Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Lalle Larsson: opening up for The Flower Kings on their European tour 2012

Lalle Larsson

Lalle Larsson
Breaking News!
I am proud to announce that I will have the honour of opening up for The Flower Kings on their European tour in September. The opening set will contain solo piano renditions of original compositions and will showcase my piano playing.
This is a great opportunity for me to promote my new Weaveworld album "Nightscapes" and to hang out with my great friends in TFK. The album will be a
vailable on tour.
Hope to meet all you "Flower Heads" out there! :-)

The Flower Kings + special guest Lalle Larsson - European Tour

Sun Sep Sept 02 - Lund SWE - In Store intimate show.
Tickets: info@reingoldmusic.com

Tue Sep - 04 Verviers - Spirit of 66 - BE
TICKETS: http://www.spiritof66.be/

Wed Sep-05 Aschaffenburg - Colos-saal DE
TICKETS: http://www.colos-saal.de/

Tue Sep-06 Pratteln - Z-7 Konsertfabrik - CH
TICKETS: http://www.z-7.ch/konzertkalender.php?PHPSESSID=f6eb736fc672933536f9df1976d8e44b

Fri Sep-07 Veruno - Festival- IT
TICKETS: Free admission - http://www.soundandscene.com/2days-prog-+1-music-festival-veruno-italy-2012-[6760]/

Sat Sep-08 Caselle di Sommacampagna (Verona) - Sala Polivalente - IT
TICKETS: http://www.clubilgiardino.org/contatti

Mon Sep-10 Barcelona - Music Hall - SP
Tickets: www.musichall.es

Tue Sep-11 Madrid - Sala Live - SP
TICKETS: http://www.facebook.com/frontlinesite/app_139727069409490

Wed Sep-12 Lisbon - Paradise Garage - PT
TICKETS: http://www.ticketline.pt/

Fri Sep-14 Peralta - Auditorium - SP
Tickets: http://www.ticktackticket.com/entradas/goto.do?claves=.47746&origin=TTT

Sun Sep-16 Paris - Divan du Monde - FR
TICKETS: http://www.fnactickets.com/place-spectacle/manifestation/Pop-rock-Folk-THE-FLOWER-KINGS-DI16S.htm

Mon Sep-17 Uden - De Pul - NL
TICKETS: http://www.ticketmaster.nl/search.php?tm_link=tm_header_search&language=en-us&keyword=flower+kings

Wed Sep-19 Karlsruhe - Substage - DE
TICKETS: http://www.substage.de/programm-information/?aid=3C&page=tickets&from=preview

Thu Sep-20 Bochum - Zeche - DE
TICKETS: http://www.adticket.de/The-Flower-Kings.html

Fri Sep-21 Zoetermeer - De Boerderij - NL
TICKETS: http://www.ticketmaster.nl/search.php?tm_link=tm_header_search&language=en-us&keyword=flower+kings

Sat Sep-22 Leamington - Leamington Spa Assembly - UK
TICKETS: http://www.seetickets.com/Tour/THE-FLOWER-KINGS

Sun Sep-23 Holmfirth - Picturedrome - UK
TICKETS: http://www.picturedrome.net/tickets/Flower-Kings/20120923.htm

Mon Sep-24 London - Scala - UK
TICKETS: http://www.seetickets.com/Tour/THE-FLOWER-KINGS

Hans Van Even: full on tapping Jordan Rudess synth solos!

These are all the Jordan Rudess synth solos on the Dream Theater - Scene Two - Overture 1928 tune, but played on guitar, no overdubs!! no artificial speed ups!! just a take for each solo ...

Hans is on G+ https://plus.google.com/u/0/105419718142456240143/posts

Dream Theater - Scene Two - Overture 1928 (synth solos on guitar - 8 finger tapping)

This is a snippet of the first two songs of my upcoming CD ... hopefully to be finished soon ;) And here's a small part of the bridge as well : www.hansvaneven.net/Stardust_Requiem_Bridge.mp3 More to come soon!!!

Compositions, Guitars, Arrangements, Programming - Hans Van Even
Bass - Goran Vujic
Drums - Léo Isnard

Angeli Ex Galaxiae + Stardust Requiem (original music by Hans Van Even)

Listen Angel: Sarabande by Haendel - tapping delight!

