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Jeff Loomis: 7 Horns 7 Eye guest solo

Jeff Loomis' guest solo recording footage from 2009 on the 7 Horns 7 Eyes song "Regeneration", from the album "Throes of Absolution" on Century Media Records, produced and mixed by Aaron Smith; video

Jeff Loomis guest solo recording footage from 2009

Thiago Trinsi: Sam Ash clinic date announced

Thiago Trinsi has a new in store clinic appearance at SAM ASH, New York set for Saturday Spetember 1st, 2012 at 4 PM (16:00)!!

Thiago Trinsi - Parallel World

Dhalif Ali: soloing through the pixels

One of my many practicing routines is to put on a generic backing and do "try-out" soloing ideas. This is one of them, Sorry for the bad quality it was recorded directly onto facebook. but i hope you guys get an idea how practice sessions for me are like..

Please enjoy the video (try very hard amidst the shitty recording) LOL and share and thumbs up !

Improvising Sessions PRACTICE

Phi Yaan-Zek,Lalle Larsson: Deeper With The Anima

Deeper with the Anima
With Marco Minnemann (2012)
Marco Minnemann - drums
Lalle Larsson - keyboards
Phi Yaan-Zek - all guitars, bass, additional (easy) keyboards,
percussion & voices

With Special Guests:
Bryan Beller - bass
Ola Olsson - trumpets & flugelhorns
Gary Compton - harmonica
Amandine Ferrari - choral vocals
Tristan D. Rastaflange the Third - double bass
And The Elves Of Richmond Park - additional vocals

More album details:
It is my sincere pleasure to announce that my new CD "Deeper With The Anima" is out now and available to order worldwide from my website. This is the long-awaited companion album to my last CD "Dance With The Anima", featuring Marco Minnemann's drums, Lalle Larsson's phenomenal keyboard playing, and special guests including bassist Bryan Beller & singer Amandine Ferrari. Also included are 3 exciting remixes by Luke Bedi, T-Boy & Cafe Del Marlborough. Order the CD

Joe Bonamassa: visits the Musician's Institute

Get your FREE Download of Joe Bonamassa's single of his new album "Driving Towards The Daylight"

Joe Bonamassa was invited back to the Musician's Institute in Los Angeles, CA for a special clinic where he answered questions, played, and shared his insights on performing, gear, and his "on the road" stories with the guitar students. The Musician's Institute - College of Contemporary Music is the alma mater of many famous musicians such as John Frusciante (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Rivers Cuomo, Brian Bell and Scott Shriner (Weezer), Dave Kushner (Velvet Revolver), Paul Stanley, Chris Cornell, Steve Vai, David Lee Roth and many more.

The guitar Clinic was held on Thursday July 26, 2012 at the Musician's Institute College of Contemporary Music.

Twitter: #jbonamassa #DTTD

Bonamassa visits the Musician's Institute to answer guitar students' questions

Bonamassa visits the Musician's Institute to answer guitar students' questions - Webisode 2

Mike Keneally: Announces Wing Beat Fantastic Tour

Mike Keneally Announces Wing Beat Fantastic Tour
Acclaimed recording artist and performer Mike Keneally is celebrating the release of his
magical new album, Wing Beat Fantastic, by scheduling a series of intimate duo performances
with musical compatriot Rick Musallam.

Wing Beat Fantastic is the highly anticipated result of a songwriting union between the famed
rock experimentalist and legendary XTC tunesmith Andy Partridge. The smart and melodious
album is garnering rave reviews worldwide.

Of their successful partnership, Partridge remarked, “I didn’t know how any of the tunes we’d
agreed to write together were going to come out, but I know one thing, SO musical is this man
that him just sitting with a guitar across his lap or perched at a keyboard pulled things from me
that I can honestly say ‘I don’t know where they came from.’”

“The chance to work with Andy was absolutely a mind-blower for me,” Keneally said. “His
songwriting gift is still as strong as ever, and I’m fiercely grateful to be able to help bring new
Andy Partridge music into the world.”

"This tour will be a good opportunity to take some songs from my past repertoire, and stack them
next to these new songs I've written with Andy," mused Keneally. "We'll be focusing on a lot of
my most melodic and accessible tunes -- hopefully with just enough of the fancy technique stuff
to keep that portion of the audience satisfied!"

