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Brent Mason: Wampler Rig Rundown 2012.

Brent Mason show us the core of his recording set up, August 2012.

Brent Mason, Studio Gear Rundown, 2012.

Wampler Pedals - Ego Compressor - Brent Mason demo

Ola Englund: Randall Satan - Metal

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Randall Satan - Metal

Six Feet Under - "Reckless" Practice for European tour 2012

Wampler Triple Wreck - Metal

Guthrie Govan: Vigier Excalibur Fretless Guitar Review

Guthrie Govan reviews the Vigier Excalibur Guitar. Exclusively featured & reviewed in iGuitar Issue 9.
This Vigier Excahilbur comes with Chrome hardware & an iMetal fretboard! To order your own Vigier - head to

Watch tips on playing a Vigier fretless guitar with Guthrie Govan here on our iGuitar Youtube Channel;

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Vigier Excalibur Fretless Guitar Review With Guthrie Govan - iGuitar Magazine

Tom Quayle: AmpliTube Slash App Review Review of the Slash Amplitube App, Demo with Tom Quayle, featured in iGuitar Magazine Issue 11.
This great App includes all the signature amps, pedals and effects Slash uses - this is a must for Slash fans!
Tom Quayle talks you through the gear packed into this app. For full feature head to;

Watch more reviews on Slash gear in Issue 11 -

Issue 11 of iGuitar Magazine Featuring Slash! Read online for free today;
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AmpliTube Slash App Review / Demo With Tom Quayle iGuitar Magazine

Travis Montgomery: Threat Signal - Now

Hey guys, here's a demonstration of the song "Now" from my band Threat Signal's debut album 'Under Reprisal'. This is one of the trickier songs to play from that album, but is also one of the most fun.

I used the Axe-fx II to tone match the rhythm tone from this album. That turned out to be a good and bad thing. It's awesome because the tone I got is spot on to the album rhythm tone, but it made my playing kind of hard to distinguish. What ended up happening is that it sounds like the album mix, but with the guitars a bit louder.

Threat Signal - Now (demonstration)

Theodore Ziras: Fractal Audio Axe FX II presets ------
All music composed and recorded by Theodore Ziras for
to check Axe Fx2 visit

Fractal Audio Axe FX II presets demonstration | by Theodore Ziras

Krisztian Lovrek: Lélek-Gyilkos

Lovrec - guitar solo on the first album / Guitar solos from the 1st record debut album is available on iTunes and Amazon music stores / Our first album is available on iTunes and Physical forms are available on CD:



1. Akarom - ISRC: HUA631100335 (Written and played by Lovrek Krisztián)
2. Tiéd volt - ISRC: HUA631100340 (Written and played by Lovrek Krisztián)
3. Lélek-Gyilkos - ISRC: HUA631100341 (Written and played by Lovrek Krisztián)
4. Eláslak - ISRC: HUA631100336 (Written and played by Kárpáti Zoltán Zalán)
5. Ugye érzed? - ISRC: HUA631100339 (Written and played by Kárpáti Zoltán Zalán)

LOVRECK - Gitárszólók / Guitar solos

Tom Quayle: with The Grand Wazoo

After Tom's excellent all day masterclass at my teaching studio, he got up for a jam with my band, The Grand Wazoo, at the local pub. Amazing playing and tone as always from Tom! Thankyou to Mark Mcguigan for the video!

Many more videos from that day to follow...

Tom Quayle - Guitar Solo over Green Onions with The Grand Wazoo

plus in case you missed

Tom was kind enough to give this interview on the eve of his amazing all day workshop at Wishaw Guitar Lessons.

The topic was learning and teaching guitar and Tom gives some amazing insights into both.