La Grande Battle - France 2 http://programmes.france2.fr/la-grande-battle/?id_video=473&vpage=1&i...

Sarabande by Haendel - Metal Cover - Listen Angel

Good bye my Friend - Listen Angel

Clean Tone Guitar Tapping Etude [FULLHD]

Lorenzo Venza: ethnic lydian and funky fusion - enjoyment alert!

Lydian ambient with some nice percussion stuff

Lorenzo Venza - ethnic lydian

Pod HD 500 test, over and old Guthrie Govan Backing track

Lorenzo Venza - Sound test 2 (crunch/fuzzy lead)

News: An Interview With Clockwork Angels' Author Kevin J. Anderson

We spoke about how certain types of music inspire your and inform your writing process. Can you elaborate?

I've always been inspired by music as I envision and write my stories, and the music of Rush has been a particularly strong influence. Listening to the music, along with innovative or thought-provoking lyrics, was like a catalyst for my imagination, triggering scenes or whole plots. My first novel Resurrection, Inc. (1988, and just reissued) was almost entirely inspired by the Rush albumGrace Under Pressure. As I was developing the framework of the novel, listening to that album, it seemed as if the songs drove my plotting. Because of that novel (and a nod to the inspiration of Rush in the acknowledgments), I got to know Neil Peart, who writes the lyrics for Rush. We've known each other for more than twenty years, interacted in our separate creative fields -- his music, my fiction -- and we even wrote a short story together. When Neil began to conceive the steampunk fantasy story that eventually became Clockwork Angels, he used me as a sounding board for some of his ideas, since he had read some of my earlier fantasy novels that had steampunk elements, Eventually, as the story of the album -- as told in snapshots of the music tracks -- grew, Neil asked me to work on the novel.


Jeff Kollman: ASIA Featuring John Payne

DOUBLE DOWN promo for our Facebook fans! If you've already bought tickets (or are thinking about buying tickets) for this Saturday's show at Morongo- the band will DOUBLE DOWN and give you a free ticket for every ticket you buy. Send us a message with your name and how many tickets you've bought and we'll take it from there. We have a limited number available.

Ticket link: http://www.ticketmaster.com/event/090048D4E41BD5FC

ASIA Featuring John Payne
Los Angeles, United States

Konstantin Jambazov: Back To The Roots 2010

Konstantin Jambazov, Varna, Bulgaria

Feodor Dosumov: Night In Tashkent

Feodor Dosumov is one of the rising stars of guitar improvisation and this brand new jam track video shows why. Available to download NOW including backing track, TAB, solo track and video at:


Check out Feodor's other releases here:

Feodor plays Elixir Strings. Check them out at: http://www.elixirstrings.com

Once again, Feodor Dosumov has gone and completely blown us away with his new jam track package. Every time we receive a new track from Feodor we know that it will be full of superb runs, licks and phrases as well as an intense and memorable performance. Night In Tashkent most certainly delivers all of the aforementioned.

When we sent the original rock backing track over to Feodor it was just under two minutes long. In true fashion he completely reconstructed it and made it his own, adding a whole new dimension to the track on the way. Plus, he turned it into a full length song, with his solo over three minutes long! Feodor mentioned that with this track he wanted to keep it in the rock vein, but add some interesting eastern scales into the mix too.
This is a great track for you to learn and a superb backing track for you to work out your own solos over too. It comes with complete TAB as well as the backing track and live video performance and is available to download for just £4.99.
Expect to see more Feodor very soon at Jam Track Central too
  • Full track in MP3
  • Full backing track in MP3
  • Live video performance by Feodor in MP4
  • Complete TAB and notation in PDF and Powertab format

*NEW* Feodor Dosumov 'Night In Tashkent' available at Jamtrackcentral.com

Michael Keene: Guitar Messenger Masterclass

The Faceless: Michael Keene Masterclass

Michael's guitar is tuned down to Drop-C for all examples in this Masterclass: C G C F A D. The Ancient Covenant (0:01 – 0:07) Michael’s first example is the opening riff to ‘The Ancient Covenant’ from The Faceless album Planetary Duality. It is very characteristic of his dark riffing style with its rapid chromatic shifts and dissonant intervals. The example starts out with two descending minor triads, which are followed by a speed-picked chromatic pattern on the low C string. This same pattern is then shifted up the neck across the top four strings and topped off with a series… (Continue)

