Thursday, 19 July 2012

Ricardo Marins: trying Eric Johnson's 55 Strat-Ishibashi Music Japan

Eric Johnson's 55 Strat

For sale at Ishibashi Music - Shibuya -Japan

Thank you Akiraaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ricardo Marins-Eric Johnson's 55 Strat-Ishibashi Music Japan

Ludovico Reale: -Kuassa Amplifikation One demo

Ludovico Reale-Kuassa Amplifikation One

Henri Aalto: Sweep picking ,tapping , legato

Me improvising on guitar : Sweep picking ,tapping , legato .whammy bar bends....
On the spot improvisation. One of my" just play moments"
Improvisation 3

Jack Gardiner: funking Noodle

From Drop Box

The young Scally* grabs some time in his hectic schedule to bang out a little funking noodle for ya... Jack Gardiner goes from strength to strength... watch this space for more great things
* Scallie or Scally, is originally short for Scallywag, The term is used to as a name of a Sub Culture of working class youth who had adopted a street fashion including the wearing of branded sportswear often with a baseball cap and with a hoodie worn down, not covering the face.
After negative press coverage the term became a derogative and associated with hooliganism. 

Funk Noodle

Steelianos: tribute to Manolis Chiotis,the most innovative,versatile,technical bouzouki player

Manolis Chiotis for electric guitar
So here is my tribute to Manolis Chiotis,the most innovative,versatile,technical bouzouki player/composer,and an amazing personality as well.

This one was one of my favorite tunes in my childhood,due to its uptempo,groovy feeling,
and the diminished passages from a chord to the next.

This was transcribed by ear only,the solo after the first chorus is mine.
I hope you 'll like what I 've done with the piece,I just think it 's a timeless catchy tune and wanted to make it sound a bit more fresh.

Guitars are all recorded in Cubase,in the comfort of my little home studio,with the use of Blackstar HT-Dual. Bass was written by me as a VST instrument and the drums were programmed and edited by my friend George Papadosifakis (Keado Mores drummer)

"LAOS KAI KOLONAKI" -STEELIANOS (Manolis Chiotis Tribute)

FREE GUITAR LESSON 4- Bouzouki & whiskey pt.1 (Alternate Picking Lesson)

FREE GUITAR LESSON 5- Bouzouki & whiskey pt.2 Intro-Chorus

Brian May: Star Date... 65

Star date Thu 19 Jul 2012 - No time to retire! We pass on our" Keep On Shredding" best wishes to the most admirable Brian May! You keep on inspiring!

Eric Johnson: From Roma with Love

Eric Johnson in Rome 2012

ERIC JOHNSON °HD° Roma 18/07/2012 -tinaRnR

Read my in depth review of the Bath UK show... Eric Johnson: Bath... A journey 49 years in the making

Eric Johnson: it's all in the fingers

Eric Sous: Eclipse ( Original Song )

State of the art tapping licks from the young Brazilian guitarist Eric Sous plays his music "Eclipse".

Guitar: Seizi Mosh, Effects: Zoom G3, Camera: Zoom Q3 (HD).
Thanks for watching!Eric Sous - Eclipse ( Original Song )

Richard Daudé: Vigier burndown

Richard Daudé is a one of those guys who can blow you away with his lyrical quality and lightening licks and hyper speed. The sound is not linear,rather a blend of latin gypsy, bebop jazziness... reflecting his love of musicians like Michel Camilo, particularly the album "One More Once" and the musically rich Bireli Lagrene, Pat Metheny ,Michael Brecker and Pat Martino.

Richard is one of those players who could jam for days... and you know that when Richard Daudé's definition of "Lyrics" is "the wasted time between solos ;-)"

Richard runs the highly respected Guitar Academy in Nimes

Read my in depth interview with Richard for Essential Guitarist, the interview features Ron Thal too.

Please join Richard Daudé

Richard Daudé: lightening legato licks with a touch of the lyrical latin, gypsy, bebop jazziness.

Lorenzo Venza: Pod HD 500 testing with Guthrie Govan BT as a sound check

Pod HD 500 test, over and old Guthrie Govan Backing track and Quick sound test using POD 500 HD

Lorenzo Venza - Sound test 2 (crunch/fuzzy lead)

Lorenzo Venza - Sound test 1

Tom Quayle: AXE FX II... Sounds unreal!

Tom Quayle
Well, the AXE FX II arrived and it's blown my mind! What an incredible device. And what's even better is that my existing drive pedals sound phenomenal through the clean amp sims. Supremely versatile setup.

Tom Quayle Straight into the front of my Pearl. This is basically what Daniel Klein designed the Pearl to be used for. Tosin Abasi is running his the same way too. Sounds unreal!

Lee Wrathe: Contrapuntal String skips

...but not as difficult as it seems. Check it out!
It's a lick from my track "Deformity" which was a request from the last bunch of videos.

It uses E as the counterpoint and takes you through picked string skipped arpeggios of Suspended 2, Lydian/whole tone and A Lydian.

Tone is a BOSS GT100 patch, direct to the desk,
Hope you enjoy and don't forget to sub if you do!
Best wishes
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Guitar Lick from HELL! counterpoint string skipping- Lee Wrathe

The Commander-In-Chief: "Dropout" by The Commander-In-Chief

Karel Losenicky

Norwegian 7string guitarist/singer/songwriter "The Commander-In-Chief" has released her first music video, the promo video for her song DROPOUT. The video is featured on Revolver Magazine's website. She is also their Hottest Chick in Hard Rock in the printed July/August issue, which is out in stores now. 

Promo video "Dropout" by The Commander-In-Chief

This new version of the song was remixed by Pantera producer Sterling Winfield in 2011. He later went on to produce her debut EP "Evolution". 

The Commander-In-Chief will do her first Festival performance at the prestigious Bloodstock Metal Festival on August 10th. Headliners are Alice Cooper, Behemoth and Machine Head. 

Elisabeth Hagen
Manager for The Commander In Chief - female 7 string guitarist/singer/songwriter in Metal

Jason Sadities: East Amplification demo

Here is another video I shot for my friend Jeff over at East Amplifications showcasing the Studio 2 amp. Anyone looking for the best amps available would do well to check out

Jason Sadites - FLUID East Amplification Studio 2

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John Scofield: July 1987: Still Warm - killer fusion

This is a non-truncated and higher quality version of a video I uploaded in 2008. From the Christiansborg Ridebane set of July 1987: Still Warm. See also Blue Matter and So You Say from the same set.

John Scofield, July 1987: Still Warm

John Scofield, July 1987: So You Say

John Scofield, July 1987: Blue Matter