Long acclaimed as one of the world’s most creative and intense guitar and keyboard players,
Keneally’s talents as a vocalist, songwriter, arranger, producer and multi-instrumentalist are
nearly unequalled in rock music. He has released over 20 albums of his original music since
1992, and has built a body of work of remarkable inventiveness and originality.

Keneally played in Frank Zappa’s last touring band, performing as a vocalist, guitarist and
keyboardist. He’s appeared on many Zappa albums, is currently a touring member of Dethklok
(as a guitarist) and the Joe Satriani Band (as a keyboardist), and has also recorded or performed
with Steve Vai, Robert Fripp and many others.

All Music Guide calls Keneally "the leading progressive rock genius of the post-Zappa era."
Known for his innovative, unpredictable live shows, Keneally has played extensively in the
United States and Europe, in contexts ranging from solo and duo concerts to performances with
large-scale orchestras.

Keneally's excited to team up with Rick Musallam again for this excursion. "He's played guitar
alongside me in the Mike Keneally Band since the late '90s -- seriously one of the most soulful,
beautiful guitar players I've ever heard. With just the two of us playing these songs, I look
forward to getting to the essence of what I was thinking about when I wrote them. Guitar fans
will have a field day at the show, but we'll be playing some bass and keyboard as well, and I'll
have recorded backing tracks on just a couple of the songs for variety."
Several dates have been set, with more to come:

  • Thursday, September 6 in Atlanta at The Masquerade, 695 North Avenue NE
  • Friday, September 7 in Nashville at World Music Nashville, 7069 US 70 South
  • Saturday, September 8 in St. Louis at The Gramophone, 4243 Manchester Avenue
  • Monday, September 10 in Indianapolis at Birdy’s, 2131 East 71st Street
  • Tuesday, September 11 in Chicago at Reggie’s, 2109 South State Street
  • Wednesday, September 12 in Cleveland at Beachland Tavern 15711 Waterloo Rd.
  • Thursday, September 13 in Columbus at Rumba Café, 2507 Summit Street
  • Saturday, September 15 in Baltimore at Orion Sound Studios, 2903 Whittington Avenue #C
  • Sunday, September 16 in New York City at Iridium Jazz Club, 1650 Broadway
  • Tuesday, September 18 in Dunellen, NJ at Roxy & Duke’s Roadhouse, 745 Bound Brook Road,
  • presented by the New Jersey Proghouse

More info:

Blue Mouth Promotions LLC (BMP), an artist management and promotion company, was
founded on the principle that music is art which deserves an opportunity to reach an appreciative
audience. We recognize the necessity to operate within the music business, but not the need to be
bound by how that business operates. For BMP, it’s all about the music.

Denny Ilett: Organ Blues Session Series 2

After the huge success of Denny's Organ Blues Series 1, which was released in June (and was June's biggest seller) comes this superb follow up. Denny has proved to be a hit with our Blues customers, not only due to his fantastic jam track writing abilities, but also because he just nails the perfect solos for each track every single time. We are convinced that Denny has blue blood!
With The Organ Blues Sessions Series 2, you will once again be jamming along with a live recorded rhythm guitar, Hammond organ and drums trio. The tracks were inspired by the likes of the great Wes Montgomery, Kenny Burrell and Grant Green. With this in mind, these tracks all have a similar level of complexity, both rhythmically and harmonically, of jazz....but stripped down they are straight up blues at heart.
This jam track package is well suited to guitar players from novice all the way through to advanced and with Denny's perfect solo examples and the included TAB and notation you will be learning a few tasty licks along the way.
This download comes with the usual 5 solo tracks by Denny, backing tracks, extended jam tracks, video performances, TAB and notation as well as some bonus notes on each track from Denny and is available for just £19.99.
Time to get your Blues on!

Denny Ilett Organ Blues Session Series 2 Promo at

Joe Bonamassa: Guitar Center Battle of the Blues

Guitar Center Battle Of The Blues

Guitar Center is once again searching for our Nation's top undiscovered blues guitar players. In help with their search they have asked Joe Bonamassa and Dr. John to perform after the contest at the event and don't be surprised if there are more Special guest appearances. Back in 2009, Joe was asked to perform and since then Joe has been a part of the Competition in one way or another as the performer, Judge and Emcee the last few years.

