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Joe Bonamassa: Dislocated Boy - and free download

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Joe Bonamassa - Dislocated Boy OFFICIAL Music Video

Hiromi Suzuki,Anthony Jackson,Simon Phillips: Hiromi: Move DVD and CD

Hiromi: Move /with Anthony Jackson and Simon Phillips (Japan Import) SHM CD with Bonus DVD

Hiromi (Piano); Anthony Jackson (Bass); Simon Phillips (Drums)
Available only as a Japanese Import. New album from the world renowned Hiromi The Trio Project consisting of 9 new songs all written by Hiromi Uehara. The limited edition comes with a DVD containing interviews, behind the scenes footage shot during their recording session, as well as their December 2011 live performance in Tokyo. To be released early in Japan in advance to the worldwide release. *Unless otherwise indicated, DVDs are region-2 encoded (Japan, Europe, and Middle East), and carry no subtitles.

SKU SKU25648
Track 1 Move
Track 2 Brand New Day
Track 3 Endeavour
Track 4 Rainmaker
Track 5 Suite Escapism Reality
Track 6 Suite Escapism Fantasy
Track 7 Suite Escapism In Between
Track 8 Margarita
Track 9 1:49 PM

Matti Norlin: finger picking good!

Impressive performance by Swedish musician Matti Norlin, when he played at the Nispen Blues Festival, The Netherlands, on Saturday, September 15th, 2012.

Matti Norlin -- guitar, vocals, kazoo, foot stomp

Extract from Matti Norlin's website:
Matti Norlin is a versatile musician with roots in Sweden, Ångermanland and rock n 'roll, working since 1990. He is primarily a guitarist but also plays and composes for Nyckelharpa (keyed fiddle), Hurdy-Gurdy, Banjo, Fiddle and Accordion. Matti appears both solo and with his bands Badge and Skrömta. The early blues is Mattis specialty.

Matti Norlin, born 21 dec 1972 in Hoting, Sweden, grew up listening to Elvis, Chuck Berry, Little Rickard and other rythm and blues artists. By the age of ten he picked up his first guitar and it didn´t take long until he sang and played Heavy Metal with some other kids from the same village. As teenagers they recorded two E.P.s, the first was done in 1986. 1991 Matti bought an LP with Robert Johnson and a whole new world
opened up. The focus of the exercises was changed from distorted Heavy Metal riffs to acoustic finger-picking, and since then, Matti has almost exclusively devoted himself to music which was recorded for over eighty years ago in the southern United States.


Jimmy Herring: US tour dates 2012

Jimmy Herring on Tour:

September 21 Handlebar Greenville, SC
September 22 Variety Playhouse Atlanta, GA
September 23 3rd and Lindsley Nashville, TN
September 24 George’s Majestic Lounge Fayetteville, AR
September 26 Newby’s Memphis, TN
September 27 Duling Hall Jackson, MS
September 28 Last Concert Café Houston, TX
September 29 Utopia Festival Utopia, TX
October 19 Workplay Birmingham, AL
October 20 Magnolia Music Fest Live Oak, FL

With the Victor Wooten Band:

November 1 Charleston Music Hall Charleston, SC
November 2 Georgia Theatre Athens, GA
November 3 Neighborhood Theatre Charlotte, NC
November 4 Carolina Theatre Durham, NC
November 5 Orange Peel Asheville, NC
November 7 Greenfield Lake Amphitheater Wilmington, NC
November 8 The National Richmond, VA
November 9 The State Theatre Falls Church, VA
November 10 Steel Jam Bethlehem, PA
November 11 BB Kings Blues Club New York, NY
November 14 The Wilbur Theatre Boston, MA
November 15 Norwalk Concert Hall Norwalk, CT
November 16 Capitol Center for the Arts Concord, NH
November 17 Buffalo State Performing Arts Center Buffalo, NY
November 18 The Egg Hart Theatre Albany, NY

Steve Vai: Ocean Way Microphone Locker App

Steve Vai Presents Ocean Way Microphone Locker App
Match Microphones and Musical Instruments for Best Sound
Los Angeles, CA, September, 2012 -- Steve Vai has produced the new Ocean Way Microphone Locker app, based on the renowned CD-ROM created in the 90s, and long unavailable. Utilizing Allen Sides’ microphone collection at Ocean Way Recording studios in Hollywood, this new app allows the recording engineer to easily find the right microphone for the right instrument .