In Conversation with Tom Quayle

Gustavo Di Padua: great performance video

Track 10 of the CD "The Stairs" (2008)
Composition Gustavo di Padua Video: Vitor Rangel

Gustavo Di Padua - The Harvest

Gustavo Di Padua - Insight

Matthew Mills: Acoustic live show series
Matthew Mills Acoustic Visions
The new album Matthew Mills Acoustic VisionsClick here to Buy album at Apple ItunesClick here to Buy album at Amazon.comClick here to buy album at CdbabyMatthew Mills Flamenco Fusion Fire - MP3
This is the new single Flamenco Fusion Fire!Click here to at CD BabyClick here to buy at ITUNES

Matthew Mills: Acoustic live show series


Matthew Mills: Acoustic live show series

David Valdes: Ibanez RG 2627ZE

David Valdes on Google Plus:

Here I present my new guitar, the Ibanez RG Prestige 2627ZE.
Undoubtedly one of the best guitars I've ever had to play both solo and rhythmic.


neck type: 5pc Wizard-7 Maple/Wenge neck
body: Basswood body
fret: Jumbo frets
bridge: Edge-Zero 7 bridge w/ZPS3
Pick Ups: EMG® 707 (H) neck pu
color: Cosmo Black
Scale: 648mm/25.5"
Radius: 430mmR


David Valdes - Ejercicios 83, 84 (Guitarra Total)

David Valdes - Ejercicios 81, 82 (Guitarra Total)

Rodrigo J Gozalbez: Moai's Sarcasm - Fusion project

"Moai's Sarcasm". This is the result of an improvisation in the "Moai Multitrack Rec" Studios with Sebastian Gasser, Tito Alvarez y Rodrigo Gozalbez.- the gruop is new but there are too many ideas already to create, more soon

"Moai's Sarcasm" Es el resultado de una sesión de improvisación en los estudios "Moai Multitrack Rec" con Sebastian Gasser, Tito Alvarez y Rodrigo Gozalbez. El trio recién comienza y hay muchas ideas para realizar, pronto mas novedades.


"Moai's Sarcasm" (Live in Studio) - Gasser/Alvarez/Gozalbez [Fusion Project]

Seth Rosenbloom: as recommended by Tom Quayle

Tom Quayle
My good mate Seth Rosenbloom ripping it up!! Amazing tone and playing, Seth!

Here's a short clip from my show August 24 at The Center for Arts in Natick. Mike Avakian on bass and Tyler Hudson on drums. I'm playing through my Rhodes Colossus head into my Port City 212 cab with V30s.

Seth Rosenbloom TCAN Solo Clip

This is one of my original songs called Falling Apart. Recorded on August 24, 2012 at The Center for Arts in Natick. Mike Avakian on bass and Tyler Hudson on drums.

Falling Apart - Seth Rosenbloom

Salvatore Russo,Daniele Gregolin: Gypsy Jazz Guitar Workshop by the river

Gypsy Jazz Guitar Workshop @ Eddie Lang Jazz Festival XXII edition, august 2012 - Monteroduni (Isernia), Italy
Salvatore Russo & Daniele Gregolin play "Nuages" by Django Reinhardt
For more videos and photos please visit our Fb page:

Salvatore Russo & Daniele Gregolin - Gypsy Jazz along the river, tribute to Django - "Nuages"

Salvatore Russo & Daniele Gregolin - Gypsy Jazz Guitar Workshop along the river - "Minor Swing"

Richie Kotzen: Live at the Baked Potato - tickets on sale now

Thanks to Michelle Holland

Richie Kotzen !!
Live at the Baked Potato... TWO Nights/ TWO shows each night !!
Tickets ON SALE NOW !! >>
(Sep 11th ticket link)

(Sep 25th ticket link)

The Baked Potato
3787 Cahuenga Blvd.
Studio City, CA 91604

Kenny Serane: Gypsy jazz serenader

A little super supper serenade

Kenny Serane - KOMPAS band

Guthrie Govan: East City Central Lights

Guthrie Govan at his guitar playing best! This is a full length track from his brand new jam track package available to download right now at Jam Track Central.
Learn to play this now and download the TABs, backings, jam tracks and videos at:


After the huge success of Guthrie's Late Night Sessions 1 jam track series comes this very special follow up. This time it contains 5 tracks and includes Guthrie playing them in video performances which will help guide you through the learning process.