The Final competition will be held on August 18th in Los Angeles at Club Nokia. The Finalist will "battle" it out with each other before a panel of Guest Judges as they try to claim the title of "King of the Blues" for 2012. Each contestant will receive 5 minutes to set up and will perform live to an original backing track, developed by Grammy Award winning producer, Pete Anderson. The Grand Prize winner will receive:
$25,000 Cash
Studio Session with Grammy Award Winning Producer Pete Anderson
Gibson Custom Les Paul '59 Reissue or 335 '59 Reissue
(winner's choice)
Epiphone 1965 Elitist Casino
Egnater Full Stack {winner's choice of Egnater Head plus two matching
cabinets: Renegade, Tourmaster, Vengenance, or Armageddon}
Egnater Rebel-30 112 HG Combo
Boss GT-10 Guitar Multi-Effects Processor
Winner's Choice of 2 Boss Single Stomp Pedals
Endorsement Deals from Gibson, Ernie Ball,Boss, Shure, and Egnater
Feature in Guitar World Magazine
$1,000 in gear from Fret Rest, Road Runner, and Live Wire {winner's choice}
Shure Artist Package {includes a Shure ULXD14 Digital Wireless Guitar
System and Shure 520DX 'Green Bullet'Harmonica Microphone}Are you going to the Event? Join us on the event page here: Joe Bonamassa's Event Page

Guitar Center Battle of the Blues -- Joe Bonamassa

Mike Portnoy, Neal Morse, Steve Morse: VIP Flying Colors' 2012 European tour packages


The VIP packages for Flying Colors' 2012 European tour are now available! The meet and greet will take place before the show, so fans won't need to stay late. We worked to create a special experience for you guys, and as part of that, we limited the number of spaces. A maximum of 40 tickets will be available for each show.

These packages are not concert tickets; you still need a regular ticket to the show. (That's why we use the term "package" instead of "ticket.") We do these packages ourselves, and they are personally administered at the shows by our executive producer. All the funds go to hungry musicians and our team.

Meet and Greet with the Band, Before the Show

Say hello to each of the guys, ask that burning question and get stuff autographed, test Mike's knowledge of any show he's ever played, and enjoy Steve's delightful anecdotes about the time he never went to Finland. Does Dave's hair really look that good in-person? (Spoiler: Yes.)

Professional Photo Taken with the Band

A real photo, not that blurry pic of your friend on Facebook with someone vaguely resembling Beck. We're talking a nice backdrop, lighting, and a camera not built into a phone. Spoiler: Dave's magnificent hair.

Early Admission to Get the Best Seats

No need to push your way to the front through a wall of sweaty hippies. (You're at the wrong show.) Start the concert out right with the best view of Steve's resplendent glory and Neal's delightful stage antics.

Exclusive VIP Laminate/Lanyard

Ideal for parties, weddings and ISS missions—the Flying Colors VIP laminate is destined to be 2013's must-have musical fashion accouterment.

Commemorative Set List

Bring home the set list for the show (including the date and venue). Printed on premium cotton-fibre paper and suitable for framing. Protected by a fearless cardboard tube.

Signed Tour Poster

Add some color to your wall with a tour poster autographed by all the guys. Protected by the same, brave cardboard tube.

Exclusive Flying Colors Guitar and Bass Picks by Ernie Ball

Want to sound just like Steve and Dave? Start with these exclusive picks (not available for sale). After that, you're on your own.

Flying Colors 2012 Tour Shirt

Your choice of smooth cream or classic black. We spent a little more to get the highest-quality shirts: handsome, durable and colorfast. Just like our music.

Sarah Longfield: Seymour Duncan Blackouts given a pasting

Sarah Longfield wired in some Seymour Duncan's and gave them a blast...

WATCH IN 1080!

I put a pair of Seymour Duncan Blackouts in my Hellraiser a day or so ago and love the way they sound! So I figured I would upload a demo of what I've recorded with them (not mixed yet, but you get the idea) Awesome pickups with more punch on the low end and an all around clearer, more defined sound than the EMG 808's in my opinion! +DAW of choice is Studio One Pro! Hope you guys enjoy! :D

Seymour Duncan Blackouts recording test!