“When the app revolution hit, I remembered that great CD-ROM and knew it would make an extraordinary app,” explained Steve Vai. “I acquired the rights for the Ocean Way Microphone Locker CD-ROM contents and worked with Allen Sides, who is a very good friend, and Metal Sidecar, LLC to build an app from the material. Metal Sidecar did a fabulous job and the app is phenomenal. You can actually access Allen’s mic collection and match them with a complete range of musical instruments. You get tips on the best miking techniques and can listen to samples played by top session cats like Hal Blaine on drums.” 

Allen Sides is considered the world's leading authority on vintage and contemporary recording microphones and their uses. Sides owns the world's premier microphone collection. He is also the owner of Ocean Way and Record One recording studios, is a legendary Grammy-winning engineer with close to 40 years of experience, and has worked with everyone from Frank Sinatra to Green Day. In this app, secrets are revealed on how to pair the right microphone with the right instrument with its optimum placement. This app also contains a comprehensive list of microphones and instruments and gives diagrams and specs on each.

The Ocean Way Microphone Locker app features tests of 66 mics and 33 different instruments, including drums and cymbals, percussion, guitars, a Hammond B-3 organ and a wide variety of brass, woodwinds and strings. The microphones include models from: AKG, Audix, Audio-Technica, B&K, Beyer, Coles, Crown, Electro-Voice, Groove Tube, Milab, Neumann, RCA, Sanken, Schoeps, Sennheiser, Shure, Sony and Telefunken. Sort by microphone to check out the best instruments for each, or sort by instrument to see which mics work best.

David Schwartz, co-founder of Mix magazine, produced the original CD-ROM that this project was based on, and coordinated the conversion of the original recordings and media into the app format with Steve Vai, Eric Theriault (with the rest of the app development team at Metal Sidecar) and Greg Wurth.

Priced at $9.99, the Ocean Way Microphone Locker is available at: 
For information about Ocean Way, visit: 

Jason Becker: asks you a question?

Jason Becker's "Not Dead Yet" Festival Amsterdam (November 2011)

Would there be any interest for a 2 hr long HD DVD of the show, funded by crowdsourcing or presales?

Michael Hermes 11 year old - Building the Church - time to burn the guitar again!

Michael Hermes 11 year old playing Steve Vai' "Building the Church"

Steve Vai:
Hey Michael, Steve Vai here. Saw your vid and I wanted to congratulate you on a job very well done. You tackled one of my most challenging pieces and did a formidable job! I did not even start playing until I was 12. It will be very nice to see your talents unfolds in years to come. It's obvious you have a great passion for the guitar and that's one of the most important things. But perhaps my favorite part of the vid is when you smile. That attitude is the real ticket! All the best young man.

Michael Hermes, Building the Church

Sam Bell: Mask of Judas - FuFux UKTMF 2012

Mask of Judas (UKTMF 2012 complete show)

David Maxim Micic, Jakub Żytecki: BILO live - FuFux UKTMF 2012

This is an exclusive video. Bilo complete show performed during the UKTMF 2012

BILO (UKTMF 2012 complete show)

Claudio Pietronik: Symphony XXXX - Sea of Beers

Claudio Pietronik is on G+

"Sea of Beers" - Shredding after dinner....and maybe too much beers!!

Nori Bucci: new sound for Reccuring Nightmare

One of Nori's Tunes "Recurring Nightmare" Performed with GAMALON
this is NOT the same video and audio as my other posting of the

Nori Bucci 'Reccuring Nightmare' with GAMALON!

Feodor Dosumov: is the future of guitar - discuss

What with Guthrie Govan And Alex Hutchings already firmly ensconced in the pantheon of new fusion guitar greats, those who are setting the world alight with their new blend of guitar, are we seeing the same from the stunning Feodor Dosumov? Can he too stake a claim to the new fusion thrown?

Feodor Dosumov jam

Davide Carraro, Tony Vinci: The Moor and Speaking To Stones announce new albums

We can now confirm our 16 November 2012 releases complete our release schedule for 2012 and are as follows:


Considered one of Italy’s most original and intelligent up and coming metal acts; the bands ethos is one that is not afraid to incorporate music from any rock idiom to give the listener an original listening experience as their full length debut “Year Of The Hunger” showcases. The Moor incorporate sounds from prog rock, metal, death metal (for the guitars parts), seventies and alternative influences into their compositions making for a very compelling end product that will reward any open minded listener. Recommended for fans of Opeth, Day Six, Porcupine Tree etc.