Frank Gambale: MMI Piedmont special clinic


Thursday, 13 September 2012

21:00 until 23:00 in UTC+02

INFO: 377.1078972
mmi.torino @ gmail.com
mmi.piemonte @ gmail.com

Cacá Barros: very stylish harmonic bar instrumental

Cocoa Barros is endorser of companies: Eagle:http://eagle.com.br/default_eagle.asp San Angelo: http://santoangelo.com.br/FUHRMANN: http://fuhrmann.com.br/ Point Sonnoro:http://www.pontosonnoro.com.br/ A2 Musical Instruments:http://a2instrumentosmusicais.com.br/ TK Web developments: mundotk.com.brJam Cases: http://jamcases.com.br/ Clodoaldo Piraja Luthieria / Dr. Guitar:http://www.clodoaldopiraja.com.br/ Facebook cocoa Barros:http://www.facebook.com/cbarroselaferraz Skype cocoa Barros: cbarros08

Cacá Barros - Um Vaso Novo Instrumental (Harmônicos Naturais)

Jimmy Herring: download album options


17 August
Support Jimmy Herring, the musicians, engineers and the crew
Download the Jimmy Herring album FREE this Sunday when you order the beautiful CD or Vinyl directly from Jimmy and the Label. Available through abstractlogix.com or jimmyherring.ne
Why wait for Itunes when you can buy the new album digitally in High Quality WAV or MP3 Directly from Jimmy


Dhalif Ali: Overture 1928 JamThrough

Been awhile since i played this song, but still enjoy jamming to it now...

Dhalif Ali - Overture 1928 JamThrough

Stéphan Forté: exercise in Ostinato

4th video from the Young Guitar magazine special feature. Ostinato lick taken from the song DUAT from my solo album "The Shadows Compendium" You can buy the album here: http://adagio-online.com/shop/
Follow me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/stephanforte

Official Website:www.stephanforte.org

Stéphan Forté - DUAT - Ostinato lick

Mikhail Likhachev: 6 year old - Gypsy Dance


Mikhail Likhachev (6 old) - Gypsy Dance

Mikhail Likhachev (6 old) - "Mazurka" by M. Carcassi

Mikhail Likhachev (6 old) - "A star has fallen from the sky" by V. Kozlov

Jake Hertzog: Jazz Guy - Groupings and Displacement

Hey Jazz Guy discusses groupings of notes in a line and displacement. As seen in Guitar Player Magazine. By Jake Hertzog. www.heyjazzguy.com


Hey Jazz Guy - Groupings and Displacement.m4v

Hey Jazz Guy - Sus and Spread

Sergey Golovin: ripping the Lepesky Spirit and Mystic - guitars were hurt in this video

Deck: mahogany, maple top Spalted
Neck: Maple / Sapele, 5 part, through
Bore: 26.5 "
Fingerboard: ebony, 24 frets Jescar Stainless Steel, the radius of 16 "
Surface: matte fine
Accessories: Black
Bridge: Hipshot Hardtail Bridge 7, strings through the body
Machine Heads: Hipshot Grip-Lock
Sensors: Bare Knuckle 7 String Nailbomb Set
Switch: 3-position toggle
Controls: 1 volume Push-Pull
Model variants Spirit http://lepsky.ru/assets/files/katalog_PDF.pdf

Deck:  mahogany, wenge top
Neck:  Maple / Wenge, 5 parts, through
Scale:  27 "
Fingerboard:  ebony, 24 frets Jescar Stainless Steel, the radius of 20 "
Inlay: natural nacre
Surface:  matte fine
Accessories:  Black
Bridge:  Hipshot Hardtail Bridge 8, the strings through the body
Machine Heads:  Hipshot Grip-Lock
Sensors:  Bare Knuckle 8 String Aftermath Set
Switch:  3-position toggle
Controls:  2 volume, 1 tone

Lepsky Mystic