Gretchen Menn: Guitar World guitar and bass gear

2012 Ultimate Guide to Guitar & Bass Gear

The 2012 edition spotlights more than 900 products that all guitarists and bassists crave -- guitars, basses, amps, effects, pickups, straps, strings, tuners, recording gear, and much, much more!

Plus: 50+ guitars and basses that sell for less than $400! It's a total rave-up of marvellous gear to buy, drool over, or dream about.

Get your copy today for just $7.99!

Paul Gilbert: When Pronghorn became vibrato

Paul Gilbert: I've been so busy playing that I haven't had time to take any pictures. So I thought I would use this photo of a pronghorn antelope instead. My original title of my new album was "Pronghorn" (before I decided to call it "Vibrato.") The pronghorn is the fastest land mammal in the western hemisphere. It evolved it's remarkable speed by having to escape from the (now-extinct) American cheetah. Full post

Before: Proghorn

After: Vibrato

Vinnie Moore: God finger - hello to French fans - 1988

@ 1988-2012
On Facebook :
Interview conducted by Christian Lamet for HARD FORCE MAGAZINE - NYC, June 1988


Elmo Karjalainen: Chromatic Tuna - intelligent playing

Elmo Karjalainen
Elmo Karjalainen  |

Elmo Karjalainen: Unintelligent Designs

Elmo Karjalainen playing the song Chromatic Tuna. Played through a Fractal Audio Axe-FX Ultra

Neal Schon: new solo album featuring Jan Hammer

Taking a detour from his main job as lead guitarist for Journey, the multi-talented Neal Schon has put the finishing touches on his latest solo album, The Calling - released by Frontiers Records in the UK on Monday 22nd October. Produced by and featuring Schon on all guitars and bass, The Calling reunites Schon with former Journey bandmate, Steve Smith, who lends his virtuoso drum talents to all 12 tracks on the new album.

Schon set up shop at Berkeley’s famed Fantasy Studios during a break from Journey’s busy touring schedule and recorded the album, completely from scratch, in just four days. After overdubbing multiple guitar and bass parts, Schon recruited two keyboard masters to flesh out the music. Igor Len, an accomplished classical, jazz and film composer who had previously collaborated with Schon, is featured on acoustic piano throughout The Calling album.

GRAMMY Award-winning special guest Jan Hammer (Jeff Beck, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Miami Vice soundtrack) recorded Moog synthesizer solos on two tracks – Fifty Six and Tumbleweeds. Recently, Schon teamed up with Dan Barnett (Journey: Live In Manila) to produce the video for the first single and title track from The Calling.

For the full announcement

While celebrating the release of The Calling, Schon will be back on the road with Journey as the band’s 2012 tour kicked off July 21 in Southern California and is scheduled to run through December, with most dates featuring special guests Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo and Loverboy.

Track Listing:

1. The Calling
2. Carnival Jazz
3. Six String Waltz
4. Irish Field
5. Back Smash
6. Fifty Six
7. True Emotion
8. Tumbleweeds
9. Primal Surge
10. Blue Rainbow Sky
11. Transonic Funk
12. Song Of The Wind II

Neal Schon - Official Website

Neal Schon - Facebook

Journey - Official Website

Arnaud: Street Fighter 2 - Ken Theme

One of the greatest video games of all time. HADOOOOKEN !
It's the first time I use the green screen, I will improve the lighting ;) Sub and share !

Follow me on Facebook :
Logo by Shinsei

GEAR USED : Charvel Red Alert, Bugera 6262, Suhr Riot, Custom 77 King for a Day, reverb and delays on Cubase.

Street Fighter 2 guitar cover - Ken Theme - Neogeofanatic

Keith Merrow: demos Seymour Duncan 59/Custom Hybrid

Keith Merrow puts the '59/Custom Hybrid into full throttle with this demo. For more information, visit:

'59 Custom Hybrid Metal

Top Ten: Guitarist You Don't Want In Your Band

10 Guitarist You Don't Want In Your Band by Salvatore Sebergandio with music by the Tapping Ninja - Mike Gurrero.
10 Guitarist You Don't Want In Your Band

Mitch Perry: Gypsy Saddletramps - Wild Texas Rose

Gypsy Saddletramps music video for Wild Texas Rose directed by Salvatore Sebergandio.