THE MOOR Video Blog - Enrico Longhin talks about upcoming album "year of the hunger"


Back 6 years after their debut, the American progressive metal outfit Speaking To Stones expands their sound and line-up for their new epic release “Elements”. Between 2009 and 2012, this cast of international performers - Tony Vinci, Andy Engberg (Section A), Mark Zonder (Fates Warning, Slavior), Greg Putnam (Jam Pain Society) and Anthony Brown (Graphite Symphony) collaborated on the five thematically-linked tracks that make up "Elements". The result is a musical narrative that builds on groove metal roots and develops into a soundscape of symphonic complexity and technically prodigious performances.

Stelios Arnaoutoglou: turns the tele on!

Just got a Richie Kotzen signature tele, and i'm giving it a go...

The Tele

Peta Lukács: New Marshall DSL 100H

The new Marshall DSL 100 head with Marshall 1960AX cabinet (Celestion Greenback).
Every EQ pots are at 12o'clock.
Tested by Peta Lukács.
Microphones: Sennheiser MD421 + RH Sound HST-02A

New Marshall DSL 100H (High Quality Audio)

Kermheat: Improve your week...


The pony man is on G+

Kermheat "impro of the week" September 17, 2012 !!!!!!!

Scott Henderson,Jeff Berlin,Dennis Chambers: Jazz-Fusion All-Star Trio announce new CD

Jazz-Fusion All-Star Trio Scott Henderson Jeff Berlin Dennis Chambers To Release New CD 'HBC' 
Sept. 17, 2012 - Asheville, NC – Much to the excitement of musicians and jazz aficiandos worldwide, the highly anticipated CD release by jazz-fusion legends Scott Henderson, Jeff Berlin and Dennis Chambers, will be released on Tone Center Records (a division of Shrapnel Records) on October 16, 2012. Considered one of the most phenomenal trios in the history of jazz-fusion, HBC's debut CD delivers a full dose of virtuosic performances guaranteed to thrill and inspire all who listen.

“The trio is all about interplay,” explains guitarist Scott Henderson. “Jeff and I have always had a very high level of communication when we play together, and putting Dennis in the mix notches it up even higher. He's an extremely musical drummer, but at the same time has the ability to bring the energy up to scary levels.” Bassist Jeff Berlin adds, “We pretty much have the same vision of how three strong players should sound together. We function well on many levels; we're friends and love to hang. We're also individually dedicated to high standards of playing.”

The music on the CD reflects the influences and spirit of HBC. Tracks include covers by Weather Report, Herbie Hancock, Billy Cobham and originals penned by Henderson and Berlin individually. Says Jeff. “We all agreed to the repertoire but Scott picked most of the songs.” Scott explains, “I thought it would be cool if a guitar trio covered songs by keyboard players like Joe Zawinul and Herbie Hancock, though we did some Wayne Shorter tunes as well.”

Before recording their debut album, HBC hit the road first, refining their repertoire in front of thousands of elated fans. “We try to find new ways to play at every gig,” Jeff explains. “When we are gigging our motor is always set to high.” Scott adds, “Because the three of us have so much experience playing different styles of music, we're able to go from graceful straight-ahead jazz to heavy metal and just about everywhere in between, so it's an extremely versatile band, which makes it a lot of fun.”

Scott Henderson is considered one of the premier jazz-fusion guitarists performing on the planet today. Although Henderson claims to be more of a blues-rock player, with influences like Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix and Ritchie Blackmore, it was the influence of jazz that led him to the style of playing and composing he is now famous for. Henderson has recorded and toured with such notable artists as Chick Corea's Elektric Band, Jean-Luc Ponty, and a four year stint with Weather Report legend Joe Zawinul. He formed the band Tribal Tech in 1984 with bassist Gary Willis, and recorded ten critically acclaimed albums. In 1991 Scott Henderson was named by Guitar World as the #1 Jazz Guitarist, and in January 1992 he was named #1 Jazz Guitarist in Guitar Player's Annual Reader's Poll. Henderson has also released three well-received solo albums as well as two releases with Vital Tech Tones, a trio collaboration with bassist Victor Wooten and ex-Journey/Vital Information leader Steve Smith on drums. As is often the case with a musician of Scott's caliber, the demand is great that he share his knowledge with the current generation of guitarists. He is on the faculty at Musician's Institute in Hollywood, and has written columns for Guitar Player, Guitar World and Guitar School magazines.

