Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Guthrie Govan, Daniele Gottardo,Nili Brosh: that old beer switcheroo trick

Nili Brosh got caught with that old Govan fusion magic, the sleight of hand, the old beer switcheroo... three, two, one... and your back in the room...

Nili Brosh learns from the master
Daniele Gottardo, wise to the masters ways, learning from Nili Brosh's recent disturbing experience with the bearded beer quaffing connoisseur and fusion giant that is Guthrie Govan... Tables turned... bang, time to swap those glasses... with the good old two handed "horns of rock" technique...

Daniele Gottardo demonstrates the reverse beer switcheroo technique

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Tosin Abasi: Animals as Leaders - Guitar World #1

The following content is related to the September 2012 issue of Guitar World. For the full range of interviews, features, tabs and more, pick up the new issue on newsstands now, or in our online store:
Over the next few months, I'll be demonstrating some of the techniques and approaches I rely on in the writing and performing of the music I play with my band, Animals as Leaders. Hopefully, you will find these ideas useful in your own musical endeavors.
I'd like to begin with a look at some excerpts from the song "Somnarium," from the most recent Animals as Leaders album, Weightless.
Tosin Abasi - Animals as Leaders - September 2012 issue, part 1

David Valdes,Theodore Ziras,Santiago Garces,Yoger Mucci: Universal Mind Project

Universal Mind Project

The Promo of the song "The Jaguar Priest" will be released in August 22, 2012!
I'am sure you guys will like it! The subject of lyrics is influenced by the great Maya culture!
and the music is mostly orientated by Progressive Metal...

The line up:

Omar Szdenka - Bass
Santiago Garces - Guest guitarist from Argentina
Theodore Ziras - Guest guitarist from Greece
David Valdes - Guest guitarist from Spain
Mauro Pacella - Keyboard Player from Argentina
Charlie Dominici - Vocalist - Dominici and ex Dream Theater
Henrik Båth - Vocalist from Darkwater - Sweden
Alex Landenburg - Drums from Germany
Yoger Mucci - Guest guitarist from México
Michael Alexander (Chaak Balam) Guitarist from México

Produced and composed by Michael Alexander (Chaak Balam)
Lyrics by: Charlie Dominici
Drums: Arrenged and recorded by Alex Landenburg

Visit us:

David Paul Brown: the Story of Phi - Math Metal in Extremis

Numberphile collaborates with Dave Brown and Professor Phil Moriarty to create a "math metal" or "math rock" song about Phi... Dave's excellent YouTube channel is: (He did amazing work on this song for us - the least you can do is check out his other work!)

Professor Phil Moriarty is a physicist (and wannabe rocker) at the University of Nottingham. His blog about this song is at: (it has all the gory details)

See our previous "musicifaction" of Pi at:

Numberphile Website:
Numberphile on Facebook:
Numberphile tweets:

Videos by Brady Haran
Oh, and those golden mean calipers: to Nick for supplying them - they're fun!)

Plenty more to come on the golden ratio!
Brady Haran's other channels include: (Chemistry stuff) (Physics and astronomy) (Space stuff) (Science and behind the scenes) (Big science facilities)

Golden Ratio - Making a Math Metal Anthem - Numberphile

Golden Ratio Song - Numberphile

Vladimir Krylov: sweats a Boss GT-10 and gives you some crunchy sound cloud.

Vladimir Krylov

Hi, everyone, my name is Vladimir, i am guitarist/song writer/producer from Moscow (Russia). I play guitar for 15 years and work as independent mixing/mastering engineer. My projects include Reign The Absolute (prog/math band), Toke-Cha (world/ethnic music), session studio&live acts for numerous russian pop/hip-hop artists. I am official artist/demonstrator for Roland/Boss Russia ( I also have experience in teaching students, so i'll be happy to share everything i know with you. Welcome!

Band: Reign The Absolute, Toke-Cha, Solo, Studio&Live session guitarist

Vladimir Krylov performs with the GT-10 Guitar Effects Processor at MuzzDvor workshop.
The GT-10, driven by BOSSs latest custom-made DSP and proprietary sound-modeling COSM engine, is a floorboard powerhouse that offers natural and musical response as well as a marked improvement in sound quality from previous generations. Its also loaded with an innovative user interface, including EZ Tone, so guitarists can obtain the exact sound they desire in the most intuitive way imaginable.