The Band
Michael Benfield - Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
Brian Stewart - Lead/Rhythm Guitar
Mitch Perry - Lead/Rhythm Guitar
Chris Lawerance - Peddle Steel Guitar
Bill Stewart - Drums
Charlie Harrison - Accordian
Sean Holland - Bass

Gypsy Saddletramps - Wild Texas Rose

Doug Steele: Breaking the Chains solo - how it's done Probably a good idea to employ that big ass wide George Lynch vibrato. Be a man. Only pussies don't have control of their shit.

How to get it right

Breaking the Chains solo and breakdown

and how to get it wrong

Breaking the Chains solo mistakes

Arkadiusz Gałka: Joyo Digital Delay pedal demo

JF-08 Digital Delay
The Digital Delay pedal features a special filter circuit to closely reproduce the sounds of analog delay. Delay time range: 25ms-600ms.
True bypass design minimizes tone loss.
Aluminum alloy casing with stoving varnish finish.
Dimensions: 11.8(L)X8.7(H)X3.8(W)cm

Joyo Digital Delay Part I Test by Gałek

Joyo Digital Delay Part II Test by Gałek

News: getting a degree in music

Getting Your Degree in Music
Many music lovers are so passionate about music that they want to turn their love for music into a career, with hopes of being the next big star or the next Simon Cowell. Over the years, the music industry has evolved so much that it’s become more competitive than ever before. In the last 20 years, many Universities around the world have begun to offer not only Music Performance degrees, but a wider range of music degree options such as Music Business and Music Production to suit the needs of music lovers who do not necessarily want to pursue the performance career route.

Music degrees are generally split into four sectors: Performance, business, sociology and production.

Marc-Andre Binette: Raffy - great Sweaty Knockers!

Recording and mixing: Media Studio Music
Video Editing: Alex Métivier Star System
Group: Raffy

Marc-Andre Binette: Guitar
Martin Gauthier: Low '' Banana''
François Mathieu: Drum 's

The Aristocrats: ... &
Raffy's album: com/us/album/le-faux-est-a-la-mode/id475481314

RAFFY -Sweaty Knockers "The Aristocrats" (Cover)

Adrian Galysh: adds Styx stickman, Todd Sucherman to new Tone Poet album recording

Los Angeles, California - Guitarist, Adrian Galysh, has enlisted Styx stickman, Todd Sucherman, to contribute drums and percussion to his new record, “Tone Poet”. Todd Sucherman brings to the record both world-class drumming and vast experience. Experience which includes session credits for over 1000 radio and TV spots, as well as touring and recording with legendary artists such as Brian Wilson, Spinal Tap, and of course, Styx.

Galysh, described as “A virtuoso of modern electric and acoustic guitar techniques” by 20th Century Guitar magazine, has been dazzling California audiences for over a decade, whether he’s backed by his band or as sideman for ex-Scorpions guitar legend, Uli Jon Roth.

“Tone Poet” is Galysh’s fourth solo album, but will be the first to include both instrumentals as well as a number of vocal tracks, ably sung by Mark Boals (Yngwie Malmsteen, Royal Hunt).

With “Tone Poet”, Galysh’s tasteful guitar work and compositional style are still front and center, but will now have one of the industry’s most respected drummers laying down the grooves. So respected that 2012 saw Todd Sucherman win multiple categories in DRUM! Magazine’s reader’s poll, including #1 DVD (Methods and Mechanics II), #1 Clinician, #2 Rock Drummer, #2 Book (Methods and Mechanics Transcription Book).

In addition, Modern Drummer’s 2012 reader’s poll clocked him in at #2 DVD (Methods and Mechanics II), #3 Prog Drummer, ranking next to Neil Peart and Mike Mangini!

An exciting year for sure, and a great follow up to 2009 which saw Todd Sucherman on the cover of Modern Drummer, and winning the reader's poll for #1 Rock Drummer, #1 Educational DVD with "Methods and Mechanics" as well as #1 Clinician in DRUM! Magazine - all while touring the world with the multi-platinum Styx and performing drum clinics and recording sessions from coast to coast.

