Sunday, 12 August 2012

Alex Skolnick: Bloodstock festival - before the show!

Heroes of thrash Testament played a killer set on the mainstage at Bloodstock. We caught up with Alex Skolnick beforehand to find out about life on the road...


Russ Parrish: Steel Panther melt HELLFEST 2012

Interview and live footage from the Hellfest Festival in Clisson, France on June 16th, 2012.

Steel Panther - HELLFEST 2012

Steel Panther - "The British Invasion" Official Trailer

Claudio Pietronik: look water marmalade... Orange Jam

Hey there! This is me improvising over the famous Guthrie Govan's Orange Jam backing track!

Improvisation over Guthrie Govan's Orange Jam backing track

Juan Meier: Cat Scratch fever?

From 13 Aug 2012

Me and the Weaver Pickle approve of this message

Just me and one of my cats. She loves to be on my sholder while I am playing my Aria !!!!

Funny Funky Cat Guitar 2 / Aria STG006

Paul Gilbert: announces Italian clinics and shows

In September, our country will pass through one of the most known and loved the guitar world, we are talking about Mr. Paul Gilbert! The acrobatic guitarist of Racer X and Mr. Big will be in Italy for a series of seminars which will cover the entire first half of September. For those who missed the passage of our over the past year, there is the opportunity to remedy with five appointments. Paul is the Guitar Campus Cagliari September 4 to 7, then moved to Fiorano in Modena, Avezzano, Padua and Legnano. 
thank Riccardo Cappelli as always told us early dates with the necessary information, which trovere linked below the text. PAUL GILBERT: September 4/5/6/7 - Cagliari - Fabrik (Guitar Campus) - Info: September 8 - Fiorano (Modena) - MAF - Info: September 9 - Avezzano - Lucky Luke - Info: September 11 - Padua - Live Music Terminal - Info: September 12 - Legnano (Milan) - Land of Live - Info:  

Jakub Żytecki: gets endorsed by Ibanez

Jakub Żytecki And what if I told you...I'm endorsed by IBANEZ ??
Yes!! That's true!! I recently got those FR and RGD models from them!
I'm so happy to work with that legendary company!!
Can't wait to start write some new material on those beasts :)

I would like to say BIG THANKS to Stephan Killermann , Justyna Kesler and Krzysztof Inglik for help and dedication.. Love you guys!! ♥

Dreamfullofzen: Waves of Octaves - looper and legato madness

Two handed octave riff into a looper. Improv lydian stuff, did this at my computer music lecture earlier in the year

Waves of Octaves


Probably the most useless video on YouTube about legato, but hey, Marshall Harrison has a bunch of him just going nuts that don't help much, so I figured I probably couldn't get away with it but I'm so bored I've really nothing better to do! Lol!

Intro backing track is available from

As always, eat more cheese.

Legato - hammer ons vs hammer / pull offs

Albert Lee: Country Boy - IridiumLive 2012

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IridiumLive! 8 11 12 - Country Boy
Albert Lee Group

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Mixed live by Doug Yoel
Filmed by Darcie Wilder

Albert Lee - Country Boy - IridiumLive! 8.11.2012

Tony Scozzaro: Gamalon - Gemini 2002 - elegant two handed tappathon

Gemini performed by Gamalon.. A tune written by Tony Scozzaro from the 'Held to the Light album and "Live At the tralf CD's. from the 20th anniversary show in 2002 current line up at the time. Jack kulp - Bass, Ted Reinhardt - Drums, Bruce Brucato - Guitar, Tony Scozzaro - Guitar.

Gamalon 'Gemini' 2002 re

Andres Ludmer: recording a solo and The Sixteen Men of Tain

alone for shooting a subject that we wrote with santi "pappo" Pagura.recording just for a song I composed with my friend santiago Pagura

Andres Ludmer - recording a solo / recording only

TRANSCRIPTION AVAILABLE for purchase: i've done a full transcription for the melody chords on the begining and full solo in pdf format, with standard notation and tablature. if you are interested, contact me at

this is my favorite holdsworth tune.

to check out some stuff of mine, visit

The Sixteen Men of Tain - Allan Holdsworth - by Andres Ludmer

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Rusty Cooley: melting faces at a recent Workshop

Rusty Cooley at Guitar Center Beaumont Tx 08/09/12

Rusty Cooley Workshop

Steve Lukather: Lucky Nine

New fun raves from Luke and CJ about Luke's NEW Mascot Records release coming January 2013! Directed by Nigel Dick/Dickfilms.

For more info,

Steve Lukather & CJ Vanston LUKE'S NEXT RECORD - Episode 4 "Lucky Nine"

Rodrigo J Gozalbez: Alive Improvisation - viva Argentina!

Thanks for stopping by to check out !! in this video I play "Alive Improvisation"" I use my new guitar Hamer Sunburst Archtop w/ Fishman VS-50P POWERBRIDGE PICKUP Thanks for all the support and I can't wait to hear your comments.
Guitar: Hamer Sunburst Archtop w/ Fishman VS-50P POWERBRIDGE PICKUP And S.Duncan Pickups.
Preamp: Behringer V-amp 2
Thanks so much for watching.
Regards from Santa Fe, Argentina!

Alive Improvisation - Rodrigo J. Gozalbez

Fusion Blues Improvisation - Rodrigo J. Gozalbez

Edwin Mclean: Shred For Laurie... a title that's sure to get my attention!

Thanks to fellow guitar blogger and guitar addict Edwin Mclean for this does of shredding... Visit!

I've been into blogging since 2 years ago with meander route. I watch, I learn, and I create, in such a gradual way. There's a name who really bring me up into the surface by his inspiring guitar blog TruthInShredding. The true guitar guardian angel; Sir Laurie Monk. The one I really respect in guitar scene. He has been motivating me build ideas to keep my blog of running especially when conducting Guitaronsky Shredding Contest a month ago. So many valuable things I got there. And now, I post a video that represent my respect to him. Not a good one for sure, but good attempt I think ha ha... I play shredding in a backing track from Andy James Lick Library DVD; 50 Metal Killer Licks, so thank you for Andy and Lick Library for the great Backing Track. This is a single take, so you might find many bad sounds that come out from the guitar. Thanks for watching, and for Laurie Monk, Bows!
I used:
Shecter Guitar
Line 6 POD X3 Live
Laney Amplification

Shred For Laurie