Jeff Berlin is a legend of the electric bass, considered by many to be the finest electric bass player in the world. A true master of the bass, Jeff Berlin has played with the likes of Bill Bruford, Alan Holdsworth, AWBH and George Benson. Jeff Berlin's resume reads like the who's who of the higher echelon of music artists. Jeff Berlin was even asked to join Van Halen, an invitation that he actually turned down. Not only is Jeff Berlin a innovator in the jazz field, but rock players are constantly siting him as their major influence. Carlos Santana called Jeff the “best bassist in the world”, while Rush’s Geddy Lee used the phrase “best bassist on the planet!” Jeff Berlin's innovative bass playing has influenced a generation of bass players world-wide. He was voted #1 Jazz Bassist by the readers of Guitar Player Magazine. Jeff also pioneered a technique called 'two handed tapping', when he performed this style on the track "Motherlode" from his 1985 debut solo album called 'Champion'. The founder of The Players School of Music in Clearwater, Florida, Jeff has also been at the forefront of music education for almost 30 years. His columns in Guitar Player and Bass Player magazines were the most read columns due to their controversial content of music education. Jeff single-handedly has re-vamped music education by dismissing popular methods of learning such as using electronic tuners, metronomes, handgrips, tablature, or any study method that does not include musical content.

Dennis Chambers is a miracle in modern music; a formidable, ferocious and ultra-funky presence behind the drum kit in such celebrated ensembles as Parliament-Funkadelic, Steely Dan, Santana and the Brecker Brothers, as well as incendiary fusion outfits led by guitarists John Scofield, Steve Khan, Mike Stern and John McLaughlin. A remarkably versatile drummer who has shown limitless abilities to swing on a small kit in traditional jazz settings or flaunt his stylistic chops in rock-fusion super sessions, Dennis Chambers is one of the most recorded and sought after drummers in the world of Jazz-Fusion. In 2007, just before Led Zeppelin was scheduled to perform at the O2 Arena in London, John Bonham's son Jason was asked in an interview, if he was to give up the drum seat for the reunited Zeppelin, who would he recommend to fill the coveted drum throne. He replied, “I would probably want a jazz drummer with a strong swing feel. Dennis Chambers...I think he would 'get it', whereas other rock drummers wouldn't.”

And now, these three icons of jazz-fusion have come together to form a supergroup that has recorded a ground breaking debut CD! “I'm happy with it,” Scott says of the new CD, “and for me that's saying a lot because I'm very self critical. Being a big fan of the musicians we covered, I worked really hard to make the songs sound as huge and textural as they are on the original recordings, which meant doing a lot of layering.” Jeff concludes, “I coundn't be more pleased with the results.”

'HBC – Henderson, Berlin, Chambers' will be available on Amazon, iTunes, Shrapnel Records and local record stores on October 16, 2012

Martin Goulding: in depth double stops

The following content is related to the October 2012 issue of Guitar World. For the full range of interviews, features, tabs and more, pick up the new issue on newsstands now, or in our online store:­d-oct-12-dan-auerbach-billy-gibbons/

For more Martin Goulding lessons, check out

In this lesson, Martin demonstrates 5 classic double stop licks.

Last Licks - October 2012 - with Martin Goulding

Last Licks - September 2012 - wih Martin Goulding

Charly Sahona: Venturia are back marking a “Dawn Of A New Era”

French melodic metal band Venturia are back marking a “Dawn Of A New Era” with their third album, one which boasts a more refined direct sound full of powerful songs, beautiful melodies, catchy riffs and sophisticated arrangements from four of France’s most taleneted musicians. Venturia are one of the freshest bands you will hear in 2012. Get a taste of the album now with the stunning video for the track "What If I" now streaming at

Full information on the forthcoming "Dawn Of A New Era" can be found at

Daniele Gottardo: latest DVD available from Hudson music

The revolutionary new way to play guitar by Daniele Gottardo, international winner of the 2009 Steve Vai Award in London.

The DVD covers the most typical problems which meet every guitarist in his formative years. Suitable both for beginners who want to really get to know their instrument and professionals wishing to broaden their horizons in search of new ideas.

2 hours of content, 100 classes in order of difficulty, more than 100 pages of transcripts, application examples, backing tracks for each theme and genre.
In Italian and English

Item is available.
GBP£ 29.95
Item is available.
EUR 41,95

Gretchen Menn: McNears's Mystic Theatre photo gallery

Gretchen Menn:  McNears's Mystic Theatre

Gretchen Menn
Photo by Mark Manion — with Thomas Perry andGretchen Menn at McNears's Mystic Theatre.