Vladimir Krylov BOSS GT-10 Demonstration !

Vladimir Krylov with BOSS GT-10

Vladimir Krylov BOSS GT-10 Looper demonstration

Vladimir Krylov, Moscow, Russia

David Maxim Micic: Destiny Potato sign to Century Media

Congratulations to David Maxim Micic and Destiny Potato for getting signed up to Century Media Records.

David Maxim Micic
Century Media Records
It's gonna be a pretty long, but also amazing relationship with these guys in years to come. Worked on this really hard in past years, and it's finally the dream come true...
I have to admit I cried like a baby, and that's the reason I'm posting this with a small delay :')

much love ladies!! ♥

Destiny Potato - Dark Side Of You

Alejandro Abellán: Winds of change - original

Hi everybody!! It's summer and I have a lot of free time to spend in whatever I want, so I decided this afternoon to make a video of my song "Winds of change", which I compose a year ago, more or less. I've made it with a FANTASTIC camera that a friend of my father lend me yesterday... wow, it's amazing, it can record in HD 1080; but the camera is not mine, so I'll still doing videos with my Logitech again, damn!

I hope you like it!!, I'm recording my first CD and it will be the one of the songs!

Alejandro Abellán - Winds of change

Dhalif Ali: the improvisation series continues

This week's improvisation video will be on JP's Lost Without You!

Please do take note that all these improvisation videos are 1 take live improvs, so hopefully u guys could appreciate it that way
As usual,
PODx3 Live
EBMM JohnPetrucci7
Awe-In-One Profound1 Picks .
Dhalif Ali - Lost Without You Improvisation

ITs the time of the week again when i improvise over someone's masterpiece lol This time its Marco Sfogli's Still Hurts, Truly an exceptional Guitar master with a countless number of excellent guitar music. I have mad respects for him, Thanks Marco!

Dhalif Ali - Still Hurts Improvisation

Instrumental Improvisation over Adagio
Ernieball Musicman JP7
LINE 6 POD X3 Live
Awe-in-one Profound 1
Thumbs up!

Dhalif Ali - Adagio Improvisation

Kiko Loureiro: Trio plays HeadStrong and Enfermo

Kiko Loureiro Trio Floripa dia 10/06/2012 com Felipe Andreoli e Marcelo Moreira

Check out the hybrid picking at the opening of this one!

HeadStrong Kiko Loureiro

Enfermo Kiko Loureiro Trio Floripa

The Commander-In-Chief: talks about downloading in the latest interview

Evolution: by The Commander-In-Chief

[Shreddelicious] 8 What do you think of illegal music downloading?

[The Commander-In-Chief]
It's a slap in the face to the songwriter. A lot of people hate record labels and hail the idea of an independent artist. Well if that's the attitude, you have to pay to keep the unsigned artist alive.
Music/art will never die, you can't kill creativity. But will the art of the future reach people???

It must be amazing to be a movie director, songwriter, costume designer or anything creative really and to have financial backing from a major corporation. I think people have such a hippie relationship to the entertainment industry that they don't want to accept that money dominates everything.
Quality costs!  

Read the full interview on Shreddelicious

News: Boss EBand wins best of show at Summer NAMM

New JS-10 Now Available In U.S.

Los Angeles, CA, July 31, 2012 — Industry experts from around the country gathered in Nashville this month during Summer NAMM and selected the new BOSS eBand® JS-10 among top new gear in the semi-annual “Best in Show” category. Unveiled by BOSS earlier this summer and now available in select retailers across the U.S., the eBand JS-10 Audio Player with built-in effects features a compact, all-in-one companion for guitarists, bassists, and singers. This plug and play Jam Station makes practicing convenient and fun.

Packed with the latest GT-100 equivalent COSM® amps and effects, over 350 onboard jam tracks, WAV/MP3 playback, and more, the JS-10 expands on the feature set that made its predecessor, the eBand JS-8, such a big hit. The pitch and/or tempo of any audio played by the JS-10 can be freely adjusted, and a Center Cancel function is provided for removing solos and vocals from commercial tracks. A 2.1 sound system also delivers a big, rich sound that defies the unit’s small footprint.

“The JS-10 eBand is a must-have for the guitarist, bassist, or vocalist looking to have fun jamming to favorite songs or simply learning new tunes and techniques. There really isn’t anything on the market that delivers the features that eBand has. That’s why so many professional guitarists use eBand,” said Gary Lenaire, Product & Marketing Manager, BOSS U.S.