According to Adrian, “I’ve known Todd for about 10 years. We were neighbors in Los Angeles before he moved to Texas. We’ve discussed working together for a long time, but due to his busy tour schedule and the distance (I still live in LA), we weren’t able to do it till now. Todd is a really tasteful drummer, very musical, with a ton of chops - totally in league with the likes of Colaiuta, Smith, and Bozzio.”

Galysh continues, “Tone Poet is my most mature album. I’ve written a very melodic, musical, collection of tunes, that includes my progressive hard rock influences, classical and world-music influences. Todd’s playing is right in sync with where I am at, musically.”

For more information, please visit

Bartek Beben: Disturbio - Blackstar HT-1

Debut single in London 2012

Guitar is a Hamer XT Satf + my favourite Suhr Aldrich pickup, Blackstar HT-1 combo, SM57, 8 inch speaker, Mackie Onyx BlackJack, Presonus Studio One.

Ohh and a bottle of Jagermeister... :D Filmed with HTC Desire Z HD 720p

Buy limited edition single at:

Big THX to Hanna, You've been a big help :)

Bartek Beben - Disturbio ( feat. Blackstar HT-1 )

Perfecto De Castro: Guitar Center Master Satriani 2012 Contest

Perfecto De Castro

My official entry to the Guitar Center Master Satriani contest.
Check out the following links:
Official Website: http://www.perfectodecastro.comLIKE me on Facebook: me on Twitter: to my channel:

ANDALUSIA - Perfecto De Castro - Guitar Center Master Satriani 2012 Contest Entry

plus Perfecto De Castro performs with the Filipino American Symphony Orchestra (FASO) for the concert, "Bach to Rock", at the Ford AMphitheater in Los Angeles, CA. July 28, 2012.

Filmed with GoPro HD Hero 2

Perfecto De Castro performs with the Filipino American Symphony Orchestra (FASO)

Mark Claytor: Rick Hanes Signature series guitar

Introducing the Mark Claytor Signature series guitar by Rick Hanes. This guitar is loaded with Seymour duncan pickups original Floyd Rose, Five way switching, with a mahogany body and maple neck and fretboard. Check it out at Rick Hanes guitars Also check Mark and his debut cd/ep at with a all new full length instrumental release coming fall/winter 2012

Steve Vai: Gravity Storm pickup details


DiMarzio, Inc. announced it will release two new Gravity Storm™ humbucking pickups for electric guitars in mid-August. The Gravity Storm™ Neck and Bridge Model pickups were designed for Steve Vai. The pickups are named after a song on his new CD, Steve Vai: The Story of Light, that will be released on August 14, 2012 by Vai’s Favored Nations label.

The Gravity Storm™ is the next step in Steve Vai’s pickup evolution. Vai used to speak of pickup sounds in terms of specific frequency responses, but now he describes them in terms of flavors and textures. The flavor of The Gravity Storm™ Neck Model (DP252) is sweet and warm, but the texture has an edge to it. The combination of fat neck position tone with harmonics gives the Gravity Storm™ Neck Model an unusual throaty quality that sounds like a cross between a humbucker and a single-coil.

Steve described the sound he wanted from his new Gravity Storm™ Bridge Model (DP253) pickup as “a thundering cloud of ice cream”. It is very much a plug and play pickup – it does not require a lot of tweaking to get a great sound. Because the highs are very fat, it is possible to increase treble response on one’s amp without losing tone and sustain on the high frets.

DiMarzio’s new Gravity Storm™ Neck and Bridge Model pickups go on sale from all DiMarzio dealers on September 17, 2012. Suggested List Price for each pickup is $115. For more information about Gravity Storm™ pickups, visit the DiMarzio website at


Gravity Storm™ Neck Model DP252 List Price $115 USD
Wiring: 4-conductor
Magnet: Ceramic
Output: 290mV Treble: 5 Mid: 6 Bass: 6
DC resistance: 12.56Kohms

Gravity Storm™ Bridge Model DP253 List Price $115 USD
Wiring: 4-conductor
Output: 340mV Treble: 4.5 Mid: 9 Bass: 7.5
DC resistance: 15.19Kohms

News: Orange Amplification headline sponsorship of the inaugural Progressive Music Awards 2012

Orange Amplification are proud to announce their headline sponsorship of the inaugural Progressive Music Awards 2012. The awards will take place within the unique surroundings of the magnificent Kew Gardens, London on Wednesday 5th September.