The superbly jammable backing tracks were written by another JTC artist, Martin Miller, and between his well groomed tracks and Guthrie's ever formidable soloing you have a perfect jam track package.

The package comes with solo tracks, backing tracks, extended jam tracks and video performances as well as complete TAB and notation.

This is sure to be one of the biggest sellers of 2012 so come and get your download now!

For those of you that use the amazing Axe FX II, which you will see Guthrie using throughout, you will find the presets used at the top of each TAB page. This unit is so superb that we didn't even need to delve too deep into all the wonderful things it does!

This series is sponsored by Fractal Audio Systems Axe-FX II

Guthrie Govan 'East City Central Lights' *FULL LENGTH* from

News: Shreddelicious passes 50,000 page views

Congratulations to
50,000 page views and 710 posts. 

Here are this weeks Popular Posts

Rob Chappers: The New Standard Production ML-2 Is Launched

Rob ChapmanHi guys,
I've received so many questions about the ordering process of the new guitars that I just can't answer them all.
1) You pay a 10% deposit on the guitar (About £50) - not full price
2) If you are in the UK you just use the "Reserve & Collect" feature.
3) If you are not in the UK just use the "contact form", and the Andertons staff will get back to you asap!
Alternatively call the Andertons store, they are very helpful and friendly and will sort you out.

Please do not wait on me to respond to your sales/delivery enquires - I am not a customer service team, I am just one dude and as helpful as I'd love to be I'm worried that I'll just let you down.

The right people/place to go is who have a large dedicated sales team ;-)

Sales have gone through the roof so good luck in getting one from this batch!


P.S Yes the ML-2 & ML-1 can play metal, yes it's continuous production, yes the ML-2 will have reveal binding, no I will not be changing the pups in my Chapman Guitars, yes I will sign any Chapman Guitar! ;-)

Reserve An ML-2 Right Now:

Visit the new Chapman Guitars website for more details and images:

The ML-2 is the Chapman Guitars "Tank", delivering extreme performance with articulation. Equipped with a pair of coil tapping Guitarnivore humbuckers, the ML-2 is built to sing or destroy - you choose.


2 Piece Mahogany Body
25" Scale Length
Maple Neck
Ebony Fingerboard
Thin C Neck Contour
Glue-in Neck Construction
13¾" Fingerboard Radius
24 Extra Jumbo Frets
Grover Machine Heads
43mm TUSQ Nut
TonePros Bridge
2 × Chapman Guitars Guitarnivore Humbuckers
Gig Bag; Tools

Chapman ML-2 Demo - The New Standard Production ML-2 Is Launched

Vanny Tonon: I've got you under my skin

Vanny Tonon:
i've got you under my skin solo practice for the Jazz diploma

Vanny Tonon - i've got you under my skin (Jim Hall solo) practice

Vanny Tonon - Blue Bossa guitar improvisation (Jazz/Fusion)

Lalle Larsson,Richard Hallebeek,Stefan Rosqvist: Weaveworld III

Lalle Larsson has up-loaded a preview of his new album Weaveworld III: Nightscapes to YouTube. The album will be released this October on Reingold Records, the record company run by Flower King, Jonas Reingold, who also appears on the album. Also on the album are:

Lalle Larsson - Piano & keyboards
Richard Hallebeek - Electric & acoustic guitar
Jonas Reingold - Fretted & fretless bass
Stefan Rosqvist - Electric guitar
Walle Wahlgren - Drums

The album cane be pre-ordered from the following link:

Lalle Larsson - Weaveworld III - Nightscapes - Preview 2012

Weave World so good my cat was named after it... welcome to

Weave World Lemuria... aka the Weaver Pickle!

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