsworth Solo

This is one of the two solos recorded by Allan Holdsworth in Planet X - Quantum. i transcribed it two weeks ago for Zocher s Fusion lab class here at berklee college of music, scales he used for the solo: augmented,diminished,harmonic minor,doble harmonic,prygian natural 3,chromatic,etc...

Planet X - Allan Holdsworth -The Thinking Stone

Amaury Cruz is also a big fan of Guthrie Govan

Guthrie Govan-Erotic Cakes Split Cover

Heroes of Sand this song is from the album rebirth 2001 a very cool song...
I learned the tapping long time ago and i decided to make a video of it, enjoy..
8 Finger Tapping - Heroes of Sand Angra

Sakura: Cherry Blossom, the Rising Force from the East

Hello is the cherry (aka Sakura) of the third grade of elementary school. 9 years old.
N o I've seen play (* ^ー^ *) o practice the song in the middle of the most favorite Yngwie
ぴHeta~tsu at all rather than not play! (O'Д `) = з
four tracks. burn Like An Angel-For April. Far Beyond The Sun. Icarus Dream.
Richie was a teacher burn.
All the songs he plays a very Yngwie is a very! ~ But I'll do my best.
I played on the tiny amp and Marshall say VS65R.
Since you are practicing Flamenco Diablo and Fugue in addition, when you hear a little popping
up - I want to.

9-year-old cherry blossom girl guitar songs during practice Yngwie Yngwie

Cherry Blossom 10-year-old girl two guitar songs on the way that practice Yngwie GaryMoore

Roman Iskorostenskiy: Arsafes - Sayr

This is a demo of the main theme from the song "Sayr" (pretty much Armenian-folk inspired), which will be on the new Arsafes solo album. Enjoy! ;)

Arsafes - "Sayr" -Main Theme Demo-

Martin Goulding,Steve Woodcock: Linear Sphere - Manvantara

Martin Goulding
I thought it might be useful for you to get a little background on the lead guitarist, the driving force behind the latest Linear Sphere release, Martin Goulding.

Martin Goulding was born in Brighton, UK in 1973. Starting electric guitar at the age of 13, inspired by the Hard-Rock guitar players of the day like Eddie Van Halen, Randy Rhoads, Yngwie Malmsteen, George Lynch, Tony Macalpine, Joe Satriani and Steve Vai.

At the age of 15, Martin studied with local teacher Robert McChesney for three years, before attending the Guitar Institute of Technology (G.I.T.) in London where he completed a diploma, graduating in 1993. Keen to further his expertise in modern rock techniques and jazz/rock improvisation, Martin went on to study privately with top UK virtuoso, teacher and genuine underground guitar god Shaun Baxter.

Martin Goulding is now a Professional Guitarist/Teacher/Producer based in London, UK and is one of the UK's foremost Modern Rock/Metal guitar instructors, Martin Goulding teaches at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance (formerly The Guitar Institute) in North West London, writing the course for Rock Studies.

As well as a sort after clinician and he's been a regular writer for Guitar Techniques magazine and Guitar World magazine. In addition, Martin is an experienced session musician with clients including Chappell Recorded Music Library, Bruton Music, Zomba, Unity and the BBC. 

Martin also writes, engineers and produces for Linear Sphere who released their highly acclaimed debut Reality Dysfunction in 2004 and have just released their second album Manvantara in early 2012.

Linear Sphere: Reality Dysfunction
Linear Sphere: Manvantara

You get get both albums for one great price and there are a limited number of signed copies of the new album for the first hundred ordered.

Featuring Martin Goulding, Nick Lowczowski, Steve Woodcock, Jamie Brooks and Jos Geron, Linear Sphere release their second studio album Manvantara on July 7th 2012. Featuring epic compositions with a unique blend of progressive, experimental, metal and heavy fusion.
Linear Sphere Manvantara Promotion Video

This album comprises six tracks of progressive metal fusion with vocals and a special guest appearance of Paul Darrow of Blakes Seven fame. This a "full on" concept album with forty five minutes of mind expanding, molten metal music and malleable metal guitar solos.

Track Listing
1. Origin
2. Manvantara
3. Cycle of Ages
4. Inner Flame
5. Reset Realign
6. The Dawning

Linear Sphere been forged  from some of UK's finest musicians with Martin Goulding on guitar, Jamie Brooks on keyboard, Steve Woodcock on bass and Chapman stick, Nick Lowczowski on drums and Jos Geron on vocals. The band carve out a melodically rich seam of progressive metal, and no doubt live these guys must excel.

The Concept talks of Atlantis and Lemuria and interestingly enough there are connections with the concepts of Manvantara and the concepts of Prometheus in that the album talks about the golden age of Lemuria, where genetic experiments combine DNA of native earth man with a cosmic race which must be successful to ensure the survival of the species, giving birth to modern man.

The CD comes packed with a booklet containing the lyrics of each song and this is further augmented by on line content which explains the concepts in more detail... now this is a real concept album in every sense of the word. Not only can you listen to the top line music and singing, but you get a chance to read about the lyrical synopsis for each track, indeed I enjoyed looking up references on the web whilst listening to some of the best metal progressive musicianship around.

This is the sort of release that requires in depth listening, the sort I like to have on in the background whilst I'm working. The sort of album that I term a "grower", an album that gets better and better with repeated listening.  There's nothing throw away here, it's been a number of years in the making and no doubt all the better for it. All seems to gel in an appropriate way, it's like someone took the progression of Cynic, mashed it with mega metal melody, and added some the the finest, fluid guitar metal on the planet.  The vocals of  Jos Geron are a darker blend of Warrel Dane, from Nevermore, and a bruising Geoff Tate, formerly of a band called Queensrÿche.

The production is great as well, with Martin Goulding engineering and producing what is a well balanced mix, not too compressed and dense (as tends to be the norm at present) and this has been captured in the final CD mastering by the renowned Alan Douches at WWSM in New York.

If you like your metal in the progressive mould, the sort with tracks weighing in above the five minute mark, but not so complex and dense that you get lost, then this is going to be for you. I also have I've no hesitation in recommending this album to guitar fans too as Martin Goulding is one of the best metal players in the UK right now.

Glenn Proudfoot: Diminished 7th arpeggios

Sick Licks No: 12. Diminished 7th arpeggios. In this lick I am combining arpeggios, arpeggio tapping and wide voiced legato. Please visit for your transcription. I hope you enjoy!

Glenn Proudfoot - Sick Licks No: 12

Keith Merrow: Symour Duncan Metal Distortion

The Duncan Distortion is put to the test by metal lord Keith Merrow. Yields high output while retaining clarity. The massive ceramic magnet and hot coil windings deliver tremendous power and raw distorted rock sounds. More aggressive than the SH-5 Duncan Custom.

Duncan Distortion METAL

Steve Vai: Carvin Legacy 3 - Behind the scenes

Here's a look behind the scenes of a photo shoot for the Legacy 3 amp.
The shoot took place at the Vibiana in downtown Los Angeles.
Photography: Gabrielle Geiselman
DP: Christopher Pearson
MUA: Cazzie Mayorga
Assistant: Sonya Rosas
Magazine ad Layout Art Direction / A&R: Richard Cruz
Music: Courtesy of Steve Vai -

Carvin Steve Vai Legacy 3 - Behind the scenes of the photoshoot