Andy James: Shred Concepts SMT solo

Andy James performs City Is Crying - available on the Shred Concepts DVD

Shred Concepts DVD is a unique insight into Andy's guitar style and techniques. On this DVD Andy shows you how he visulises the neck to link pentatonic positions to break out of the boxes and work more of the neck in the progress. He explores three note per string pentatonic shapes, arpeggios, multiple note sequences, phrasing concepts and open string licks whilst ultilising an armoury of playing techniques including alternate picking, string skipping and tapping. Andy dives into a couple of his own solos to show you how to encompass these techniques.

Performances on the DVD - City Is Crying solo performance by Andy James, Demons Solo Performance by Andy James and Void performance by Andy James

"City Is Crying" is taken from Sacred Mother Tongue's forthcoming new album "Out Of The Darkness" set for release in 2013, a Live version of the track will feature on their EP release, "A Light Shines... " through EMI on September 3rd.

Order Your Copy Now

City Is Crying By Sacred Mother Tongue - Andy James Solo Performance From Shred Concepts DVD

Andy James: moonlighting in Cheddar...SMT need your help to save Andy!

Wes Hauch: Masterclass - Wes Hauch of The Faceless demonstrates some of his signature licks, including an excerpt from his solo on Periphery's track 'Mile Zero.

Wes Hauch - The Faceless: Masterclass

Timo Somers: Delain guitarist announces two UK Aristides clinic dates

UK Aristides Clinic Tour 2012 Public event · By Aristides Instruments

Never had the chance to hold and play one of the Aristides axes? In the end of September we’ll be touring the UK to give you a special Aristides guitar experience. You will get a private demonstration session by Timo Somers, one of our featured players and lead guitarist of Delain.

To keep as much as UK guitarists happy the clinic will be held on 2 different locations. All events are planned in the evening so make certain that your agenda is empty!

• Manchester – 28th September
• London – 29th September

Time and place will be announced as soon as possible!

What makes our guitars so special?
Innovative design by Bouwmeester van Rens, unique materials and, above all, exceptional tone are the qualities that define this truly great guitar.

From Musikmesse 2012 - the guitars

If you don’t want to miss this event please signup by e-mail ( and please make sure that you add your personal information (name, age, e-mail and location) so we can well organize the clinic. New recommendations about possible locations are still very welcome to!

See you guys soon and don't forget to share this event on your facebook wall!

Adrian Vandenberg From musikmesse 2012

Aristides Instruments

Richard Daudé: got the blues... donations excepted

Make Richard Daudé happy... he's got the blues... may be you can turn him around?

Like him on Facebook... that is sure to help

Richard Daudé: got the blues

While essential guitar is off line, I've republished my interviews for

Richard Daudé interviewed by Laurie Monk (assisted by Bumblefoot) Jan 2005

What follows are the snippets of a three way interview between Richard Daudé : Ron Thal and EG using the wonders of the Internet.

Dallton Santos: shows how e=mc^2

Great video editing from super Brazilian Dallton Santos, based in São Paulo, Brazil


Katalina González: Live shows 2012

Katalina González in a full on live show, showing us the depth of her musical talent from rock to jazz fusion, awesome stuff!  It makes me want to move to a country that respects musicality beyond the frivolous pop pap, and ultimately bland outputs of X Factor.
Katalina González

Katalina González

Katalina González
Concert at the Gilberto Alzate Avendaño
July 2012
Under: John Quijano
Keyboards: Diego Aguilera
Battery: Ernesto Neto Fernandez ¨ "
Guitar: Katalina Gonzalez
from the work The other door

14 videos 1:31:14 duration

Katalina González : Live shows 2012

Don Alder: talks about his UK trip


Don Alder
Just got back home from the UK, awesome trip. Got to do an interview with Acoustic Guitar Magazine UK, then the 5 date tour, then a day of video shooting with IGuitar Magazine. Details to come. The tour was great, Stuart Master, his music is very intellectual and moving , Dan Lavoie's music and personality touches your heart, Justin King's music is wow and he's also an incredible singer songwriter. David Masters, Emily Masters and Ian Masters thanks soooo much for all your efforts on the road with us. And finally when in the UK "always look to the right first when crossing the road" I almost became windshield art more then then a few times.

Don Alder: winning performance at the Guitar Idol Final 2011