Prog magazine wanted an event to celebrate the visionaries and pioneers of early Prog Rock and acknowledge the innovators of the present day; hence the Progressive Music Awards were born. The awards will applaud the biggest achievers from an array of legendary artists spanning a forty-year period that has seen some of the most imaginative and thought-provoking rock music ever created.

‘Orange Amplification is a company that has become known for its vision and innovation over the last forty years.’ said Damon Waller, Managing Director, ‘Some of the world’s greatest progressive musicians have used and use today a range of Orange Amplification products to help give their music its distinctive sound. Sponsoring the Progressive Music Awards 2012 is our way of acknowledging the unique relationship we have had with progressive music and following our sponsorship of the Classic Rock awards last year it is a natural step to be the headline sponsor of these prestigious awards.

To vote for your favourite Progressive Rock Artist visit

To find out more about the Orange Amps go to

Daren Nicholson: Dark Matter performance video

Daren Nicholson performing "Dark Matter", from his CD "Residual Shimmer". Recorded in July 2012, Copyright 2012, Raydiem Records. All rights reserve

Daren Nicholson - DARK MATTER performance video


Jeremy Spencer: Bend In The Road after Fleetwood Mac
San Francisco, CA - On April 21st, legendary guitarist Jeremy Spencer, an original member of Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac, member of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and featured artist on Propelz, released a limited edition double vinyl album titled 'Bend In The Road' for International Record Store Day. The release packs a “vintage vibe” by way of Jeremy’s handmade touch, fusing his artistry as a consummate slide guitarist, singer/songwriter, interpreter, and illustrator. His evocative watercolor graces the timeless gatefold cover, recalling enduring albums when records were the sum of their parts and made with consequence. Within is an equally crafted collection of songs coming from the deepest core of his heart. He sounds as authentically tasty and fiery as ever, displaying a far wider guitar palette, insight, and conviction that have continued to evolve since his long absence from the public eye. On August 28, 2012 Jeremy Spencer's 'Bend In The Road' will be released on CD worldwide with a new package design.

In Fleetwood Mac, Jeremy shared the spotlight with reticent star-super nova Peter Green, embodying Elmore James riffs and vocals obsessively and uncannily. He possessed an equal fervor and absolute command of quintessential early rock and roll, personifying personal hero Buddy Holly and his ilk spot on. On 'Bend In The Road,' the Elmore and Buddy influences and impeccable blues and rock rendering remain intact and vibrant, while also present is a new collaborative nature. He selflessly trades guitar licks and support with Brett Lucas (the young Detroit guitarist and aficionado who co-produced the album and whose band augments the proceedings) in the way Green and Kirwan shared on the iconic "Albatross", the torching "Like It This Way" and the introspective "World In Harmony". On the album’s elegant "Merciful Sea", producer Brett managed to persuade Jeremy to reveal his hereto unsung, intimate, and affecting piano playing for all to marvel. Throughout the full 32 tracks recorded at this time, one can hear an expansive range of influences from Django to Marty Robbins. Jeremy plays effortlessly while seamlessly incorporating these influences and making them his own, as natural and easy of a fit as that of his beloved ceramic slides.

This record is a career culmination of technique meeting soul that has a transcendent, “Layla-esque,” quality. With its escalating and emotive sequence of songs, which are spiritually driven and invested (recalling LPs of yore, but without sounding dated), the album instead sounds intoxicatingly assured, relaxed, and out of the blue resonant.

The Special Limited 2-LP Gatefold Edition released on Record Store Day, April 21st, 2012, contains 17 tracks, 4 of which are exclusive: Jambo, Strange Woman, The Sun is Shining, and Blind Lover (but without the song Homework, which only appears on the CD).

In 2006 Jeremy Spencer released his album 'Precious Little', which met with enthusiastic reviews and marked a new beginning for Jeremy after virtually disappearing from the music world for 33 years.

Press surrounding 'Bend In The Road' includes:

"I had chills up my spine listening to it tonight, and when I heard 'Aphrodite' the first time a few days ago, I was literally right back into 'Then Play On' territory...couldn't believe instant classic right there." Rick Frystak, Amoeba Records

"Inside is a collection of songs that come from Spencer's love of the blues. It's an intimate journey but one that will connect profoundly and repeatedly with listeners." Clive Rawlings, Blues Matters

"An album I am sure will satisfy all good music lovers, from those who loved the original Fleetwood Mac, to the younger ones, who enjoy pop music, blues, rock, classical music, soul... So, if you like good music, this album is perfect for you." Vincent Zumel, La Hora del Blues

" 'Bend In The Road' flows with the ease of a master craftsman at the top of his game. His obvious skill and passion for what he does makes this disc impossible for me to remove from the player. It has simply mesmerized me." Monte Adkinson, Suncoast Blues Society

'Precious Little' left Blues aficionados eager for more… and now, six years later, Jeremy Spencer has put together a masterpiece with his new release, 'Bend in the Road'.

For more Information:

Daniele Liverani: Eleven Mysteries getting great reviews

Daniele Liverani Eleven Mysteries

Daniele Liverani: All guitars
Marco Zago: Keyboards
Tony Dickinson: Bass
Paco Barilla': Drums & Percussions

“Eleven Mysteries” the new solo album from Daniele Liverani is winning high praise from press worldwide.

Released last month on Lion Music, this instrumental-tour-de-force is home to the rich musicality fans of Liverani’s other works (Twinspirits, Khymera, Genius Rock Opera) will be accustomed too, yet the album favours the Italian’s lesser known yet equally accomplished guitar skills over his normal association of the keyboard.

Here is a just a selection of press quotes coming in:

"A very likeable musical experience and a very, very good and inspired album in all directions! It’s rare to see in the world of music that a musician is able to realise such an amazing album on guitar, but the musician is well-known for his skills on keyboards especially! Wow indeed!Great artwork and superb production as well!"


"Daniele is a musician who respects the art" "he composes beautiful music dressed with a very modern production.”

"Italy’s Daniele Liverani delivers an absolute belter of a solo record, with guitar work of the highest order. Although to be fair this isn’t strictly a solo album as it features some fine musicians brought together by Daniele’s vision of creating a record that stimulates the listeners’ senses to the maximum. All in all, this album represents a triumph, not only in the way it is performed but also in the way it has been conceived and delivered into a world sadly lacking in high quality instrumental work. Highly recommended."


"It’s a collection of songs and not some multi-faceted concerto that you can get mixed up in, as Liverani takes a page from the Satriani phrasing styles, yet breathes his own unique musical approach into the album."


"The best compliment I can pay to “Eleven Mysteries” is the fact that I felt just as engaged in these compositions as if they had vocals- knowing they are pure instrumentals. Daniele composes with one foot in the hands of extracting the most ability out of the players and another focused on the needs of each individual composition."


“Anyone that is familiar with Liverani’s other bands know he is a strong songwriter well able to pen interesting vocal compositions with deft touches, fortunately this has translated to his guitar album which is an accessible collection home to rich melodies over strong songs. Liverani’s impressive guitar work is the icing on this enjoyable cake”.


“Eleven Mysteries is to be seen as a concept album of instrumental compositions that describe a journey through a person's life and spirituality, but there is nothing that is necessary to know to appreciate the actual experience of LIVERANIs music. It speaks for itself and here you are treated to an unusually intelligent and inspiring instrumental album worthy of attention!”


"The talented Daniele Liverani returns to his guitar for his latest solo effort. Expect some fine playing within well-crafted songs from this gifted musician".


DANIELE LIVERANI - Mysterious Impulse

Gary Hoey: Kickstarter Testing Deja Blues Live

Testing Deja Blues Live!
Hey everyone hope you all are doing great. STILL STOKED! I'm still writing songs, and this past week we had a chance to play some of the new songs live for the first time, we got a great response, Wanted you all to see a video clip. Be patient for your survey/questionnaire, when the CD is done and we are ready to ship we will email you to get all the info, but if you have any questions please let us know.

"286 backers $20,278 pledged of $15,000 goal"

all the best Gary